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Topic: Dormancy

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 Dormancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first, seed coat dormancy or external dormancy, is caused by the presence of a hard seed covering or seed coat that prevents water and oxygen from reaching and activating the embryo.
The second type of dormancy, embryo dormancy or internal dormancy, is caused by a condition of the embryo which prevents germination.
Dormancy is a survival strategy exhibited by some temperate climate species, which enables them to survive winters. /wiki/Dormancy   (315 words)

 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Millennium Seed Bank Project: Seed Dormancy
Seeds with physical dormancy are often chipped or covering structures are removed at the MSB to allow water uptake or remove chemical inhibitors or mechanical constraint and hence allow germination.
Seed dormancy has evolved in plants to ensure survival from the time of seed dispersal to the time of germination and seedling establishment.
Seed dormancy can be defined as the failure of mature, intact seeds to germinate under favourable conditions. /msbp/tech/dormancy.html   (590 words)

 Seed dormancy may hold the key to fighting weeds
The study of the inheritance of seed dormancy in weedy rice was presented at the 7th International Workshop on Seeds in Salamanca, Spain in May 2002 and is published in the May-June issue of Crop Science.
Since the wild oat genome is too large to perform map-base cloning of the dormancy and germination genes, these researchers investigated rice, with its small genome and many genetic resources, as a model system to identify and clone seed dormancy genes from grasses.
Ultimately, Foley says he would like to see many seed dormancy genes cloned from rice so they can be used as probes to find similar genes in wild oat and crops like wheat and barley that are susceptible to preharvest sprouting. /pub_releases/2003-07/asoa-sdm070103.php   (362 words)

 Get Growing Gardening Tips 61- Dormancy and Plants
Dormancy may be caused by the embryo being immature or though mature, germination will not occur because of the external seed coat or dormancy may be controlled by the internal physiology of the seed or a combination of internal and external dormancies may be responsible.
Dormancy may also be the result of a delicate state of balance between chemical growth inhibitors and growth stimulators.
Dormancy in buds, is essential to the survival of both herbaceous and woody perennials that are exposed to our low winter temperatures. /getgro61.html   (1204 words)

 Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and Shrubs
Seed dormancy is nature's way of setting a time clock that allows seeds to initiate germination when conditions are normally favorable for germination and survival of the seedlings.
This dormancy prevents seed of many species from germinating when environmental conditions are not favorable for survival of the seedlings.
Germination is inhibited by an impermeable seed coat and embryo dormancy. /depts/hort/hil/hil-8704.html   (1315 words)

 American Journal of Potato Research: Physiological Regulation of Potato Tuber Dormancy
Because dormancy is defined by the (near) absence of growth, changes in the expression and/or activities of proteins involved in cell growth are of particular importance.
The loss of tuber dormancy and onset of sprout growth is accompanied by numerous biochemical changes, many of which are detrimental to the nutritional and processing qualities of potatoes.
As the period of postharvest storage is extended, tuber dormancy is broken and sprout growth commences. /p/articles/mi_qa4069/is_200407/ai_n9421778   (1345 words)

 DIALOG/DISCCRS Dissertation Abstracts
Dormancy and migration to deep water allow oceanic copepods to escape unfavorable surface conditions including high mortality risk, low food availability, and advection out of favorable regions.
Onset of dormancy was observed at times of decreasing photoperiod, increasing temperature, and relatively high chlorophyll a.
Although differences in mean molt-phase indices between the period of increasing deep CV abundance and other dates indicate onset of dormancy in surface water when deep CV abundance was increasing, variability in molt-phase indices among dates suggested a heterogeneous dormancy response in surface CVs. /phd/dialog/200305-15.html   (393 words)

 seed germination germinating seeds planting sprouting sowing seeds
Dormancy in seed species can be entirely absent or found to be generally one of two different forms of dormancy (embryonic or mechanical) or the seed type may characteristically exhibit both forms of dormancy.
These seeds often have thick hard coats (mechanical dormancy) and the recommended extra time in warm stratification for them is meant to allow them time in a warm moist situation inorder for their coats to begin to break down (in some cases it also has an effect on the embryo).
The pretreatment of seeds is a simple process you can undertake which will help speed up the "breaking" of a seed's dormancy causing the seeds to be more susceptible to quicker more unified germination. /seed.htm   (4935 words)

 >Bibliography of References Related to Seed Dormancy and/or Germination in Higher Plants
An annotated bibliography of 864 items: Seed Dormancy in the Wild Oat (Avena fatua L.): An Annotated Bibliography 1850-1987 was printed from the BIBOAT file in 1988 and is available in the University of Saskatchewan Library collection.
Simpson relating specifically to seed dormancy in the wild oat.
The Seed Bibliography covers material from the world literature on seed dormancy and germination from the 1890's to the present. /dbs/seed.html   (169 words)

 HORT 101 Dormancy
Dormancy in weed seeds provides a stable seed bank for the continuous presence of weeds.
a) Dormancy is an adaptive mechanism which synchronizes plant development with seasonal changes in environment.
b) Dormancy imposed on bud by another portion of the plant. /hort/courses/HORT101Fall/dormancy.html   (301 words)

 Dormancy, ABA content and sensitivity of a barley mutant to ABA application during seed development and after ripening -- Romagosa et al. 52 (360): 1499 -- Journal of Experimental Botany
decreased dormancy and insensitivity to ABA, in this ‘abi-like’
Dormancy is defined as the inability of a viable seed to germinate
Dormancy, ABA content and sensitivity of a barley mutant to ABA application during seed development and after ripening -- Romagosa et al. /cgi/content/full/52/360/1499   (4080 words)

 ARS Publication request: Regulation of Tuber Dormancy
The resumption of cell division at the end of dormancy is accompanied by numerous changes in chromatin composition, gene expression and increased DNA synthesis.
Tuber dormancy is characterized by low rates of many metabolic processes and by the near-complete absence of bud or eye meristematic activity.
The length of dormancy is dependent on both tuber genotype and environmental conditions during tuber development and storage. /research/publications/publications.htm?SEQ_NO_115=147197   (316 words)

 Plant Physiology Online: Types of Seed Dormancy and the Roles of Environmental Factors
Embryo dormancy is thought to be due to the presence of inhibitors, especially ABA, as well as the absence of growth promoters, such as GA (gibberellic acid).
The second type of seed dormancy is embryo dormancy, which refers to a dormancy that is inherent in the embryo and is not due to any influence of the seed coat or other surrounding tissues.
Coat-imposed dormancy is dormancy imposed on the embryo by the seed coat and other enclosing tissues, such as endosperm, pericarp, or extrafloral organs. /article.php?ch=t&id=8   (1164 words)

 Forest Biology and Ecology for Educators
Dormancy in shoots refers to a period of ceased growth and a resting bud which is typically enclosed in scales.
Dormancy is a phase in development which allows woody plants to survive these unfavorable conditions.
Understand the importance of dormancy and cold hardiness to the survival of long-lived, temperate woody plants. /dendro/forestbiology/htmltext/chapter6.htm   (1822 words)

 Bug Biting Plants — Carnivorous Plant Care Guide
Though no dormancy is required, they sometimes will die back in colder temps, putting all of their energy into a small central bud.
A dormancy of minimum 3-4 months is required each season, after which the plant may be ready for division or re-potting.
A dormancy of 4-6 months is required during winter months, during this time the previous year's pitchers will slowly deteriorate and brown. /carnivorous_plants_care.php   (4362 words)

 Tumor Dormancy and Cell Signaling. V. Regrowth of the BCL1 Tumor After Dormancy Is Established -- Vitetta et al. 89 (12): 4425 -- Blood
Rather, a state of dormancy was caused by the failure of the existing DLC population to expand, ie, cells were dividing and dying at the same rate and/or were cell cycle-arrested.
Even more striking examples of dormancy can be observed in melanoma and breast cancer, where there appears to be a steady rate of recurrence 10 to 20 years after the removal of a primary breast carcinoma and the recurrent tumor frequently grows at a rapid rate.
Antibody as an agonist in inducing dormancy of a B cell lymphoma in SCID mice. /cgi/content/full/89/12/4425   (8337 words)

 Archives of SEED-BIOLOGY-L
Thus, there is a fine line in separating dormancy release from germinability and a danger of mistaking germinability for dormancy release (which is essentially the function of the changes in the embryo) in cases where embryo plays a rather passive role and dormancy is due to covering structures.
If either the threshold is too high (some dormancy) or the water potential is too low (drought), germination is slowed or prevented, and the seeds have the chance to wait for a better opportunity.
In Chenopodium, dormancy can be released by moist-chilling at 5C and these seeds again become dormant on transfer to -1.2 MPa PEG solution. /seedbio/dorm7.htm   (1629 words)

 28. Genetics of hull-imposed dormancy in rice seed
Although there are several reports on the inheritance of seed dormancy per se in rice, few have attempted the analysis of inheritance of its components, viz., embryo and hull factors (Tomar 1984; Das 1985).
This indicates that dormancy is a dominant trait.
In view of this, a study was taken up to investigate the genetics of hull-imposed dormancy by analyzing an F\2\ population of a cross between dormant cultivar Dular and non-dormant cultivar PTB1O. /newsletters/rice_genetics/rgn10/vXIV28.htm   (572 words)

 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Millennium Seed Bank Project: Temperate Seed Dormancy
This widening of the germination temperature range with chilling-induced dormancy release is also seen in the seeds of summer annuals.
Pritchard HW, Steadman KJ, Nash JV, Jones C (1999) Kinetics of dormancy release and the high temperature response in Aesculus hippocastanum seeds.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Millennium Seed Bank Project: Temperate Seed Dormancy /msbp/research/res_dormancy.html   (352 words)

 The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: dormancy
Sunlight is not crucial during this refrigerator dormancy, because it is like a deeper kind of dormancy.
There is no doubt that a Venus Flytrap entering dormancy can look pretty miserable (look at the weatherbeaten plants to the right), but this is all part of life's magical cycle of renewal.
Dormancy temperatures should be chilly but not freezing. /faq/faq2460.html   (470 words)

The changes of dormancy due to the low temperatures of the chamber (shortening this period), means an early plantation and a longer cycle.
The correlations among dormancy versus diameter weight and PER, indicate that with long dormancy periods, plantation dates are delayed (which in turn reduces the net assimilation period), and as a consequence yields (diameter, weight and PER), are reduces significantly.
The present work intends, under two different conditions of "seed" storage, to evaluate under local conditions the behavior of a broad bank germoplasm; to adjust the grouping of clones with similar agronomic characteristics; and to determine criteria for genetic selection of promising lines. /books/433/433_14.htm   (404 words)

 Seed Dormancy
Seed dormancy is defined as a state in which seeds are prevented from germinating even under environmental conditions normally favorable for germination.
In the sprouting industry, dormancy is commonly referred to as a seed producing plants ability to withstand winter freezes.
These conditions are a complex combination of water, light, temperature, gasses, mechanical restrictions, seed coats, and hormone structures. /Seed_Dormancy.htm   (206 words)

 Genetic Analysis of Seed Dormancy in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Since dormancy appears to be induced and controlled in a complex pattern and has previously been characterized as multigenic (Burrass and Skinnes, 1984), we felt this a reasonable hypothesis.
Seed dormancy has been reported to be highly heritable, and selection for low or high dormancy has often proven successful in early segregating generations.
The objectives of this study were to use quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis to identify chromosomal locations of genes involved in the maintenance and release of seed dormancy in segregating barley populations and to identify gene x phenotype and gene x gene interactions which modulated the expression of dormancy. /class/oberthur/dormancy.html   (2789 words)

 Respectful Insolence (a.k.a. "Orac Knows"): Breast cancer "dormancy"
Such observations (and others) have led to the concept of tumor "dormancy," in which a patient lives apparently tumor-free but harbors viable tumor that is undetectable by present clinical tests.
Other researchers are working to develop strategies to induce tumor dormancy as a therapeutic strategy for cancer, in effect turning cancer into a chronic, manageable disease like diabetes or hypertension.
I'd recommend looking at the CTC in the blood, not in vitro, to determine its true half life - there are likely factors in vivo that may be affecting their half lives. /2005/01/breast-cancer-dormancy.html   (1942 words)

 MAGAZINE ARTICLES by Judith Handelsman
Life and death, dark and light, hot and cold, dormancy and growth can all exist, each in their own natural continuum, and we can be the richer for it.
Perhaps it is time to honor the value of rest, the spirit of dormancy, and hold both sides--the dual nature of dormancy/growth-- as one distinct whole.
Dormancy for them is just the other side of growth. /judith/articles.html   (4405 words)

QTLs segregating for dormancy in the population will be mapped and their interaction with germination temperature will be investigated.
Using bulked segregant analysis, we have discovered 10 loci linked to dormancy at 15°C. Of these, three 'M73'-derived loci were clustered on linkage group 20, and one locus each from 'SH430' and 'M73' were mapped to linkage groups 12 and 16, respectively.
Variable germination due to seed dormancy contributes to its persistence and spread. /10/abstracts/PAGX_P416.html   (291 words)

 Analysis of Natural Allelic Variation at Seed Dormancy Loci of Arabidopsis thaliana -- Alonso-Blanco et al. 164 (2): 711 -- Genetics
dormancy is determined mainly by the embryo genotype.
dormancy is due to the absence of growth potential in the embryo
embryo dormancy, it is hypothesized that this locus affects /cgi/content/full/164/2/711   (8377 words)

 Protection from disease and radiation (from dormancy) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Dormancy, hibernation, and estivation in warm-blooded vertebrates > Physiological changes during mammalian hibernation > Protection from disease and radiation
More results on "Protection from disease and radiation (from dormancy)" when you join.
More from Britannica on "Protection from disease and radiation (from dormancy)"... /eb/article-48545?tocId=48545   (823 words)

To clone and characterize dormancy genes in cereal crops, a weedy rice strain 'SS18-2' was selected as the gene donor.
Genetic analysis based on the germination at 30°C and 100% RH at 0, 20, 40, and 60 days after harvest (DAH) revealed that the broad sense heritabilities for the seed covering-imposed dormancy were 71, 94, 90, and 87%, respectively, in the mapping population.
plants demonstrated that dormancy is controlled by the maternal genotype. /10/abstracts/PAGX_P321.html   (275 words)

 The Venus Flytrap
Although, during the fall, near their dormancy period, the new traps which are deployed in all of the VFTs, which I have observed, are significantly smaller than in any other stage of the cycle.
All of the theories that I have read, so far, have stated that the dormancy period of the Venus Flytrap is activated by light and temperature conditions; however, I have a couple of Venus Flytraps which did not get fully affected by the light of the sun or the temperature during this winter (mostly 65°F-50°F).
I have some Flytraps which are growing what appears to be their fall leaves, but, strangely, are not showing signs of dormancy at all (This could also be that these plants were put into dormancy during another stage of their growing cycle). /~crvny/sa03005.html   (5543 words)

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