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In the News (Mon 27 May 19)

  Carnival Masks of the Dominican Republic by Ivan Erickson
The Dominican carnival is an explosion of joy.
Contemporary Dominican sculpture and painting have their beginnings in the early 1930's with the immigration of Spanish artists and intellectuals who fled the civil war in Spain to become established in The Dominican Republic.
Dominicans have developed an ability to survive and make do with the most limited of resources and in the most extreme conditions of despair without the option of receiving any help from any outside source.
www.dominicanmasks.com   (3500 words)

  Dominican Republic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dominican Republic, (Spanish: República Dominicana) is a country located on the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, bordering Haiti.
Dominicans sometimes refer to their country as Quisqueya, a name for Hispaniola used by the native Taíno Indians.
The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy whose national powers are divided among independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dominican_Republic   (1491 words)

 Dominican Order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In England and some other countries the Dominicans are referred to as Blackfriars on account of the fl "cappa" or cloak they wear over their white habits, just as the Carmelites are known as "Whitefriars" for the same reason.
The Dominicans were a major force in the development and maintenance of the Inquisition, then later of the Holy Office and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Currently, in the College of Cardinals there are two Dominican Cardinals: Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, Archbishop of Wien (Vienna) and Georges Marie Martin Cardinal Cottier, Theologian of the Papal Household.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dominican_Order   (532 words)

 Dominican Republic - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking representative democracy located on the eastern portion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, bordering Haiti.
The Dominican Republic is known for a form of music called merengue, which has been popular since the mid- to late-1800s.
Dominican impressions: The Enchantment of the Dominican Republic.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /dominican_republic.htm   (771 words)

 Dominican Republic Women Dominican Girls Ladies Singles
Dominican women dominican girls dominican ladies dominican republic women dominican republic girls.
Dominican brides dominican singles dominican dating single dominican women dominican woman dominican girl.
Each Dominican woman has a photo along with her personal information, e-mail address and phone number, so please feel free to browse the site and let us help you to find that perfect life partner.
www.dominicanwoman.com   (496 words)

 Fastest Way to Divorce Worldwide ®
Divorce in 24 hours
Frequent Asked Questions Section

Pursuant to Dominican Divorce Law 142,of June 4,1971, at least one of the spouse MUST travel to Dominican Republic and MUST appear before the Judge the day of the Divorce hearing to be held by the Dominican Court to have a valid dominican divorce recognized in United States and worldwide.
Dominican divorces considered invalid or void are the divorces done by proxy, by mail, without separation agreement, without mutual consent of both parties and/or without at least one party traveling to Dominican Republic.
Dominican Fast Divorces are valid in The United States, Canada and many other foreign countries, based on the principles of "comity", "estoppel" and as long as the parties complied with the due process and certain requirements in Dominican Republic where the divorce decree is enacted.
www.angelfire.com /sd/divorces/FAQ.html   (1077 words)

 Dominican Republic - Travel
In the Dominican Republic, a frequent cause of mild stomach upset is over-indulgence in food as a result of taking advantage of the all-inclusive program.
Dominican hoteliers participate in extensive programs sponsored by international companies to maintain high levels of hygiene among kitchen and serving personnel.
Dominican children are immunized with the Hepatitis B vaccine from early childhood.
dominican-republic-travel.com /travel_health.shtml   (4257 words)

 Dominican Republic
In addition, Dominican immigration authorities have recently begun restricting the ability of children to depart the country with only a birth certificate, especially when those children are American citizens of Dominican heritage.
Visitors to the Dominican Republic are strongly advised to take only hotel taxis or taxis operated by services whose cabs are arranged in advance by phone and can subsequently be identified and tracked.
Americans traveling in the Dominican Republic should be aware that Dominican hospitals often require payment at the time of service and may take legal measures to prevent patients from departing the country prior to payment.
travel.state.gov /travel/dominican_republic.html   (3395 words)

At the beginning of the thirteenth century philosophical teaching was confined practically to the logic of Aristotle and theology, and was under the influence of St. Augustine; hence the name Augustinism generally given to the theological doctrines of that age.
The General of the Dominicans, Thomas de Vio (Cajetan) had published his commentaries on the "De Anima" of Aristotle (Florence, 1509), in which, abandoning the position of St. Thomas, he contended that Aristotle had not taught the individual immortality of the soul, but affirming at the same time that this doctrine was philosophically erroneous.
The oldest Dominican commentaries on the "Sentences" are those of Roland of Cremona, Hugh of Saint Cher, Richard Fitzacre, Robert of Kilwardby and Albertus Magnus.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12354c.htm   (17740 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Dominican Republic
The territory of this republic, estimated at 18,045 square miles, is divided from that of the Republic of Haiti, on the west, by a serpentine line running from the mouth of the Yaqui River, on the north coast, to a point not far from Point Beata, on the south.
Thus, the present capital of the Dominican Republic, the oldest Christian city in the New World, was already established as the capital of the "New Spains" in the last year of the fifteenth century.
The Constitution of the Dominican Republic is said to be modelled on that of Venezuela; the president, elected for four years, is assisted by a council of ministers; the legislature is a single chamber elected by popular vote in twenty-four departments.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/05110a.htm   (1698 words)

 Dominican Republic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
War ensign and jack (as of 1939): This is one of the five dominican naval flags in Flaggenbuch (1939-1941) [neu39].
All Dominican flag images in Album 1995 [pie95] employ a light blue shade, but that was changed on Correction 30 [pay98] to dark blue and should not be significant.
The flag of the Dominican Republic is detailed in the Constitution, and whilst this lays down a width for the cross it does not give a ratio.
fotw.vexillum.com /flags/do.html   (650 words)

 Dominican Republic - Ayeraes La Cumbre Country Club - Real Estate Properties for Sale in Domincan Republic (Caribbean) ...
Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean, well-known by the white sand and turquoise waters of its beaches.
Due to its tropical climate, Dominican Republic is used as a holiday destination by Americans and Europeans.
Ayeraes La Cumbre Country Club is an excellent choice because of its strategic location: it is forty five minutes away from the capital city, Santo Domingo, and equally far from all the island´s coasts.
www.ayeraeslacumbrecountryclub.com /country_club/caribbean/dominican_republic/real_estate/dominican_republic_lots_villas_for_sale_Welcome.asp   (877 words)

 Dominican Republic Real Estate - Caribbean Villas, luxury apartments, fincas for sale, Plots and Lands in Cabarete, ...
Dominican Republic real estate is a local Dominican property company.
With its variety of real estate, the Dominican Republic is a unique place that combines two extremes: the height and depth, the mountain, and the sea, the simplicity and the luxury.
Yet, the true charm and beauty of the Dominican Republic lies in the very center of the country dominated by the Cordillera Central which ends in the Caribbean Sea.
www.dominican-republic-real-estate.net   (342 words)

 Dominican Republic Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Dominican Republic data and basic indicators (In Spanish).
Dominican Republic Country Commercial Guide for FY 1996 (July 1995).
Includes the searchable text of the Dominican Labor Code/Código de Trabajo, national minimum wage by employment sector, labor statistics for 1996, and a list of publications of the Secretaría de Estado de Trabajo.
www.creighton.edu /~mapoma/domrep/domrep.html   (1350 words)

 Dominican --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Dominic, a priest of the Spanish diocese of Osma, accompanied his bishop on a preaching mission among the Albigensian heretics of southern France, where he founded a nunnery at Prouille in 1206, partly for his converts, which was served by a community of preachers.
Monetary unit: Dominican peso, with (Oct. 4, 1993) a free rate of 12.91 pesos to U.S. $1 (19.55 pesos = £1 sterling).
Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic covers an area of 18,792 square miles (48,671 square kilometers), occupying the eastern portion of Hispaniola, the second largest island of the Antilles.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9030876   (832 words)

 Where do you want to go birding in Dominican Republic today?
Birding in the Dominican Republic - by Eladio Fernandez.
The Dominican Republic turned out to be more of a challenge than Puerto Rico even though we had been warned through the trip reports we had read.
This was a short trip focusing on the endemic species of the Dominican Republic---I decided to go during the breeding season to see if some of the endemics are easier to find than during the winter dry season, which is when most bird tours operate.
www.camacdonald.com /birding/cardominicanreepublic.htm   (1169 words)

 Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo | Republica Dominicana by Caribseek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Nested amid Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, the island of Hispaniola is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic has its own distinctive cuisine and cultural heritage, and the people are known as the friendliest in the Caribbean.
The Dominican Republic is politically stable since the middle of the sixties and is now expanding its economy rapidly.
www.caribseek.com /Dominican_Republic   (140 words)

 Rafael Trujillo: The Dominican Dicatator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
In the twentieth century the Dominican Republic has not been able to establish a stable democratic government due several interventions by the US and the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.
Millions of dollars created in the Dominican Republic were used to throw lavish parties and the rest was stashed for safe keeping in foreign bank accounts.
Despite the failures of the more radical Dominicans to unseat Trujillo, the Dictator in the 1950's began losing support from his traditional allies including, the Catholic Church, the US government, and members of the Dominican elite.
www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us /classes/social_science/latin_america/dominican_Republic.html   (1682 words)

 Dominican cooking - Aunt Clara's Dominican Cooking
Aunt Clara's Dominican Cooking, besides being a collection of recipes of the Dominican Republic, source of information about our cuisine, dishes, ingredients, and history is also thought as a help for those who want to learn about the Dominican culinary culture.
Breakfast for Dominicans is usually a light meal; the same dishes prepared for dinner are also prepared for breakfast, especially when one needs a hearty start to the day.
This can also be accompanied by a few slices of deep fried Dominican cheese (its consistency and taste similar to that of Feta cheese, but is made of cow's milk).
www.dominicancooking.com /dominicancooking.htm   (337 words)

 BUBL LINK: Dominican republic
Detailed handbook describing the history of the Dominican Republic and analysing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors.
Particular attention is given to the people who make up the society, their origins, dominant beliefs and values, common interests and the issues on which they are divided, and their attitudes toward each other and toward their social system and political order.
Basic reference information about the Dominican Republic, such as area, capital, population, population density, geography, language, religion, time zone, history and government, plus business and social information, including details of accommodation, addresses, climate, regions, travel, visas, passports, money, health and public holidays.
bubl.ac.uk /link/d/dominicanrepublic.htm   (373 words)

 Dominican Republic
Must have a residence and an employer outside of the Dominican Republic and must be traveling to the Dominican Republic for a limited and pre-set time period.
A Dominican corporate sponsor is not required to prepare a Provisional Residence application on behalf of the employee.
Immediately prior to departure from the Dominican Republic, the employee's Provisional Residence must be cancelled with the immigration authorities.
pubweb.fdbl.com /ihp8/global/media85.nsf/public-country-briefs/dominicanrepublic?opendocument   (1186 words)

 Dominican Republic Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The park is home to 112 known species of bird, eight of which are endemic to the island, and a...
The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are just part of the Dominican Republic's appeal.
Disclaimer: We've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information.
lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/caribbean/dominican-republic   (122 words)

 Dominican Republic on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Falciparum Malaria in European Tourists to the Dominican Republic.
JIMANI, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- Katy Diaz, 32, lost two of her children in the flood in her Dominican Republic home.
JIMANI, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- A distraught father stands by as his daughter is found dead in rubble Wednesday, May 26, 2004, following severe storms in the Dominican Republic.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/D/DominicanR1.asp   (505 words)

 Caribbean Net News: Dominican Republic
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic: Max Puig, Secretary of State for Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, has warned that some sectors (which he did not name) want to be given a blank check to ruin the riches within the country’s protected areas...
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic: President Fernandez of the Dominican Republic has reportedly ordered his energy council to disregard an offer made by Westmont Group to set up two second-hand coal-fired power plants, and stressed that any contract for additional power generation must be carried out through an international public tender process...
ROSEAU, Dominica: Dominican authorities disclosed Thursday that visa requirements would be slapped on nationals from Haiti and the Dominican Republic to curb their illegal migration to neighbouring Caribbean islands...
www.caribbeannetnews.com /domrep/domrep.htm   (1069 words)

 Dominican Republic Real Estate and Caribbean properties for sale - Caribbean vacation villa rental and Top Luxury Villas
Sea Horse Ranch is a distinctive oceanfront villa resort on the north coast of the Dominican Republic offering exclusivity in a setting that is among the Caribbean's best.
Sea Horse Ranch is truly a first class Dominican Republic real estate development where our international clientele enjoys all the amenities of our resort, along with the magnificent coast and activities of the surrounding area.
Whether you're new to the Dominican Republic or familiar with the beauty of this special island, we invite you to discover our luxurious Caribbean real estate offer.
www.sea-horse-ranch.com   (282 words)

 Beachfront vacation apartments in the Dominican Republic
Villa Brigitte is one of the finest caribbean beachfront villas located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic between Sosua and Cabarete in a gated community.
The North Coast of the Dominican Republic offers a rich selection of activities, from just relaxing by the pool or the ocean to more energetic pursuits like deep sea fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving on the many reefs in the Sosua Bay area.
A short trip from Sosua to Cabarete will reward you with a wealth of water sports, sailing, windsurfing and kite boarding, good restaurants and lively bars all on the beach.
www.geocities.com /dominican_vacation/Villa_Brigitte.html   (273 words)

 News dominica - news and events in Dominica - news magazine for Dominican and friends of Dominica - Dominica - news ...
LATEST NEWS: England ended the first day of the second cricket test against the West Indies at 366 for 5 after choosing to bat first..............A Jamaican woman whose two sons serve in the British army, with one in Iraq, will no longer be deported from England.
At a loss for words to paint the picture of her rugged beauty, Columbus is rumored to have simply balled up some parchment.
But beauty, as in all those Dominican folktales about lajables or the she devil, can be a curse.The existing economy hardly even provides for this.” Today, Dominica is last kakarat in the Caribbean, just ahead of Haiti.
www.thedominican.net   (467 words)

 Dominicans : Order of Preachers
Dominicans and the New Wine of the Gospel.
Latest news about Justice and Peace in the world and the Dominican Family involvement at the U.N. is the official international Web site of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans).
The branches of the Dominican family are multiple: brothers, contemplative nuns, congregations of contemplative and apostolic sisters, lay persons in fraternities or secular institutes, secular priests in fraternities.
www.op.org /international/english/index.html   (228 words)

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