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In the News (Mon 27 May 19)

 nj health insurance lead
Retirement Summit Proposed: Reps. Harris Fawell (R-IL) and Donald Payne (D- NJ), who
Maurice Hinchey (NY); Donald Payne ( NJ); Elijah Cummings...
Guide to State Government Sites (PARI of NJ); State Statutes on the... /nj-health-insurance-lead.asp

 CGCG Newsletter Fall 2001
weapons of mass destruction from Iraq), Congressman Donald Payne (Newark), former United Nations
On December 1, Rutgers-Newark was treated to a survey of "One Helluva Year: Global Politics in 1999." Speakers included Ambassador Richard Butler (formerly in charge of the United Nations effort to remove /cgcg/newsletter_spring2000.htm

 Hepatitis C: The Forum: The Issues: Donald Payne's Testimony
Hepatitis C: The Forum: The Issues: Donald Payne's Testimony
Thank you, Chairman Shays and Ranking Member Towns for allowing me to be here today to join you for this very important hearing.
Thank you, again, Chairman Shays and Ranking Member Towns for allowing me to be here today to recognize the contributions Dr. Leevy has made toward fighting the growth of hepatitis C. Copyright 1998 Trustees of Dartmouth College /theForum/testimony/payneTestimony.html - Donald H. Payne
He was the owner of Payne's Pavement Marking for 36 years and was devoted to his clients.
Donald is survived by his wife of 32 years, Frances Weakley Payne of Culpeper; his children, Donald "Butch" Payne Jr.
Payne was born February 11, 1940, in Orange County to the late Lloyd Ryvers Payne and Fannie Suder Payne. /News/FLS/2004/042004/04212004/1336284 PanAfrica [interview]: Attention for Africa Not Easy In an Election Year - Donald Payne
Attention for Africa Not Easy In an Election Year - Donald Payne
During his 16 years in Congress, Payne has made dozens of visits to almost every part of Africa, the latest this month to Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia.
Payne, who became New Jersey's first African American member of Congress when he was elected to represent the 10th Congressional District in 1988, is the ranking Democrat on the House Africa Subcommittee and the point person on Africa for the Congressional Black Caucus. /stories/200408161708.html

 Donald Payne
If you have interest in Donald Payne, we ask that you help support our efforts by clicking "view live article" on the header of this site or by visiting a site sponsor listed above.
The article Donald Payne has taken this page on our site and is slated for creation. /articles/d/o/Donald_Payne.html

 Environmental Issues, Legislative Priorities, Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
Congressman Donald M. Payne continues to have one of the highest pro-environmental records in the House of Representatives.
Environmental Issues, Legislative Priorities, Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
He is working to encourage a move toward renewable energy sources. /payne/priorities/environment.html

 Congressman Donald Payne Arrested with Christian Solidarity Leaders in Anti-slavery Demonstration at the Sudan Embassy
Congressman Donald Payne Arrested with Christian Solidarity Leaders in Anti-Slavery Demonstration at the Sudan Embassy
L to R: Walter Fauntroy, Donald Payne, Joe Madison and Barbara Reynolds
Congressman Payne said, “Slave raids by the armed forces of Sudan’s Khartoum government are being used to gain control of southern oil fields. /news/global/2001/payneeibnerstory06-22-01.htm

 Donald Payne of New Jersey (D)
Donald Payne's commitment to global peace and justice started long before his career in Congress.
Payne is currently serving as the representative to the United Nations from the U.S. Congress.
Some of his most important work has been conducted on the House International Relations Committee where he urged committee Democrats to oppose the Iraq War Resolution committee vote. /pages/8_545.html

 Donald Payne/Doris Taylor
Name: Donald Andrew Payne Born: at: Married: 13 JUL 1982 at: Davidson, MI Died: at: Spouses: Kim Lynette Thomas
Name: Pamela Ann Payne Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Kenneth Scheer
Name: Julie Ann Payne Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Glenn Mott /sknight/vermilion-roots/sheets/fam00046.htm

 On MLK's Birthday, Newark Honors Congressman Donald Payne for Leadership in Anti-Slavery Movement
service's keynote speaker, Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ), is being recognized for his abolitionist leadership in Congress.
"In June, Congressman Payne risked his life to visit Sudanese victims.
AASG President Charles Jacobs, who attended Dr. King's 1963 March on Washington, stated that Payne's leadership has been vital to the anti-slavery movement. /news/global/old/payne01-16-00.htm

 Biography, Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
On the international front, Congressman Payne has been at the forefront of efforts to restore democracy and human rights in nations throughout the globe, including South Africa, Namibia, Haiti, Zaire, Nigeria, China, Eastern Europe and Northern Ireland.
The Congressman has convened a number of Congressional hearings in his district to call attention to issues including the AIDS epidemic, the rising incidence of tuberculosis, and the impact of incineration on public health.
His amendment promotes long-term income security to reduce the extent and severity of poverty. /payne/biography/index.html

 Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
Representative Payne Leads Delegation to Iraq; Meets with Hometown Troops (9/20/2004)
Representative Donald Payne Honored With "Visionaries For Africa Award" By The Africa Society (11/5/2004)
View the map of the counties represented in the 10th District of New Jersey. /payne

 Donald PAYNE/Susan Lynette CHAPMAN
Name: Adam PAYNE Born: 24 DEC 1980 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: PEDIGREE
Name: Boyd Lachlan PAYNE Born: 11 DEC 1982 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: PEDIGREE
Died: at: Father: Allen Bernard CHAPMAN Mother: Lorna Iris Una BROWN Other Spouses: PEDIGREE /djcoulter/html/fam/fam00408.htm

 Donald Payne on Abortion
Click here for HouseMatch answers by Donald Payne.
Payne scores 100% by NARAL on pro-choice voting record
For over thirty years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been the political arm of the pro-choice movement and a strong advocate of reproductive freedom and choice. /NJ/Donald_Payne_Abortion.htm

 All Immigration Votes of Representative Donald Payne
Rep. Payne advocated rewarding those who violated U.S. immigration laws by making them permanent lawful U.S. residents.
Rep. Payne voted IN FAVOR of the Chabot Amendment to H.R.2202.
Rep. Payne in 1996 voted for the Chrysler-Berman Amendment to H.R.2202. /improfile.php3?DistSend=NJ&VIPID=541

 Donald Payne
March 2004 Donald Payne "Thump Daddy" Bass player join Q and Malaika hip roc soul out of Dayton Ohio.
Donald Payne stays true to the funk with his new solo release Hate the Game.
My talents evolved during the 70's when I joined a Columbus soul group, The Crowd Pleasers.

 Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ) and me on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ) and me on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Taken on July 31, 2004 at 5:56pm PST.
To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and /photos/classwarrior/134141

 Donald M. Payne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Payne's brother, William D. Payne, serves in the New Jersey General Assembly representing the 29th legislative district of New Jersey.
Before being elected to Congress in 1988, Payne served in the Newark Municipal Council, was on the Essex County Board of Freeholders, was an executive at Prudential Financial, was Vice President of Urban Data Systems Inc., and was a teacher in the Newark public school system.
Payne was born in Newark, New Jersey and did his undergraduate studies at Seton Hall University. /wiki/Don_Payne   (595 words)

Donald Payne was elected to the U.S. House in 1988 with 86 percent of the vote, defeating Republican Michael Webb.
Payne was elected to the Newark city council in 1982 and served as Essex County freeholder.
In 1998, Payne was re-elected, defeating Republican Stan Wnuck with 83 percent of the vote. /wp-srv/elections/2004/candidates/22572   (321 words)

 News page
Leading Africa policymaker and proponent, Congressman Donald M. Payne, from New Jersey's Tenth District, will deliver the third in a series of lectures on Africa named in honor of Ambassador Andrew Young.
Payne was appointed to the Democratic Steering Committee by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in January 2003 to assist in shaping the legislative agenda of the 108th Congress.
Payne, a native of Newark, became New Jersey's first African American Congressman when he was elected in 1988 and has been returned by a wide margin of the vote in each subsequent election. /news/payne_pressrelease.html   (291 words)

 FDU Press Release: Congressman Donald M. Payne to Speak
Payne is a Ranking Member of the International Relations Committee on the Western Hemisphere and Subcommittee on Africa, and a past Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Congressman Payne gained national recognition when he was selected to manage the debate on the floor of the House of Representatives in opposition to the use of force in Iraq before fully exploring a diplomatic solution.
Payne was a key sponsor of the minimum wage increase and the Family and Medical Leave Act. /prpt/dpayne.html   (325 words)

 US Lawmaker Backtracks From Anti-India Statement
Donald M Payne, New Jersey Democrat and a former chairman of the powerful Congressional Black Caucus, said in his missive to Clinton that India is one of the strongest democracies in the world and in no way should be considered a terrorist state.
Payne, besides informing Clinton that his name had been inadvertently included in the letters urging the US to designate India a terrorist state, said, "I would also like to clarify my position as it relates to US-Indian relations.
Consequently, they approached Payne and asked him how, someone they had always thought of as a friend of India, could have signed off on such a virulently anti-India letter and implored him to retract, which the lawmaker has done in a letter to Clinton. /articles/1200/3.html   (491 words)

 Payne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Payne is the name of several places in the United States:
Scherrie Payne (born 1944), U.S. singer (The Supremes)
Keith Payne (born 1933), Vietnam veteran, Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross /wiki/Payne   (207 words)

 Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
Congressman Donald M. Payne, 10th District New Jersey
Payne And Pascrell Announce New Grant For Montclair Fire Department (9/30/2005)
Contact the office of Congressman Payne to recieve your internship packet. /payne   (98 words)

 KIPP > News & Events
Donald M. Payne, a native of Newark, New Jersey, was elected to represent the 10th Congressional District of New Jersey in 1988 as New Jersey's first African American Congressman, serving every term since.
Congressman Payne is a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
With over 30 KIPP Schools in existence and at least 9 more opening next summer, KIPP is quickly proving that hard work, longer hours in school, and a college preparatory focus can make a huge difference in the lives of children all across the United States. /press/releases_TEAM.html   (387 words)

 Payne, Donald M. --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
More results on "Payne, Donald M." when you join.
University of Virginia, U.S. Biography of Dolley Payne Madison, First Lady of the United States, the wife of James Madison, the Fourth U.S. president.
He won the 1960 Nobel prize in physics for his invention of the bubble chamber (in 1952), which traced the movement of high-energy atomic particles and was used to observe the behavior of subatomic particles. /ebi/article-9332700?tocId=9332700   (571 words)

 NJJN - Rabbi officiates at swearing-in ceremony for Rep. Donald Payne
Rabbi Michael Klayman, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth O’r/Beth Torah in Clark, performed the benediction at the Jan. 10 swearing-in ceremony for United States Rep. Donald M. Payne (D-Dist. 10) at Newark’s Federal Plaza.
Maxine James, chief of staff of Payne’s Newark office, said representatives from three communities — Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic — were invited to participate in various aspects of the swearing-in ceremony.
Payne’s district now includes Union, Essex, and Hudson counties, embracing places as diverse as Jersey City, Rahway, Elizabeth, and Millburn. /   (432 words)

 Africa and the War on Global Terrorism
The Honorable Donald M. Payne, a Representative in Congress from the State of New Jersey: Prepared statement
Payne, and, colleagues, and, distinguished Members, I am grateful for the chance to be before you and to testify.
Payne, for the opportunity to come and be here today with you on this very important subject. /committees/intlrel/hfa76191.000/hfa76191_0.HTM   (18310 words)

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