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Topic: Doug Wead

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  ABC News: Author: Secretly Taped Bush for History, Not Money
Doug Wead, the author of the new book "The Raising of a President," surreptitiously recorded his conversations with Bush beginning in 1998, when Bush was governor of Texas and considering a run for president.
Wead said his publisher insisted on listening to the tapes to confirm anonymous sources cited in the book.
Wead played about a dozen tapes to a reporter from the Times over the past several weeks, and the paper confirmed their authenticity with an audio expert, according to an article in the paper today.
abcnews.go.com /GMA/Politics/story?id=518678&page=1   (543 words)

  Doug Wead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wead admitted in February of 2005 to having secretly tape recorded conversations with President George W. Bush.
In 1992, Wead was the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 6th Congressional District.
Doug Wead is also an accomplished Independent Business Owner in partnership with Quixtar and Yager Group.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Doug_Wead   (522 words)

 Secret Tapes: Bush Weighed Religion, Behavior
Wead had been a liaison to evangelical Protestants for the president's father, and the intersection of religion and politics is a recurring theme in the talks.
Wead's recordings are a rare example of a future president taped at length without his knowledge talking about matters of public interest like his political strategy and priorities.
Wead said he recorded his conversations with the president in part because he thought he might be asked to write a book for the campaign.
www.truthout.org /cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/37/9113   (2991 words)

 Wead Helps Keep the Faith in Politics - Doug Wead - Interview Insight on the News - Find Articles
In 1988, Wead successfully helped to galvanize the religious right behind the presidential campaign of the elder Bush, surprising many in the GOP who had surmised that the vice president would receive only tepid support from evangelicals.
Wead also was an active behind-the-scenes player in campaign 2000, receiving some credit for George W.'s victory in the Iowa straw polls of 1999.
Doug Wead: In the 1970s I traveled around the world with a Catholic priest, writing about world hunger.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1571/is_18_17/ai_74440105   (948 words)

 CNN.com - Author: I should give tapes to Bush - Feb 21, 2005
Doug Wead -- a former aide to President Bush's father, George H.W. Bush -- recorded about nine hours of conversations with the Texas governor while he was considering his run for the White House.
Wead told CNN he has no plans to do more television interviews about the subject, because he believes the story is taking on a life of its own.
Wead said he was thinking about writing a book when he made the tapes, but would not say whether he thought the tapes would boost sales of his book about presidential childhoods.
www.cnn.com /2005/ALLPOLITICS/02/21/bush.tapes/index.html   (1052 words)

 Wead in the Rose Garden
Doug Wead, former advisor to George H.W. Bush and counselor to Dubya, has a history of self-promotion and crass opportunism.
Wead's input on how to navigate the challenging waters between the religious and secular right and mainstream voters was valuable to the aspiring candidate.
That Doug Wead chose, without the consent or knowledge of George W., to tape their conversations -- which began in 1998 and ended just before the Republican National Convention in 2000 -- was certainly surprising.
www.cursor.org /stories/wead.html   (2481 words)

 The Blue Site: More Evidence that Doug Wead is Full of It
More Evidence that Doug Wead is Full of It Further evidence that Doug Wead is a weasel and an embarassment to historians and authors (and humans) everywhere...
But presidential historian and former first family friend Doug Wead, who secretly recorded Bush, is hinting that the full nine hours of audio he has could be a different matter.
Then Wead implied that the unreleased material could be embarrassing, explaining, "Ninety percent of the tapes have not been heard.
www.thebluesite.com /mt/archives/2005/02/more_evidence_t.html   (459 words)

 WorkingForChange-Wead in the Rose Garden   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doug Wead, a Bush family advisor and counselor to Dubya, has a history of crass opportunism and the release of the Bush tapes was only the most recent example
Wead went on to France where, with a shady partner, he started a French clone of Amway, a company ultimately shutdown by the French government.
No, Doug Wead was an opportunist when he shilled for Jim Bakker, an opportunist when he ran for Congress in Arizona, an opportunist when he taped the president and he's an opportunist today as he generates publicity to sell his book, all the while claiming the devil made him do it.
www.workingforchange.com /article.cfm?ItemID=18789   (2604 words)

 Economic Principals
Wead played a series of a dozen taped conversations with candidate Bush for Times reporter David D. Kirkpatrick, His story appeared just last Sunday on the front page.
It was a sorry ending to a friendship that began during the presidential election of 1988, when Wead served as aide to the younger man, introducing him to the intricacies of evangelical politics.
It could be said that young Bush built his subsequent political future upon the platform of Wead's report, much as his future as a man dated from his decision two years earlier to embrace evangelical Christianity and stop drinking.
www.economicprincipals.com /issues/05.02.27.html   (2002 words)

 Wead Helps Keep the Faith in Politics - Doug Wead - Interview | Insight on the News | Find Articles at BNET.com
For 16 years author, minister and political activist Doug Wead has been an adviser, off and on, both to George H. Bush (the father) and George W. Bush (the son).
In 1988, Wead successfully helped to galvanize the religious right behind the presidential campaign of the elder Bush, surprising many in the GOP who had surmised that the vice president would receive only tepid support from evangelicals.
Wead also was an active behind-the-scenes player in campaign 2000, receiving some credit for George W.'s victory in the Iowa straw polls of 1999.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1571/is_18_17/ai_74440105   (966 words)

 Peacemakers.com - Ministries   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doug Wead is a minister, author, motivational speaker and a former Special Assistant to the President in the Senior Bush White House.
Wead is an author and corporate speaker who is referred to in U.S. News and World Report as an “old friend and advisor” to President George W. Bush.
Wead has devoted the last 20 years of his life as a motivational speaker and “Christian chaplain.
www.peacemakers.com /PM5/events/events.php   (107 words)

 Goldwater jolts GOP, backs Democrat   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The former senator is referred to as a national hero in a campaign video Wead has sent to nearly 30,000 households in the sprawling new district.
''Doug Wead does not know or understand Arizona, and his record in Washington, D.C., is not the best,'' Goldwater said of Wead, President Bush's former liaison to conservative and religious groups, and a former minister.
Wead has said repeatedly that it was Goldwater's presidential candidacy that encouraged him to visit Arizona in 1964.
www.azcentral.com /specials/special25/articles/1030goldwater.html   (675 words)

 Doug Wead   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doug Wead is the author of the New York Times bestseller, All the Presidents’ Children: Triumph and Tragedy in the Lives of the First Families.
Wead has devoted the last 20 years of his life as a corporate speaker and motivator.
Wead has spoken to audiences in coliseums in Russia, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and across the United States.
www.mirrorsoflove.com /leadershipevent/speakers-performers/wead-doug.htm   (390 words)

 The religion of Doug Wead, historian who taped Pres. Bush
For historians interested in the innermost thoughts of President George W. Bush, historian Doug Wead (an ordained Assemblies of God minister) provided a valuable resource when he secretly taped conversations with the President and then released them to the public.
The words should be familiar to Doug Wead, who secretly taped private conversations with George W. Bush for two years and has now released some of them.
Wead is an ordained Assemblies of God minister, the kind of man with whom many people would feel comfortable sharing intimate, personal details, confident that he would not share them with others, least of all for fame or fortune.
www.adherents.com /people/pw/Doug_Wead.html   (591 words)

 The Secret Tapes and Secret Life of Doug Wead   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doug Wead did not have that level of access to George W. Bush by accident or happenstance.
In a time when true role models could be labeled as an endangered species, Doug Wead provides examples of endurance, spirituality and community service that all parents hope to instill in their children.
Doug Wead apparently had hours of tapes that were recorded.
www.washingtondispatch.com /printer_10739.shtml   (728 words)

 Doug Wead:  All the Presidents' Children
Not only does Wead examine the demons that plagued the children of Presidents, he also looks at the roles they were expected to play.
*Wead provides lengthy appendices with details of each child and notes which children were born in the White House, etc. These appendices offer concise comparative data about the various presidential children which allows the readers a quick overview of their lives and behaviors.
For the most part, Wead’s examination of the one hundred sixty-six Presidential children, both famous and obscure, is an interesting look at people who have been affected by the highest office in America, but who generally remain unknown to the vast majority of people who know so much about their parents.
www.sfsite.com /~silverag/wead.html   (429 words)

 SR.com: With friends like Doug Wead …
Despite the portentous nature of Wead's tapes, reported in Sunday's New York Times, the revelations about the president's possible prior drug use were less than stunning.
Wead has been unapologetic about the tapes, recorded from 1998 to 2000, except to say he meant the president no harm.
In a "didn't inhale" defense, Wead pointed out that he recorded the conversations in states where it is legal to do so without notifying the person being taped.
www.spokesmanreview.com /tools/story_pf.asp?ID=55414   (717 words)

 Progressive Commons: This Week's Hatchet: Doug Wead   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As an "old friend" of "W" before his entry into national politics, Doug was a source of advice for the then-Governor, and decided it would be a good idea to secretly record their conversations, as any friend would, because W was (or might someday be) an historical figure.
On the tapes, Bush speaks about his past indiscretions with alcohol and drugs, a fact that all by itself guaranteed that Doug would land on countless television shows.
And so, armed with a guaranteed publicity stunt and prepped to shill his book, Doug has been circling around various media outlets, waiting for his chance at self-promotion.
progressivecommons.org /2005/02/this_weeks_hatchet_doug_wead.php   (303 words)

 The Official Doug Wead Website
Wead analyzes the types of families in which they were reared, and offers fascinating psychological profiles based on his findings.
Doug Wead is a presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author.
Doug Wead writes in USA Today about George W. Bush, the unique son of a president.
www.dougwead.com   (445 words)

 'Hardball with Chris Matthews' for March 16 - MSNBC Transcripts - MSNBC.com
WEAD:  And there‘s another child that‘s in the shadows looking on with envy.  And, again and again, it is the child in the shadows who becomes president.  It is not Joe Kennedy Jr.  It is Jack.  It is not Milton Eisenhower.  It is Dwight.  It is not Lawrence Washington.  It‘s George Washington.
WEAD:  But, by his irresponsible behavior, he was putting himself in the shadows, disqualifying himself to be the leader of the family or to fulfill this destiny.  I am not going to be a senator, like grandpa.  I‘m not going to be a public figure like my father.
WEAD:  The psychologists say that, in the first months of life, that, even the candidates, John Forbes Kerry was name after Rosemary Forbes.  That the love of the mother, the perceived favorite of the mother, very Freudian, empowers the child.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/7220070   (6916 words)

 The Village Voice: The Bush Beat
Wead not only agreed, but he snuck me into his own house, past the Secret Service guards, by having me pose as a wealthy GOP guy and personally escorting me inside through the kitchen door.
Wead swept aside other GOP challengers and seemed headed to a seat in Congress until Goldwater strongly endorsed a Democratic woman at the 11th hour.
Wead was a nice guy who downplayed his religious ties when he was talking to us heathens, while at the same time making it clear to his supporters that he was strongly for them.
villagevoice.com /blogs/bushbeat/archive/2005/02/morning_report_40.php   (1470 words)

 SATIRE: Hail Doug Wead, The Conquering Hero
Doug Wead is a great man; an honorable man—a man of conviction and courage.
Doug is a man that has altered a legacy of the invasion of minorities, countries and the United Nations.
Doug Wead is a man that took a friendship and betrayed the Bush family, an action that defines the standards of liberals and the Democratic Party.
www.michnews.com /cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/129/6965/printer   (1060 words)

 3% Club- Doug Wead
Because of his extensive knowledge and consulting power, Wead has worked with, and been called upon by several world leaders, and is former Special Assistant to the President in the Bush White House.
The author of 26 books and a 20-year devotee to the research of niche marketing industries, Doug Wead is a front-running expert on business and success issues.
He speaks worldwide at massive venues, serves as chairman and board director of several national and international entities, and is co-founder of Mercy Corps, the 4th largest relief organization in the world.
www.vision2media.com /3percentclub/bios/d_wead.html   (103 words)

 Wead in the Rose Garden
"Doug Wead Betrays Bush?" was the headline at RedState.org, a blog "focused on politics, and [which] seeks the construction of a Republican majority in the United States." "Bush was betrayed by a 'friend' and so-called Christian" headlined a piece by conservative columnist Kathleen Parker.
Wead has been a regular speaker at Amway conventions, according to a highly documented two-part series, "Bush + Republicans + Amway = Fraud" by Evelyn J. Pringle.
Wead: I think the scorecards and some of the independent literature published had an enormous effect.
www.mediatransparency.org /pdastory.php?storyID=55   (2543 words)

 The Village Voice: The Bush Beat
Wead won the GOP nomination and seemed a lock for the congressional seat, but the aging Barry Goldwater, who had contempt for his party's religious right wing, shocked the state with a last-minute endorsement of his Democratic opponent, Karan English.
Wead let it be known to a congregation of religious conservatives that Bush "wasn't served well" by the White House invitations to openly gay activists.
Doug Wead, who was one of the speakers, delivered a lengthy joke about TV evangelists in hell.
www.villagevoice.com /blogs/bushbeat/archive/000731.php   (4678 words)

 Vista On Current Events - Doug Wead Regrets Secretly Taping Bush Talks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After Doug Wead played secretly recorded tapes of then Governor Bush for journalists, and released them to the media, he says he has regrets and is turning the tapes over to Bush.
Wead was supposedly an old friend of President Bush.
Still I think he was a weasel to record them let alone make them public, but I digress, as he is a minister I leave his judgement to God.
vista.powerblogs.com /posts/1109225390.shtml   (359 words)

 Untitled Document
Doug Wead is the author of "The Raising of a President: The Mothers and Fathers of Our Nation's Leaders", released by Simon and Schuster's Atria Books on
Wead was interviewed by Matt Lauer on The Today Show, Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor, Connie Chung on CNN, Debra Norville on MSNBC.
During the early 1988 George Bush presidential campaign, Wead reported to son, George W. Bush and served as a liaison to constituent groups.
www.thecompletementor.com /wead.html   (331 words)

 Doug Wead, an evangelical Christian and former confidant of President Bush, has become an outcast among some ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doug Wead, an evangelical Christian and former confidant of President Bush, has become an outcast among some conservative Christian leaders after he shared tapes with the New York Times that recorded private conversations with Bush Christian Century - Find Articles
Doug Wead, an evangelical Christian and former confidant of President Bush, has become an outcast among some conservative Christian leaders after he shared tapes with the New York Times that recorded private conversations with Bush.
James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, told the Times that he was "shocked" by Wead's "breach of trust." The tapes were made when Bush was governor of Texas.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1058/is_6_122/ai_n13499633   (185 words)

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