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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

 Rag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(See rag doll and also Rags to riches.)
A rag is a piece of old cloth used to clean or wipe things.
Rags is the name of a Broadway musical by Stephen Schwartz and Charles Strouse. /wiki/Rag   (242 words)

 Rag doll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rag dolls have featured in a number of children's stories, most notably Raggedy Ann in the 1918 book by John Barton Gruelle.
A rag doll is a cloth doll, traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material.
Today, many rag dolls are commercially produced to simulate the features of the original home-made dolls, such as simple features, soft cloth bodies, and patchwork clothing. /wiki/Rag_doll   (113 words)

 Ragtime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some early piano rags are entitled marches, and "jig" and "rag" were used interchangeably in the mid 1890s (ibid.) and ragtime was also preceded by its close relative the Cakewalk.
Chief among the novelty rag composers is Zez Confrey, whose "Kitten on the Keys" popularized the style in 1921.
A number of popular recordings featured "prepared pianos," playing rags on pianos with tacks on the keys and the instrument deliberately somewhat out of tune, supposedly to simulate the sound of a piano in an old honky tonk. /wiki/Ragtime   (1676 words)

 Residents Apparel Gallery
R.A.G. doesn’t choose to have a specific taste instead prefers to showcase a wide range of styles ranging the gamut from deconstructed to very tailored pieces to represent the very diverse and unique styles in our community.
R.A.G. is helping to foster new and emerging designers by giving them a place to display their entire line and/or to try out their new designs on the public.
R.A.G. stands for ‘Residents Apparel Gallery’ a boutique/gallery/co-op where Bay Area clothing and accessory designers rent their own rack and display their biography in a gallery-like space.   (203 words)

 The Rag Doll
Their goal was to comprise a strike team to capture the Rag Doll and two send to others, Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite, to thwart the Rag Doll's crimes of the evening, Finding the Rag Doll surrounded by followers, the Flash, Green Lantern and Starman swatted the followers aside and swiftly cornered the aging super-villain.
While the JSA listened to the Rag Doll's discourse, the villain strained his limbs to slip free of his bonds and as the heroes seemed lulled, made a quick break for the door.
In the early 1980's, the Rag Doll was contacted by the Ultra-Humanite, a long-standing foe of the Justice Society and the Golden Age Superman. /~icicle/RAGDOLL.html   (1797 words)

 Rag Rolling and Ragging
Rag rolling and "ragging" are faux finish techniques used to create subtle or dramatic effects.
Ragging paint off is similar to ragging paint on, except you dab the paint off.
Use both hands to roll the rag from the top of the section to the bottom, leaving a 6" area untouched at the edge, referred to as a wet edge. /lowes/lkn?action=howTo&p=HomeDecor/RagRoll   (1059 words)

 Rag Mat
Naturally Acid and Lignin -Free - All components of Rag Mat Board are completely acid-free and do not contain alum, ligninor pollutants that would degrade artwork.
Rag is strong, requires less processing, has a history of performance and it is an annually renewable resource, making it a better product for our planet.
"Rag" is a papermaker's term dating back to the 15th century when cotton rags and trimmings were the principal raw materials used for papermaking. /MatBoardFoamBoard/Ragmat.htm   (483 words)

 BBC - North Yorkshire Students - York RAG .. Jack loves it!
For the adrenaline junkies among you, RAG offers the chance to abseil down the side of Central Hall (The tallest building on campus) or even try parachuting!
RAG is a society that promotes a wide range of activities, all in the name of charity.
RAG runs sponsored hitchhikes to Paris in the autumn and Dublin in the spring. /northyorkshire/students/rag/jack.shtml   (500 words)

But the piano rags of Scott Joplin, and of another black composer, James Scott, were of such high quality that they were a mainstay of the popular piano repertoire for decades.
To "rag" a piece of music is to take a well-known tune and change the rhythm of it to make it syncopated, or "jazzy"-sounding.
This is usually a march-tempo piece for piano or band, with a steady "boom-chick" bass and a very syncopated, or "ragged", melody. /content/m10878/latest   (935 words)

 Kent Raise & Give: News
Kent RAG is a member of Kent Union and was designed by students from Kent University, using webspace kindly provided by Ghosty.
Rag members are running the race for life on 4th june at Maidstone.
As a means of encouraging people to get involved with the site a little more (cos I know you all visit it quite regularly even though little is posted!), I thought it'd be cool if we got people to think about their best RAG moment. /news.php   (699 words)

 Rag Events
RAG operates numerous events throughout the year from hall events to massive and crazy fund raising carnivals and from club nights to the seediest night of the year...
Every year, you can be guaranteed a collection of major events from RAG that must not be missed.
To take a trip down memory lane, take a look at our Events Archive. /events.php?RAGSESSID=f6c080e03fe66fe2b3bb4fbf63dedba6   (187 words)

 Rag Rugs and other Hand-wovens
Rag rugs speak to us of simpler times, when people collected and saved every usable piece of fabric, to be used again, out of necessity.
In these days of a disposable and throw away society, rag rug weaving is a continuing legacy of American ingenuity and folk art.
A color and texture overload, it is where I create hand woven rag rugs and placemats from new and recycled fabric, woven on sturdy antique looms.   (334 words)

 Rag Time - For sale by Luna Rosa Ranch
Rag Top has sired over 70 cria, including many renowned herdsires such as Ameripaca's Harry Brown, Cascade Mountain Ranch's Bolivian Wildfire, Tillman's Lumino and Red Lightening, and he is grandsire to Captain Morgan (2006 & 2005 suri reserve herdsire of the year).
Rag Time's cria Nina was Fawn Color Champion as a juvenile, Heart of the Valley Alpaca Show,2005.
Rag Time has inherited his sire's beautiful signature red-tones. /herdsires/03_viewherdsire.asp?name=12173   (290 words)

 BYO Records - Punk Since 1982
Throw Rag are that moment after a painful break up when you suddenly stop wallowing in self-pity and dive back into life and do something you'll probably regret but which nonetheless feels so right now.
But neither of those bands had a washboard player, as Throw Rag do in the demented Englishman abroad Craig Jacko Jackman.
Of course, Throw Rag are expected to resume their relentless touring schedule which includes a main support slot on a full US tour with Queens of the Stone Age as well as select dates on summer blockbuster music festival powerhouse, Vans Warped Tour and tentative plans for a full European tour. /bandpage.php?band=throwrag   (904 words)

 RagaMuffin Associated Group Ragamuffins RagaMuffin Cats Ragamuffin Kittens RagaMuffin Breeders RagaMuffin Catteries
RAG is the unifying group for all recognized RagaMuffin breeders and the "official" group for all those who love RagaMuffins.
The RagaMuffin Associated Group (RAG), the parent club of the RagaMuffin, was formed by the originators of the RagaMuffin.
Each breeder is encouraged to develop a detailed contract, which addresses all aspects of purchasing a RagaMuffin, so that both the buyer and seller are fully aware of their responsibilities.   (600 words)

 The Austin Chronicle: News: Everything Old Is New Again
He doesn't specifically recall Scott's Rag debut, but remembers a string of people responding to calls for volunteers over the years, stopping by to pick up papers to sell, or just to shoot the shit.
Former Rag staffer Barbara Hines, now a UT Law School professor and director of the UT Law Immigration Clinic, told her 24-year-old son this story when he questioned the validity of calling The Rag "underground," since the paper was perfectly legal.
The Rag was distributed largely at and around UT. Frank Erwin, now best remembered as the namesake of the SuperDrum, was then the notoriously authoritarian, right-wing chairman of UT's board of regents; in 1969, he and the board banned the newspaper from being sold on campus. /issues/dispatch/2005-09-02/pols_feature3.html   (3438 words)

 Fundamentals of the Indian Rag (Raga)
Therefore rag may be thought of as an acoustic method of colouring the mind of the listener with an emotion.
The Hindi/Urdu word "rag" is derived from the Sanskrit "raga" which means "colour, or passion" (Apte 1987).
Jati is the number of notes used in the rag. /articles/indian_music/raga.html   (520 words)

 Rag Painting - Rag Painting Technique - Faux Painting Techniques
Frequently re-arrange and re-scrunch the rag to create a random and natural look.
Rag painting, rag painting technique, and faux painting techniques brought to you by Behr.
Using a rolled/scrunched rag, dab or roll the wet glaze color from the edges of the 3' X 3' section. /behrx/expert/activity.jsp?catId=600&aid=606&subnav=interior&leftNav=noSteps   (439 words)

Rag Flats is an experiment in specifically “urban” and sustainable forms of dwelling.
As a “sustainable” project, Rag Flats will become the first community in Philadelphia in which the majority of electricity for the eleven units in the community will be supplied through a 30kw rooftop photovoltaic panel system.
As such, Rag Flats very intentionally explores the relationships between density, intimacy and privacy present in any urban community.   (243 words)

Whatever you do and however you get involved in RAG, you can be sure your experience will form a valuable part of your university life.
York RAG is a brilliant organisation, which can definitely make a difference, both to the lives of those touched by the charities we raise for, and to the lives of students.
RAGs of different sizes exist at universities throughout the country as student-run fundraising organisations, which put on an amazing range of events and activities to raise money for many local and national charities. /rag   (398 words)

 rag - Wiktionary
The song mapleleaf rag has a pleasant, bouncy tune.
2003: the three walls around the garden, each one of thirty-three feet, were built out of three layers of stome — pebble stone, flint and rag stone.
to rag (third-person singular simple present rags, present participle ragging, simple past ragged, past participle ragged) /wiki/Rag   (128 words)

All members of the Union are automatically members of RAG, you don't even have to pay membership!
When you're done with all the shouting (in the charity business, we call it 'raising awareness'), we're always on the lookout for people who want to take an active role in RAG.
RAG is the main charitable outlet of Imperial College Union, raising money for a variety of charities, both national and international. /presidents/rag   (582 words)

 University of Bristol Union : RAG
Much of what RAG does raises funds for national and local charities, but we also try to promote awareness of these causes amongst the student body and the general population.
With national accreditation schemes, training courses in event management and committee positions (including representing RAG on your hall JCR if you are up for it?); anything you can do we will get it recognised.
With over 1500 members, RAG is the biggest, oldest and undoubtably the best society there is. /main/activities/RAG   (576 words)

 SUSU Rag :: Give Generously
RAG is all about you, we depend on you to run, as we are completely run by students like you...
RAG - Raise and Give is the University department that raises money for charity all year.
Our year culminates in the Pink Tie Ball, a ball held at the infamous Rose Bowl in Southampton, and is a chance for RAG to show off all its achievements throughout the previous year, as well as a chance for an awesome night of wineing and dining...   (211 words)

 The Mississippi Rag: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic
The Mississippi Rag is an internationally influential monthly jazz jazz quick summary:
The Rag also gives its own perceptive reviews which help readers select the best in recordings, EHandler: no quick summary.
The Rag subscribers includes some of the top musicians, EHandler: no quick summary. /encyclopedia/t/th/the_mississippi_rag.htm   (722 words)

 Questions & Answers: Toe-rag
The first recorded use is by J F Mortlock in his Experiences of a Convict of 1864: “Stockings being unknown, some luxurious men wrapped round their feet a piece of old shirting, called, in language more expressive than elegant, a ‘toe-rag’ ”.
It didn’t take long to become a term of abuse—in 1875 a book on British circus life said that “Toe rags is another expression of contempt...
The original form—in the nineteenth century—was toe rag. /qa/qa-toe1.htm   (218 words)

 rag (1) definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
in rags in a worn-out, tattered, and torn condition
rag (1) definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
go from rags to riches to start off in poverty and then become very wealthy /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861697809   (176 words)

Some of the boys were ragging on him about his haircut.
He went from rags to riches in only three years.
It's just an old rag I had in the closet. /dictionary/rag   (138 words)

Gemod door [RAG]Bitchie gepost op Woensdag 21-06-2005 Bron: RAG
The clan name RAG was dremeled out of the sidepanel.
Because I made the connector for the Harddrive LED the same, i can use the same dragon as in case 8. /Casemodding/Bitchie   (574 words)

 Dirt Rag Mountain Bike Magazine
Frequent Dirt Rag contributor Eric Matthies, along with his wife Tricia Todd, shot a film that's appearing in The Sixth Annual Bicycle Film Festival in New York City.
Come join in the wonderful spectacle that is Dirt Rag's 2006 World Tour.
All in all, the R7 is likely to pleasantly surprise a few riders—especially those who typically eschew products that cost several hundred dollars less than the competition.   (434 words)

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