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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

 Patent 4723627: Double decked elevator car
A double decked elevator car as claimed in claim 2 wherein the common back wall of the upper and lower cars is formed with an outwardly projecting portion spaced apart from the floor of said upper car and the ceiling of said lower car so as to constitute said communicating means.
A double decked elevator car as claimed in claim 2 wherein said opening of the upper car is disposed in the floor thereof and said opening of the lower car is disposed in the ceiling thereof, each said opening being immediately adjacent to said common back wall.
Therefore, in a conventional double decked elevator, an indicator is disposed within each car for communicating the calls to the passengers in the upper and lower cars, which however is insufficient to remove an anxiety arisen due to the passengers feeling isolated. /4723627.html

 Sample Chapter for White, G.E.: Creating the National Pastime: Baseball Transforms Itself, 1903-1953.
Double decking, however, was rare in the era of the wooden ballparks.
Upper decks could be set back from lower decks so that not all the spectators in the lower deck had their aerial views restricted by the upper deck.
One was the capacity to build upper decks to grandstands; the second was the capacity to replace wooden structures with steel and concrete structures that served the same function. /chapters/s5786.html

 Patent 4917557: Double-decked, automobile loading apparatus, and method of using the same
Deck 6 is lifted until the lower ends of support rods 8 and 9 are held by stoppers 134 and 136 of coupling mechanisms 10 and 11.
When movable deck 306 is in the second position, second automobile B is mounted on deck 306, with its bonnet B2 located at a level higher than the rear of automobile B. Therefore, first and second automobiles A and B partly overlap.
When movable deck 6 is lowered after the use of loading apparatus 2, thereby to lay deck 6 upon base 4, pin 176 of support rod 9 is engaged with fastening lever 178 as is shown in FIG. /4917557.html

 Double decker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most popular double-deck airplane is the Boeing 747, although the top deck is smaller than the lower level.
All electric commuter trains in Sydney are double deck.
The advantage of this design feature is that commuter rail operators do not have to spend scarce funds on building high-level platforms; rather, a low-level platform is all that is necessary, at a far lower cost. /wiki/Double_decker

 Le Shuttle Facts
Inside a double decked shuttle.The lighting does not show correctly on this photograph, as it was taken without flash.
This has also enabled the deck to be smoother and should allow cars with a lower chassis to board without fear of grounding.
The single decked shuttles are for vehicles over 1.8 metres high. /users/ivor.soutar/ETun/etsh.html

 15'8" MacGregor Double Paddle Sailing Canoe - Grapeview Point Boat Works
In the late 19th century, John MacGregor popularized the decked, double paddle sailing canoe by writing about the international cruises he made in his canoe Rob Roy.
Decking fore and aft and a cockpit coaming help to keep the cockpit dry.
15'8" MacGregor Double Paddle Sailing Canoe - Grapeview Point Boat Works /macgregor.html

Double Wing Pallet-  A double faced pallet with the boards of both decks projecting beyond the stringer to form a wing.
Double Face Pallet-  A pallet with a top deck to take the load and a bottom deck to act as a base.
Wing Pallet-  A pallet whose deck or decks project beyond the stringer to form a wing. /vpallet/products.htm

 Burton Bus Rally
This bus was new to Burton Corporation in 1950 orginally fitted with an R.J. Davis of Merthyr Tydfil double deck body, before being rebodied in 1960 with a Massey body, Fitted with a Gardener engine she was withdrawn from service in 1971.
She has a Massey double deck body with a Gardner 5LW engine and a Guy 4 speed crash gearbox, vacuum brakes and unusually for its year and 12V electrical system.
The SRG6LW donates to "Single Deck Rear Engined Gardener 6LW", She was first registered on the 12/03/69 and delivered to Burton Corporation with 2 similiar vehicles (MFA 704G / 805G) in the maroon and cream livery. /~arthur.roe/Burton2000/History/Buses

The Oldfield Park route might only be accessible to single-decked vehicles as it passes under a railway bridge with 4 metres headroom, so a mixed fleet of double and single-deckers will probably be the best option for Bath.
To take advantage of the extra revenue to be made during busy periods, but without the need for extra vehicles and crews, the standing capacity of a tram is often double that of its seating capacity and that contributes greatly to its revenue-earning ability.
The possibility of vandals resorting to the top deck in order to practice destructive or anti-social habits unobserved, could be discouraged by the standard security measures which might nowadays prove necessary anywhere. /tfb/tDD-SD.htm

 Elevator - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Downtown Dubuque can be seen from the observation deck, as well as the Mississippi River, and the states of Illinois and Wisconsin.
The elevator in the new city hall in Hannover is a technical rarity, and unique in Europe, as the elevator starts straight up, but then changes its angle by 15 degrees to follow the contour of the dome of the new city hall in Hannover.
The elevator was destroyed in 1943 and rebuilt in 1954. /elevator.htm   (4486 words) -- News: Taxis, double-decked buses bring British feel to ...
Strip Routes 301 and 302 are tabbed for double-deckers, as is Maryland Parkway Route 109, another heavily used route on a congested thoroughfare, Reisman said.
And yeah, Reisman thinks it'll make for a hipper bus ride, with the upper deck of buses at marquee level amid the lights and spectacle of the Strip. /lvrj_home/2004/Dec-05-Sun-2004/news/25342758.html   (4486 words)

 the full effect - conferences, exhibitions, set rental & parties
This Double Decked Centre Piece was designed for The Full Effect by Sean Cavanagh, West End theatre designer for ‘Joseph’.
This Double Decked Centre Piece was originally designed to be used as a performance stage in the Hoffburg Palace, in Vienna.
This three dimensional, two tiered 5m revolving stage, rises to a spectacular height in excess of 10m, weighs in at over 10 tons and was built in The Full Effects’ own scenic workshop in Bedford. /services.asp?cont=5&sub=26   (4486 words)

 Dáil Éireann - Volume 144 - 17 February, 1954 - Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Sheep Transport by C.I.E.
Lemass: The question of the provision of fittings for wagons to render them double decked for the transport of sheep would be a matter of day-to-day administration for the board of C.I.E., and I have no function in the matter.
I understand, however, that the board has under consideration the [552] practicability or otherwise of constructing wagons of a special type to give larger loading of sheep. /D/0144/D.0144.195402170010.html   (4486 words)

 Double Decker Bus Photos
The perfect double decker bus photos is what provides you with all the information available on every type of bus.
This page is cram-packed with Double Decker Bus Photos info.
Double Decker Bus Tours Inc. Halifax, NS - Yahoo! /vw-bus-parts/double-decker-bus-photos.html   (4486 words)

 Vision Engineer - Airbus A380
With a double deck design, there are several choices for the location of the cockpit [flightdeck].
This long range aircraft is similar in design to a double decked bus and features 2 full passenger decks.
The A380's double deck arrangement allows it to have an enormous seating capacity of 555 passengers in a 3 class configuration. /aero/a380.shtml   (4486 words)
Each leg has one floor-mounting tab with one 5/8" anchor hole at the bottom and bolt hole at the top for stacking double.
Legs are either factory-welded to the frame or shipped detached for easy bolt-on field assembly. /product.asp?id=19   (4486 words)

The mortar-like fiber protection in the floor-supporting trusses was doubled to 1.5 inches on 18 floors on 1 WTC and 13 floors on 2 WTC -- the plane hitting the north tower happened to hit the section that was already refitted, whereas on the south tower the impact area was mostly in its old form.
- Empire State Building, has two observation decks, the open-air main deck on 86th floor and the enclosed smaller 102nd floor deck, although the latter is currently off-limits to the public.
Increasing single-deck elevator size also has its drawbacks as in large elevators people don't voluntarily fill the space as effectively as in smaller ones -- with observation deck etc. "ushered" elevators that can be overcome by elevator operators filling the whole elevator floor with people from the queue. /NYC/nycadd3.html   (4486 words)

 Encyclopedia of San Francisco
The double decked freeway that once lined the Embarcadero from the foot of Broadway (at the base of Telegraph Hill) south to Mission Bay was officially part of the bridge!
Later in 1872, he also ordered that a survey to evaluate whether a bridge or a tunnel under the Bay would be the best solution. /articles/n/nortonJoshua.html   (4486 words)

 Cruise aboard the Bonny Blue on the Dismal Swamp Canal.
The Main Deck includes eight private double cabins, an inside lounge/observation area forward, plus a covered stern observation deck and an open-air observation area in the bow.
The lower deck is the piano lounge and dining area and can easily accommodate the entire guest compliment in one seating.
A wet bar, a large passenger lounge, the ships galley, cabins for the Captain and crew plus the ships two engine rooms are also on this deck.   (4486 words)

 Fulwell Depot : The Twickenham Museum
Some roads were widened and the 'Dip' under the railway bridge by Twickenham Green was dug out to allow the high double decked trams to pass under.
The classic double decker Routemaster buses were the first to provide a local service.
Watch the double deckers go through and see how much height they need. /kids_detail.asp?ContentID=302   (4486 words)

 BARGE - Definition
A double - decked passenger or freight vessel, towed by a steamboat.
A large, roomy boat for the conveyance of passengers or goods ; as, a ship ' s barge ; a charcoal barge. /dictionary/barge   (4486 words)

 Great Model Railroads from Allen Keller Productions
Jim is a pioneer in using double decking and command control.
When he started on the original SCN in 1977, double decking was a speculative design.
The railroad, a subsidiary of the Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific, was built in a double car garage where it shares some space with the family car. /GMR35.htm   (4486 words)

 Island Princess Overview
The Island Princess is a large double decked, 200 passenger, all weather, riverboat style vessel.
The main deck house comfortably holds 112 passengers for a sit down meal and the second deck level can comfortably hold over 100 pass.
The second deck is canopy covered with removable side curtains for all weather comfort. /ipovrvw2.html   (4486 words)

 Bulleid 4DD class
Unlike the double decked commuter cars already in use in the USA which were of a spacious open "gallery" design the restrictive British loading gauge forced a far more cramped solution.
Thus the experiment did not lead to more double deck units, with the result being the need to upgrade the infrastructure and run ten car trains, although the two units survived plying commuters between Dartford and the London termini until the autumn of 1971.
Shortly before the railways were nationalised in 1948 a typically bold and innovative solution emerged from Oliver Bulleid and the Southern's carriage works at Eastleigh for a double decked EMU design. /gallery/4dd.html   (4486 words)

 UNCLE SAM BOAT TOURS ... charter rates
During the In Season, July 2 thru September 4, our double decked vessels are available anytime and our triple decked vessels are available from 5:30 pm and on.
PRIVATE CHARTER: Uncle Sam Boat Tours can provide a double decked vessel capable of seating a maximum of 200 passengers in good weather and 150 passengers should inclement weather prevail.
Smaller groups of up to 100 guests can opt to reserve a private deck on one of our regularly scheduled dinner cruises at the following private deck fees in addition to $16.95 per person plus 7.25% sales tax and 18% service charge for the buffet dinner. /charterrates.htm   (4486 words)

 Your Wedding - M.V. PERTH
The M.V. Perth is a historic double decked vessel that provides a magnificent venue with old world charm and ambience.
The lower deck has Belle's Disco, the Coffee and Cocktail Lounge and Barnacles Bar.
Whether you are planning a casual elegant affair, or a more formal occasion or banquet, the M.V. Perth can meet all your requirements and expectations. /Weddings.html   (4486 words) - Double Decked layout
the hight difference in decks should be enough to accomidate any building you plan to use, as well as allow you to do varying hights of rail on the lower decks.
The closer the decks are together, the easier it is to get the track from level to level.
Most of my decks are in the 12"-14" range, and I don't even notice the upper decks while running trains. /community/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=22173   (4486 words)

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