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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Dogma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dogma (the plural is either dogmata or dogmas) is belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization to be authoritative and not to be disputed or doubted.
As a fundamental element of religion, the term "dogma" is assigned to those theological tenets which are considered to be well demonstrated, such that their proposed disputation or revision effectively means that a person no longer accepts the given religion as his or her own, or has entered into a period of personal doubt.
Dogmas are thought to be anathema to science and scientific analysis, though some small groups may argue that the scientific method itself is somewhat dogmatic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dogma   (617 words)

 Dogma Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dogma eminently distinguishes itself from theological opinions, or beliefs, about which the faithful are free to disagree, for its absolute character; as a fundamental part of the religion, it cannot be disputed, revised or otherwise doubted, but has to be respected by faith.
The disagreement on dogmas is heresy and usually leads to the expulsion of the heretics from the religious group.
Dogma is also the name of a movie comedy, directed and with screenplay by Kevin Smith, starring amongst others George Carlin as a Cardinal, Alanis Morissette as God, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as a duo of fallen angels.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/d/do/dogma.html   (414 words)

But according to a long-standing usage a dogma is now understood to be a truth appertaining to faith or morals, revealed by God, transmitted from the Apostles in the Scriptures or by tradition, and proposed by the Church for the acceptance of the faithful.
It is a dogma of faith that the Church is infallible in defining these two classes of revealed truths; and the deliberate denial of one of these dogmas certainly involves the sin of heresy.
The theory of dogma which is here expounded depends for its acceptance on the doctrine of the infallible teaching office of the Church and of the Roman pontiff.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/05089a.htm   (2541 words)

 Dogma (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dogma is a 1999 comedy film, written and directed by Kevin Smith, who stars in the film along with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino, Alan Rickman, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, George Carlin, Janeane Garofalo, and Alanis Morissette.
She is aided by Rufus (Rock), the thirteenth apostle who was left out of the Bible because he was fl; Serendipity (Hayek), a muse; and the "prophets" Jay and Silent Bob (Mewes and Smith).
Back when I made "Dogma", I always maintained that another movie about religion wouldn't be forthcoming, as "Dogma" was the product of 28 years of religious and spiritual meditation, and I'd kinda shot my wad on the subject.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dogma_(movie)   (1269 words)

 Dogma: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Other uses of "dogma" are at dogma (disambiguation)[For more, click on this link].
Dogma (the plural is either dogmata or dogmas) is belief or doctrine held by a religion religion quick summary:
Heresy, according to the oxford english dictionary, is a "theological or religious opinion or doctrine maintained in opposition, or held to be contrary, to the...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/d/do/dogma.htm   (1882 words)

 Dogma Is Not a Dirty Word (This Rock: 0010)
While attacks on dogma from outside the Church are understandable (our Lord promised that we would witness such insanity), there are plenty of frowns and arched eyebrows to be found within Christendom when it comes to adhering to dogma.
The word dogma comes from the Greek word meaning "to seem." A dogma is a doctrine that has been expressly taught by the magisterium——either by conciliar or papal definition——to have been divinely revealed and contained in the Word of God, therefore requiring the belief of all Catholics.
When dogma comes across as dry and dull, it is usually due to poor teaching or lousy listening, but it is not a fault of the dogma.
www.catholic.com /thisrock/2000/0010fea2.asp   (1928 words)

Dogma, the new film by Kevin Smith, is just as thoughtful and religious, as it is crude.
Dogma is about two angels, Loki (Matt Damon Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan) and Bartleby (Ben Affleck, Forces of Nature, Shakespeare in Love) and their attempts to get back into Heaven.
Dogma is first and foremost a movie, and a very entertaining one at that.
www.haro-online.com /movies/dogma.html   (746 words)

It is evident that the ultimate purpose of these philosophical speculations cannot be to resolve dogma finally into mere natural truths, or to strip the mysteries of their supernatural character, but to explain the truths of faith, to provide for them a philosophical basis, to bring them nearer to the human mind.
while Catholic dogma declares that justification consists in a true blotting-out of sin and in an interior sanctification of the soul, Protestantism would have it to be merely an external cloaking of sins which still remain, and a mere imputation to the sinner of God's or Christ's justice.
The dogma of the totality of the Real Presence means that in each individual species the whole Christ, flesh and blood, body and soul Divinity and humanity, is really present.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14580a.htm   (9046 words)

 Dogma '01
Dogma '01 rejects the division of labor between writer and publisher that prevails in the literary market-place, and therefore its productions are unfit for all but the most informal modes of distribution (barter, give-aways, and low-volume sales).
Dogma '01 is not a bid for elite/outsider status, but the affirmation of a literary and artistic sphere of exchange unmediated by the apparatuses of market capitalism.
Dogma '01 authors are to maintain cordial and friendly relationships with mere writers.
www.litvert.com /lrsn.html   (704 words)

DOGMA is an intelligent, provocative and downright funny film.
Despite the cursing and the violence, DOGMA is an extremely uplifting film with alot to say about the world and life here on Earth.
DOGMA is the story of two fallen angels, Bartleby and Loki (played by Affleck and Damon) who are desperate to return to heaven and the ramshackle crew who is destined to stop them.
crazy4cinema.com /Review/FilmsD/f_dogma.html   (792 words)

 DOGMA - Analysis of a Full Viewing (1999): ChildCare Action Project (CAP) Media Analysis Report MAR13799B
This full viewing analysis of Dogma is to honor the often less than polite requests (spelled d-e-m-a-n-d-s) of the many, many antagonistic emailers arguing that analysis of a partial viewing is inaccurate and unfair who, of course, know everything there is to know about the CAP analysis model without ever having used it.
Dogma may be a fantasy, but an influence does not have to be real to corrupt.
Dogma also claims that God has a sense of humor and at times presents Him as a joker of sorts, thus again lowering Him to human level.
www.capalert.com /capreports/dogmafull.htm   (4026 words)

 Review: Dogma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sadly, this appears to be a case of a filmmaker whose vision exceeds his grasp.
Like the previous Smith offerings, Dogma wants to make its audience laugh, but it also seeks to explore religious and cultural issues, and the two goals are often at cross-purposes.
Dogma is described as a comedic fantasy, but when it gets bogged down in the comic book-style elements, it grows tiresome.
movie-reviews.colossus.net /movies/d/dogma.html   (1446 words)

 The ViewAskew WWWBoard Summaries
Yes it is. He originally planned to film Dogma second, immediately after Clerks, but it was decided that Dogma was too good a movie to be wasted on a follow-up effort that would most likely receive critical bashing when compared to Clerks.
The filming of Dogma then got delayed and Jason was able to come onboard again, only this time he took the role of Azrael.
Dogma had several test screenings in the spring of 1999.
www.newsaskew.com /summaries/dogma.shtml   (5560 words)

 Dogma Movie Review by Anthony Leong
However, they discover a loophole in Catholic dogma in which by passing through the archway of a New Jersey cathedral they will be absolved of all their sins and thus be able to re-enter heaven.
As opposed to being a savage attack on the Church, "Dogma" is a film that indirectly celebrates faith by poking fun at some of the Church's institutions, while at the same time asking questions on some of the deeper issues of Catholic ideology.
However, in the case of "Dogma", it seems that Smith focused more on the religious bantering at the expense of keeping the audience interested-- the metaphysical and religious rhetoric overpower everything else in the film, and the result is very drawn-out and dry.
members.aol.com /aleong1631/dogma.html   (843 words)

 Review: Kevin Smith's Dogma
Dogma is the story of two former angels, Bartelby and Loki (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon), permanently banished to Wisconsin, who have found a way to get back into heaven.
Dogma is at its best when it satirizes and questions the theological aspects of the Bible.
Dogma was supposed to be filmed second, but KS decided it was just to good and should wait untill he could get the resources to make his BAD ASS movie.
www.leisuresuit.net /Webzine/articles/dogma_rev.shtml   (1553 words)

 Dogma (1999): Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino, Chris Rock - PopMatters Film Review
It seems through a loophole in Catholic dogma, "plenary indulgence," the angels plan just might work, and if successful they will prove Gods word to be fallible, thereby nullifying all of human and earthly existence.
When prodded about their objection to the film, these protesters will merely respond that it is blasphemous (apparently tautology is all the rage in Catholicism today: it is blasphemy because it is blasphemous), making it abundantly clear that they have absolutely no idea what the film is about, or how the narrative plays itself out.
Dogma is, in the end, a direct affirmation of faith rather than its rejection, and in this respect the film's controversy merely repeats the mis-informed, or uncritical, public reactionism which has surrounded any film in recent memory which has tried to address sticky issues of Catholic faith.
popmatters.com /film/dogma.html   (886 words)

 Dogma. A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review
Bethany (Linda Fiorentino) the heroine of DOGMA, is a woman who feels her prayers haven't been answered when, out of nowhere, a heralding angel appears in her bedroom and declares her the potential savior of humanity.
This abrupt meeting sets her off on an extraordinary journey of mystery, comedy and suspense as she is transported to a fantastical world of celestial characters and spirited adventure.
Dogma stresses these female aspects of God as the caring healer who takes time to smell the flowers.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /dogma.htm   (1994 words)

 What is Dogma
   That a dogma is not a reasoned conclusion, but a direct, spontaneous, vital, factual, empirical concept may be established in a more effective way still by historical analysis and by a simple fact of consciousness left out of consideration in the current theories of knowledge.
It is the meaning of dogma when approached from the side of history and with no preconceived theories in mind.
  But dogmas being concepts, as we have said, and these concepts containing much implicit knowledge that needed articulation, it was impossible that they should have remained in their undeveloped original state for good and all.
www.marysyellowstone.com /hope/What_is_Dogma.htm   (4788 words)

DOGMA 95 is a collection of film directors founded in Copenhagen in spring 1995.
DOGMA 95 counters the individual film by the principle of presenting an indisputable set of rules known as THE VOW OF CHASTITY.
DOGMA 95 counters the film of illusion by the presentation of an indisputable set of rules know as THE VOW OF CHASTITY.
imv.au.dk /publikationer/pov/Issue_10/section_1/artc1A.html   (599 words)

 Dogma - diverse techno and electro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This has nothing to do with Studio 24’s current licensing problems and is purely down to the fact that as Team Dogma are now living and working in 5 cities across Scotland, England and Holland the logistics are proving impossible to manage.
We have always strived to maintain the highest possible standards for Dogma and feel that we can no longer devote the time required to keep them at the level we demand so we decided it would be better to go out on a high than to let Dogma suffer and tail off…
We won’t be disappearing off the map completely though so keep your eyes open for some guerrilla events and one-off parties in the future but for the moment we’re taking a well earned rest.
www.clubdogma.com   (197 words)

 Dark Horizons -
This would be a shame as she apparently has one of the best lines in the film (lets hope its still there), though the NA webmasters believe her role has only been reduced, not removed.
Dogma (Possible Major Ending Spoilers): Kevin Smith's Dogma script that's been available on the Internet from Drew's Script O Rama has been altered slightly so I'm told.
Now Smith is back with "Dogma" his biggest film yet set to tackle the last bastion of morality in the world - 'organised religion'.
www.darkhorizons.com /1999/dogma/dogman.htm   (4968 words)

 AskEarth - View question
Dogma is the mind's version of the truth within the heart.
All dogma is based on this fear, therefore battles are almost always religiously based.
Now you probably noticed that "dogma" is from the Greek word for "thought" and the Latin word for "opinion" and that is the way the word is used in English, to discuss a certain type of thought or opinion called "dogmatism."
askearth.com /go/view_request?request=10703   (546 words)

 Dogma DVD at Video Universe
Irreverent enough to merit a disclaimer at the beginning, DOGMA is nevertheless pro-God and pro-tolerance.
Smith wrote DOGMA before CLERKS, and the credits of the latter include the promise "Jay and Silent Bob will return in DOGMA." Emma Thompson was slated to play the role of God, but had to drop out when she became pregant.
Connections between DOGMA and other Kevin Smith films include the character Grant Hicks, who is a cousin to Dante from CLERKS and Gill from MALLRATS.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/movie/pid/1181024/a/Dogma.htm   (851 words)

DOGMA Director Kevin Smith's comments on the effects work of Vincent Guastini.
In the case of "DOGMA," we didn't have that luxury whatsoever.
These wings had to not only move, they had to flap, they had to fold, and, I think it's the first time that animatronic wings like these have been made where they can do all those functions in one full set.
www.vincentguastiniproductions.com /dogma.html   (1073 words)

George Carlin was in bold relief, though, in clerical robes, and his scene unveiling the "Buddy" Jesus with a thumb's up to replace the icon of the cruficied Christ earns a high five.
Please note Dogma is one of the most gory films I've seen, as gory as any Sam Peckingpah film, and more gory than DePalma's The Untouchables.
Dogma is widely available for rent or purchase in VHS, DVD, and DVD Special Edition.
www.rickmanistareview.com /dogma.html   (1886 words)

 Amazon.com: Dogma: DVD: Betty Aberlin,Ben Affleck,Nancy Bach,Lesley Braden,George Carlin,Bud Cort,Matt Damon,Dan ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It's too bad, because Dogma is ripe for near-classic status in its theological satire, which is hardly as blasphemous as the protests that greeted the movie would lead you to believe.
In some ways Dogma is a shaggy dog of a road movie--which hits a comic peak when Affleck and Fiorentino banter drunkenly on a train to New Jersey, not realizing they're mortal enemies--and segues into a comedy-action flick as the vengeful angels (who have a taste for blood) try to make their way into heaven.
The result has some great lines, but it's a muddle that turns into a mess; there have been cries of distress about the film's attack on organized religion, but no self-respecting church could seriously claim to be damaged by this extended skit.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00003CWOL?v=glance   (2521 words)

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