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Topic: Dobrudja

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Dobrudja: Tales of exile, exodus and colonization
But the Romanian inhabitants of Dobrudja themselves were quite differentiated: There were the Transylvanian shepherds or Mocani and their scions on one side, and Macedo-Romanians known also as Vlachs (most of them obviously shepherds too) coming up north from Greece and Bulgaria on the other side.
Dobrudja itselef, especially its southern part, was quite a fertile land so that even such a fussy commentator as Sir Sacheverel Sitwell would point out in 1930's that it has "..
Other Vlachs have arrived in Dobrudja from Greece well before 1923, and they did this uninvited, quite on their own initiative, out of despair, fleeing a volatile land at a time when the Vlach villages were raided by the gruesome Greek anadartes.
www.vlachophiles.net /dobrudja.htm   (3542 words)

  Rumania - LoveToKnow 1911
The eastern boundary is formed by the river Pruth (Prutu), between Moldavia and Russia; farther south by the Kilia mouth of the Danube (Dunarea), between the Dobrudja and Russia, and by the Black Sea.
The southern Dobrudja and the Baragan Steppe, with the mountain pastures of Argeh, Buzeu, Dimbovitza, Muscel and Prahova, are occupied by large sheep-runs; 1200 farms were created in the Baragan by the Land Act of 1889.
The interior of the Dobrudja is occupied largely by Turks and Bulgarians, with Tatars, Russians and Armenians, but here the Ruman steadily gains ground at the expense of the alien.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Rumania   (15254 words)

 Dobrudja - LoveToKnow 1911
DOBRUDJA (Bulgarian Dobritch, Rumanian Dobrogea), also written Dobrudscha, and Dobruja, a region of south-eastern Europe, bounded on the north and west by the Danube, on the east by the Black Sea, and on the south by Bulgaria.
By the treaty of Berlin, in 1878, the Russians rewarded their Rumanian allies with this land of mountains, fens and barren steppes, peopled by Turks, Bulgarians, Tatars, Jews and other aliens; while, to add to the indignation of Rumania, they annexed instead the fertile country of Bessarabia, largely inhabited by Rumans.
Af ter 1880, however, the steady decrease of aliens, and the development of the Black Sea ports, rendered the Dobrudja a source of prosperity to Rumania.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Dobrudja   (208 words)

In the 1st century BC Dobrudja became part of the Roman Empire and then of the
Since 1878 northern Dobrudja has been settled mostly by Romanians and has belonged to Romania, while southern Dobrudja, except for the period 1913–40, has belonged to Bulgaria.
Cossacks joined the Russian side in 1828, and only a remnant of the Cossacks was left in Dobrudja.
www.encyclopediaofukraine.com /pages/d/o/Dobrudja.htm   (508 words)

 First World War.com - Feature Articles - The Life of Evelina Haverfield - Dobrudja - and a Russian Decoration
The S.W.H. units arrived in the Dobrudja in late September, just after the Serbs had suffered their military disaster.
Inglis established a hospital in the southern Dobrudja near the scene of the fighting, and proceeded to care for Russian and Romanian casualties.
During October and November, the invaders drove the Romanian and Russian defenders steadily north in the Dobrudja.
www.firstworldwar.com /features/haverfield_10.htm   (663 words)

 Masonic Forum Magazine No. 17. Spring 6004 A.L.
However, none of these circles finalized the debates in a concrete result that could give a reason to the Dobrudjans to consider that their approaches submitted to the higher levels of the State (The Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Presidency, the Government) were taken into consideration.
Dobrudja was also well known even in the Western Roman Empire, due to the contribution of certain remarkable theologians (Saint John Casian, Saint Gherman, and Dionysus the Exiguous), who provided the western Christianity with rules of monastic organization, morals treaties, and last but not least the calculation of the Christian Era.
During the 10th — 12th centuries the bishop churches in the northern half of Dobrudja possibly were subordinated to the Metropolitan Church of Tomis, and those situated in the southern half of this province and others situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, belonging to Palistrion thema, were subordinated to the Metropolitan Church of Dorostolon.
www.masonicforum.ro /en/nr17/tomis.html   (3480 words)

 MODERNIZATION OF DOBRUDJA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
  The place and the role of Dobrudja within the developing fabric of modern Romania are highlighted with the historic need of the unitary evolution of the Romanian State and with the advantage of the wide maritime frontage.
When 25 years elapsed since Dobrudja had been reunited with the Romanian state, the appreciation was made that "Today, when looked at from all angles, Dobrudja, thanks to the care it has been taken care of, displays the appearance of a civilized land….
  Unfortunately, the efforts of modernizing Dobrudja would be halted by the events related to the first world war, the occupation of the Central Powers (1916-1918) clogging the historic process whose subjects and beneficiaries were, regardless of their nationality, the people of the land between the Danube and the Sea.
www.tomrad.ro /istdob/mod_dob.html   (2802 words)

 Accommodation in Dobrudja Hotel Varna Bulgaria
Dobrudja Hotel is situated at the center of the resort and only 150 m.
The hotel also has a Chinese restaurant and the 15th floor Panorama Café, where cocktails are served to the accompaniment of piano music and sea views.
In hotel "Dobrudja" is situated the unique balneological center "Medica", that is the only one of its kind within the whole Bulgarian seaside.
www.accommodationow.com /accommodation/dobrudja_hotel_varna.htm   (394 words)

 The Great War Society: Relevance Archive
The promised Russian reinforcement of 2 infantry divisions and 1 cavalry division was expected in the Dobrudja area.
The force in the Dobrudja was to consist of six Roumanian and two Russian (one actually consisted of Serbians) infantry divisions and one Russian cavalry division, all under Russian command (General Zaionchkovsky).
The two forces taking part in the operation (the force making the crossing and that on the Dobrudja front) were separated by some 70 miles, and initially by the obstacle of the Danube, thus making cooperation and coordination between the two forces a task of great difficulty.
www.worldwar1.com /tgws/rel006.htm   (5910 words)

Almost the whole, estimated Romanian population, of 6,000 - 8,000 pairs breeds in the agricultural and dry steppe habitats of Dobrudja.
The shallow brackish Lacul Plopul, behind the village of the same name in northern Dobrudja, and the larger Lacul Techirghiol, in southern Dobrudja, are consistently good sites for this species.
Between 200-350 pairs are estimated for Romania with the majority in Dobrudja.
www.finesse.ro /birdwatching.html   (929 words)

 Paradox Interactive Forums - Voivode Court of Moldavia-Wallachia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Dobrudja was taken from the Turks and given to the Gelrans for their support in the war.
Dobrudja was given by the Most August Imperial Emperor Joachim to Gelre.
Because of distance between Gelre and Dobrudja the Duke of Gelre, Duke Willem, has appointed his second son Hendrik to be the Grand Governor.
www.europa-universalis.com /forum/printthread.php?t=93189   (8765 words)

 Virtual Meeting Place Romania
Dobrudja (Dobrogea in Romanian language) can be described in short by its great diversity of cultures and religions.
Dobrudja is a wonderful invitation to all visitors in any season due to its unique mixture of natural sights and historic attractions.
The capital of Dobrudja is Constanta - the biggest and the most important city of the region.
www.meetromania.info /uk_dobrudja.html   (1411 words)

 Abstract Constantin Iordachi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Situated in the north-eastern extremity of the Balkan Peninsula, the province of Dobrudja functioned during the Middle Ages as a frontier zone at the borderland of the Ottoman Empire, and as one of the most advanced Muslim military bastions in South-Eastern Europe.
In the ensuing period, Dobrudja became the object of an acute Romanian-Bulgarian territorial conflict: both states engaged in assiduous and competing processes of national expansion and border making in the province.
The integration of the province into Romania followed nevertheless the model of internal colonialism: Dobrudja exhibited a specific case of „the development of the underdevelopment:” its economic structure being tailored almost exclusively as an appendage of metropolitan needs, at the neglect of local patterns of economic development.
viadrina.euv-frankfurt-o.de /~wsgn1/congress/iordachi.html   (670 words)

 First World War.com - Primary Documents - Treaty of Bucharest, 7 May 1918: Articles 10-12
As regards the Dobrudja which according to No. 1 of the peace preliminaries is to be ceded by Roumania, the following provisions are adopted.
Immediately after the signing of the peace treaty, more detailed provisions will be entered into between the two Powers with regard to the determination of the thalweg; the delimitation described in paragraph b will be made in the autumn of 1918 at low-water mark.
Roumania cedes to the Allied Powers the part of the Dobrudja situated to the north of the new frontier line described in paragraph a, down to the Danube and exactly between the forking of the river and the Black Sea even to St. George's Arm.
www.firstworldwar.com /source/bucharest1918ch3.htm   (915 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
South and east of the Danube is the Dobrudja, long cut off from the rest of the country by the river; it was a dusty steppe with little surface water, and historically less well developed than the other regions.
The Dobrudja, which had been part of Wallachia up to this point, was held by the Turks from 1397 to 1404, and thence from 1417 to the 1800's.
Southern Dobrudja - 2 counties, 1913 - 1940 Caliacra, Durostor The counties of Silistra and Dobrici were acquired under the treaty of Aug. 10, 1913 with Bulgaria; they were renamed Caliacra and Durostor on April 1, 1914.
www.cse.psu.edu /~dheller/post/intro   (17527 words)

 ISIM Newsletter 8 - Regional Issues
The Islamic community of Romania is concentrated in the Dobrudja, a southeastern province of Romania lying between the Danube River and the Black Sea.
It is thought that they arrived in the area in the early 16th century as a sanjak (division) of a specific category of Gypsies serving in the Ottoman army.
Muslim Gypsies in Dobrudja have no written culture, but they have a rich oral tradition, which includes fairytales, legends, riddles, charms, and songs.
dev.eurac.edu:8085 /mugs2/do/blob.html?type=html&serial=1040119011902   (1326 words)

 BIRDS- Ibis Tours
In my experience there is more chance of observing this species in summer outside the delta in the open-wooded and rolling hill country to the south and west, whilst in August and September they can also be seen in the delta, presumably birds from Russia and the Ukraine heading southwards on migration.
Almost the whole, estimated Romanian population, of 6,000-8,000 pairs (Weber 1994) breeds in the agricultural and dry steppe habitats of Dobrudja.
It is not found in the delta proper but rather in rocky and sandy gorges, cliffs, stony steppe, drier river valleys and even the edges of cultivated land.
www.ibis-tours.ro /nature/birds.htm   (2797 words)

 Dobrudjanska Pandela   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Dobrudja is justly renowned as "Bulgaria's granary." Few people, however, know the region's natural wealth.
Astonishing plants and rare animals still exist in the last remnants of steppe vegetation, which covered a large part of Dobrudja until the beginning of the century.
At many places the Dobrudja Plateau is cut by canyon-like river gorges.
www.phantomranch.net /folkdanc/dances/dobrudjp.htm   (800 words)

 Dobrudja Hotel in Albena Bulgaria Online Booking by Stayresbulgaria
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The hotel dobrudja in albena is a modern 4 star hotel is a 17-storey building.
The hotel being ideally situated in the heart of the city is well suited for tourists visiting city.
www.stayresbulgaria.com /hotels-in-bulgaria-dobrudja-hotel.html   (294 words)

 Queen Marie of Romania / My Country - Section 6
It is especially in the Dobrudja that these different nationalities jostle together: besides Rumanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Tartars, Russians, in places even Germans, live peacefully side by side.
It is especially in the Dobrudja that these different nationalities jostle together.
I have been to a village in the Dobrudja which was part Rumanian, part Russian, part German, part Turkish.
www.tkinter.smig.net /QueenMarie/MyCountry/Section06.htm   (3330 words)

 *** Bulgarian Sport : Football club Dobrudja Dobrich *** - Catalog for Bulgarian sport
1937 the youth team of Dobrudja won the National Cup of Romania (in 30`s Dobrich was in the territory of Romania).
Dobrudja - Beroe /Stara Zagora/ - 5:1 (1994/95)
Dobrudja - Lokomotiv /Sofia/ - 0:5 - official score (1997/98)
get.info.bg /sport/Dir.asp?d=0-1-Football_Clubs-FC_Dobrudja   (320 words)

 Keyareas: Coastal Dobrudja - Neophron Ltd. - Birdwatching in Bulgaria; Birding tours in Bulgaria; Nature tours in ...
Coastal Dobrudja is the northernmost part of our Black Sea coast, locked between the Romanian - Bulgarian border and cape Kaliakra.
Here are the last remnants of the Great Steppe, formerly occupying the bigger part of Dobrudja.
The kaleidoscopic hues of the wild peonies, irises and adonises in spring, the silver-greentints of the absinthe and thristles in summer and the light movements of the feather-grass in autumn, gracefully sweeping among the remnants of the ancient fortress of Kaliakra, create the special appeal of this area.
www.neophron.com /keyareas-dobrudja.htm   (320 words)

 Dobrudja Hotel, hotel in Albena beach resort, Bulgaria (Albena, Black sea, Bulgarien)
Dobrudja Hotel, hotel in Albena beach resort, Bulgaria (Albena, Black sea, Bulgarien)
There is a unique balneological center that is the only one of its kind within the whole Bulgarian seaside, in the Dobrudja hotel.
Dobrudja Hotel is situated at the center of the resort and only 150 m.
www.bulgariasea.com /dobrudja.html   (270 words)

 Crimean Tatars and Noghais in Turkey
Tatars say that the best Tatar language is spoken in Dobrudja, for it is influenced by neither Russian (as in the Crimea) nor Turkish (as in Turkey).
Of course, this opinion is somewhat illusive, although it is true that the past migrations from the Crimea to Dobrudja basically involved the northern and central part of the peninsula and Kerch where the spoken language was quite distinct from the southern Crimea.
Akyurt (former Lütfiye) was founded in 1887 by ten settlers from Crimea and Dobrudja, who were followed in 1915 by immigrants from Dobrudja and later by a few families from Bulgaria (Tezcan 1982: 27-101).
www.iccrimea.org /scholarly/jankowski.html   (5352 words)

 NL19_3: Did You Know
The Lippovans, about whom so little has been written and whose history it is next to impossible to discover, are to be found along the coast of the Dobrudja, that province of Roumania which touches the Black Sea.
The Dobrudja was Turkish until the Treaty of Berlin, in 1878; and even in the southern part of it, until the Balkan War of 1913...
The Tartar villagers do not enjoy a high reputation; the Turks, on the contrary, are much respected for their virtues and honesty...
www.farsarotul.org /nl19_3.htm   (3586 words)

 The Balkans in WWII
Gains Southern Dobrudja from Romania in Sept. 1940, by German fiat.
Restored to pre-war borders, but is allowed to keep Southern Dobrudja on the grounds that the population is ethnically Bulgarian.
The post-war coalition government is definitively under Communist control by the end of 1947.
dmorgan.web.wesleyan.edu /balkans/wwtwo.htm   (1681 words)

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