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Topic: Doctor of medicine

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  University of Calgary: Calendar: Faculty of Medicine: Doctor of Medicine
University of Calgary: Calendar: Faculty of Medicine: Doctor of Medicine
With the complexity of modern medicine, doctors pursuing this vocation must be prepared to extend their knowledge beyond medicine.
The University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine uses the facilities of the Foothills Hospital, the Peter Lougheed Centre, the Alberta Children's Hospital, and the Rockyview Hospital, for clinical instruction.
www.ucalgary.ca /pubs/calendar/2005/what/fac/MD/doctor_of_medicine.htm   (3256 words)

Medicine in a community hospital is a little different than in Academia.
Their tools were unbelievably primitive compared to the arsenal available to a young doctor today, but the miracles are equally wonderful.
Since doctors make roughly $30-40,000 in Israel I do not think that I will be able to pay my medical school loans there, this is the reason why I returned to the U.S. after attending medical school in Haifa.
internalmedicinedoctor.blogspot.com   (6657 words)

  Degree and Requirements, page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The USC School of Medicine awards the Doctor of Medicine to enrolled students who have satisfactorily completed the four-year curriculum of the school.
The course is administered by the Department of Family Medicine and uses faculty members from the Department of Family Medicine, in addition to clinical faculty from the community.
The content of the Family Medicine course is closely coordinated with the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course.
www.usc.edu /dept/publications/cat95/medicine/06_DegReq-Doctor_of_Med_Yr_I.html   (1149 words)

  Doctor of Medicine - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Medicinæ Doctor or Doctor of Medicine (M.D. or D.M.) is a doctorate level degree held by medical doctors.
The Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery are higher doctorates reserved for those who have contributed significantly to the academic study of medicine and surgery respectively.
In Finland, physicians hold the degree of Licenciate in Medicine, and as in the UK, the Doctor of Medicine (lääketieteen tohtori) is a higher degree reserved for those who have held a doctoral dissertation.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Doctor_of_medicine   (244 words)

 Format Document
"Dispense" means the delivery by a doctor of medicine of a prescription drug or device to a patient, except for samples packaged for individual use by licensed manufacturers or repackagers of drugs, and includes the prescribing, administering, packaging, labeling and security necessary to prepare and safeguard the drug or device for delivery.
"Medicine" means allopathic medicine as practiced by the recipient of a degree of doctor of medicine.
(mm) The representation by a doctor of medicine or the doctor's staff, employer or representative that the doctor is boarded or board certified if this is not true or the standing is not current or without supplying the full name of the specific agency, organization or entity granting this standing.
www.azleg.state.az.us /FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/legtext/47leg/2R/proposed/H.2412%2DSE3%2DQUELLAND%2EDOC.htm   (1849 words)

 Doctor of Medicine Information
Doctor of Medicine (M.D., from the Latin Medicinæ Doctor) is an academic degree.
Medical degrees are professional doctorates and are distinct from research doctorates (Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D.), which requires a graduate thesis (doctoral dissertation).
The doctor medicinæ (dr. med.) degree is a research degree for those who have held a doctoral dissertation, and is considered even better than the PhD degree.
www.bookrags.com /Doctor_of_Medicine   (762 words)

 In English - Statistik från SCB
Half of the doctoral students studied on a full-time basis and one tenth studied on a 50 per cent basis during autumn 2002.
Doctoral degrees in the academic years 2000/01 - 2002/03 by area of research, university/university college and sex
In this context, activity is defined as a measure of doctoral students' study time, where 100 per cent corresponds to an average of 40 hours per week during a term.
www.scb.se /templates/Publikation____91746.asp   (976 words)

 About Internal Medicine
Doctors of internal medicine focus on adult medicine and have had special study and training focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases.
Doctors for Adults.® But you may see them referred to by several terms, including "internists," "general internists" and "doctors of internal medicine." But don't mistake them with "interns," who are doctors in their first year of residency training.
Cardiologists, for example, are doctors of internal medicine who subspecialize in diseases of the heart.
www.doctorsforadults.com /about.htm   (483 words)

 DaytonDailyNews: Dayton, Ohio, news and information
Still, who was originally educated as a conventional Doctor of Medicine (MD), believed that the continuum between health and illness was primarily influenced by the soundness and mechanical functioning of the body's structures.
In contrast to conventional medicine, which historically focused on the individual systems of the body, osteopathic medicine's original premise emphasized the interactive relationships between all body systems, with a continually shifting balance to maintain a state of health.
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine may be found in nearly any health care setting from community clinics or private practices to osteopathic or conventional hospitals or academic medical centers.
www.daytondailynews.com /l/healthfd/shared/health/adam/ency/article/002020.html   (513 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Doctor of Medicine (M.D. or MD, from the Latin Medicinae Doctor meaning "teacher of medicine,") is an academic degree for medical doctors.
The M.D. and D.O. degrees are a form of professional doctorate (also called first professional degree), as opposed to a research doctorate such as the (Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D.).
Even though the degrees incorporate the term "Doctor", they are not research doctorates and are not equivalent to the Ph.D. The only US medical school which requires its students to produce a written thesis based on original research is that of Yale University, and the requirements are less rigorous than those of the PhD.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Doctor_of_Medicine   (647 words)

 eMJA: Misleading title
It was not, as would be expected, an exposure of misconduct by doctors, but dealt with the potential conflict of interest that occurs when they interact with the pharmaceutical industry.
No evidence of doctors “behaving badly” was provided, yet a solution to this potential problem was proposed — “disclosure” (ie, yet more paperwork), accompanied by a disclaimer that this was unlikely to work.
A Doctor of Medicine is a man who can teach the art of curing diseases.
www.mja.com.au /public/issues/185_11_041206/matters_arising_041206-5.html   (341 words)

 Think Like A Doctor - Alternative Medicine
One driver, in my mind, for the flock to alternative medicines, or even alternative lifestyles, is the fear that traditional medicine or pesticides or detergents to toothpaste are toxic.
A person using these types of alternative medicine would be known by their family in most cases and if not, then found in their belongings, medicine cabinet, bedroom drawer, etc. A lot of people that are against these alternatives are those who are fearful of the unknown.
Some doctors are in the practice for money, others are in the practice because they care, make sure you know which kind of doctor who are going to.
www.thinklikeadoctor.com /alternative.shtml   (5546 words)

 Doctor of Medicine
Doctors of Medicine (MDs) are also known as allopathic physicians.
Medical doctors need high intelligence, good business sense, good judgment, and must be able to deal with different types of people.
Internal medicine specialists diagnose and treat problems of internal organs such as the liver, heart, and lungs.
www.flahec.org /hlthcareers/ALLOPATH.HTM   (636 words)

 Doctor of medicine profession (MD)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Medicine was the first of the professions to require licensure.
State laws specific to the licensure of medicine outlined the activities of "diagnosis" and "treatment" of human conditions strictly within the domain of medicine.
Doctors who claim to practice within one of the specialties should therefore be board-certified within that specific area of practice.
www.baylorhealth.com /healthinformation/1/001936.htm   (1214 words)

 There is More to Health Care Than Medicine
Twice as many doctors are now trying to share the same size piece of the "patient pie" and many have felt the squeeze.
I don't treat with medicine." Patients' eyes light up when they realize that a medical doctor is simply one type of doctor, that he may not know everything, and that there really is more to health care than medicine.
As a fellow doctor, his place should be respected (but properly understood) and a more realistic understanding for medicine and medical is the first step.
www.chiroweb.com /archives/08/07/26.html   (1060 words)

 MedFriendly.com: Doctor of Osteopathy
Osteopathy is an approach to medicine that uses common medical procedures, but it places a greater emphasis on understanding the relationship between the organs, muscles, nerves, tissues, bones (such as those that surround the spine), and tendons, than traditional medical training does.
The difference between a Doctor of Medicine (commonly abbreviated as M.D.) and a D.O. is that a D.O. focuses on osteopathy during their training, whereas an M.D. does not.
A Doctor of Osteopathy is also known as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, an osteopath, an osteopathic physician, a doctor, or a physician.
www.medfriendly.com /doctorofosteopathy.html   (806 words)

 UCD - School of Medicine & Medical Science
Subject to the provisions of the University Statute, a candidate shall be eligible to obtain the Degree of Doctor of Medicine fifteen terms after obtaining the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine.
The University may grant the Degree of Doctor of Medicine to graduates of the University or Licentiates of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland who shall have fulfilled all prescribed conditions as to the manner in which such Degree of Doctor may be obtained.
The candidate shall apply to the School of Medicine and Medical Science for permission to present for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine by thesis at least two years before presentation of the thesis for examination.
www.ucd.ie /medicine/postgraduate/md_regs.htm   (552 words)

 What's an Osteopath?
According to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), osteopathic medicine is a complete system of healthcare with a philosophy that combines the needs of the patient with the current practice of medicine.
Doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) practice a whole-person approach, which means they consider both the physical and mental needs of their patients.
This form of manual medicine lets DOs examine the back and other parts of the body, such as joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, for pain and restriction during motion that could signal an injury or impaired function.
www.kidshealth.org /PageManager.jsp?dn=nemours&lic=60&cat_id=173&article_set=22809&ps=104   (379 words)

 Doctor of Medicine
These doctors are an integral part of the health care team and are desperately needed in rural areas.
Doctors who have their own practices must oversee personnel, payroll, billing, and other business-related functions.
Doctors of medicine may obtain a general certificate or a subspecialty certificate from any of the following approved specialty boards:
www.sowega-ahec.org /career_guide/DoctorOfMedicine.htm   (334 words)

 holistic doctor integrative medicine
She is a holistic physician dedicated to optimizing the health of all on the planet by bringing sustainable and non toxic therapies including homeopathy to the public.
She knows that empowering patients and bringing Nature back into healthcare by integrating homeopathy and other natural therapies with the best of conventional medicine is desirable and possible in the home, the workplace, hospital, clinic, and the pharmacy.
Jackie Wilson is a consultant physician with expertise in the manufacturing, regulation, research, education and use of homeopathic medicines in the United States of America.
www.homeopathicdoctor.com /page2.html   (734 words)

 MedFriendly.com: Doctor of Medicine
A Doctor of Medicine (often abbreviated M.D.) is a health professional that has earned a degree of Doctor of Medicine after studying and graduating from a course of study at an approved medical school.
A Doctor of Osteopathy (commonly abbreviated as D.O.) is a health professional that has earned a degree of Doctor of Osteopathy after studying and graduating from a course of study at an approved medical school.
A Doctor of Medicine is also known as a Medical Doctor, a doctor, or a physician.
www.medfriendly.com /doctorofmedicine.html   (651 words)

 Admissions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Applicants who demonstrate a strong humanitarian commitment, those who have participated in a number of community services and those who have tested their desire for medicine by working in some type of health care setting are highly valued by the Admissions Committee.
Students enrolled in the College of Medicine will have six (6) years from the date of matriculation to complete their degree for Doctor of Medicine.
Students who are pursuing a combined degree of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy will have eight (8) years in which to complete that dual degree.
www.musc.edu /bulletin/medicine/admiss.html   (788 words)

 CDC - The Medical Kipling—Syphilis, Tabes Dorsalis, and Romberg's Test
Kipling's life and works are full of references to medicine, but they have received little attention in medical history, as pointed out by W.K. Beatty in a definitive article (1) published in 1975.
Kipling's interest in medicine is evident from one of his earliest verses, "The Song of the Sufferer," which he wrote after a bout of fever and sore throat at age 13.
The doctor proclaimed their deaths attributable to "naturil causes, most naturil causes." The two were buried together with Anglican rites in the civil cemetery "an' the docthor—he ran away wid Major—Major Van Dyce's lady that year—he saw to ut all."
www.cdc.gov /NCIDOD/EID/vol10no6/03-1117.htm   (2026 words)

The degree they earn -- either an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy, whose education also includes the therapeutic manipulation of the body) -- entitles the graduate to use the initials after his/her name and to be addressed as Doctor.
Most medical school graduates choose to specialize in an area of medicine; this means additional years of training beyond the first year of internship.
During this specialty training, the residents practice medicine under the supervision of licensed physicians who are already Board certified in their specialty.
www.lupus.org /webmodules/webarticlesnet/?z=23&a=340   (573 words)

 University of St Andrews - Academic Costume   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
For honorary Doctors, a fl silk cassock with buttons of the colour of the appropriate degree hood and with full sleeves.
In the case of Doctors other than Doctor of Philosophy may also be worn if desired a fl silk cassock with buttons and cincutre of the colour of the appropriate degree hood.
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.): Medici Crimson (BCC 240).
www.st-andrews.ac.uk /registry/graduation/gradress.htm   (932 words)

 GMC | France — Evidence of qualifications
This page is to explain what evidence of qualifications Doctors who qualified in France need to supply to support their registration application.
Doctors applying via the Article 14 route will be required to demonstrate that their specialist qualifications, knowledge and experience gained are equivalent to that of a doctor completing a UK specialist training programme in your specialty.
Doctors who apply using this method will have their training, qualifications and experience compared against the standard required for doctors completing a UK General Practice training programme Successful applicants will be given a statement confirming their eligibility for entry to the GP Register and hence eligible to work as a GP in the UK.
www.gmc-uk.org /doctors/join_the_register/eea_nationals_in/france.asp   (1029 words)

 Qualification Standards for GS-602
Degree: Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a school in the United States or Canada approved by a recognized accrediting body in the year of the applicant's graduation.
Graduate Training: Subsequent to obtaining a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree, a candidate must have had at least 1 year of supervised experience providing direct service in a clinical setting, i.e., a 1-year internship or the first year of a residency program in an institution accredited for such training.
An exception may be made when a peer panel of physicians (subject-matter experts) determines and documents that the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in professional medical practice are equivalent to those acquired during the same period of time in a graduate training program.
www.opm.gov /qualifications/SEC-IV/B/GS0600/0602.htm   (1545 words)

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