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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Dorje - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dorje is a Tibetan word referring to a ritual object held in the right hand of a Lama while preforming religious ceremonies.
As a sacred symbol of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment'; an abrupt change in human consciousness which is recognised by all the great religions as a pivotal episode in the lives of mystics and saints.
In the Buddhist religious ceremony, a bell, symbolizing the feminine principle (the wisdom of emptiness), is paired with the dorje, symbolizing the masculine principle (that of compassion expressed through skillful means).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dorje   (184 words)

 Urgyen Trinley Dorje - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Born in Eastern Tibet (now China) to largely nomadic parents, Urgyen Trinley Dorje is said to have identified himself to family members as the Karmapa early in childhood.
Urgyen Trinley Dorje was installed at Tsurphu monastery, the traditional seat of the Karmapa in Tibet, where he lived for another seven years.
Urgyen Trinley Dorje had complained to Chinese authorities that he was unable to obtain in China the specialized instruction he needed to complete his studies and to realize his full spiritual authority.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /urgyen_trinley_dorje.htm   (285 words)

 Press Article on Tibet, the Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden
But in 1996 this repudiation of Dorje Shugden was made public and what until then had been only exhortations, often ignored, became prohibitions implemented with violent persecution of the followers of this [deity], now a so-called 'demon'.
Dorje was portrayed as an evil being responsible for the failure to attain Tibetan independence and for many other problerns.
Dorje was portrayed as a demon, hungry for blood and responsible for a cult that brainwashed and financially exploited innocents who fell into its hands.
www.tibet-internal.com /MasAlla.html   (4864 words)

 Encyclopedia: Urgyen Trinley Dorje
Born in Kham, Tibet to largely nomadic parents, Urgyen Trinley Dorje is said to have identified himself to family members as the Karmapa early in childhood.
Urgyen Trinley Dorje was installed at Tsurphu (mtshur-phu) monastery, the traditional seat of the Karmapa in Tibet, where he lived for another seven years.
Trinley Thaye Dorje Trinley Thaye Dorje (born 6 May 1983, Lhasa, Tibet) is the 17th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu school, one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Urgyen-Trinley-Dorje   (1409 words)

The giant dorje of Swayambhunath, Nepal that is associated with Karmapa Rangjung Dorje.
The vajra or dorje and its complementary object, the bell (Skt.: ghanta) are the characteristic ritual implements of Vajrayana or the tantric methods of Buddhism.
In the Buddhist tradition, the bell is visualized as the body, the dorje is the mind, and the sound of the bell is regarded as the speech of the Buddha.
www.khandro.net /ritual_vajra.htm   (2136 words)

 Thaye Dorje - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trinley Thaye Dorje (born 6 May 1983, Lhasa, Tibet) is recognized by many followers as the 17th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu school, one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
Another claimant, Urgyen Trinley Dorje, has support from important lamas from the Kagyu lineage as well as from the Dalai Lama.
In December 2004 Thaye Dorje was declared a Vajraacharya, a great Tantric master.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thaye_Dorje   (206 words)

 Ghanta & Dorje Sets
Dorje is Tibetan for indestructible diamond scepter, and is symbolic of compassion.
Together, the Ghanta and Dorje symbolize the perfect union of wisdom and compassion necessary to achieve enlightenment.
Used together as a set, the Ghanta is held in the left hand and the Dorje in the right.
www.bodhisattva.com /ghanta_dorje.htm   (298 words)

 Little Devices
"dorje embodies not only the brilliance of refracted or reflected illumination, but it also symbolizes the impervious and fixed solidity of the point of power around which all else turns - the axis mundi or hub of the world.
But to some the dorje is a tool -- a functional devices with specific properties and utility.
To these lightning handlers a dorje is a plasma device used to manipulate electrical plasma.
www.littledevices.com /sticks/dorje   (280 words)

 Translator Discusses Life of 17th Karmapa in Lotus Talk
She said Dorje was aware of his importance at the age of four, when his mother was planning to offer some of her butter to a shrine for several Buddhist Lamas.
Dorje became the 17th incarnation of the Karmapa in 1992 when he was only seven, 11 years after the death of his predecessor.
In 2000, Dorje was forced to flee Tibet under pressure from the communist Chinese government, Martin said.
www.reversespins.com /karmapa.html   (480 words)

 Dorje Shugden, Dorje Shugdan
This explanation of the role of Dorje Shugden (also spelled Dorje Shugdan) very much reminded me of the concept of a Patron Saint in Christianity, and in particular of Saint George, who is also depicted as an armed knight.
Saint George is usually shown in combat with a dragon, which he is attempting to slay using a sword, or sometimes when depicted on horseback he has a lance.
Following his death, Dorje Shudgen was adopted as the protector of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.
kwelos.tripod.com /dorjeshugden.htm   (714 words)

 Karma Dorje   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
That evening Dorje's mother asked where he wanted to place the stickers and his reply was "on my bedroom door so they will know a Lama sleeps here." This was just one of many things occurring over the years that always made me raise an eyebrow.
To my surprise and delight, Rinpoche said that Dorje had been a Lama in MANY of his previous lives, and that it came through so strong that he knew this about one third of the way through the MO. The translator told me Rinpoche felt this was very auspicious.
After blessing Dorje and his mala, Rinpoche gave him the name Karma Dorje and said he should receive the Manjushri Empowerment when he was old enough since this was the path he should follow during this lifetime.
home.comcast.net /~drolma/dorje.htm   (429 words)

 DORJE - The DJ List
As a young child, Dorje's interest in music was apparent as he would record made up songs and melodies with a cheap tape recorder, his voice, cheep children’s keyboards and what ever else made a sound.
By the age of seventeen Dorje was playing mini tours across eastern Canada and had upgraded to a high-end 8-track and was producing demos for many local artists, contributing directly to record deals and other achievements.
Dorje's diverse background allows him to push the boundaries of traditional genres of music as he mixes together breakbeat, house, funk, drum n bass, hip-hop, pop, rock, classical and everything in between; All seamlessly tweaked and twisted into a groove that you can't help but get into and get down to!
www.thedjlist.com /djs/DORJE   (350 words)

 Dorje and Bell
The bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect and the dorje represents the creative, forceful, male energy.
During ceremonies, the bell is held in the left hand with the dorje in the palm of your right hand.
As the sound of the bell resonates, together they balance the negative with the positive to harmonize one's life and surroundings.
www.natashascafe.com /html/dorji.html   (58 words)

 Dorje rdo rje   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Dorje rdo rje is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
Dorje is the scepter of power, whether spiritual or temporal, and appears on the altars of the Gelukpas together with the bell and cymbals: "It is also a Mudra, a gesture and posture used in sitting for meditation.
A more mystical reference to dorje, however, alludes to the higher triad of the human constitution which, if continually held in view, purifies the lower quaternary as the thunderstorm does the earth's atmosphere.
www.experiencefestival.com /dorje_rdo_rje   (691 words)

 Buddhism - Dorje
Symbolically a dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment,' that abrupt change in human consciousness which is recognised by all the great religions as a pivotal episode in the lives of mystics and saints.
The Bell and Dorje, or thunderbolt, are inseparable ritual objects in Tibetan Buddhism.
The Bell held in the left hand, representing the female aspect as wisdom; the Dorje, or male held in the right hand, aspect as method.
www.crystalinks.com /buddhism.html   (2690 words)

 Ngakpa Rig'dzin Dorje   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje wears the undervest rather than the full to-nga, but the vest is still ornamented with the crossed lapels which represent 'the fangs of Yama', the proximity of the ever-closing jaws of death.
Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje has always made his home in Britain, so as to be close to his own Lamas, and so that Nicola and he can raise Henry close to their two families.
This has come to mean that when Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje is at home, with his family and among the public, he is then paradoxically in retreat; in the sense that he devotes himself to private family life, which conceals itself in the genial liberal environment of north London.
www.aroter.org /images/arolamas/rdhenry_park.htm   (738 words)

 Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's Open Letter to the Dalai Lama
Your assertion that the practice of Dorje Shugden is harmful has already destroyed the reputation of these two Lamas and of the Gelug tradition.
I clearly understand that the purpose behind all this negative publicity is to destroy the NKT and the practice of Dorje Shugden in the west.
If the worship of Dorje Shugden is really harming the Tibetan cause, your people and your life, then you have good reasons for this ban, but I need clear evidence from you.
www.cesnur.org /testi/fr99/gkg2.htm   (974 words)

 Station Hill Authors --Rinjing Dorje
Rinjing Dorje is the son of Sherab Dorje from Kham, eastern Tibet, and Choe Gyalmo, a nomad lady from the foothills of the Himalayas.
Sherab Dorje was recognized as the reincarnation of a Sherpa lama, Khamsum Wangdu, and in the 1930s he moved from his native land to northern Nepal.
Sherab Dorje was a highly esteemed practitioner of Tibetan medicine in healing the mentally ill. His uniquely unconventional techniques made him prominent throughout the region.
www.stationhill.org /dorje.html   (513 words)

 Dharma Protector Duldzin Dorje Shugden   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Dorje Shugden appears as a fully ordained monk to show that the practice of pure moral discipline is essential for those who wish to attain enlightenment.
Dorje Shugden rides a snow lion, the symbol of the four fearlessnesses of a Buddha, and has a jewel-spitting mongoose perched on his left arm, symbolizing his power to bestow wealth on those who put their trust in him.
Dorje Shugden always helps, guides, and protects pure and faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their wishes, and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities.
www.meditationincolorado.org /dorjeshugden.htm   (1326 words)

 namcho_AboutNamcho.gif   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Migyur Dorje was born in one of the inner regions of the lower province, in an area called Nhom Tod Rola.
Gonpo Tseten, Migyur Dorje's father, dreamt that he found a remarkable white conch shell and that he himself was blowing a large copper dharma horn.
Although Terton Migyur Dorje was destined to reveal earth termas, the merit of sentient beings was deficient and it was due to this that his presence in this world was cut short.
www.bodhi.org /Namcho/namcho_AboutNamcho_migyurdorje.html   (2566 words)

 Bell and Dorje Set from Nepal
The Bell and Dorje are the main ritual objects used in Vajrayana Buddhism (also known as Tantric Buddhism).
The Dorje is held in the right hand and represents the male principle of the universe when used in rituals.
Hence, the use of the Bell and Dorje together is a symbol for the joining of Wisdom and Compassion.
www.siamese-dream.com /page/siam1/PROD/CMbelldorje   (345 words)

 BBC NEWS | South Asia | Sherpa sets record Everest time
Pemba Dorje's task was made easier because some 90 climbers, taking advantage of recent good weather, had been ahead of him, working a path to the top, hardening the soft snow.
Pemba Dorje questioned the authenticity of Lakpa Gelu's record and petitioned the tourism ministry for an official investigation into the expedition.
Pemba Dorje's latest attempt came as part of a team led by veteran climber, Appa Sherpa, who broke the record for the number of ascents on Monday with his fourteenth climb.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/south_asia/3734931.stm   (436 words)

 H.E. Mingyur Rinpoche
Yongey Mingyur Dorje's second incarnation was born into the Batok family in the Lhatok region.
Yongey Mingyur Dorje's present incarnation is the seventh in this string of incarnations and was born in 1976.
Rigpey Dorje, the sixteenth Karmapa, identified him as being the authentic reincarnation of the previous Yongey Mingyur Dorje and bestowed upon him the name Karma Gyurmey Tendzin Chökyi Dorje.
www.choklingtersar.org /teachers/mingyur.htm   (1791 words)

 Tibetan Medicine as Taught by Dr. Kelsang Dorje, B.T.M.S., teacher of Michael Kreuzer and Tibet Medicine Doctor ...
Kelsang Dorje, B.T.M.S, (affectionately referred to as Keldor-la) completed a five year course of Menpa Kachupa or Bachelor of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Surgery at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Medical and Astro.
Dorje, after working in the Materia Medica Department of TMAI, is now a practicing Tibetan Doctor at the Tibetan Medical Center in the Himalayan region of Sikkim, India.
Dorje has been trained in Tibetan Massage, herbology, and other techniques of traditional Tibetan Medicine.
www.ayurveda-berkeley.com /tibetan_medicine_doctor_kelsang_dorje_teacher_background.htm   (165 words)

 The 3rd Karmapa - the Karmapa website
Born to a family of a tantric practitioners of the Nyingma lineage in Dingri Langkor, in the Tsang region of Central Tibet, Rangjung Dorje sat up straight at the age of three and proclaimed that he was the Karmapa.
Not content with this, Rangjung Dorje sought out and studied with the greatest scholars and experts of different traditions of knowledge, learning from all Buddhist traditions of the time.
Gyalwa Yungtön Dorje Pal, was born into a family of Nyingma tantric practitioners at Tsongdu Gurmo, in Southern Tibet, in the Wood Snake year.
www.kagyuoffice.org /kagyulineage.karmapa3.html   (809 words)

 Orgyen Dorje Den - A Northern California Yeshe Nyingpo Center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Orgyen Dorje Den - A Northern California Yeshe Nyingpo Center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition
The Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche founded Orgyen Dorje Den in 1978 as a place of refuge in the San Francisco Bay Area for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism.
Since that time, students have maintained a practice facility, and now, thanks to an initial donation from a sponsor, we have purchased a wonderful building in Alameda, which we will develop into a permanent and stable resource for the Bay Area Buddhist Community.
www.orgyendorjeden.org   (102 words)

 The 17th Karmapa, Thaye Dorje
The 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje was born in Tibet in 1983.
In 1997, Karmapa Thaye Dorje was officially invited to Bhutan for the cremation ceremony of Topga Rinpoche and was received with full honors.
Currently, Thaye Dorje lives in Kalimpong, India where, under the guidance of teachers such as Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche, Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche and Professor Sempa Dorje, he continues an intensive Buddhist education.
www.diamondway.org /texas/thaye.html   (390 words)

 Diamond Way Buddhism.org
H.H. the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (1924 -1981) was born in Derge province in Eastern Tibet.
In 1997, H.H. the 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje was officially invited to Bhutan for the cremation ceremony of Topga Rinpoche where he was received with full honors.
Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche was born in the Kingdom of Bhutan in 1918.
www.diamondway-buddhism.org /?col=03&t=teachers.htm   (1767 words)

 Karmapa the Black Hat Lama of Tibet
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Trinlay Thaye Dorje, paid a visit to the Kingdom of Bhutan from October 6th to October 15th.
On Monday, December 1, 2003, the Vidyadhara ceremony of the 17th Karmapa, Trinlay Thaye Dorje, took place at the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in New Delhi.
In September, Professor Harrison Pemberton of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, traveled to Kalimpong to present an intensive introduction to Western philosophy to the Karmapa and a small group of advanced lamas.
www.karmapa.org   (587 words)

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