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Topic: Djembe

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  Djembe Page
Ah, beloved Djembe, the drum that is taking the world by storm.
Tam Tam Mandingue USA (TTM USA) is a school of West African drumming dedicated to preserving and teaching the music, culture, and traditions of the Mandingue people from the country of Guinea in West Africa.
The site has good educational content and links to djembe on the Web, nice links to youtube and so on.
www.rhythmweb.com /djembe   (382 words)

 DJEMBE.IT - Home Page
Ormai presenza fissa degli eventi dell'Associazione Djembe, Bebey terrà anche quest'anno un seminario di danze tradizionali della Guinea su 3 livelli, da sabato 31 maggio a lunedì 2 giugno.
Un’occasione imperdibile per vedere all’opera, ascoltare e conoscere di persona il “mito” del djembe e della musica africana.
La tessera dell'associazione DJEMBE, oltre a permettere di partecipare agli eventi da noi organizzati, dà la possibilita di usufruire di sconti particolari in tutti gli eventi afro d'Italia affiliati e promossi attraverso il calendario di questo portale.
www.djembe.it   (2199 words)

Djembe drums originated in West Africa, where it became an integral part of the area's music and tradition.
The wide dispersion of the djembe drums throughout West Africa may be due to Numu migrations dating from the first millennium A.D. Despite the associations of the djembe with the Numu, there do not appear to be hereditary restrictions upon who can play the djembe as occurs with some other African Instruments.
Some consider the djembe female and the ashiko to be male; however, the djembe is actually much more closely related in tone and design to the family of drums known as sabar, which are played with one hand and one stick, most closely to the Bung Bung Baal, and N'der drums.
www.balifurnish.com /djembe-drum-company/djembe-drum-company.html   (1203 words)

 Remo - Products - Djembe
In Africa, one of the Djembe's functions is as a healing drum.
Remo Djembes are based on the same traditional Djembe tone and form combined with Remo's modern advances including a wide range of tuning systems, heads, finishes and sizes.
The Festival Djembe comes pretuned and is available in six different finishes and three sizes.
www.remo.com /portal/products/6/15/28/af_djembe.html   (167 words)

 Djembe, African Djembe Drums, Professional Djembe, Djembe DVD, Dun dun
Djembe Direct is the most comprehensive online source for all things djembe.
For everything from lessons on DVD to keychains to world class professional djembes, we've got what you are looking for at an unbeatable price.
We make this information available to you free of charge because we believe in community, and that knowledge is only valuable if it can be of benefit to somebody.
www.djembedirect.com   (889 words)

 African Drum Rhythms - Educational Tools for Djembes, Bass Drums and Bells by Lennart Hallstrom
African Drum Rhythms - Educational Tools for Djembes, Bass Drums and Bells by Lennart Hallstrom
Educational Tools for Djembes, Bass Drums and Bells
There are many drum related Mailing Lists on the internet.
www.djembe.net   (64 words)

 African Rhythm Traders' Djembe CDs, DVDs, Videos, and Books   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Djembe Kan, literally the "sound of the djembe", is an unaccompanied solo that Mamady does which showcases the dozens of sounds that this Master gets from his drum, as well as Mamady's rhythmic virtuosity and speed.
This DVD is shot in Burkina Faso, and showcases the djembe drum as well as drums you often don't associate with Burkina Faso like squeeze drums, pegged drums (similar to those in its neighboring Ghana) and others.
This is his newest CD...he combines the Djembe with other metal percussion instruments he has found in his travels around the world.
www.africanrhythmtraders.com /art/html/djembecds.html   (2937 words)

 Djembe African Drum Wholesale | Hand Percussion Drum Factory Bali-treasures.com
Rope Tension Djembes, Tunable Djembes and Ashikos, Bougarabous, Dun Dun, Ocean Drums, Hand Drums, Tongue Drums
In addition to Djembe made of wood, there are Fiberglass Djembe models.
A floating tensioning system is used on Djembe made of synthetic material, the counter hoop is not screwed down, but welded to an iron ring, which is sunk into the bowl of the drum.
www.bali-treasures.com   (331 words)

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