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Topic: Domino theory

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Nieman Watchdog > Commentary > A reverse domino theory may be playing out in the Middle East
And the dire consequences of the domino theory that were so widely proclaimed by hawks at the time never came to pass.
But a reverse domino theory is. The longer the U.S. stays in Iraq, the more likely the collapse of the secular regimes in those Muslim nations, and the more likely a full-scale war between Israel and its neighbors.
Ironically, a "democratic domino theory" was one of the rationales Cheney invoked for the invasion of Iraq.
www.niemanwatchdog.org /index.cfm?fuseaction=background.view&backgroundid=00103   (1391 words)

 What Is "The Domino Effect"? - Dominoes FAQ - Domino-Games.com
Supporters of the "domino theory" argued that a communist victory would mean that U.S. alliance guarantees for other small nations would no longer be credible, and a series of communist victories could be expected.
Critics of the theory charged that the Indochinese wars were largely indigenous in nature, that no such monolithic force as "world communism" existed, and that the theory was used as a propaganda scare tactic to try to justify unwarranted intervention policies.
In the 1980s, the "domino theory" was used to justify the Reagan administration's interventions in Central America and the Caribbean region.
www.domino-games.com /faq/What-Is-The-Domino-Effect.html   (399 words)

 Domino Theory - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Domino Theory, theory of international conflict suggesting that in some circumstances one defeat is likely to be followed by others, as one toppling...
Dominoes, game played by two or more people, with 28 small, flat, rectangular blocks made of ivory, bone, plastic, or wood.
- theory applying domino effect to politics: a theory that political events are interrelated and that one can trigger off a chain of others.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Domino_Theory.html   (137 words)

The domino theory was a metaphor rather than a well thought-out explanation of reasons why the fall to communism in one area would lead to a fall to communism in another area.
The domino theory was seen as self-evident truth, not as a premise to be examined.
The domino theory was useful to political leaders to win congressional and public support to extend U. influence in parts of the world where it had not been active.
frontpage.uwsuper.edu /psychology/317/domino_theory.htm   (3033 words)

 Domino theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-10)
The domino theory was a United States political theory advanced by both liberal and conservative Americans during the Cold War, especially regarding Indochina.
The "Domino Theory" was first espoused by name by President Eisenhower in an April 7, 1954 news conferencehttp://hs1.hst.msu.edu/~hst306/documents/domino.html, and was originally applied to Indochina, which includes Vietnam.
Richard Nixon once said that the strongest argument for the Domino theory was that the "dominos believed it," and indeed there were often fears in countries that bordered Communist nations that their governments were in danger of subversion.
domino-theory.iqnaut.net   (859 words)

 Domino Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-10)
Ask the students how many dominos they would have to add to the group of three to equal the group of six.
Now that both lines have the same total amount of dominos, six, ask the students to add up all of the dominos with chips or coins on the tops.
On each domino, the smaller number represents the numerator, and the larger number represents the denominator.
www.uen.org /Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=15429   (826 words)

 Murray Levine The Domino Theory
Recently, because some friends went to Vietnam as ordinary tourists, I was reminded of the “domino theory” that got us into the Vietnam war.
The domino theory was proposed by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954, although he wisely did not commit American forces to the fight between France seeking to maintain its colonial empire and the Vietnamese seeking independence.
The failure of the domino theory in Southeast Asia should at least make us skeptical that democratization in Iraq as a result of military intervention will result in a flowering of democracy in the Middle East.
buffaloreport.com /2006/060328.levine.domino.html   (617 words)

 The Domino Theory - America's Debate
Whether Democracy is safer under the Domino construct involves the challenge of assessing societal safety in general, and that appears to be a prize still unclaimed.
In light of all the things the domino theory would have to account for is in the shadows vs. being in the 100% understood level, it would be flawed on the point alone.
You are misusing the Domino Theory concept.  The concept was created as part of the US containment strategy stance during the Cold War.  It was used to justify US intervention in situations which did not directly effect US security.
www.americasdebate.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=8167   (3987 words)

 President Eisenhower: Domino Theory
You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly.
I will say this: for many years, in talking to different countries, different governments, I have tried to insist on this principle: no outside country can come in and be really helpful unless it is doing something that the local people want.
The original bill, let me call your attention, was drawn under the theory we could keep the secret of the manufacture of the atomic bomb.
www.sagehistory.net /vietnam/docs/IkeDomino.htm   (2479 words)

 Domino Theory
The Domino Theory was used to justify U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.
The Domino Theory was a legitimate foreign policy based on the data collected during the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and LBJ/McNamara administrations.
The reason the Domino Theory came into existence was due to the backlash the Truman administration suffered when the Nationalists were exiled from mainland China to the island of Formosa (Taiwan).
www.westerncivforum.com /index.php?topic=50.0   (1846 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Domino's Pizza and Operation Rescue
Domino's Pizza, a now popular U.S. chain of pizza delivery outlets, was founded by him in 1960 when he and his brother purchased a Ypsilanti, Michigan, restaurant named Dominick's.
Certainly Domino's itself never gave money directly, and that is the persistent rumor, that the company tithed a portion of its revenues to those groups.
It needs be stressed, however, that he was acting as a private citizen who chose to bestow a part of his fortune on the causes he believed in, not as an officer of Domino's and on behalf of that corporation.
www.snopes.com /business/alliance/domino.asp   (758 words)

 Floridian: The domino theory
Then become part of a team to help break the world domino record, a feat recorded live on TV.
He volunteered 10 hours a day, for six weeks, lining up dominoes in a Dutch auditorium.
It was very easy for me to adapt to being on my knees, building dominoes, all day.
www.sptimes.com /News/122801/Floridian/The_domino_theory.shtml   (893 words)

 Democracy Domino Theory 'Not Credible' - Global Policy Forum - UN Security Council
The report is dated Feb. 26, officials said, the same day Bush endorsed the domino theory in a speech to the conservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington.
The domino theory also is used by the administration as a counterargument to critics in Congress and elsewhere who have expressed concern that invading Iraq will inflame the Muslim world and fuel terrorist activity against the United States.
But the theory is disputed by many Middle East experts and is viewed with skepticism by analysts at the CIA and the State Department, intelligence officials said.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/iraq/saddam/2003/0314democracy.htm   (1094 words)

Domino Theory, was first coined as a phrase by President Eisenhower at the height of the Cold War.
The theory is that as one nation succumbs to a force, so too will its neighbours in a chain reaction like dominoes.
Domino Theory formed in 1999 are: Stephaine Greet Vocals and Keyboard Martin Greet Vibraphone and Sampler Nicholas Greet Guitar and Vocals Rick Kayler-Thomson Drums, Vocals, Sampler Currently in production with ARIA award winning producer Richard Pleasance, the Theory move from strength to strength.
www.myspace.com /dominotheorytheband   (2349 words)

 domino theory - Encyclopedia.com
domino theory the notion that if one country becomes Communist, other nations in the region will probably follow, like dominoes falling in a line.
The analogy, first applied (1954) to Southeast Asia by President Dwight Eisenhower, was adopted in the 1960s by supporters of the U.S. role in the Vietnam War.
The theory was revived in the 1980s to characterize the threat perceived from leftist unrest in Central America.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-dominothe.html   (478 words)

 A New Domino Theory?
It has been a month since Robert Novak identified the new domino theory undergirding the strategic thinking of at least some of the more extreme advocates of war connected with the Bush administration.
If you live in a possible target nation, it looks a lot like the regular old domino theory: an ideologically crusading nation toppling one regime after another.
But Ron Brownstein says the domino theory is seriosly flawed, so maybe the fuzzy-wuzzys don't needn't worry afterall.
www.amnation.com /vfr/archives/000785.html   (797 words)

 An "Islamic Domino Theory"
The theory was termed "the Domino theory" by U.S. State Department officials, as countries fell like a row of dominos, pushed by a communist insurgency.
Thus, a reincarnation of an earlier theory, is being brought forth by this author and called the "Islamic Domino theory".
A study of recent history would suggest that there is evidence of an orchestrated campaign underway to attain both religious and political control of a number of countries on several continents.
www.emergency.com /domino.htm   (872 words)

 Welcome to WorkingForChange
This time it is democracy, not communism, that is to be on the rise, and (according to the Bush Administration and its ideologues) establishing a beachhead of democracy in Iraq will force the rest of the despotic Middle East to mend its authoritarian ways.
The problem with this theory -- OK, one of many problems with this theory -- is that it ignores the fact that the region in question is comprised of many different nations with distinct histories, cultures, and political processes.
Thus, while there is no denying that this has been a very good week for democratic reform in the Middle East, the notion that it is due primarily to the last month's worth of pro-democratic pressure from Washington, or even that substantial progress has been made, needs a reality check.
www.workingforchange.com /printitem.cfm?itemid=18651   (833 words)

 The Domino Theory - History Forum
This theory became famous to justify the Vietnam War, but the British used it in the 1920s to describe rebellion in the Middle East against British rule, which again saw Russian communists as being behind the working of the theory.
I for one have noticed the idea of a reverse domino theory in Bush's speeches on Iraq, if one Middle Eastern country "falls" to democracy, freedom will have a foothold there and other Middle Eastern countries will soon "fall" to democracy too.
I think the Domino Theory was flawed to begin with because it banked on the idea that Communism was accepted by a good chunk of Asian peoples.
www.simaqianstudio.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=1735   (818 words)

 Reverse Domino Theory by Stephan Richter - The Globalist > > Global Security
According to the favorite geopolitical rationale of that era, important countries were about to fall like a bunch of domino stones into the hands of communists.
he “domino theory” of the 1960s went like this: If Vietnam “went” — that is, if it fell into the hands of the communists — then the “rot” would not stop with neighboring Laos and Cambodia.
Thus, not only was the “domino theory” wrong, it predicted the reverse of what actually happened.
www.theglobalist.com /DBWeb/StoryId.aspx?StoryId=2957   (1440 words)

 No Way to Win: The Vietnam War and the Tragedy of Containment
By this time, proponents of "containment" were also talking about "the Domino Theory." Hardly a theory at all, since it had little or no intellectual content, the "domino theory" argued that if one nation (Vietnam) fell to the communists, neighboring nations would fall as well--like dominos.
They were simply dominos in a row, to be knocked down or picked up by the world's two largest powers.
But the domino theory was disproved--communist governments in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China do not act as one.
chnm.gmu.edu /courses/122/vietnam/lecture.html   (4796 words)

 Brand Autopsy: The Domino’s Theory to Keeping Employees
One way Domino's selects better store managers is to have each candidate undergo an online test to measure their financial acumen and people management style.
Each Domino’s store has an in-store computerized tracking program which details store sales figures down to the employee level with stats like average order size per employee and the time it takes to get a pizza order out the door.
I don't know how much Dominoes is really committed to "raising the bar" but I can tell you the first thing is to provide a REAL cut of the profit to the managers and don't try to screw them with the impossibly high, and ultimately meaningless QC numbers that are presently used to determine bonuses.
brandautopsy.typepad.com /brandautopsy/2005/03/the_dominos_the.html   (1334 words)

Started in late 2003, The Domino Theory consists of four boys armed with the relentless determination to educate.
The Domino Theory effortlessly combines their political values and love for melodic punk and hardcore to bring you one big melting pot of catchy goodness.
The Domino Theory is more than a band, it's a revolution, and it's only getting started.
www.myspace.com /thedominotheory   (819 words)

 Domino theory
In Southeast Asia and some other parts of the world, it seems as though the value of individual currencies has been falling like a stack of dominoes.
It's happening because the countries in these regions rely heavily on foreign trade to fuel production, feed their populations, and create foreign exchange reserves to maintain purchasing power.
Using a two-country model, we can illustrate how this leads to a type of domino effect when a country devalues its currency.
fleetowner.com /mag/fleet_domino_theory/index.html   (692 words)

 Aranworld: Domino Theory Redux
As the theory applied to the cold war against communism, the US figured that if one country in a region became communist, then all that countries neighboring countries would convert to communism too like how a row of dominoes.
What strikes me as the underlying problem with the Domino Theory, though, is that it assumes that foreign countries are these passive entities that just cave in and go along with whatever hip ideology is happening in the region.
The Domino Effect is a flawed theory because it does not give enough credit to an individual country's ability to determine its own course.
www.aranworld.com /2004/05/domino-theory-redux.html   (379 words)

 The Domino Theory
The Domino Theory was created in 1954 during the Eisenhower Administration in reference to South Vietnam.
The Domino Theory was the idea that if one country in Southeast Asia were to fall to Communism, that other countries would follow one after the other resembling the effect that if one domino falls, it will cause the others to fall.
The Eisenhower administration believed that a non- communistic Southeast Asia would be vital to the defense of the United States.
www.mtholyoke.edu /~lrlento/dominotheory.html   (181 words)

 ESR | September 9, 2002 | America's domino theory
Churchill in 1940 and Reagan in 1981 began to act decisively to topple those dominos which lie within their power to topple, and neither man cared one whit for what the public opinion thought nor policy advisers cautioned.
Fourth, the victory should be perceived by friend and foe alike as a victory for America and as a defeat for its enemies.
If the dominos begin to fall around the world, the certain end is the liberation of the world and the beginning of genuine peace.
www.enterstageright.com /archive/articles/0902/0902domino.htm   (1340 words)

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