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Topic: Dniepr

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Dniepr River Basin - UNEP/DEWA~Europe > Publication > Freshwater in Europe
Dniepr River Basin - UNEP/DEWA~Europe > Publication > Freshwater in Europe
Danube - Dniepr - Don - Douro - Ebro - Elbe - Garonne - Guadalquivir - Guadiana - Loire - Oder - Po - Rhine - Rhone - Seine - Tagus - Vistula - Volga
Rising in the southwestern part of the Russian Federation, at an altitude of about 220 metres on the southern slope of the Valdai Hills, west of Moscow, not far from the sources of the Volga, the Dnieper River flows generally south through Belarus, then southeast through Ukraine, ending in the Black Sea.
www.grid.unep.ch /product/publication/freshwater_europe/dniepr.php   (556 words)

  "ДНЕПР" - first domestic digital managing computer of wide assignment on semiconducting units
The command system "DNIEPR" - two-address, form of representation of numbers - with a comma fixed before high bit, the length of a word (including a sign bit) - 26 bits, the system of elements - impulse - potential.
"DNIEPR" is als applied also in systems of data processing of physical experiment, as the machine has the devices making easir connection with measuring instruments and the circuits of control of experiment.
In the pracess of improvement in "DNIEPR" the system of interruption for 28 reasons is included, the number of blocks of input from a paper punched tape and output of the information (high-speed digital printing station) is added.
www.bashedu.ru /konkurs/tarhov/english/dnepr.htm   (498 words)

 WWII History Magazine - "Crucible at Cherkassy" by Pat McTaggart, September 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
In the bend of the Dniepr River, surrounded German troops fought for their lives during the winter of 1943-1944.
In a massive counteroffensive after the battle, Soviet forces drove the Germans to the Dniepr River in the Ukraine with a series of shattering blows.
The meandering Dniepr made it necessary for Hollidt’s divisions to defend the eastern side of the river in positions that had been hastily constructed and that were practically worthless in the face of overpowering Soviet superiority.
wwiihistorymagazine.com /2005/sep/fea-crucible.html   (1757 words)

 Ukraine 2002 - Riding in Crimea and along the Dniepr
In Kaniv the receptionist wanted 70 Hryvnia for a single so I continued to the eastern side of the Dniepr and rode southwards, knowing there is a turbase on the shore south of Keleberda.
Komsomolsk is tidy and actually a pleasant town, down at the Dniepr there are three tanks on display, maybe made from iron coming from the mine.
The Dniepr river valley is very beautiful south of Zaporizhya, before it enters the huge dam.
www.trentobike.org /Countries/Ukraine/Tour_Reports/Crimea-Dniepr/index.html   (13767 words)

 transport news. inside the transport industry. total transport industry guide ..transportweekly.com..   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
On September 13th, the keys of 20 Renault Premiums were handed over to Dniepr Invest (Ukraine), a fuel transportation specialist contracted to the Avias group.
With their fleet of 150 tanker trucks, two thirds of which are Renault Trucks vehicles, Dniepr Invest transport fuel throughout Ukraine for the Avias group, who have the biggest network of petrol stations in the country (700 outlets).
Within the space of 3 years, Dniepr Invest will have purchased 100 Renault Premiums to support their activity and their very rapid growth with the Avias group.
www.transportweekly.com /indexe.php?a=1&num=1136440252414eb1f0a2dc9   (376 words)

 Bet Shoot - 16/02 - Partizan vs Dnipro (By: Isaiah) -9   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
Partizan are the leaduers of the Servian league, allready collected 41 points to a total of 15 games played, but their league are not active from 5 December.
Dniepr is 5th to the Ukraine league, with 23 points at 15 games played, and their league is not active too from 11 December.
Dniepr travelled with their strongest squad as there is no injury or suspensions problems.
www.betshoot.com /modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=2188   (209 words)

 Eastern Front (WWII)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
As the Red Army withdrew behind the Dniepr and Dvina rivers, the Soviet hierarchy turned its attention to moving as much of the region's heavy industry as it could dismantle and pack onto flatcars away from the front line, re-establishing it in more remote areas behind the Urals and in Central Asia.
Though intense battles of movement throughout late July and into August 1943 saw the Tigers blunting Soviet tanks on one axis, they were soon outflanked on another line to the west as the Soviets advanced down the Psel, and Kharkov had to be evacuated for the final time on 22 August.
At this time Hitler agreed to a general withdrawal to the Dniepr line, along which was meant to be the Ostwall, a line of defence similar to the Westwall (of fortifications along the West German frontier also known as the "Siegfried Line").
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/E/Eastern-Front-(WWII).htm   (5869 words)

 "ДНЕПР-2" - the managing computing system oriented to application as a central link in is informational ...
Wide logical possibilities and flexible structure of "DNIEPR- 2" is supplemented by the advanced system of software.
The numerical code (NC) is intended for programming any tasks, including the tasks of control of technological processes, standard subroutines and system programs.
The language of ACRT includes all the means of AC-1, contains in addition macros of exchange of "DNIEPR- 21" with "DNIEPR- 22", with the system of interruption and yhe clock.
www.bashedu.ru /konkurs/tarhov/english/dnepr-2.htm   (902 words)

 Battle of the Dniepr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
Under this pressure, Hitler finally allowed Manstein to withdraw to the Dniepr after being asked seven times to give permission.
This meant that Manstein now had a front of 450 miles covered by 37 infantry and 17 Panzer divisions, and all his units were under strength.
By the end of September the Russians had reached the banks of the Dniepr from Smolensk to Zaporozhye.
www.expage.com /wwiieast26   (367 words)

 Space Future - Barriers to Space Enterprise
Restrictions on the usage of low-cost Russian Dniepr launchers are also discussed as the Strom Thurmond Act has made it harder for Americans to use these rockets, while in other parts of the world Dniepr use is growing.
Already the Dniepr has been used for several such launches of university satellites in various countries, and the worldwide demand for the Dniepr is growing.
The difficulties faced by an American university using a Dniepr create an additional barrier to space enterprise to the degree that the education of American students interested in outer-space commerce and satellite development is hindered by not having access to an affordable launch vehicle for student satellite projects.
www.spacefuture.com /archive/barriers_to_space_enterprise.shtml   (5433 words)

 All Empires History Forum: Zaporozhian Cossacks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
Meantime Zolkiewski was supported by reinforcements led by Jan Karol Chodkiewicz and Jakub Potocki and with the aid of citizens of Kijev he managed to gather the appropriate number of boats.
However these expeditions were not such bothersome as invasions on Tatar settlements and villages in the area of estuary of Dniepr.
The most critical point for Cossacks expeditions was fortified estuary of Dniepr in the area of Oczakov, where a chain barred the river, cannons were lurking along the riverside and groups of Ottoman galleys were hidden nearby.
www.allempires.com /forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=43&PN=1&get=last   (3048 words)

The main feature of the DDB is a Late Devonian rift basin overlain by a substantial (but variable) post-rift sedimentary sequence that records several extensional or transtensional and at least one moderate compressional reactivation.
The width of the rift zone varies from 150 km in the Pripyat Trough, 60-70 in the Dniepr, and 140-160 km in the southeastern segment.
Recent deep seismic surveys in the Donets segment of the basin resolve the geometry of the sedimentary basin, indicating an asymmetric form with a steeper basement surface in the south than in the north and a total sedimentary thickness of about 20 km.
gsa.confex.com /gsa/2004AM/finalprogram/abstract_77093.htm   (537 words)

 Croisière fluviale en Ukraine_ le Dniepr des Cosaques
Accueil par nos représentants et transfert en autocar en direction de l'embarcadère du Dniepr situé en plein centre ville.
Aujourd'hui, cette grande avenue ombragée est le cœur de la vie culturelle et politique de la ville, passage devant l'Opéra et de la Porte d'Or qui marque l'entrée de la vieille ville.
Arrivée à Kherson situé à l'embouchure du Dniepr, là où le grand fleuve se sépare en trois bras.
www.rivagesdumonde.fr /ukraine/croisiere_dniepr.htm   (1338 words)

 Eastern Front   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
The German Army entered Smolensk on 16 July but Guderian and Hoth had crossed the Dniepr and were far enough ahead to threaten the Bryansk army at Roslavl.
General Tolbukhin (4th Ukrainian Front) took Nikopol on the east bend of the Dniepr on 8 February and then he moved south to take the Crimea.
In the south Malinovsky had kept pace with this by driving across the mouth of the Dniepr and Bug and taking Kherson on 13 March and Nikolayev on 28 March.
www3.sympatico.ca /ergrenier/East.html   (10214 words)

 spotravel: Croisière fluviale en Ukraine, sur le Dniepr
De Kiev à Odessa, sur la Mer Noire, une croisière fluviale le long du Dniepr, pour remonter le cours de l’histoire.
Escale à Kherson, fondée à l'embouchure du Dniepr en 1778 en tant que port militaire et forteresse pour lutter contre la Turquie et obtenir une sortie en Mer Noire.
Excursion dans le détroit du Dniepr, jusqu’à « l’île aux pêcheurs ».
www.spotravel.com /Ukraine/Programmes/Coisiere_Fluviale_dniepr.html   (1087 words)

 thekonst.net :: fotografia
Extending along the Dniepr river, it is one of the longest streets in Europe.
As my friends from Zaporozhye say, the former name of the beach is Zhdanovsky.
On the Dniepr shore there is a restaurant made in a pirate style.
konst.org.ua /ro/photohunt/album/155   (280 words)

 ipedia.com: Dnieper river Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
In all three countries it has the same name, albeit pronounced differently, so it can be also called Dniepr, Dnip...
The Dnieper River (Belarusian: Дняпро́;; Russian: Днепр; Ukrainian: Днiпро;; Polish: Dniepr; Latin: Borystenes) is a river (2290 km length) which flows from Russia through Belarus and then Ukraine.
In all three countries it has the same name, albeit pronounced differently, so it can be also called Dniepr, Dnipro and Dnieper.
www.ipedia.com /dnieper_river.html   (168 words)

 Worldisround - Kiev, you gonna love this City - Kiev photos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)
Dniepr River (Slavutuch)always was very important for Kiev.
It use to be a main entrance to Kiev of 10-11th sentury.9 (Kiev, Jan 1995)
Maxim Gots has drawn us to a very beautiful place.Our Grandparents were born there.
www.worldisround.com /articles/347   (137 words)

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