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Topic: Don Mattingly

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  Don Mattingly | BaseballLibrary.com
However, Mattingly used those first two years in the majors to become a smart two strike hitter and learned to look for the inside pitch that he might drive into Yankee Stadium's short right-field porch.
Mattingly displayed his power in 1985 when, batting third in the Yankee lineup, he amassed career highs of 35 home runs and a league-leading 145 RBI en route to being named AL MVP.
Mattingly is not alone; Steve Farr, Matt Nokes, and Pascual Perez have all been told their hair length violates club policy.
www.baseballlibrary.com /baseballlibrary/ballplayers/M/Mattingly_Don.stm   (1949 words)

  Don Mattingly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mattingly quickly surpassed Balboni on the team's depth chart, and Balboni was traded to the Kansas City Royals in 1984.
Mattingly has never been named on more than 28% of ballots; in 2006 he was down to 12% of the ballots.
Preston Mattingly was chosen in the first round (31st overall) of the June 2006 MLB draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Don_Mattingly   (1486 words)

 Don Mattingly - RBIdb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A formidable left-handed bat in an otherwise shakey AL lineup, Mattingly's power is a respectable but misleading 855 as his contact rating of 8 makes the ball fly off his bat.
Mattingly is a borderline Hall of Famer, as he was arguably the most dominant hitter in the majors for a span of about five years.
Don Mattingly had a killer mustache for much of his career and even sported a mullet for some time, much to the chagrin of George Steinbrenner.
dee-nee.com /wiki/index.php/Don_Mattingly   (179 words)

 Don Mattingly -- Developed into power hitter with N.Y. Yankees -- HistoricBaseball.com
Mattingly's career average in the minor leagues was.332, but he had shown little indication that he could hit for power.
Mattingly credits his success in his first full season to the lessons he learned in 1982 and 1983.
Mattingly drove in a combined 684 runs during that time period, giving him the highest total of any player in Major League Baseball.
www.historicbaseball.com /players/m/mattingly_don.html   (771 words)

 New York Yankees Stars : Don Mattingly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Donald Arthur Mattingly was born on April 20, 1961 in Evansville, Indiana.
During the 1985 season, Donald Mattingly won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the American League as he batted a.324 average with 35 home runs and 145 RBI.
Mattingly was among the top leaders of the game in the 1980s, won a Gold Glove award for his fielding each year and a spot on the American League All-Star team.
www.yankeestars.com /donMattingly.php   (377 words)

 New York Daily News - Baseball - Mattingly: It's OK, by George   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Mattingly said he wouldn't worry if he was Jeter, but then he realized he's coming from a relaxed perspective.
Mattingly, the last Yankee captain when he retired after the 1995 season, also said Jeter would be a good candidate for the captaincy if the organization - read, Steinbrenner - ever decided to name another one.
Mattingly is going to be part of an ownership group that is moving a minor-league team in the Dodgers organization to his hometown of Evansville, Ind.
www.nydailynews.com /sports/baseball/story/61394p-57360c.html   (443 words)

 ESPN.com - MLB - Yanks hire Mattingly; Randolph replaces Zim
Mattingly, looking relaxed in a fl shirt and tan pants, claimed he was "not a savior or magician or anything else." However, manager Joe Torre made clear he didn't fight the decision to jettison Down after New York hit.140 with runners in scoring position during the World Series loss to Florida.
Mattingly then was persuaded by Steinbrenner to return fulltime for the first time since he retired as a player after the 1995 season.
Mattingly had stayed close to his Indiana home since his retirement in 1995 to spend time with his family as his three children grew up.
sports.espn.go.com /mlb/news/story?id=1653418   (722 words)

 What happened to Don Mattingly? - Baseball Fever
Mattingly's contract was up at the end of 1995.
After that season, both Mattingly and the Yankee front office knew that the best "on-field" decision would be to get another first baseman, however, the Yankee fan-base would be crushed because of sentimentality towards Donnie Baseball if he went to another team.
Mattingly decided to retire rather than put the Yankees through the wrath of the fans for not resigning the most popular Yankee if he went elsewhere.
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?t=15090   (677 words)

 New York Daily News - Yankees - Don manages to succeed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Don Mattingly (l.) is learning a lot from watching Joe Torre, knowing that when Torre decides to leave, he may be the man in charge of the Yankees.
It also means Mattingly has several sources of experience from which to pick up tips he might use when he has his own team.
Mattingly said Torre makes managing, "look easier than it is," but the fact that Mattingly would likely have a strong relationship with his players is a good place to start.
www.nydailynews.com /sports/baseball/yankees/story/400357p-339188c.html   (689 words)

 Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame - Don Mattingly
Don was the L.V.Phillips Mental Attitude recipient in 1979.
Don was a six-time All Star and won nine Gold Gloves, the most by a Yankee and the most by an American League first-baseman.
Don is at home in Evansville with wife Kim and sons Taylor, Preston and Jordan.
www.indbaseballhalloffame.org /inductees/mattingly.html   (461 words)

 USATODAY.com - DJs apologize for Mattingly prank   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Don Mattingly played third base for the Yankees, and is now their hitting coach.
When Mattingly's two younger sons arrived at school Thursday morning, concerned classmates told them that WSTO morning show hosts Brad Booker and Diane Douglas were extending their on-air thoughts and prayers to the Mattingly family.
Mattingly's oldest son, Taylor, was also in Japan.
www.usatoday.com /life/people/2004-04-02-don-mattingly_x.htm?POE=LIFISVA   (311 words)

 Don Mattingly's Last Stand - James Campion James Campion's tribute to an injury-riddled Mattingly's fight to stay on ...
Don Mattingly, the tenth New York Yankee captain this century, stood on first base Saturday night.
The simple fact is (and for anyone lucky enough to follow his career) Don Mattingly would rather win one pennant than pick up 10,000 hits.
The Yankees with Don Mattingly have never had a good September with a pennant on the line.
www.jamescampion.com /ncndonnie.html   (931 words)

 Don Mattingly : MLB Legends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
George Steinbrenner’s style may make it difficult to be a fan of any Yankee, but Don Mattingly was the type of player who was hard not to like.
Don Mattingly earned the respect of everybody around the league, and fans wish that every player had his work ethic.
Don Mattingly works as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees.
www.mlb-legends.com /legends/donMattingly.php   (218 words)

 Don Mattingly Tribute
On January 19,2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana Don Mattingly was inducted into the INDIANA BASEBALL HALL OF FAME.
Don was the first Hoosier player to be inducted as soon as he was eligible—being out of baseball five years.
At the Hall of Fame induction ceremony Don was presented with #23, and #1 was a part of a raffle for the Hall of Fame.
www.indbaseballhalloffame.org /mattingly.html   (295 words)

 The Official Don Mattingly Website! Don Mattingly Online, http://www.donmattingly.com,don mattingly,mattingly,donnie ...
Don and I have spoken about this blog and hope to make it fun and interesting.
Don may choose to answer a few of those questions in his next contribution to the blog.
I do have Don's first contribution to the blog and hope to prepare and submit it sometime tomorrow, or I guess I should say today, it is getting late.
donmattingly.com /blog.php   (1324 words)

 Don Mattingly: Hall of Famer?
Don Mattingly was not good enough to be elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1995, but he is good enough in 2002, despite the fact that he has not played a game in seven years.
Mattingly was the top first baseman in baseball for many of those years, won the American League Most Valuable Player Award in 1985, and had an even better year in 1986 when he batted.352, hit 31 home runs, 53 doubles, and batted in 113 runs, while striking out only 35 times.
Dwight Gooden and Mattingly were at the peaks of their careers at about the same time.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/yankees_no_more_no_less/88848   (459 words)

 Send Don Mattingly To the Hall of Fame Petition
When compared to a recent Hall of Fame Inductee, Kirby Pickett, it is hard to believe that Don Mattingly was not welcomed in as a first ballot Hall of Famer.
Don Mattingly has 2,153 hits to Puckett's 2,304, 442 doubles to Puckett's 414, 222 homers to Puckett's 207 and 1,099 RBIs to Puckett's 1,085.
The Send Don Mattingly To the Hall of Fame Petition to Major League Baseball was created by and written by Doug Beyers.
www.petitiononline.com /donnieb/petition.html   (301 words)

 USATODAY.com - Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken Jr. to buy part of minor-league Waves   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Mattingly, a former New York Yankees first baseman, is a consultant for the stadium committee appointed last winter by Mayor Russell Lloyd Jr.
Heller, a political consultant in Washington, said he became acquainted with Mattingly while negotiating with the Evansville committee over the past six months.
Ripken also sponsors a division of Babe Ruth League Inc., and Mattingly is involved with several local youth sports organizations and is a director of the Tri-State Hot Stove League, which has raised $190,000 for Evansville-area youth-sports groups.
www.usatoday.com /sports/baseball/al/2003-01-12-mattingly-ripken_x.htm   (323 words)

 Don Mattingly Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac
Don Mattingly was born on Thursday, April 20, 1961, in Evansville, Indiana.
Mattingly was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 8, 1982, with the New York Yankees.
He (Don Mattingly) has that look that few hitters have.
www.baseball-almanac.com /players/player.php?p=mattido01   (247 words)

 Don Mattingly Nike Cooperstown Jersey: Ironclad Authentics
This is a Don Mattingly button down jersey.
Don Mattingly carried on the legacy of the pinstripe tradition and dedicated his career to the pursuit of excellence.
The premier first baseman of his era (1982-1995), Mattingly won nine Gold Gloves, appeared in six All-Star Games and hit.307 over 14 seasons.
www.ironcladauthentics.com /Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=23AP_U006&Category_Code=apparelmat&Store_Code=IA   (142 words)

 Celebopedia - Don Mattingly
An American baseball player, Don Mattingly was perhaps the best player in the MLB from 1984-1987, before back injuries derailed what looked to be a Hall Of Fame career.
Playing his entire career for the New York Yankees, Mattingly won the AL MVP in 1985 and 9 Gold Gloves at first base.
Don earned the nickname "Donnie Baseball" thanks to his blue collar style of play.
www.celebopedia.com /don-mattingly   (237 words)

 Dissertations, Essays on Don Mattingly
Don Mattingly was a very hard person to write a book about.
The main reason was that it was so hard to find really good information about Don is because there are no books on him.
And the way he helped the community, as I showed him signing baseballs for some boys, Don is a really nice person.
www.essayboom.com /essay/Don_Mattingly-38691.html   (161 words)

 Don Mattingly Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com
Check out Don's new V-Grip Baseball and Softball bats sure to improve your grip and improve your hitting mechanics.
Try the same handle that Don invented to help his own kids help improve their swing.
View Don Mattingly's uniforms at Dressed to the Nines
www.baseball-reference.com /m/mattido01.shtml   (967 words)

 SI.com - More Sports - Don Mattingly's son signs with Tennessee - Tuesday May 9, 2006 5:33PM
Preston Mattingly has signed to play next spring, making him the 10th member of this year's signing class.
Mattingly, of Evansville, Ind., is batting.464 with two home runs in his senior season of high school.
Don Mattingly is currently the Yankees' hitting coach.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /2006/highschool/05/09/mattingly.tennessee/index.html?section=si_latest   (148 words)

 Autographed Don Mattingly T141 BW bat w/ Donnie Baseball insc - $485.00 : The Official Don Mattingly Website!, Don ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Autographed Don Mattingly T141 BW bat w/ Donnie Baseball insc
Don Mattingly Official Louisville Slugger game T141 model fl bat Autographed in sliver with "Donnie Baseball" inscription.
A humble man of grace and dignity, Don Mattingly carried on the legacy of the pinstripe tradition and dedicated his career to the pursuit of excellence.
www.donmattingly.com /store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=67&products_id=207   (192 words)

 Don Mattingly - Statistics - The Baseball Cube   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Don Mattingly - Statistics - The Baseball Cube
The order of teams does not reflect the order of teams played during a season for the Don Mattingly.
Its important to note that the report is based on the same statistics displayed on the TBC web site and so players with incomplete statistics will have an incomplete teammates report.
www.thebaseballcube.com /players/M/don-mattingly.shtml   (1067 words)

 Don Mattingly Baseball Bats: V-Grip Explosive T.N.T. Powerload
The V-Grip™ was invented by our founder, Don Mattingly, of the New York Yankees.
Don invented the grip to help his own sons improve the way they gripped a baseball bat in order to improve their swing technique.
"Mattingly Baseball," the Swinging Batter logo, "V-Grip, "V-Force" and all other marks and logos are trademarks of Mattingly Hitting Products, Inc, unless specifically indicated to be owned by others.
www.mattinglybaseball.com   (264 words)

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