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Topic: Doha round

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  WTO | Doha Development Agenda: Negotiations, implementation and development - gateway
The November 2001 declaration of the Fourth Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar, provides the mandate for negotiations on a range of subjects and other work.
In Doha, Ministers also approved a linked decision on implementation — problems developing countries face in implementing the current WTO agreements.
Around 100 implementation issues were raised in the lead-up to the Doha Ministerial Conference.
www.wto.org /english/tratop_e/dda_e/dda_e.htm   (290 words)

  Doha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Doha (Arabic: الدوحة;, Ad-Dawḥah or Ad-Dōḥah), population 400,051 (2005 census), is the capital of Qatar, and is at 25.3° N 51.5333° E, on the Persian Gulf.
Doha is also home to Education City, an area devoted to research and education.
Doha is situated in the Middle East, and as such its climate is very hot.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Doha   (359 words)

 Doha round - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Doha round of World Trade Organization negotiations aims to lower barriers to trade around the world, with a focus on making a more fair system of trade for developing countries.
The Doha round began in Doha, Qatar, and negotiations have subsequently continued in: Cancún, Mexico; Geneva, Switzerland; Paris, France; and Hong Kong.
The Doha round of WTO negotiations began in November 2001.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Doha_round   (809 words)

 [No title]
Their November 26 report on reviving the Doha negotiations certainly contains a number of positive points, such as the abandonment of the European insistence on the so-called Singapore issues, which must be commended and eventually could help revive the round.
But, unfortunately, on the most important front of the Doha round - agriculture - the European Commissioners have stuck to their guns, sending a clear message that at least for the time being they are not ready to put real agriculture reform on the table.
Perhaps the best that can happen for the sake of the round's eventual success, is that the negotiators will admit that progress in the round is not possible for the time being and formally extend the present deadline for the conclusion of the talks by one or two years.
yaleglobal.yale.edu /article.print?id=3012   (1349 words)

There are a number of reasons to believe that the Doha Round will experience a wobbly launch in Geneva, and proceed to meander aimlessly for most of the year.
It bears recalling that many developing country delegations at Doha took the calculated risk of agreeing to a round with the view that the launch struggle was not resolved November 14.
Despite widespread happy-talk at the conclusion of the Doha Ministerial, the deep rift in trade perceptions between the US and the EU is bound to confound progress in 2002 toward a rapid start on the agreed upon negotiation agenda.
www.thunderlake.com /doharound.html   (2713 words)

 Doha round: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The world trade organization (wto) is an international organization which oversees a large number of agreements defining the "rules of trade" between its...
Doha (arabic: ;, ad-dawhah) (population 370,000) is the capital of qatar, located on the persian gulf....
The 2003 Cancun talks—intended to forge concrete agreement on the Doha round objectives—collapse after four days in which the members cannot agree on farm subsidies and access to markets.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/d/do/doha_round.htm   (1640 words)

 Foreign Affairs - Rescuing the Doha Round - C. Fred Bergsten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Doha, however, is much more difficult than its three multilateral predecessors (the Kennedy, Tokyo, and Uruguay Rounds).
It was impossible to even launch the Uruguay Round in the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, Doha's immediate predecessor, until after the imbalances of the mid-1980s had been corrected by the 1985 Plaza Agreement on exchange rates and the Reagan administration's simultaneous adoption of tough new trade policies against Japan.
Nor could serious negotiations commence in the 1970s in the Tokyo Round, which preceded Uruguay, until protectionist pressures in the United States were quieted by several substantial currency realignments, forced by President Richard Nixon's import surcharge and the de-linking of the dollar from gold in 1971.
www.foreignaffairs.org /20051201faessay84702/c-fred-bergsten/rescuing-the-doha-round.html   (1182 words)

 Why the WTO Doha Round Talks Have Collapsed — and a Path Forward
The Doha Round was dubbed a "Development Round." However, the actual texts reveal an agenda aimed at expanding the scope of the existing WTO regime.
Indeed, at the 2001 Doha WTO Ministerial, where the talks that have just collapsed were started, a group of 100 developing nations had tabled an alternative agenda for negotiations, called the Implementation Agenda, which consisted of specific fixes needed to existing WTO terms.
With the Doha Round's collapse, the story to be written is about viable alternatives to the WTO - as well as to the bilateral or regional trade agreements based on the same failed model.
www.globalexchange.org /campaigns/wto/4257.html   (2751 words)

 Australia and the WTO - the Doha Round
This round is known as the Doha Round and involved all 148 members.
The Australian Government's key priority in the Doha Round is to negotiate fairer rules for agriculture, which is the most distorted sector of international trade.
The Doha Round of negotiations aims to reduce the barriers services exporters face in overseas markets, including through recognition of qualifications and standards, investment rules, and regulations relating to the temporary entry of business people.
www.dfat.gov.au /trade/wto_doha_round_05.html   (1537 words)

 icSouthlondon - EU urged to help save Doha deal
A new round of World Trade Organisation negotiations was launched in Doha, Qatar, in November 2001 which aimed toward free trade in a bid to alleviate poverty.
The Committee urgently recommends that a framework for the Doha Round negotiations should be agreed by the end of July 2004.
A firm date of early 2006 should be set as the target date for the end of the Doha Round negotiations, it claims.
icsouthlondon.icnetwork.co.uk /0100news/nationalnews/tm_objectid=14336848&method=full&siteid=50100&headline=eu-urged-to-help-save-doha-deal-name_page.html   (307 words)

 The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : REVIVAL OF DOHA ROUND
It is clear that developing country unity has, by and large, continued to hold and this has forced the developed countries, mainly the United States and the members of the European Union, to climb down from their intransigent positions.
A positive outcome is that the European Union has agreed formally to the deletion from the Doha agenda of three extremely controversial `Singapore' or new issues — foreign investment, competition policies, and transparency in government procurement.
This could turn out to be the new `deal breaker' of the round, for the Cancun proposals — which call for huge reductions in customs duties in the developing countries — will be the basis for further negotiations.
www.hindu.com /2004/08/04/stories/2004080400801000.htm   (635 words)

 Patchwork of FTAs won’t do - Doha Round crucial
Realistically, it is the midway point in the round, and a holding operation.
They must be fully engaged in the Doha Round - at the centre, not at the margins of decision-making.
Doha Round engagement should be part of a broader strategy to improve policy competitiveness to keep the region on the global trade-and-investment radar screen.
www.bilaterals.org /article.php3?id_article=533   (1446 words)

 ABC News: Doha Trade Round at a Standstill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
DAVOS, Switzerland Jan 28, 2006 (AP)— The Doha round of trade liberalization talks is at a standstill, but ministers were still hopeful they could eventually reach a final deal as they gathered for a third day of talks Saturday.
After all, they point out, the current round of WTO talks were launched to pay particular attention to the concerns of poorer countries.
Reaching a deal by then could set up a successful conclusion to the Doha round by the end of the year.
abcnews.go.com /Business/wireStory?id=1551725   (448 words)

 Doha round in TutorGig Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The 'Doha round' of World Trade Organization negotiations aims to lower barriers to trade around the world, with a focus on making trade fairer for developing countries.
The Doha round began in Doha, Qatar, and negotiations have subsequently continued in: Cancun, Mexico; Geneva, Switzerland; and Paris, France.
The 2003 Cancun talks—intended to forge concrete agreement on the Doha round objectives—collapsed after four days during which the members could agree on farm subsidies and access to markets.
www.tutorgig.com /ed/Doha_Round   (591 words)

 AEI - Short Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He estimates that export subsidies are in the $3-5 billion range and that the domestic subsidies under negotiation in the Doha round are substantially below $100 billion.
Harkening back to events leading to the successful conclusion of the Uruguay Round, Bergsten posits that the “effective weapon” that the United States employed at that time was “the APEC strategy”: the commitment to an alternative regional trade arrangement that would encompass the entire trans-Pacific region.
Not unexpectedly (but not implausibly), he argues for centering the near-term negotiations on manufacturing trade--pointing out the anomaly that while the WTO negotiators have fixated on agriculture, 75 percent of world merchandise exports are manufacturing goods (as opposed to 9 per cent for agriculture).
www.aei.org /publications/filter.all,pubID.23723/pub_detail.asp   (1764 words)

 Trade: Reclaiming development in WTO Doha Round — gcap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The submission titled 'Reclaiming Development in the WTO Doha Development Round' was made by Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Namibia, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa and Venezuela at a meeting of the Committee on Trade and Development Monday, at which the WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy was also present.
Lamy attended the meeting to introduce a Secretariat paper on "Developmental aspects of the Doha Round of Negotiations" that was written following the mandate of the Doha Declaration (paragraph 51) which instructs the CTD to identify and debate developmental aspects of the negotiations of the Doha Round.
The paper also said that perhaps the greatest gains from the Doha round can be made for both developed and developing countries from serious efforts to liberalize the temporary movement of natural persons (mode 4), from developing to developed member countries.
whiteband.org /specialIssues/WTO/wto1/gcapnews.2005-11-30.5920361012/en   (3315 words)

 Ben Muse: Doha Round
The Doha Round negotiations are beginning to jerk forward again with informal trade minister meetings at the Davos World Economic Forum.
The Bush Administraion is expressing a willingness to compromise on agriculture subsidies at the WTO Doha Round negotiations.
The Doha Round of trade negotiations are moving slowly (maybe too slowly) along the road to the Hong Kong ministerial meetings.
benmuse.typepad.com /ben_muse/doha_round   (7505 words)

 Opening Remarks at the High-Level Meeting on Key Doha Round Issues - ADB.org
The second program that is being launched today consists of four components, namely a High-Level Meeting on Key Doha Round Issues, Osaka, 16-18 June 2004, and three intensive courses on antidumping; rules of origin; and investment.
We are observing with keen interest the developments in Doha Development Agenda and this interest is reflected in our program for the next three days.
The program includes an overview of the Doha Round; its sectoral issues, such as agriculture; market access; development issues focusing on textiles; accession issues; and dispute settlement issues.
www.adb.org /Documents/Speeches/2004/ms2004038.asp   (754 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | OPINION > WTO going pfft with wayward Doha round talks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
That is contentious and hostile to the goal adopted when the Doha round was launched three years ago in Qatar.
Immediate view is that the Doha Development Round of global trade talks have failed to craft a package of structural agreements in agriculture, industrial products, improved customs procedures and development matters.
That would consequently erase interest in the Doha project–and leave the US and EU outmaneuvering each other to protect their respective interests.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2004/aug/01/yehey/opinion/20040801opi4.html   (1463 words)

 ICC's Commission on Trade and Investment
As a strong supporter of the Doha Round multilateral trade negotiations, ICC welcomes the fact that the WTO Ministerial Conference held last week in Hong Kong reached agreement on a declaration which keeps the Round alive.
As world trade ministers meet here to make progress on the Doha Round of WTO trade talks, ICC Secretary-General, Guy Sebban has reminded delegates that the future of the world economy depended on their negotiations.
As WTO ministers met in Geneva yesterday for a third day of discussions to keep the Doha round of trade negotiations on track, ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the status of the talks.
www.iccwbo.org /policy/trade   (415 words)

 Some WTO ministers meet to break Doha Round deadlock 10 Mar 2006
The Doha Round of the World Trade Organization's trade liberalization talks is at standstill, and ministers from Australia, Brazil, the European Union, India, Japan and the United States plan to meet on Mar 10 to see if they can resolve the outstanding issues.
As was the case at the start of the round in Qatar's capital in 2001, a sticking point is agriculture.
The European Union is under fire for refusing to cut its farm import tariffs, and the United States and Japan are criticized for trade barriers that impede access to markets for developing countries.
www.newsahead.com /PREVIEW/Doha_Round_Geneva_Mar_06.htm   (231 words)

 Oxfam - Trade - A genuine development agenda for the Doha round of WTO negotiations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The WTO's Doha Ministerial has launched a new round of international trade negotiations, due to begin with the first meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee on 28 January 2002 and scheduled to end by 1 January 2005.
At the conclusion of the Uruguay Round in 1994, calculations by the UNDP and OECD showed that within six years global income would grow by US$200-500 billion as a result of the round.
If the Doha Round is to have a genuine 'development agenda', this situation must not be allowed to repeat itself.
www.oxfam.org.uk /what_we_do/issues/trade/wto_doha.htm   (445 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Future of Doha Round talks unpredictable: UN official   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Kim Hak-Su, the United Nation's under-secretary general, said Tuesday in Macao that the future of the Doha Round negotiations remains unclear.
However, the official said there are both pessimistic and optimistic predictions for the result of the WTO ministerial meeting, scheduled for December in Hong Kong.
Doha Round, a negotiation aiming to bridge the gap between multilateralism and regionalism in the economic sector, was initiated in 2001.
english.peopledaily.com.cn /200510/04/eng20051004_212495.html   (233 words)

 Doha Round Briefing Series - World Trade Organization (WTO) - Trade | IISD
Multilateral trade negotiations under the Doha Round got underway in early 2002 at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.
It is our intention to update these summaries periodically as the negotiations progress.
The Trade Knowledge Network produces research and capacity building on trade and sustainable development in the South.
www.iisd.org /trade/wto/doha_briefing.asp   (331 words)

On the sidelines, President of the Swiss Confederation and Federal Councillor of the Economy Joseph Deiss held a meeting with trade ministers in attendance to seek ways to revive the stalled Doha round.
In a session entitled "Trade Round: Where There Is a Will, There Must Be a Way," Switzerland's Joseph Deiss and the Egyptian and Brazilian Ministers of Foreign Trade, Youssuf Boutros-Ghali and Fernando Furland, were among the panellists.
On the current trade round, Boutros-Ghali stressed that before discussing an issue, leaders must establish the subject of debate, and said there is still lack of consensus in the current round.
www.ictsd.org /weekly/04-01-28/story1.htm   (808 words)

 ASIL Insights:The Troubled Status of WTO Doha Round Negotiations
Since its dramatic launch at Doha, Qatar, in 2001 against the background of September 11 terrorist attacks, the Doha Round negotiations have produced little as the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference scheduled in December approaches.
After Cancún, the Doha Round negotiations were largely dormant until August 1, 2004, when the WTO General Council issued the Doha Work Program which constituted a basic architecture for ensuing negotiations.
Third, the UN Development Summit scheduled in September[24] will further highlight the development aspect of Doha Round negotiations, pressuring rich countries to deliver their previous commitments on agricultural trade liberalization in the form of concrete concessions.
www.asil.org /insights/2005/08/insights050825.html   (1913 words)

 Agriculture and the Doha Round
Failure of the Doha Round of trade talks would be a great loss in many respects.
For the United States in particular, the failure of Doha would lessen the incentive to voluntarily reform the support given to U.S. farmers.
But even if the Doha negotiations failed, the WTO decision on U.S. cotton subsidies has shown that America's farm programs are vulnerable to litigation.
www.cato.org /pub_display.php?pub_id=6472   (780 words)

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