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Topic: Dodge Dart

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  Musclecarclub.com - Dodge Dart - History - Part II
The Dodge Dart was available as either a hardtop or convertible.
Dodge strengthened the suspension when the 383 was ordered, increasing the diameter of the front torsion bars and front sway bars.
Comments: The Dodge Demon continued into 1972 with the only major change being that the 340 V8 was now rated at 240 bhp SAE Net as opposed to the previous year's 275 bhp SAE Gross.
www.musclecarclub.com /musclecars/dodge-dart/dodge-dart-history-2.shtml   (1903 words)

  Dodge Dart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dodge Dart was an automobile built by the Dodge division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1960 to 1976.
The Dart was introduced as a lower-priced, shorter wheelbase, full-size Dodge in 1960 and 1961, became a mid-size car for 1962, and finally was a compact between 1963 and 1976.
The 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer four-door hardtop was aimed squarely at the market segment dominated by the Chevrolet Impala, Ford Galaxie and the Plymouth Fury.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dodge_Dart   (3496 words)

 cars - Dodge Dart
The Dodge Dart was introduced as a lower-priced, shorter wheelbase, full-sized model of Dodge in 1960/61 and to a compact family of cars produced between 1962 and 1975.
For 1962, the Dodge Dart was downsized as part of Chrysler's ill-planned effort to compete with what it thought was Chevrolet's year to attempt a down sized version of its full size cars.
Dodge was granted its version of the Duster, named the Dodge Demon, and Valiant got its hardtop, which it named the Plymouth Scamp.
www.carluvers.com /cars/Dodge_Dart   (575 words)

 Dodge Dart information, specifications, history, and images.
The Dodge Dart was first introduced as a show-car in 1956 and became a production model in 1960.
Sitting atop a 118 inch wheelbase the Dart was not the largest in the fleet but was considered by many as a small, full-size vehicle.
Dodge retained the three-tier model line-up, except it replace the Dart Seneca with the Dart, the Dart Pioneer was replaced by the Dart 330, and the Dart 440 replaced the Dart Phoenix.
www.conceptcarz.com /vehicle/z10938/Dodge_Dart/default.aspx   (1829 words)

 Dodge Mayfair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dodge Mayfair was an automobile built by Chrysler Corporation of Canada Ltd.
The Mayfair was now V8 only, while the lower-priced Dodge Crusader and Dodge Regent could be had with either the six or V8.
For 1960 the Canadian Dodge based on the Plymouth would be replaced by another Plymouth-based car, the Dodge Dart.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dodge_Mayfair   (718 words)

 TEST-DRIVE NOTES--1963 Dodge Dart
The Dart does have a few interesting features, some of which might still be considered innovative 36 years after it was built.
Dodge has given some thought to maintenance and repairs--particularly the under-dash repairs, which can be so very difficult in other cars.
In the Dart, all the wires are hanging down, in clear view of both driver and passenger.
www.cartalk.com /content/features/dart   (1138 words)

 Cars - Dodge Dart
The Dart was introduced as a lower-priced, shorter wheelbase, full-size Dodge in 1960 and 1961, became a midsize car for 1962, and finally was a compact between 1963 and 1976.
The Dart emerged again in 1961 as the smallest full-size Dodge (118 in wheelbase), restyled to emulate but not duplicate the senior Dodge Polara (which had a 122 in wheelbase).
Beginning in mid-year, some Darts ordered with the the 225 in³ engine were equipped with the die-cast aluminum block.
listing-index.ebay.com /cars/Dodge_Dart.html   (902 words)

 Dodge Dart   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Swinger 340 was the lowest-priced high-performance Dodge in ’69, and the 340 4-bbl.
Dodge loaded the performance-oriented GTS with either the standard 340 V8 or the optional 383 Magnum 4-bbl.
Description: 1968 Dart is White with a 426 Hemi slid in to it, has the race buckets and cut wheel wells for that early Super/Stock Hemi Dart look.
www.nationaldiecasters.com /dodgedart.htm   (336 words)

 1971 Dodge Dart Convertible
What you could do if you had to have one is wait 20 years, buy a really messed up 1969 Dodge Dart GT convertible, scavenge 1967 to 1976 Dart parts, (including a relatively clean 1971 Dart Swinger to donate its rear clip) get out the drill and reciprocating saw and get busy.
But I believe if the boys over at Dodge had waited a few more years before axing the convertible from the Dart line-up, this machine is pretty close to what they could have done from the factory.
Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar are trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and are use here only for descriptive purposes.
www.440magnum-network.com /emailed/2004/may04/1971dodgedartvert1.shtml   (1240 words)

 Dodge Dart 1970 Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
However, I still consider Dart to be a rather fun car to drive, I guess you could describe a six-banger Dart as a rather sympatic little car.
Dart was equipped with summer tires that provided only minimal traction.
This combined with Dart's bad manouverability for a car of it's size guaranteed a steady last position in the event.
paloneva.freeshell.org /dart   (408 words)

 The Dodge Dart Page
The compact Dodge Dart (based on the Chrysler A-body) was produced from 1963 to 1976, although there were larger Dodge Darts built prior to 1963.
Approximately 3.7 million compact Darts were sold, and the car rapidly gained a fine reputation for durability and longevity.
Dodge Darts were sold and driven all over the world, and country-specific versions of the Dart were sold in Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Australia, among others.
www.foundationpc.com   (709 words)

 Shopping.com - Find, Compare, and Buy Anything in Seconds
Dodge Dart 3 Bike Rack XP Standard Rack (1 1/4 Receiver) The XP bike rack provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate a variety of bike frame...
Dodge Dart 3 Bike Rack Trunk Rack The Firenze trunk mount bike rack provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate a variety of bike frame design...
Dodge Dart 3 Bike Rack XP Standard Rack (Ball Mount) The XP bike rack provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate a variety of bike frame desi...
www.shopping.com /xGS-Dodge_Dart   (752 words)

 DODGE DART Car Review And Guide - Buy DODGE DART Used Car
The Dodge manufacturer made sure that owners and enthusiasts can rest assured there are lots of places who do modifications and performance upgrades as can be seen depicted excellently on the Dodge Dart pictures.
The Dodge manufacturer made absolutely sure that when the car was tested it has to be noted that the outstandingly gauged five-speed gearbox which can be seen depicted from every angle on the Dodge Dart wallpapers depicts that it is not completely uninvolved in the considerable performance of the car.
The Dodge manufacturer made sure that the Dodge Dart could be described as saying a Dodge Dart is a pure instrument of driving which can be seen depicted from all angles at the Dodge Dart wallpapers.
www.451travel.com /Dodge-dart.htm   (231 words)

 Dodge Dart Stories
The Rescue and Salvation of a 1967 Dodge Dart 270, by Jim Southworth.
Amarilla (A 1973 Dodge Dart), by Margaret Schuler.
A 1974 Dodge Dart 360 Swims The Two-Minute Mile, by Cory Thompson.
u225.torque.net /cars/dodgedart/stories   (1316 words)

 John's 1971 Dodge Dart
I installed a four-speaker sound system with 25 watts per channel which was a big deal in those days, and a CB radio with a 103 inch whip on the back.
(Note:Several other 71 Dart owners confirm that their has a Carter BBD carb, so I don't know the story on this.) My Dart was made in Canada in the Windsor plant, so it did not come with air-conditioning, something I regret now that I live in Texas.
The mechanic said that the little bronze (or whatever) contact on the arm had worn off and the bare metal arm was rubbing the element until it finally wore away to nothing.
web.ics.purdue.edu /~cirillo/jcdart.htm   (2232 words)

 Cars based on the Plymouth Valiant (Chrysler Valiant series)
The Valiant and Dart station wagons were dropped after 1966, and the Valiant convertible became the Barracuda convertible.
Lancer wagons were available in 1961 and 62; Valiant wagons from 1960 to 1966; Dart wagons from 1963-66; Valiant convertibles from 1963-66; and Dart convertibles from 1963 to 1969.
The Lancer was a short-lived Dodge version of the Valiant, given to Dodge dealers due to the incredible runaway popularity of the new small car.
www.valiant.org /abodies.html   (1151 words)

 Dodge Dart Hubcaps, Dodge Dart Wheel Covers and hub caps - Hubcaps.com
Once you have located the picture of the Dodge Dart hubcaps or Dodge Dart wheel cap you need, please click on the order button below the picture or call us Toll Free with the Dodge Dart hub cap item number located below that picture.
These are used Dodge Dart hubcaps and Dodge Dart wheel covers, in new condition.
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Dodge Dart hubcaps orders in the continental U.S. You may order your Dodge Dart hubcaps securly online or call us Toll Free at (800) 826-5880 to place an order or for questions and answers.
www.hubcaps.org /dart.html   (234 words)

 Dodge Dart for sale | Used Dodge Dart for sale
Dodge : Dart DODGE 60 dodge dart 59 58 61
Dodge : Dart 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 360 V8
horsepowersports.com /cars-for-sale/dodge-dart.php   (567 words)

 Send Me Mail!
Everyone, it seems, has owned a Dodge Dart at one time or another.
And for every Dodge Dart owner, there is at least one Dodge Dart story.
I would like to hear your stories, and would be glad to consider them for publication on the Dodge Dart Page.
www.foundationpc.com /e-mail.html   (493 words)

 Dodge Dart/Plymouth Valiant - CarSpace Automotive Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I had a '69 Dart with the slant six, and got around 15-18 around town, and 22-23 on the highway.
When I did that with my '68 Dart, I had to shim the seats on the inner side, because there was a support bracket on the outer part where the bench seat bolts went through the sheetmetal, but nothing on the inner part.
The Dart rode a 5-inch longer wheelbase back then, and unlike many GM and Ford cars of the era, that actually translated into a bigger back seat with more legroom, but that also meant that the vinyl side trim panels had to be longer in the Dart.
townhall-talk.edmunds.com /direct/view/.ef11af6   (1969 words)

 Dodge Dart Poetry and Art   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1965 Dodge Dart (a poem), by Tonya Landers.
All of the reasons that the esteemed Dodge Dart is a Holy Roller.
A love/hate relationship with a Dart in 1950's rock rhythm.
u225.torque.net /cars/dodgedart/art/index.html   (215 words)

 1969 Dodge Dart GT
American Racing has a wide assortment of wheels for Dodge muscle cars including the Charger, Roadrunner, Challenger, Barracuda, and Duster.
I was wondering if anyone could give me the worth of a 1969 Dodge Dart GT with 16,000 original miles.
Now from your description of 16,000 original miles Im thinkin that it will be some where between the average and high retail unless of course it has engine problems or body work that needs to be done.
www.dodgeforum.com /m_125/tm.htm   (559 words)

 Dodge Dart Brake Install
Maybe someone in the corporate world did have a mind to use these on a Dart, though, because the right combination of stock parts will allow these brakes to bolt on like they were designed to go there.
The Dart shown in this article was converted to a dual reservoir master cylinder using a.68-.70 master cylinder and front brake lines taken from a.72 Dart.
It's often to your advantage to install the spindles with the caliper bracket pointing to the rear, instead of the way they were set up from the factory with the bracket pointing to the front of the car.
www.carreview.com /projectdart^brakescrx.aspx   (3506 words)

 My '64 Dodge
When he came round, he was sitting in his grand-auntie's white 1964 Dodge Dart G.T. two door hardtop.
This car is one of the few Darts that were direct imported from the USA.
Luke told me that his auntie will replace it by a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus, so the two following years were restless - for me. Luke already knew the monthly question.
www.datacomm.ch /1two3/dart.html   (375 words)

 64 Dodge Dart   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This original 64 Dart with slant 6 and push button auto, AC and a pretty solid body, runs and drives fine, just needs some TLC.
This car was driven as a daily driver a couple of years ago.
If you have questions regarding this unit and/or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.
www.hotrodsbyhg.com /project_cars/64_dart_hdtop/64_dart_htp.htm   (264 words)

 Dodge Dart
Dodge Dart GT Dodge Dart GT The Dart was Dodge’s compact offering from 1963 until 1976.
This book does a big service to Dart aficionados; readers will be treated to some really cool pictures of some very serious cars.
The Darts and Valiants set new standards and certainly raised the bar in automotive production.
musclecarfacts.com /mcf/dart/dart.asp   (142 words)

 DeFAZIO on the Dodge Dart (00732)
I am the proud owner of an American built 1963 Dodge Dart.
I bought "the Dart" in February 1983 from its original owner.
Take a look at these Dodge Dart pages on the Internet.
www.house.gov /defazio/dart.shtml   (48 words)

 1966 Dodge Dart
Dodge Forum Classifieds Gallery Calendar Search Store Contact Sponsors
I have a relative w/ a 1966 Dodge Dart, 4-door w/ an auto 273, new paint - origional color.
04 Dodge SRT-4 2.4L DOHC Turbo Intercooled 5-spd.
www.dodgeforum.com /m_41947/tm.htm   (214 words)

 1973 Dodge Dart
If anyone knows where the drain tubes are for the roof please let me know, I would like to make the roof functional again.
This was a drive by shot of a similar old Dart in my town, I haven't seen it for quite a while.
Notice I am in my Dart while taking the picture of another Dart, yeah I'm tricky like that.
er3.com /73dart   (129 words)

 Amazon.com: Dodge Dart and Plymouth Duster (Muscle Car Color History): Books: Steve Statham   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I absolutely LOVE Dodge Darts and their Plymouth Valiant sisters.
This book does a big service to Dart afficionadoes; readers will be treated to some really cool pictures of some very serious cars.
The Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant, famous for their slant 6 engine have earned their rightful place on the road, in our collective hearts and among those cars used as high performance muscle cars.
www.amazon.com /Dodge-Plymouth-Duster-Muscle-History/dp/0760307601   (757 words)

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