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Topic: Diving locations

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In the News (Sun 20 Jan 19)

  Diving locations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deep dive sites mean divers must reduce the time they spend because more gas is breathed at depth and decompression sickness risks increase.
Dive sites that are close to sources of these particles, such as human settlements and river estuaries, are more prone to poor visibility.
Diving close to the sediments on the seabed can result in the particles being kicked up by the divers fins.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Diving_locations   (886 words)

 EXOTIC Diving Locations - Lakshadweep - Chris Fernandez
The ultimate exotic diving location lies two hundred and fifty miles off the south-west coast of India in the Arabian Sea.
The dive centre is the star attraction for most visitors to the island.
Andras is very thorough in his approach to diving in the surrounding reefs as he is aware that the island does not have any decompression chambers.
www3.sympatico.ca /loki.sails/adv6.html   (1090 words)

 Archipelago Dive Bali - Diving Locations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Location of the famous "USS Liberty" shipwreck, excellent fo diving and snorkeling, entry is off the shore and the marine life is excellent.
Good location for diving and snorkeling, good marine life and best diving is down to approx 15 meters.
A new and restricted location, some very good marine life, diving and snorkeling is very good and can be done from the sandy beach or by boat.
www.archipelagodive.com /dive_location.html   (213 words)

 Scuba Diving Locations North Shore Sydney Australia
One of the more interesting aspects of the dive is the remains of a ferro yacht hull that rests in the hold.
The dive site starts with a wall which drops from around 8 metres to around 15 metres and then a bommie rises back up to 10 metres before dropping away past 20 metres.The space between the bommie and the wall is invariably filled with a huge ball of schooling fish.
This is a great dive for individuals who enjoy deep diving and have a true appreciation for wrecks.
www.scubaaustralia.com.au /Nsw/Syd/Loc/northshore1.htm   (574 words)

 Maui Dive Shop- Scuba Diving on Maui, Maui Activities, Maui Dive Trips, Maui Scuba Diving Locations
The best diving is found along rocky points on either end of the beaches.
There is a second entry location a 1/2 mile further down the road, look to your right for a gravel parking area.
Located halfway between Paia and Hana on the Hana Highway.
www.mauidiveshop.com /divetrips/locations.htm   (632 words)

 Dive Belize, Map and Info on Dive and Snorkeling Sites off Ambergris Caye, Belize
These are present on almost every dive and are usually found along ledges and gullies, or on the ceilings of swim-throughs and overhangs in the shallower stretches of coral.
If one is lucky and dives to the right time this barrier reef is known for sightings of all kinds of large creatures as well.
You will be diving through arches carved out of the lime stone structures by the steady current that comes from the north and catches here in a point like reef formation.
www.ambergriscaye.com /pages/town/divesites.html   (7151 words)

 Scuba Diving Locations - Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Diving is on either end of the beach on reefs running straight out from the shore.
To dive in Port Arthur itself can be very rewarding, particularly if an old bottle or two are found.
A dive here is excellent, but the whole peninsula offers excellent diving opportunities with a varied terrain.
www.aquanaut.com.au /divesites/sa.shr/aquanaut_divesite/1/4001/302   (738 words)

 AusEmade: Diving and Snorkelling Locations Around Australia
There are some fantastic diving locations to be found around Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, including wonderful opportunities for those not so adventurous such as snorkelling.
Membership is open to gay men and lesbians and their friends with a common interest in diving or snorkelling.
We dive at least twice a month in and around Sydney, and include several trips per year to dive on the North and South Coasts.
www.ausemade.com.au /group/d/dives/dives.htm   (1098 words)

 World's premier dive locations Scuba Diving in Malta ,Gozo and Comino
Diving in Malta and Gozo is Internationally renowned as one of the world's premier dive locations.
If you have not dived before and are unsure about booking a full course in advance, first try one of the Introductory sessions.
There are many Diving schools here in Malta and Gozo, so we can get in touch with them for you and set up a dive plan for you.
www.holiday-malta.com /resort/malta/activity/diving   (461 words)

 Diver Down Wreck Diving Locations
This is the signature dive in the Morehead City area.
Although it is sitting upright and diving is excellent, due to the depth and distance from shore this is not normally dove.
The vessel is intact and considered a World Class dive but due to the vicinity of the shoals at Cape Lookout, visability can range from 50 ft. to as little as 5 inches depending on the wind direction.
www.diverdownscubadiving.com /wrecks.htm   (811 words)

 Tranquility Bay - Dive the famous waters of the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Be sure to pop down and check out our diving pages for great pictures of the local marine life, getaways as well as the Chaudiere, an artificial reef that was sunk just 15 minutes by boat from Tranquility Bay.
Two of the more popular wall dives are the Agamemnon Channel Dive by the village of Egmont which is famous for its sponge and coral, and the Eagles Perch Dive in the Sechelt Inlet.
Wreck Dives - In 1992 the HMCS Chaudiere had a sinking feeling but the diving crowd was uplifted to see her begin a new life as an artificial reef.
www.tranquilitybay-bc.com /dive.html?PHPSESSID=25b2b78ef32385168eeefbfdd3919045   (696 words)

 Bali Tour Adventure - Batukaru.info
DESCRIPTION OF DIVING LOCATIONS All our diving locations available are carefully selected based on thorough study and survey by the experts.
Dives as 2 to 12 meters depths will be rewarded by beautiful underwater panoramas.
This picturesque bay is surrounded by majestic cliffs and hills ideal for dives at 3 to 20 meter depths.
www.batukaru.info /tour/adventure?cid=8001   (382 words)

 Diving Solutions - Scuba diving solutions, how to choose a diving school, diving consultancy for Padi scuba diving ...
You may already have a favourite diving school in which case we would be happy to organise through them otherwise we will happily advise you on the best school for you.
Dives are under the strict guidance of a qualified Padi Dive Instructor.
Despite rumours to the contrary it is highly unlikely that dive boats are in any way responsible for the increasing plastic refuse seen, especially after storms, drifting amongst the surf and washed up on the shore on these lush, tropical beaches.
www.travelsolutions.co.th /diving.htm   (1798 words)

 Diving Locations - Far & Wild Safaris
The KwaZulu-Natal coast has become a popular destination for diving enthusiasts from around the world with colourful tropical reefs and wrecks and a stunning variety of sea-life to be found.
Sodwana is diveable all year round with the best conditions being experienced during the warm summer months from November to May.
A boat dive may be easier as the entry and exit through a gap in the rocks is quite tricky.
www.africasafari.co.za /divingloc.htm   (2122 words)

 Scuba Diving in British Columbia
Diving off the Coast of BC n recent years, diving, has become a main stream recreational sport, more and more people are enjoying what the ocean waters have to offer.
The waters off the coast of British Columbia have some of the best diving sites in the world, where the marine life is said to be the most varied and colourful in North America.
Another very attractive feature about diving here is the protected coastline, making this a very safe and accessible diving region, which is well known with divers throughout the world.
www.bcadventure.com /adventure/scubadiving   (151 words)

 Diving Krk
This is the most visited diving location on the island.
This is only small selection of diving locations but as you can see there is variety of diving points all over island.
There is available renting of diving equipment,tanks, loading of oxygen, nitrox and trimix.
www.krkinfo.com /diving.htm   (178 words)

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, at the eastern end of the Canarreos Archipelago, 113 miles from Havana.
There is a 18-km (11-mile) diving zone, with an irregular and complicated underwater structure, forming high hillocks, caves, small valleys and vertical wall cliffs.
The diving zone is part of the Santiago de Cuba area, with the same characteristics and fauna, including big hillocks, coral ridges and walls falling into a massive ocean trench.
www.usacubatravel.com /divinglocation.htm   (1271 words)

 Sun Fun Divers: Scuba Diving, Instruction, Sales, Charters
If your vacation plans are set for intense and varied diving locations, or just wanting to take a casual day trip, we can accomodate what you desire.
located on the wild and remote northern end of Vancouver Island, right on the beautiful Queen Charlotte Strait invites you to experience the ultimate in scuba diving fun.
Diving in kelp is exciting and an awesome experience.
www.sunfundivers.com   (373 words)

 Best Scuba Diving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
And though the cost of dives and scuba diving licenses are similiar everywhere the low cost of rental cottages and meals in the the Philippines makes it possible to explore the underwater world on a reasonable budget.
Two great dives are the Pescador Cathedral, an undersea formation resembling a giant funnel which drops to 115 feet and the Lionfish Cave on the northern edge of the reef was so named as it is the best place to spot lionfish and scorpionfish.
You need to trust the competance of the dive instructor and the quality of the equipment but also you want to share this great experience with people who are fun to be with so both should be considered when making a decision.
pages.zdnet.com /AsiaBill/id4.html   (1113 words)

 Scuba Diving Locations and Trips Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Cuba Diving - Cuba is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean.
Sipadan and Mabul, Malaysia - Learn about diving on these two islands in the Celebes Sea, and consult a map for their location.
The Galapagos - A unique, world-class diving location -- yet it remains relatively unknown among diving aficionados.
www.reefscuba.com /diveloctrips.htm   (476 words)

 Scuba Diving
Central California Council of Dive Clubs - CenCal is a council of 40 skin an scuba diving clubs, and independent divers in Northern and Central California active in many U/W activities.
Dive Rescue International - specializes in training public sector employees (law enforcement and rescue personnel) in aquatic rescue, recovery and investigation.
US-Brazilian Dive Club - intended to help the Portuguese speaking community know more about dive literature, also keep record and update of what is going on in the dive industry in Brazil and United States.
www.usateamsports.com /scuba_diving.htm   (3821 words)

 Diving in Indonesia
Many popular dive locations have already been damaged due to encroachment by man, while new locations are constantly being explored and sought by diving aficionados.
Dive shops also organize diving tours to the other islands in Indonesia, and are knowledgeable of the 'best' dive locations.
It pinpoints the locations, visibility, depths of coral reefs, current conditions and what you'll see at the various popular dive locations throughout the archipelago, including the locations of various shipwrecks with abundant marine life.
www.expat.or.id /info/diving.html   (2406 words)

 Diving St. Kitts & Nevis
There are opportunities for divers of all levels of experience, and most dive locations are within an easy boat trip from the shore.
Shallow water wreck dive, lying in 25 feet of water.
The more exotic underwater props are generally unavailable for rental purposes, so divers are encouraged to bring along their own cameras, strobes, bottom timers, dive computers and gauges.
www.geographia.com /stkitts-nevis/kndive01.htm   (746 words)

 Welcome to Cape Ann Divers! cape ann divers, cape ann diving, boston diving, scuba boston, massachusetts diving, scuba ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Free Guided Dives to the shore diving locations (Sites 1 through 18), and offer Dive Boat Charters to the offshore locations.
A dive from from left of side of Front to right side of Back, is great.
Boat Dive: Oil tanker split in half and sank in 1977, sits in 90+ ft. outside Gloucester Harbor.
www.capeanndivers.com /findadivesite.htm   (1425 words)

 Scuba Diving New Zealand - dive tours
Among the other great diving areas are the sheltered Bay of Islands, the dramatic fiords of Fiordland, and Stewart Island with its breathtaking kelp forests and huge paua (abalone).
Our sister company, Global Dive, is a PADI Resort member and trains PADI, TDI and SDI courses in New Zealand.
Why not learn to dive or advance your skills while you are in New Zealand, then make the most of our exciting New Zealand dive sites.
www.firstlighttravel.com /dive.html   (347 words)

 *Scuba diving & Fishing Locations - GPS / Loran C Numbers for the Florida Keys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
You should note that most of the spots are part of a reef, and if you search the immediate area you will find other spots that will produce fish and lobster.
The first file (more than 150 numbers) contain locations of wrecks and reefs of the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West.
The third file (over 50 numbers) are locations bayside in the Marathon area.
www.cindyjay.com /numbers   (331 words)

 Cabo San Lucas Scuba Diving Vacations, Luxury Villas and Resorts
Dive Locations near Cabo include: Anegada, Land's End, The Blowhole, Cabo Pulmo, Socorro Island, Gorda Banks, La Larga and the Sand Falls.
Diving in the Sea of Cortez is an unforgettable experience, with shipwrecks, caves, reefs, and sandfalls to explore.
Includes: boat, dive and dive masters, weight and weight belt.
www.cabosanlucastravel.com /diving.asp   (278 words)

 Bonaire Scuba Diving and other diving locations.
You'll need a boat to do Klein Bonaire, but we didn't do all 6 of the boat dives that were included in our package because the shore diving was so good.
Our dive operator was at Sunset Beach Hotel and they only do 1-tank boat dives.
This location is also good for a night dive with very easy access.
home.nycap.rr.com /sandon/bonaire.htm   (799 words)

 Costa Rica Rain forest tours - Diving in Costa Rica - scuba and snorkeling
The best months to dive Cocos Island, especially if you want to see hammerheads, are June, July and August.
The best months to dive off Guanacaste are its rainy season, May through November, as the water conditions are calm.
Some diving can be done off Guanacaste during the windy season (December through April); however, operators don't make the crossing to the Bat Islands during these months.
www.rainforesttours.com /diving.htm   (279 words)

 Category:Diving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This category covers diving in both senses of underwater diving and entering the water from a height.
Main article on entering the water is: Diving.
Most other articles are concerned with Underwater diving.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Diving   (96 words)

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