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  Dog Supplies, Dog Beds, Toys & Treats - Dog.com
A dog house is the perfect solution for providing your dog with shelter from the elements, whether it be the sweltering summer sun or the cold winter months.
Our expansive dog collar and dog leash lineup features everything you could possibly imagine, from training collars to designer collars, leather to nylon collars, even personalized collars and harnesses are available.
Dog clothes have many roles, and we have the article of clothing to fit your dog, whether he is a large breed or a small breed dog.
www.dog.com   (940 words)

Then a dog is brought near in order to inspect the face of the dead person, for it was believed that it had an ability to see and chase away any evil spirits that may have associated themselves to the corpse.
All the dogs in the city, pets and pye dogs alike, knew what would be the consequence of the actions of the royal hounds (all but the very youngest ones) and so they fled to the outskirts to join the packs that lurked in the woods.
Dogs are eaten there during certain periods of the lunar year in the belief that this meat contributes to virility and longevity.
www.khandro.net /animal_dog.htm   (7105 words)

  Llewellyn Security - Dog Encyclopedia
If you are determined to keep the dog, and put in the time, then you must realize that your dog is showing signs of dominance and sees the child as an equal or subordinate.
Allow the dogs to play on leash somewhere unfamiliar to your dog, with as little human interference as possible until they can be trusted off leash together to play.
If you are trying to convince your dog that another party is "OK", then the other party must act completely normal, otherwise their actions will communicate that something is wrong, and the dog may respond by displaying aggressive behaviour.
www.llewellynsecurity.com /encyclopedia/dogstuff.htm   (4169 words)

 Dog Island Free Forever
Separated from the anxieties of urban life, dogs on Dog Island are healthy dogs who live a natural, healthy and happy life, free from the stress and hardship associated with daily live among humans.
Surrounded by thousands of other dogs, this is the only place for them to be truly social and create healthy families.
Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life.
www.thedogisland.com   (211 words)

 The Dog
Fiercely loyal to those they love, Dogs are ever ready to jump to the defense of any member of their family or friends who is being attacked by either word or deed.
The three phases of the life of the Dog are all marred by uncertainty: anxious childhood, difficult youth, middle-age defeatist before the work is to be done, and an old-age full of regrets for not having done enough.
The Dog also likes the Snake, but he is in frequent conflict with the Dragon, who is too proud to accept the Dog's caustic comments and critical approach.
www.holymtn.com /astrology/dog.htm   (1067 words)

 Online Dog Encyclopedia, Medical health & Breed
Now the owner looks for a balance between the dog's needs and his own, trying to satisfy them without having to live for the dog.It is undeniable that the presence of the owner determines the way that the puppy will discover the world.
The behavioral alterations normally begin with problems in the growth of the puppy or bad education; in both aspects the owner has the possibility of changing the outcomes.This way the future owner of a dog will be aware of the importance in the conditions of the puppy's growth.
This book will describe everything that concerns the puppy with the purpose of taking part in the development of the animal to achieve a level of social adaptation which is satisfactory and allows the dog to develop correctly and turn into a happy and balanced dog.
www.seefido.com /html/dog_encyclopedia__online_medic.htm   (393 words)

 Dog Names Pictures Supplies Breeds Treats Food Holistic Premium Supply
Our dog rescue page offers an in-depth approach to making selection from a rescue or shelter as well as a printable checklist to bring along with you.
Visit the dog supply section of our site to purchase high-quality supplies, premium and holistic food and treats.
Armed with that information and our tips on dog diet, you'll be well prepared for many happy years with your friend by feeding healthy dog food.
www.5stardog.com   (750 words)

 Dog - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dogs are the reigning, dominant species over the face of the Earth, a fact manifested by their uncanny ability to make their human servants pick up their crap from the street.
Also when many young dogs or "puppies" as they are sometimes referred to, are brought together in large groups of 10 or 12 and placed in a carboard box with a blanket, they have been known to cause much enjoyment in females and small children.
Dogs which are liable to cause death or serious injury to human health if inhaled, swallowed or by skin absorption.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Dog   (1452 words)

 ASPCA: Dog Care
If your dog is a 6- to 18-month adolescent, or if she is an active breed or mixed-breed from the sporting, herding, hound or terrier groups, her requirements will be relatively high.
If your dog will be spending a lot of time outdoors, be sure she has access to shade and plenty of cool water in hot weather, and a warm, dry, covered shelter when it's cold.
The ASPCA opposes the breeding and possession of hybrid dogs and cats as family pets, both for the safety of the public and for the humane treatment of wild animals who are meant to live in their natural habitats.
www.aspca.org /site/PageServer?pagename=pets_dogcare   (2017 words)

 Dog Printouts - EnchantedLearning.com
Domestic dogs were bred from wild dogs; wild dogs are the descendants of wolves.
Alert, robust, curious dogs that were originally bred to drive small animals from their burrows.
A lively, assertive dog that was originally bred in Scotland in the 1800's to hunt rats.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/mammals/dog/index.shtml   (891 words)

 dog encyclopedia health - Everything health On The Net
Inside inside or not miles lines sentence dark found dog encyclopedia health, far start kind is fine air far however day.
Into see looking several intternet mother into father looked dog encyclopedia health, sounds gave bottom life perhaps don't if set hottest.
dog health job money mums parent single weather
www.brentlindsey.com /dog-health/dog-encyclopedia-health.html   (393 words)

 Dogbites Bibliography
Data are provided on the 6,000 hospitalizations for dog bites in 1994, and medical care cost estimates are provided for medically treated dog bites.
There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.
Dog bites were the 12th leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all age groups in the United States.
www.cdc.gov /ncipc/duip/dogbites.htm   (474 words)

 Whole Dog Journal is the monthly guide to natural dog care and training.
In athletic dogs, the proof is in their continued good health, enhanced performance, and absence of injuries.
While a dog treat should be something special for the dog, it shouldn’t undermine his health, or counter the positive effects of a healthy diet.
That means your dog sits at least 8 out of 10 times when you ask him to.
www.whole-dog-journal.com   (643 words)

 Chinese Astrology, Chinese Signs, Feng Shui, I Ching and more!
Dogs are loyal, faithful and honest and always stick to their firm codes of ethics.
The Dog's mantra seems to be, Live right, look out for the little people and fight injustice whenever possible.
Dogs need to work on controlling their irrational worries and would also be well-served to relax their mile-high standards, which can sometimes wind up alienating the ones they love.
chinese.astrology.com /dog.html   (485 words)

 A dog's life, online - The Boston Globe
The concept behind SNIF Labs Inc. verges on the nutty: The Boston-based start-up is developing intelligent tags for dogs to wear, so that their owners can monitor their daily activity and track the friends they've made at the park.
And when a tag-wearing dog encounters a playmate who is also sporting a tag, the two tags exchange information, and a light on each tag flashes.
Paessel and his cofounders have been shuttling over to China to supervise the manufacturing of about 150 tags that will be used as part of a beta test in Boston, beginning in mid-December.
www.boston.com /business/technology/articles/2007/11/11/a_dogs_life_online   (1234 words)

 Dog Articles - Dog.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In keeping with this initiative, we have established a dog information section where you can find information ranging from how to treat certain aliments to what to do if your dog engest certain items.
This section details what to do if your dog is experiencing a wide variety of issues that can be treated prior to seeing a vet.
This information was written by our knowledgeable Dog.com dog staff so our customers know that the company that they have grown to trust over the years wants to make their shopping experience more fruitful.
www.dog.com /articles/index.asp   (635 words)

 Chinese Horoscopes - The Dog
Dogs can be a bit overwhelming, due in part to their attentive natures.
The characteristics of the Dog Sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.
Whether Dogs are compatible with their business partners depends on whether their signs are harmonious or antagonistic to those of their partners.
www.usbridalguide.com /special/chinesehoroscopes/dog.htm   (1670 words)

 Dr. P's Dog Training & Behavior Main Page
Various types of work (individual dogs and topics), agility, hunting, protection (general, individual dogs, police/military, schutzhund, ring, KNPV) and other stuff.
General info, articles/stories (individual dogs, seizure alert dogs, news, others), providers, and lists of providers.
Agility, carting and weightpulling, flyball and frisbees, freestyle, herding, hiking and such, hunting, livestock guardian dogs, lure coursing and racing, sledding and such, and therapy.
www.uwsp.edu /psych/dog/dog.htm   (364 words)

 Therapy Dogs International, Inc.
Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI) is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed.
To belong to Therapy Dogs International, Inc., all dogs must be tested and evaluated by a Certified TDI Evaluator.
A dog must be a minimum of one (1) year of age and have a sound temperament.
www.tdi-dog.org   (254 words)

 Home Page, InfoDog -  The Dog Fancier's Complete Resource for information  AKC Dog Show Events, and Dog ...
The California Wildfire Relief Fund has been created to assist people in the sport of purebred dogs with immediate financial relief from the devastation suffered from this disaster.
Be sure to view all the Virtual Dog show results.
The bill would have required owners to spay or neuter all dogs and cats six months of age, with few practical exceptions.
www.infodog.com   (670 words)

 Dog, Dogs, Doggies: Everything Your Dog Needs About Behavior, Training and List of Breed Directory Information
Dogs on the couch, dogs in the yard and dogs on the brain!
Our mellow puppy dogs are in a decidedly yin yang mood that completely captures the calm serenity in knowing that Home Is Where The Dog Is! Check out the cool gear with this funky design at The DigitalDog Store.
Finally, dogs are individuals with experiences, history, personalities and other factors that influence their behavior.
www.digitaldog.com   (697 words)

 Dog Breed Information CenterĀ®, DBI
If you are a dog lover, at one point or another you have had the urge to get a puppy.
If you would like to save a life and adopt a rescue animal, please contact one of the rescue groups listed, Rescue Info Center, they will be more than happy to assist you.
Note: If you are looking to find your dog a new home because of behavior problems, do not give up on your pet just yet.
www.dogbreedinfo.com   (399 words)

 HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles | HTML Dog
The reference section, which is cross-linked from throughout HTML Dog, outlines all of the valid XHTML tags and CSS properties available to you.
Bare-bone examples complement the tutorials, references, and articles, and should help you to grasp how bits of HTML and CSS work a bit better by seeing them in action.
The new HTML Dog book, published by New Riders, is available from all good book retailers.
www.htmldog.com   (246 words)

 Dog :: Online Catalog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dog (SAMMEC) is an online application that Dog you to estimate the health Dog health-related economic consequences of smoking to adults and infants.Adult SAMMEC calculates annual smoking-attributable deaths, years of potential life lost, smoking-attributable expenditures, and productivity losses for adults in the United States.
Dog a new ad package that can save you money on your next campaign.We're Here to Help YouAs part of our commitment to provide technical assistance and to help Dog with your selection of media materials, we have developed the Frequently Asked Questions brochure.
Smoking bans, effective in reducing exposure to Dog also can reduce daily tobacco consumption for some tobacco users and help others quit entirely.Choosing interventions that work in general and that Dog well-matched to local needs and capabilities and then implementing those interventions well are vital.
sukanah.org /dog.html   (226 words)

 NCBI Dog Genome Resources
The dog genome, sequenced by the Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research (WICGR), now the Broad Institute, is now available.
Sequencing the dog genome will facilitate the identification of genes that may provide explanations for the vast range of mammalian variation and help us to better understand the genetic basis of diseases common to both human and dog.
The breed chosen for sequencing is the boxer, which is one of the breeds with the least variation in its genome.
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov /genome/guide/dog   (389 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: World's Ugliest Dog
The tiny dog has no hair, if you don't count the yellowish-white tuft erupting from his head.
His wrinkled brown skin is covered with splotches, a line of warts marches down his snout, his blind eyes are an alien, milky white, and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from his withered neck.
Unfortunately, Sam is suffering from a number of age-related ailments (congestive heart failure, lung and kidney problems) and will probably make no more public appearances, so he may have to cede his "World's Ugliest Dog" crown in next year's competition.
www.snopes.com /photos/animals/uglydog.asp   (225 words)

 The Dog Genome Project   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is aimed at producing a map of all the chromosomes in dogs.
Using the Dog Codon Frequency Table to design PCR primers find the dog versions of already cloned human and mouse genes.
All questions relating to the Dog Genome Project should be directed to Jasper_Rine@ls.berkeley.edu.
mendel.berkeley.edu /dog.html   (269 words)

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