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 River Don, England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Don's major tributaries are the Dearne, the Rother, the Sheaf, the Rivelin and the Loxley.
The River Don is a river in South Yorkshire, England.
The lower Don originally meandered in a north-easterly direction across the marshland of Hatfield Chase to enter the Ouse and Trent at their junction and it formed the boundary between Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. /wiki/River_Don,_England   (393 words)

 Don - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Don River, Russia, one of the main rivers of Russia.
Don (2006) is a Hindi Bollywood remake starring Shahrukh Khan in Amitabh Bachchan's role.
River Don, Scotland, a river in Aberdeenshire which rises in the Grampians and flows 131 km (82 miles) eastwards to the North Sea at Aberdeen. /wiki/Don   (400 words)

 Tomato Nation
Don is a man I met on September 11, 2001.
Don is an African-American man. I would estimate his age as between 25 and 35 on that day -- probably not younger than that, possibly older but I doubt it.
Don had on a grey windowpane-plaid suit and was carrying a black soft-sided briefcase. /finddon.shtml   (602 words)

The craze of Don Quixote seems, in some instances, to have communicated itself to his critics, making them see things that are not in the book and run full tilt at phantoms that have no existence save in their own imaginations.
The words in the preface to the First Part of "Don Quixote" are generally held to be conclusive that he conceived the idea of the book, and wrote the beginning of it at least, in a prison, and that he may have done so is extremely likely.
"Don Quixote" has been thoroughly naturalised among people whose ideas about knight-errantry, if they had any at all, were of the vaguest, who had never seen or heard of a book of chivalry, who could not possibly feel the humour of the burlesque or sympathise with the author's purpose. /english.html   (11316 words)

 Don Horse Home Page
The Don Cossacks did not become farmers and were not rooted to the land; their life determined the kind of horse they most valued and they played a major role in defining the traits of their horses.
By mid-century over half the horses in the Don steppes were direct descendants of the original Don horses; that number dropped by half by the end of the century.
A systematic government-sponsored breeding program centered in the Rostov area revived the breed in the thirties and forties and the Don continued to serve in the Russian military until the cavalry was disbanded in 1954. /imh/bw/don.html   (868 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. John Bosco (Don Bosco)
Don Bosco heard his cries and recalled him, and in the friendship which sprang up between the priest and Bartolomeo Garelli was sown the first seed of the "Oratory", so called, no doubt, after the example of St.
Don Bosco entered eagerly upon the task of instructing this first pupil of the streets; companions soon joined Bartolomeo, all drawn by a kindness they had never known, and in February, 1842, the Oratory numbered twenty boys, in March of the same year, thirty, and in March, 1846, four hundred.
On the eighth of December, 1841, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, while Don Bosco was vesting for Mass, the sacristan drove from the Church a ragged urchin because he refused to serve Mass. /cathen/02689d.htm   (1669 words)

 Don McLean Online's American Pie
In Don’s life the transition from light (the innocence of childhood) to the darker realities of adulthood probably started with the death of Buddy Holly and culminated with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 and the start of a more difficult time for America.
Don has recently re-enforced this theme: "The song was written as my attempt at an epic song about America, and I used the imagery of music and politics to do that.
In this 4 year period, Don moved from a fairly idyllic childhood existence, through the shock and subsequent harsh realities of his father’s death in 1961, to his decision in 1963 to quit Villanova University to pursue his dream and become a professional singer. /americanpie.asp   (826 words)

 CBS - The Amazing Race
Don & Mary Jean have been married for 20 years and live in Portola Valley, California.
Grandparents Don and Mary Jean weigh in on...
Although they are the oldest couple on this Race, Donald, 69, and Mary Jean, 65, believe that their life experience and appetite for adventure will be a key asset in winning THE AMAZING RACE. /primetime/amazing_race6/teams/don/bio.shtml   (282 words)

 Don - Creatures Wiki
Don is the proud owner of a hand made Butterfly Norn Norndoll (shown left), designed especially by her good friend Data back in May 2003.
Don joined the Creatures community back in December 1996 as the webmaster of AmberCreatures, a known developer for each of the games and our unofficial Creatures technical support.
Don is a long term supporter of the Creatures series and therefore her collection includes twenty-five unique titles, twenty-three box sets and two electronic-only releases: /wiki/Don   (386 words)

 TRCA - Water Protection - Watershed Strategies
The West Don Lands is an 80-acre parcel of land located in the east downtown of the City of Toronto between the mouth of the Don River and the original ten blocks of the old Town of York.
The Don Watershed Regeneration Council is a watershed-wide advisory committee comprised of elected officials, as well as representatives from the general public, municipalities, stakeholder agencies and environmental groups.
Also of prime importance is the fact that the Don, which has been largely devoid of "natural" public land holdings in the upper part of the watershed, now has a large forest parcel in public ownership that can become a focal point for Upper Don residents. /water_protection/strategies/don   (2033 words)

 Don Johnson Encyclopedia Article @ (Launch Base)
Don Johnson (born Donald Wayne Johnson on December 15, 1949) is an American actor well known for his film and television appearances.
Popular Finnish music group Don Johnson Big Band is named after him.
Find More Information about "Don Johnson" in's: /encyclopedia/Don_Johnson   (807 words)

 Don McLean Online: The Official Website of Don McLean and American Pie
Don McLean's superstar status is always attributed to his remarkable song, 'American Pie' which, in 2000, once again topped the charts worldwide, this time recorded by Madonna.
Don McLean is immortalized as the subject of the Roberta Flack/The Fugees No. 1 hit, 'Killing Me Softly With His Song'.
Between the heady years of 1971 and 2000, Don McLean released over 20 albums and scored major chart successes with 'Everyday' (1973), 'Mountains of Mourne' (1974), 'Crying' (1980), 'Castles in the Air' (1981), 'Since I Don't Have You' (1981), 'Can't Blame the Train' (1987) and again with 'American Pie' in the UK in 1991.   (627 words)

 Don Pendleton - Author
Don Pendleton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, December 12, 1927 and died October 23, 1995 in Arizona.
After producing a number of science-fiction and mystery novels, Don launched in 1969 the phenomenal Mack Bolan: The Executioner, which quickly emerged as the original, definitive Action/Adventure series.
Don Pendleton's Comments on his Books, Writing, and on Life   (205 words)

 Archy and Mehitabel
Don Marquis on Archy: In the introduction to his second collection of cockroach and cat stories, "archys life of mehitabel," Marquis comments on the enduring and amazing popularity of his lowbrow literary creatures.
Don Marquis wrote his last Archy and Mehitabel tale more than 65 years ago, but the story's not over.
At night, alone, he dives furiously on the keys of Don Marquis' typewriter to describe a cockroach's view of the world, rich with cynicism and humor. /archy   (1944 words)

Here started their warm friendship which was highlighted by Don's performance in l955 of the premiere of Duke's Piano Concerto at Carnegie Hall with the NBC Symphony of the Air.
Don Walbridge Shirley was born January 29, l927 in Kingston, Jamaica.
Don Shirley recently performed a private concert in Charlottesville, Viriginia, where he not only played selections from his new CD, but also featured material that you will hear on May 4th.   (3534 words)

 Learn Spanish in Spain & Mexico. Spanish Language Immersion Courses
don Quijote offers special DELE courses to help you arrive at the exam confident, prepared, and ready to perform well.
"I attended the don Quijote school in Granada for two weeks and had the time of my life!
don Quijote is Quality you can count on   (350 words)

 Don Collier Web Site
Don's portrayal of ranch foreman Sam Butler in the highly acclaimed television western, The High Chaparral, still stands as one of his greatest characterizations to his legions of fans.
Unlike many actors, the scope of Don's career ranges widely...from movies to television to commercials to spokesman to personal appearances and more.
Throughout his career, Don Collier has captured our imaginations and our hearts, and the following pages are our tribute to him.   (115 words)

 Don Siegel
Don Siegel's long career can, in many ways, be seen to exemplify the historically changing role of the director in American cinema, its phases reflecting the industry's shifting structures.
Yet one of the fascinations of Don Siegel's films has been their consistent ability to provoke debate, at the same time as skilfully delivering the pleasures required of the action genres (war, thriller, western and so forth) in which he regularly worked.
From reading the critics, one might almost think there were at least two Don Siegels: at one extreme, a workmanlike director of taut action films, technically proficient but imparting little of his own individuality into each project; at the other, a right-wing misogynist whose films explicitly fan inflammatory social debates. /contents/directors/04/siegel.html   (4695 words)

 Don Marquis, Archy and Mehitabel, Hermione, the Old Soak and more
Don still had enough fans in 1978, 41 years after his death, that several dozen people assembled in Port Townsend, Washington, to celebrate his 100th birthday.
Though largely forgotten today, in his time Don Marquis was often described as America's most popular and best-loved columnist, playwright, humorist and author.
The group shared cocktails, dinner, conversation, speeches, stories about Don, and Baked Beans Ambrosia prepared exactly as Don says beans should be prepared in The Almost Perfect State.   (902 words)

 DON ADAMS - Glick, Tennessee Tuxdeo, Smart and... loving it!
Don appeared in a series of TV Commercials produced by his advertising agency Adams, Dana, Silverstein that he formed in 1966 and even won two Clio awards for his efforts.
Don's major television debut where a 'discoverer' (a noted celebrity) introduced each talent and the winner was selected by an applause meter.
Don played the role of Irving Glick in a stand up routine, also on the show were Frankie Lane and Audrey Meadows. /SunsetStrip/Underground/9798/donadams1.htm   (1487 words)

 Don Coscarelli
Don Coscarelli was born in North Africa and raised in Southern California.
Don Coscarelli and Angus Scrimm were invited to attend the world premiere in Montreal and Toronto at the FantAsia Film Festival.
Coscarelli also attended the European premiere at the Fantasy Film Festival in Berlin and Hamburg and appeared at the "Homage an Don Coscarelli" at which a "Phantasm Marathon" was held, playing all four Phantasm films in sequence. /hpages/Coscarelli_bio.html   (873 words)

 Don Tiki - Adulterated - The Remix Project, Skinny Dip, Forbidden Sounds - CD, Tee's and Posters
Don Tiki is the lineage of this tradition, living on in whimsical reverie and reverence.
Don Tiki is providing the soundtrack for this Technicolor projection of a Polynesian pop paradise.
Don Tiki - Adulterated - The Remix Project, Skinny Dip, Forbidden Sounds - CD, Tee's and Posters   (164 words)

 Mixolydian Mode
All music arrangements copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005 by Don McClane.
Before I post the next round of the SF anime babes poll, I though it might a nice change of pace to determine who the cutest anime character is. There are plenty of kawaii youngsters in anime, but in my opinion there are ultimately just three choices.
The highest proportion of silly people in Canada is to be found in Alberta. /weblog.php   (2171 words)

 Don Lawrence English-Index
On monday the 29th of December 2004 Don Lawrence died in a hospital near his hometown Jevington.
Don will allways be alive through is beautifull work.
Enjoy Don's most beautiful work, but remember it is only a selection. /osinga/english-index.htm   (116 words)

Just as Don Quixote is dubbed a lunatic for privileging his imagination over reality, Sancho is equally as foolish.
As you read Don Quixote, look for moments where knight and squire seem to trade places as Don Quixote learns to place his feet in the ground and Sancho learns the power of imagination.
Though Sancho may be able to "see" the real world and Don Quixote an "idealized" world, we learn that neither character is truly sane. /~david/sancho1.htm   (312 words)

 Technorati Tag: don
Don Li-Leger Elegance II Framed Print Only $109.99.
Don Was on eBay Find Don Was items at low prices.
Donatantonio Plc (DON): Info Go to Hoover's for in-depth, first-hand, company coverage provided by business experts. /tag/don   (463 words)

 Don Davis' Publications in Cryptography and Computer Security
Don Davis, "Compliance Defects in Public-Key Cryptography", Proc.
Don Davis, "Defective Sign-and-Encrypt," Dr. Dobb's Journal #330, v.26(11) (Nov. 2001), pp.
Don Davis' Publications in Cryptography and Computer Security /~dtd   (1692 words)

 .NET Brain Droppings
Don's post on how to leverage differencing disks in Virtual PC is truly enlightening.
Don does a great job of laying out how he uses his base images combined with differencing disks to support multiple envionments.
Don Smith shows how everyone should be using VPC Differencing Disks /dbrowning   (1419 words)

 Don White's Official Web Home
Don will be filming and recording two concerts for
Shot before an enthusiastic audience of Don's "hard core Repeat Offenders" this...
captures, for the first time, the Don White concert experience.   (140 words)

 The Shrine To Don Knotts
Don Knotts: July 21, 1924 - February 24, 2006
Show the world how much Don Knotts has meant to you.
Hear the words and sage wisdom of the mighty Don Knotts. /knotts   (102 words)

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