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 News from the Jersey Cape - Doo Wop
Doo Wop - the music and architecture synonymous with the 1950s when Ike was president but Elvis was the king and the capital of the Jersey Shore was definitely Wildwood.
Doo Wop tours, a 45-minute guided trolley ride around town with stories about the way life was in the Wildwoods during the Doo Wop days with great tunes from the 1950s, are sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts.
The Doo Wop Preservation League, Pine and Pacific Avenues in Wildwood, is open to the public. /Press-Release/doo-wop-2002.htm   (957 words)

 Doo-wop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dion and the Belmonts' "I Wonder Why" (1958) was a major hit that is sometimes regarded as the anthem for doo wop, while The Five Discs added a wide range of sounds and pitched vocals.
Other groups, like The Castelles and The Penguins, innovated new styles, most famously uptempo doo wop, established by The Crows 1953 "Gee" and Cleftones' 1956 "Little Girl of Mine.
Also, Japenis made doo-wop musical group Chanels (Afterward, it was renamed Rats and Star), including famous sex offender Masashi Tashiro, came out in 80's Japan. /wiki/Doo-wop   (735 words)

 Doo wop dreams - Doowop Music
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"Doo wop" is a recent term for a type of early rock and roll that used vocal harmony with minimal instrumentation.
Many doo wop groups are still out there performing, especially in the larger centers where more of them came from and the music was most popular (the NY, PA, and LA areas).
Doo wop's roots are in Rythm & Blues, the "scat" style of jazz, and "big band jump" performances. /homepages/sketchley_keith_h/doowops.htm   (965 words)

 Doo Wop Reunion Tickets- Doo Wop Reunion
Doo Wop Reunion is one of the most exciting thing to do in Doo Wop Reunion.
Doo Wop Reunion are available in the Doo Wop Reunion, Phillips Arena, Sanford Stadium, Chastain, and Atlanta.
Doo Wop Reunion tickets are available in Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, New York, Boston, Chicago, Doo Wop Reunion Birmingham, Atlanta tickets, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Dixie Chicks Dallas, Austin. /Doo_Wop_Reunion.html   (314 words)

 The Doo Wop Architecture of Wildwood Crest
Doo Wop” is a term coined by MAC (the Mid-Atlantic Center For The Arts) in the early 1990s to describe the unique, space-age architectural style that was common in the 1950s and 1960s that incorporated modern, sweeping angles, bright colors, starbursts, boomerang shapes, plastic palm trees, and angular wall and roof styles.
Many of the “Doo Wop” motels (including the Ebb Tide) were built by Will and Lou Morey, who specialized in such designs.
(It was named after a music style popular at that time, sung by groups like The Turbans and The Ink Spots.) Other parts of the country refer to the “Doo Wop” style as “Googie” or “Populuxe” architecture. /doowop.htm   (299 words)

 Doo Wop Tickets- Doo Wop
Doo Wop is one of the most exciting thing to do in Doo Wop.
Doo Wop are available in the Doo Wop, Phillips Arena, Sanford Stadium, Chastain, and Atlanta.
Doo Wop tickets are available in Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, New York, Boston, Chicago, Doo Wop Birmingham, Atlanta tickets, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Dixie Chicks Dallas, Austin. /Doo_Wop.html   (273 words)

 Real Audio Doo Wop Music ( The Doo Wop Shop )
Doo Wop music is, innocent, joyous, romantic and almost spiritual.
Doo Wop was vocal group harmonizing at it's best.
Doo Wop basically evolved from a merging of pop, gospel,   (85 words)

Doo Wop 50 produced by PBS-TV changed everything in the world of Doo Wop.
Doo Wop, those two words get the crowds out.
Who could have predicted that it would bring in the largest, record setting pledges in the history of public television. /www/doowop.htm   (125 words)

 Doo Wop acapella CDs & Recordings, acapella, acappela
The Moonglows were a seminal vocal group in the development of the sound between the vocal jazz and jubilee groups to the then ermerging doo wop sound.
This is the authentic street corner Doo Wop, with a bunch of guys who know each other as absolutely as they know the songs.
The five men of Tampa, FL’s Boomerz have a rich, deep-bassed Doo Wop sound and are blessed with good arrangements and song selection on these 10 authentic tunes. /doowop   (7962 words)

 Doo Wop PRO Rally
The Doo Wop weekend is the concluding two events to the four-part Doo Wop Diner PRO Rally series.
The Doo Wop rallies, to be held entirely in daylight, will run on the Simpson Timber Company forest roads on Saturday, and on the more familiar Capitol State Forest Roads on Sunday.
The Mazda Protege of Rick Beson, which won the Doo Wop I divisional event last month, but suffered damage in a rollover during Doo Wop II that same weekend, will miss this event, but expects to return to the Olympia, Washington rally scene for the Wild West event April 21-22. /archive/95_natnotes/doowop_95.html   (4031 words)

 Online Doo wop Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - DooWop Jukebox Gold
Doo Wop Classics plays all of the classic doo wop songs from the golden era, 195...
Playing all your favorite doo wop records from the '50s and early '60s, plus all...
Visit our Webpage or go to for free jukebox skins, charts, doo wop stories, bulletinboard and more. /stations/papaoommowwow   (264 words)

 The Doo-Wop Sound
Its been said that there were 15,000 Doo Wop groups that recorded at least one record.
Below is a list of the some of the Doo Wop groups, many one hit wonders.
As they married and started families came responsibility and they no longer could chase their dreams. /DooWopSound.htm   (321 words)

 Doo Wop Review tickets - Doo Wop Review Schedule
All Doo Wop Review tickets sold by Moose Tickets are guaranteed and processed thru a secure server.
Doo Wop Review tickets, premium and hard to get Doo Wop Review tickets to all Doo Wop Review events nationwide.
We have Doo Wop Review tickets added all the time some make sure to check out the Doo Wop Review tickets page often for updates. /t.php?Doo-Wop-Review-tickets&eid=3729   (116 words)

 The Doo-Wop Webring
Philadephia area doo wop and soul group mixes street corner acapella with keyboards and percussion for the classic sounds of the 50s and 60s.
We are a 5 man a cappella doo wop group who sing song from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
The NorrisTones - A Dose Of Doo Wop /hub?ring=doowop   (1608 words)

 Classic Soul: DOO WOP ON THE SOUL-PATROL, Black History Month: Pookie Hudson/Spaniels, Johnny Reed, Harptones, Earl Lewis, Frankie Lymon, Chantels, Tommy Hunt, Dells, Flamingos, Moonglows, Eugene Pitt and The Jive Five
Although they are not generally thought of as a DOO WOP group, they had hit records back in the 1950's, still have hits today, and are probably the LAST of the DOO WOP groups who are still a force on the music scene today.
He was there on the scene as a member of one of the most famous DOO WOP groups of all time and one that still performs today.
I have wanted to do something here on the Classic Soul site about DOO WOP for quite a while, but I didn't really know how to approach it, since my own first hand knowledge was severely limited at best. /soul/doowop.html   (2297 words)

 Welcome to doo wop all the time
This website is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of Doo Wop and the groups who first began this solely American form of music.
The origins of Doo Wop seem to be rooted in urban African American society, however, not limited to this nationality.
The street corners, school hallways gave birth to a form of music that changed music history in America and the world.   (232 words)

 Doo Wop Dreams tickets - Doo Wop Dreams Schedule
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Doo Wop Dreams tickets, premium and hard to get Doo Wop Dreams tickets to all Doo Wop Dreams events nationwide.
We have Doo Wop Dreams tickets added all the time some make sure to check out the Doo Wop Dreams tickets page often for updates. /t.php?Doo-Wop-Dreams-tickets&eid=4617   (116 words)

 Links to R&B and Doo Wop
Doo Wop Shoo Bop is a e-commerce and retail store that specializes in the music of the 50's and early 60's - doo wop, vocal group harmony and RandB.
I send out what I think is the best of Doo Wop from time to time.
The spanish site focusses on non-American Doo Wop groups from Europe, Japan and Australia. /links   (835 words)

 Rhyming Doo-Wop
Define Doo Wop and write about the great musicians of the era.
Webster's Dictionary defines Doo-Wop as: "noun - a vocal style of rock and roll characterized by the a cappella singing of nonsense syllables in rhythmical support of the melody." Actually, this is a fairly accurate description of the genre, but it's so much more than that when you hear it.
Because of your research, Doo Wop has made a remarkable come back. /doo_wop.htm   (507 words)

 AGENDA Sep 2001 - Music: Elvis & Doo Wop
In a similar sense, where black country blues shined a light on the repressive, persevering nature of the dominant white culture on southern rural black culture, doo wop put the light on a black cultural manifestation that celebrated its own parameters and conditions.
One can only imagine what rock’n’roll and American popular music in general might have sounded like if Presley’s cat music would have blended with doo wop music.
Rhino Records’ four-disk, 101-song "The Doo Wop Box" set contains some of the best doo-wop hits ever recorded. /~lormand/agenda/0109/music.htm   (1107 words)

 Doo Wop
Because the Doo Wop pays homage to that era of automotive excess and visual overkill, it was decided that it needed to have that flashy look without being gaudy.
While John and Doug worked out the rough idea for Doo Wop it was up to Keim to work out the details and make the project happen.
For John Nicodemus that time was his American Graffiti, his "In the Still of the Night", his "Streetcar Named Desire." For John Nicodemus it was that era known as…Doo Wop. /Jan2005/doowop.htm   (513 words)

 Doo Wop Music on the Internet
Doo Wop Cafe radio station: dial-up - broadband - schedule /doowop.html   (10 words)

 Various Artists - Encyclopedia Of Doo Wop Vol. 2 [Box] And Dk History of the World
Various Artists - Encyclopedia Of Doo Wop Vol.
Each chapter opens with a world map followed by a time chart listing events of that period. /encyclopedia.htm   (105 words)

 Doo Wop - 50s Fashions for the Whole Family
Since 1987, Doo Wop Fashions has offered some of the finest 50's wear and accessories to be found.
Doo Wop - 50s Fashions for the Whole Family
Over the past years we have traveled to various car shows and 50's oriented events all over this GREAT United States.   (178 words)

 Doo Wop Shoo Bop Links
Doo Wop Days Although most text is in German, many links to many many groups! - Brief history & origins of Doo Wop music & the 50's groups that changed the course of history.
Mondo Mike Cruising Classic Doo Wop Show - Radio Show - best group harmony, oldies, R&B, acappella & doowop this side of heaven - Sundays 9am-2pm. /links.html   (741 words)

 Doo Wop - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Music
Doo wop was a notable genre for a number of reasons, possibly the least of which being that seemingly nine out of ten doo wop group names consisted of some sort of pluralized noun prefaced by a definite article (e.g.
Doo Wop - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Music
Different groups took varying approaches to the same end: the Ravens adopted jazzy instrumental backing, while the Drifters used strings to add melodrama to their pristine harmonies. /2001-8553_32-0.html   (137 words) Doo Wop Delights: Music: Various Artists
This 4 CD box set by Proper is a fantastic collection of early (1950-1954) Doo Wop featuring the earlier R&B-tinged work of many classic groups such as the Flamingos, the Moonglows, the Platters, the Ravens, the 5 Royales and many others.
100 of the Greatest Moments in Doo Wop, the Music that in Large Part Gave Birth to Rock and Roll.
This is a super 4 disc 100 song collection of the best of early doo wop.All songs are original tracks sweet. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00062FMDC?v=glance   (534 words)

 All Doo-Wop
Colorado quintet 17th Avenue Allstars gives us a GREAT doo wop recording in "Doo Wop Gold." There really is nothing lacking on this collection of classics, from "Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)" to...
Nothing fancy, nothing ground-breaking, just straight-ahead, energetic doo wop sounds.
17th Avenue Allstars: Doo Wop Gold (CD) Price: $14.97 /catalog/browse-cds-by-style/doo-wop/cat_all-doo-wop.html   (243 words)

 WQED Multimedia: Television
The show, also known as Doo Wop 52, featured the original performers, singing their biggest hits.
PBS STATIONS: For additional information on Rock, Rhythm and Doo Wop, please e-mail
The show was taped in May 2001 in Pittsburgh, the Oldies Capital of the World. /tv/doowop   (232 words)

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