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Topic: Dommel

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  Dommel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dommel is a stream in Belgium and The Netherlands.
The Dommel takes in water from the Keersop, Tongelreep, Gender and Kleine Dommel streams and merges at 's-Hertogenbosch with the Aa stream to form river Dieze, which subsequently flows towards the Meuse.
The main cities and towns along the Dommel's course are Peer, Neerpelt, Eindhoven, Boxtel, Sint-Michielsgestel and 's-Hertogenbosch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dommel   (119 words)

 Gender (creek) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here, the Gender originally flowed towards and through the city centre to end in a confluence with the Dommel stream, but by the nineteenth century, the stretch within the old city had been filled and the Gender now ended in De Vest, the city moat (which itself was connected to the Dommel).
Twentieth-century channelisation and the emergence of post-War large-scale residential areas in the Gender basin have seen the last stretch before the city centre cut off with the stream's water flowing into the specilally-built Afwateringskanaal ("Water Regulation Canal"), which connects the Dommel with the Beatrixkanaal and controls the water level of the Dommel.
The stream is to flow partially underground, partially above-ground and to discharge into the Dommel near the railway station.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gender_(creek)   (288 words)

 Silent Mobius Zeta - Series Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dommel is a drug created from the internal body fluids on an Entity.
Use of the drug seems to be widespread in Silent Mobius; in the manga, Dommel is mentioned as being used by both the military and by sports teams.
A Dommel mutate should have at least one level of Growth, a STR of 20+ and a DEX of 18+.
surbrook.devermore.net:16080 /smz/smzdommel.html   (430 words)

 Distinguished Service Award: Hermann W. Dommel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dommel is widely recognized as the "Father of EMTP." The Electromagnetic Analysis of Power Systems software package is used to analyze electromagnetic transients in electric power systems.
Although most of Dommel's research has been in developing and improving the EMTP, he is equally well known for his contributions to optimal power flow theory and transient stability analysis.
Dommel began his academic and research career in 1959 as a research associate and lecturer at the Technical University in Munich, Germany.
www.engr.wisc.edu /alumni/perspective/25.1/dommel_hermann.html   (319 words)

 NIH Record - 2-10-98 -- Retirees
Dommel began his NIH career in 1965 as a computer systems analyst with the Division of Research Grants, where he spent 9 years.
Before the term at NBAC, he had served as the key OPRR spokesman on several hotly debated science concepts including the use of human fetal tissue in transplantation research, research with the human embryo, research involving pregnant women, and research involving persons with diminished capacity to consent.
Dommel's federal career was distinguished with dozens of awards over the years, including the NIH Director's Award and the NIH Merit Award.
www.nih.gov /news/NIH-Record/02_10_98/retirees.htm   (836 words)

 Dommel - TheBestLinks.com - Belgium, Eindhoven, Meuse River, Netherlands, ...
Dommel, Belgium, Eindhoven, Meuse River, Netherlands, TheBestLinks.com:Find or...
The Dommel is a river rising in north-eastern Belgium (near Peer) and flowing into southern Netherlands.
The Dommel falls into the river Dieze, near its mouth into the Meuse River.
www.thebestlinks.com /Dommel.html   (102 words)

 Eindhoven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eindhoven is a municipality and a city located in the province of Noord-Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender brooks.
The Gender was dammed off in the post-war years, but the Dommel still runs through the city.
New ecologial and socio-historical insights have led to parts of the Dommel's course being restored to their original states, and plans to have the Gender flow through the centre once again (link to article in Dutch).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eindhoven   (1602 words)

 Waterbodem.nl - ’Boxtel wordt het vuilnisvat van De Dommel’
Voor het waterschap De Dommel betekent dit een financiƫle strop omdat het de aannemer al aan het werk had gezet zonder een beroepsprocedure bij de rechter af te wachten.
Door de versmalling gaat de rivier juist langzamer stromen, omdat het verval (het hoogteverschil) van de Dommel in Boxtel te gering en de wateraanvoer te laag is. Aangezien de zandvang veel te klein is om het aangevoerde zand en slib te onderscheppen, zullen grote hoeveelheden neerslaan in de natuurzones die daardoor in hoog tempo verlanden.
Volgens A. van Abeelen van Het Groene Hart is het ’geknutsel’ aan de Dommel in Boxtel een ongewenste cultuurhistorische verminking van het nationaal landschap Het Groene Woud.
www.waterbodem.nl /waterbodem-nieuws_detail.php?id=1684   (920 words)

 newfoundlander van het Knosselbos kampioen Dommel
Dommel en Sita en hun pups domineerden de shows in de jaren 90.
Dommel werd in die jaren zo beroemd dat vele anderen ook "een Dommel" wilden hebben.
Niet alleen in de Benelux behaalde Dommel zijn Cacib's maar ook in Duitsland, Frankrijk, Oostenrijk en Zwitserland.
people.zeelandnet.nl /denhamer/link%20onder%20kampioen%20o.b.dommel%20v.h.jenahof.htm   (414 words)

 Tongelreep in The Netherlands
In this area the Water board de Dommel, local government, regional government, nature conservation organizations and land owners have agreed to invest in a sustainable environment in the main part of the Tongelreep catchment area.
It is planned to use 2000 hectares of land in catchment area of the Dommel for water storage purposes.
The reconstruction of the Tongelreep forms a part of this network and it is the first time for the Water board de Dommel that nature area is used for water storage.
www.bafg.de /servlet/is/8534   (767 words)

 Ilala Yacht Charters in the Mergui Archipelago of Burma : Dommel Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dommel island offers a number of picturesque, secluded anchorages and a variety of pristine beaches.
In the center of Dommel island, 3 high peaks which rise to nearly 700m provide stunning views of the Mergui Archipelago.
Dommel island is also particularly good for birdwatching.
www.ilala.net /Burma/dommel.htm   (110 words)

 Silent Mobius Zeta - Series Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dommel is mentioned as being used by the military and sports teams.
In Silent Mobius Zeta, Dommel is highly illegal, and any case known to involve the drug falls under the jurisdiction of the AMP.
At one point, he and the other members of his squad were injected with small amounts of Dommel to increase their physical strength and reflexes.
surbrook.devermore.net /smz/smzguide.html   (4578 words)

 For a Change Magazine: Call for islands of integrity in a sea of corruption
Dommel, formerly France's Chief Inspector of Finance, attacked the laissez-faire approach to corruption which regarded it as a necessary fact of economic life in certain cultures.
Dommel underlined the importance of a healthy political environment with an honest system of party financing, a strong judiciary, and a clear moral stance against corruption by all in authority.
Dommel described the needed 'islands of integrity' as pockets of clean economic practice in either geographical areas or economic sectors.Companies from the same sector might agree to renounce certain practices and adopt accepted codes of ethical conduct.
www.forachange.co.uk /index.php?stoid=50   (698 words)

 Department of Food Science
Dommel to study and obtain academic degrees in food science.
Dommel has done graduate research on quality and yield of thermally processed mushrooms, flavor staling in brewed coffee and odor trapping and analysis.
Dommel is involved with the local business and civic community.
campus.devalcol.edu /foodscience/faculty.html   (481 words)

 Mischiefblog » Blog Archive » What were you thinking, Mythic?
We cleared the antechamber up to Gatekeeper Dommel with mostly single pulls (she wanted BAFs), and were ready to take on our old friend, the relatively easy Dommel, so that we could move on to the inner knights and pull some mid-high 60’s mobs.
We liked a lot of the new touches, like the mobs that are consumed in flame and the evil eyes watching, and the messages or emotes that are made by mobs in DF–it shows (finally) a sense of trying to tie the zone into an overall story.
Dommel was a grape, but there was nothing strange about that.
www.mischiefbox.com /blog?p=210   (1873 words)

 Dommel (1989)
Dommel is een aardige, dikke, witte hond die bij z'n baasje, de uitvinder Semafoor, woont.
Semafoor bedenkt de meest gekke uitvindingen en Dommel moet altijd, dik tegen zijn zin, eraan meehelpen.
En als Dommel het niet aan de stok krijgt met de kat Balthazar, beleeft hij wel een ander avontuur.
users.skynet.be /Timo/jeugdsentiment/tekenfilm/dommel.htm   (220 words)

 [No title]
The upper Dommel is a heavily canalized, very polluted stream that meanders between farming fields and the forest of the Malpie, a small national park near the Belgian border.
This stretch of the Dommel is used extensively by Belgian and Dutch canoe and kayak renting firms.
The entire watersupply of the Dommel is being pushed through a concrete channel of about one meter wide (3,3 foot) in which the large wooden wheel of the mill is turning.
wilko.webzone.ru /98-5-1.txt   (1134 words)

 Will Dommel - Minidomm
Wilhelm Dommel, diplomat-architect and his wife, Micheline (Chinette) Heusch Dommel, conceived the idea of creating a world of scaled-buildings from Germany's and some of the world's notable landmarks.
All of the famous buildings from Germany were reproduced in the scale of 1:25 at a cost of over DM 35 million (approximately USD 20 million at 2001 exchange rate).
Will and Chinette Dommel's son, Georg Dommel, managed the operation of the "Minidomm" in the 1970's up to when it closed its doors in the early 1990's.
orbisenterprises.com /Heusch-1/Heusch-2/Heusch-3a/Heusch-4a/Heusch-6d/heusch-6d.html   (331 words)

 Gronden beroepschrift tegen besluit v/h dagelijks bestuur Waterschap De Dommel
Het dagelijks bestuur van het Waterschap De Dommel heeft dit alles oogluikend toegestaan.
Op deze manier heeft het dagelijks bestuur van het waterschap De Dommel weten te bewerkstelligen dat naar hun eigen inzicht een besluit welke is ontstaan uit één bezwaarschrift in zijn vervolgprocedure een gesplitste rechtsgang krijgt.
Om die reden heeft Uw griffier in opdracht van Coördinerend Vice-president P.H.C.M. Schoemaker, buiten die beroepsprocedure om, mij bij brief van 29 april 1997 kenbaar gemaakt dat niet de rechtbank maar het dagelijks bestuur van het waterschap De Dommel bevoegd is om punt II uit hun besluit van 21 februari 1997 te behandelen (bijlage 2).
www.sdnl.nl /irm-14.htm   (998 words)

 Website De Dommel - Engels
De Dommel Water Board has been involved for many years in guarding the quality of the surface water, and managing water levels in the areas where we live and work.
De Dommel Water Board is active throughout the entire Dommel basin, from the Belgian border to Den Bosch, an area currently accommodating almost one million inhabitants.
If you live on the water and you wish to make changes to the waterbed and/or embankment by for instance placing: art works, (divers, dams, etc.); or planting or carrying out (construction) works on the banks (within 4 meters of the surface water), contact us for the necessary permits.
www.dommel.nl /aspx/get.aspx?xdl=/views/dommel/xdl/page&ItmIdt=204&SitIdt=5&VarIdt=1   (746 words)

 Vennekespad/Fens path (1999)
The main difficulty is the crossing of the Dommel at the Hooidonk watermill, which is forbidden now.
I walked north of Breugel to the Dommel and than took the cycle path along the houses where you have nice views over the Dommel.
The route along the Kleine Dommel is quite nice - especially the part north of the Eindhoven Canal to the Watermill at Coll (which you can visit on Saturday).
home.iae.nl /users/termaten/vennekespad.htm   (1841 words)

 De Dommel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
De Dommel is een markante rivier die in Belgiƫ ontspringt, bij Borkel en Schaft Nederland binnenkomt en nabij het plaatsje Engelen (even voorbij 's-Hertogenbosch) in de rivier de Maas uitmondt.
De waterkwaliteit van de Dommel is al flink verbeterd ten opzichte van de situatie in de jaren 70 en 80 van deze eeuw.
Bijna 60% van alle neerslag die in het stroomgebied rond de Dommel valt komt in de rivier terecht en wordt vervolgens afgevoerd richting de Maas.
www.phys.tue.nl /TULO/dommel/dommel.html   (265 words)

 Gronden beroepschrift tegen besluit v/h dagelijks bestuur Waterschap De Dommel
Betreft: Gronden beroepschrift tegen het besluit van 28 juli 1997 van het dagelijks bestuur van het waterschap De Dommel, verzonden op 30 juli 1997 onder kenmerk 97.3370/VV.
Diverse telefoontjes van mij richting het Waterschap De Dommel om dat te verhinderen werkten averechts.
Het waterschap De Dommel legt voor mij veel strengere voorschriften op dan voor F. v/d Biggelaar.
www.sdnl.nl /irm-15.htm   (998 words)

 Citations: Floor Control for Multimedia Conferencing and Collaboration - Dommel, Aceves (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
They outlined the design issues of floor control protocols in [DGLA95] Dommel [Dom98] compared various floor control protocols for collaborative multimedia environments, and found out that floor control protocols that are based on....
Dommel and J. Aceves, "Floor Control for Multimedia Conferencing and Collaboration", ACM Multimedia Systems, Vol.
Dommel H.P. and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, "Floor control for multimedia conferencing and collaboration", ACM Mutlimedia Systems, vol.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /context/204031/248370   (2205 words)

 NS wandeling Dommel
Het is een verrassende en afwisselende wandeling op de overgang van de stadsrand van Eindhoven naar het beekdal van de Dommel.
Gelukkig is het nieuwe Eindhoven nogal ruim opgezet, zodat delen van de dalen van de Tongelreep en de Dommel tot midden in de stad hun groen karakter hebben behouden.
Voor de Technische Universiteit is in 1958 de Dommel omgelegd en de Woenselse watermolen gesloopt.
www.wandelzoekpagina.nl /ns/verdwenen/dommel.php   (2059 words)

 Vi povas tieli nur dufoje   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dommel havas du bonajn motivojn por forrabi la eksministron: unue li ricevos grandan monsumon de sinjorino Gerradi, kiu dungis Dommel tiucele, kaj due li venĝos siajn amikojn, kiuj pereis laŭ ordono de la tiama ministro pri Internaj Aferoj.
Dommel kompreneble profunde ekamas ŝin kaj pasigas kun Diana pasian nokton neforgeseblan.
Dommel sukcesas plenumi sian respondecan taskon, restas viva kaj ricevas la grandegan monsumon de sinjorino Gerradi.
www.esperanto.net /literaturo/lf/mortdufojrec.html   (500 words)

 Kenny's, Doylestown's Landmark Bookstore, to Close Sunday - 1/12/2004 - Publishers Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
According to manager Cate Stanton, Barbara Dommel, the store's co-owner, died in November at the age of 65, and Richard Dommel, 66, her widower and now the store's sole proprietor, does not want to carry on the business by himself.
PW Daily was unable to contact Dommel today, but he told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the store's sales had been down for the past 10 years: "What it needed was innovation, someone who could find some kind of niche.
The Dommels are trying hard to keep it as a local business, something along the lines of what it's been in the past.
publishersweekly.com /article/CA374093.html?pubdate=1/12/2004&...   (536 words)

 Omslag - Wandelen langs de Dommel naar Omslag
Het bezoekadres van Omslag is Hoogstraat 301a in Eindhoven.
De Dommel is nog steeds aan uw rechterhand, hoewel die hier niet te zien is.)
De ingang van Omslag is aan de zijkant van het klooster (rechts om het gebouw heen).
www.omslag.nl /route.htm   (309 words)

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