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Topic: Division botany

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Division of Biology, BioComputing
Effective 1 January 2005 the Department of Botany was discontinued as an academic unit.
Most former Botany courses will continue to be taught, but under another academic unit (and in some cases under a different course number).
The Teaching and Research Gardens are in the process of being moved to a new location (behind the Earth and Planetary Sciences Building) in connection with renovations to the Hill area.
fp.bio.utk.edu /botany   (199 words)

Prerequisite: Botany 1111 (C101) and Chemistry 1021-1024 (C061-C064), or Biology 1011-1012 (C083-C084.).
Prerequisite: Botany 1111 (C101) or equivalent, and Chemistry 1021-1024 (C061-C064) or equivalent.
Prerequisite: Botany 1111 (C101) and 2121 (C203), and Chemistry 1021-1024 (C061-C064).
www.temple.edu /bulletin/ugradbulletin/ucd/ucd_botany.htm   (285 words)

  Division (disambiguation) - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Division (botany), a classification of plants (the botanical counterpart to zoology's phylum).
Division (organisation), a subsidiary of a larger organisation.
Division (subnational entity), a subnational entity similar to a state or perfecture.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Division_%28organisation%29   (203 words)

 Botany online: Energy-Conversion - Multicellular Plants - Division of Labor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nondirectional growth by division is rare in the plant kingdom.
In the simplest case, multicellular organisms come in to being, because the daughter cells that exist due to the division of a mother cell stay together.
In intercalary division, the nuclear spindle is in parallel to the filament’s axis, while the metaphase plate is perpendicular to it.
www.biologie.uni-hamburg.de /b-online/e42/42f.htm   (410 words)

 Option in Botany
This option requires approximately 81-85 units in the major, of which 37-39 are in lower division and 44 are in upper division.
Upper Division: 41 units including both CHEM 320A,B or all four of 322A,B, 323A,B; BIOL 340, 350, 370, 427, 439, 447, 450.
CSULB requires a “C” average in all upper division courses in the major taken at CSULB.
www.csulb.edu /depts/biology/pages/botany.shtml   (231 words)

 Which Botany course should I take?
The Botany Department offers a variety of courses that satisfy the Life Science (LS) and Diversity (DV) general education requirements of WSU and the Scientific Inquiry (SI) requirement for a Bachelor of Science degree.
If you will be taking upper division Botany courses, you should be aware that some of the courses have both courses as prerequisites and that others only require a specific one of the two.
Botany SI2104 is a prerequisite for: Botany 2503 (Biology of the Plant Cell), Botany 3105 (Anatomy and Morphology of Vascular Plants), Botany 3204 (Plant Physiology), Botany 3214 (Soils), Botany 3303 (Plant Genetics), Botany 4252 (Cell Culture)
departments.weber.edu /botany/which-course.htm   (768 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Herbarium
In Botany, a herbarium is a collection of preserved plants or plant parts, mainly in a dried form.
Jump to: navigation, search Botany is the scientific study of plant life.
In botany, a virtual herbarium is a web-based collection of digital images of preserved plants or plant parts.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Herbarium   (375 words)

 SDNHM: Botany Department
The curatorship of the botany department is endowed as the Mary and Dallas Clark Chair of Botany.
The collection is in the care of Jon P. Rebman, Ph.D., Curator, who is a specialist in the systematics of the Cactaceae (particularly the genus Cylindropuntia) and in the floristics of the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico and San Diego and Imperial counties.
The Botany Department has a large and active volunteer staff, who are responsible for specimen preparation and routine herbarium tasks, as well as participating in the research activities of the department.
www.sdnhm.org /research/botany/index.html   (454 words)

 InfoDense - Web - Phylum Division
A primary division of a kingdom, as of the animal kingdom, ranking...
Euglenophyta, small phylum (division) of the kingdom Protista, consisting of...
Chlorophyta, phylum (division) of the kingdom Protista consisting of the...
www.infodense.com /topic?i=Phylum%20Division   (132 words)

 Dictionary definitions: define,spell,correct,misspell   (Site not responding. Last check: )
division: an army unit large enough to sustain combat; "two infantry divisions were held in reserve"
division: an arithmetic operation that is the inverse of multiplication; the quotient of two numbers is computed
division: (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum
www.misspelled.com /words/query.cgi?division   (184 words)

Included are discussions on: the origins of life; important plants of the world and their habitats; plant diversity, structure, function, and reproduction; plants and environmental science; plants that changed history; practical botany; and botany as a science.
A study of marine biology and ecology, relating to the plant and animal populations of the sea to their various habitats, including the pelagic environment, the sea bottom, sea shores, and estuaries.
Prerequisite: At least one upper division Botany course and specified courses selected by the instructor for a specific field trip as indicated in the schedule, and with consent of the instructor.
documents.weber.edu /catalog/0203/pages/c~Botany.htm   (2214 words)

 Open Directory - Science: Biology: Botany
Botany Encyclopedia - Includes a botanical dictionary, advice for gardeners, and a store selling plants.
Center for Plant Conservation - Collaborative organization dedicated to conserving and restoring the rare native plants of the United States.
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation - A division of Carnegie Mellon University.
www.dmoz.org /Science/Biology/Botany   (382 words)

 Botanical Electronic News - BEN #170
The chairman of the Botany Division at University of California-Davis, Dr. W.
Professor T.H. Goodspeed, the Nicotiana cytologist in the Botany Department at Berkeley, was chosen as her adviser since Davis did not have a graduate program at the time.
Dr. Esau was awarded the Ph.D. in botany in December 1931.
www.ou.edu /cas/botany-micro/ben/ben170.html   (665 words)

Division (horticulture), a method of vegetative plant propagation, or the plants created by using this method
Division (music) a specific type of ornamentation, most common in 17th century English music
Division (subnational entity), a subnational entity similar to a state or prefecture
www.ipedia.net /english/division   (396 words)

 BOTANY COURSES   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Prerequisites: Botany LS1105, Chem 1120 or Chem 2310, and Math QL1050 or Math QL1080.
Prerequisites: Botany LS1105 or Micro LS2054, Chem 1120 or Chem 1220, and Math QL1050 or MathQL1080.
Prerequisites: Botany LS1105 or Zool 1110 or Micro LS2054 or Geosci 2750.
documents.weber.edu /catalog/9900/pages/c-Botany.htm   (1439 words)

 UCMP Glossary: Cell biology
fission -- Division of single-celled organisms, especially prokaryotes, in which mitosis does not occur.
Mitochondria are the site of most of the energy production in most eukaryotes; they require oxygen to function.
MTOC -- (microtubule organizing center) MTOCs are bundles of protein tubes which may be found at the base of a eukaryotic flagellum.
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /glossary/gloss4cell.html   (1470 words)

 Division   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Division (mathematics), a binary operation that serves as the inverse of multiplication
Division (horticulture), a method of vegetative plant propogation, or the plants created by using this method
A subpart of a hundred (division), former administrative unit in England and Wales
www.toolhost.com /Division.html   (260 words)

 General Botany
Division Acrasiomycota, Division Myomycota, Division Zygomycota, Division Dikaryomycota, Subdivision Deuteromycotina
Division Bacilllarioprotista, Division Chrysoprotista, Division Phaeoprotista, Division Chloroprotista
Division Hepatophyta, Division Bryophyta, Division Psilophyta, Division Lycophyta
www.sru.edu /pages/3945.asp   (378 words)

North-South divide, the geopolitical term for the division between wealthy nations and poor nations.
The European Union failed Tuesday to overcome deep divisions over whether to adopt a common method for taxing companies, despite general acceptance of the need to cooperate to combat tax fraud.
It was a minor item in most newspapers and television, but the buzz on the Internet reflected deep divisions in the Jewish state, where one in five citizens are Arab.
www.transporteon.com /Destinations-D/Divisions.php   (659 words)

 Division (biology) : Division (botany)
In biology the equivalent of a phylum in the plant or fungi kingdom is called a division.
The main plant divisions in the order in which they probably evolved, are the bryophytes[?] (Division Bryophyta), the ferns (Division Filicophyta), the horsetails[?] (Division Sphenophyta), the gymnosperms[?] (Division Coniferophyta), and the angiosperms (Division Anthophyta), as well as the ginkgoes[?] (Division Ginkgophyta).
The word "division" can also refer to cell division in biology.
www.wordlookup.net /di/division-(botany).html   (142 words)

 SORS Smithsonian Internships
Interns in the division have the opportunity to provide foundation computing capabilities, technical support to several mainframe computer systems, network servers operated by OIT on behalf of offices within the Institution.
The Archives Division serves as a repository for documents of historic value about the Smithsonian, as the official memory of the Smithsonian and as a resource for scholars.
The Institutional History Division conducts research on the history of the Smithsonian, prepares scholarly and popular publications, exhibits, lectures, electronic and paper guides to specialized research areas, and records oral history and video history interviews.
www.si.edu /ofg/intern.htm   (9067 words)

 Botany - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
At the Swedish Museum of Natural History, two departments are active botany:
Seed plants (Department of Phanerogamic Botany and the Palynological Laboratory)
The collections of vascular plants, with more than 2.7 million specimens, are among the largest in the world and include about 40,000 identified type specimens.
www.nrm.se /theswedishmuseumofnaturalhistory/researchandcollections/botany.4.5fdc727f10d795b1c6e80006338.html   (166 words)

 Courses Offered in the Botany Department
BOT 101 General Botany (3) Growth, functions, and evolution of plants; their relations to the environment and particularly to humans and human activities.
BOT 101L General Botany Lab (1) (3-hr Lab) Lab observations and experiments illustrating basic principles of plant biology.
BOT 240 Economic Botany (3) Hands on studies of plants and plant products that have been economically important in shaping world history and the local economy of Hawaii.
www.botany.hawaii.edu /botany/bot_cls.htm   (1067 words)

 UNE - Botany - Botany
You are here: UNE Home / Sciences / ESNRM / Botany
UNE is a non-metropolitan university surrounded by a floristically rich environment which provides an ideal situation for teaching and research in botany.
Undergraduate teaching, postgraduate supervision and research in Botany cover the broad areas of aquatic and plant ecology, plant systematics, anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology and mycology.
www.une.edu.au /botany   (137 words)

 Certificate in Botany at Southern Oregon University   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The study, entitled Botany for the Next Millennium, aimed to assess the state of the profession at the end of the 20th Century and to establish goals and objectives for developing the profession in the 21st Century.
The Certificate in Botany program at SOU is, in part, a response to the call for development and enhancement of professional infrastructure in the botanical sciences.
A Certificate in Botany is a great way to begin a career in botany or, for those already working as botanists, to improve your career options.
www.sou.edu /biology/Faculty/Jessup/botany.htm   (1500 words)

 Botany Department, Smithsonian Institution
Botany Specimens in the Museum's Collections Information System
Links to Botany's national and international partners in research, collections, training, and public outreach.
The Department of Botany hosts events and activities throughout the year to explore and recognize achievements in the botanical community.
www.nmnh.si.edu /botany   (371 words)

Prior to registering for Botany 4840, students should consult with the Botany faculty and select a thesis topic.
Students should be aware that publication may incur costs (page and reprint charges) that the Botany Department may not be able to subsidize, though every effort will be made to find support for this and related endeavors (e.g., presentations at scientific meetings).
The style should conform to that of recent issues of a scientific journal in the appropriate area of botany.
departments.weber.edu /botany/Handbook/thesis.htm   (1427 words)

 arthritis pain relief - Division (biology)
For a different meaning in biology, see cell division.
The main plant divisions, in the order in which they probably evolved, are the mosses (Division Bryophyta), the ferns (Division Filicophyta), the horsetails (Division Sphenophyta), the Cycads (Division Cycadophyta), the Ginkgo (Division Ginkgophyta), the conifers (Division Pinophyta), the Gnetophytes (Division Gnetophyta), and the angiosperms (Division Anthophyta).
Angiosperms are the flowering plants that now dominate the plant world (80% of all vascular plants are angiosperms).
www.painreliefchat.com /arthritis-pain-relief/Division_%28botany%29   (111 words)

 ASPT Job Opportunities
Required Qualifications: A Ph.D. in botany, botanical ecology, or plant taxonomy is required, and college teaching experience is preferred.
Applicants with experience in the field of population genetics as applied to questions of plant conservation, phylogeography, crop origins, or mechanisms of speciation are especially encouraged to apply.
A Ph.D. in botany or related field is required, and college teaching experience is preferred.
www.inhs.uiuc.edu /~kenr/ASPT/jobs.html   (3528 words)

 Missouri Southern Biology - Degrees
Upper division zoology courses include: Bio 301, Bio 308, Bio 331, Bio 332, Bio 361, Bio 362, Bio 422, Bio 431, Bio 433, Bio 442, and Bio 456.
At least six semester hours must be upper division (300-400 level) and at least 12 semester hours must be above the 100 level.
Courses must be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor from the Department of Biology.
www.mssu.edu /biology/degrees.html   (407 words)

 SFCC - Academic Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These courses are designed to introduce students to the diversity within the plant kingdom and among groups of organisms traditionally studied by botanists; to introduce students to the structures of the vascular plants and their functions; and to introduce students to vascular plant taxonomy and field botany using collection, preservation and specimen preparation techniques.
As a result of participation in these courses students can prepare themselves to enter upper division botany courses with confidence; to identify plants in the Pacific Northwest and use floras from any region; and to prepare plant specimens for permanent storage and use in scientific investigations.
These courses involve a study of the basic concepts of ecology including ecosystem structure and function, energy flow, biogeochemical cycles, limiting factors, population dynamics, and community interactions.
www.spokanefalls.edu /Academic/Default.asp?Switch=HTML&menu=6&page=LifePrograms   (593 words)

 Forensic Botany
Norris has worked in the area of forensic botany with Dr. Jane H. Bock, PhD., since 1982, primarily on developing the use of plant cells in the gastrointestinal tract to aid in homicide investigations.
Forensic Botany: plants, perpetrators, pests, poisons and pot.
Norris, D.O. and Bock, J.H. Use of fecal material to associate a suspect with a crime scene: Report of two cases.
spot.colorado.edu /%7Enorrisd/forensic.htm   (502 words)

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