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 Douglas DC-8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Douglas made a massive effort to close the gap, using no less than 10 individual aircraft for flight testing to achieve FAA certification for the first of the many DC-8 variants in August 1959.
The Douglas DC-8 is a four-engined jet airliner, manufactured between 1959 and 1972.
Another British aircraft, the 90-seat Bristol Britannia was establishing a reputation, and Douglas' main rival in the large piston engined passenger aircraft market, Lockheed, had committed to the short/medium range 80–100 seat turboprop Electra, with a launch order from American Airlines for 35 and other major orders flowing in. /wiki/Douglas_DC-8   (3165 words) DC-9
Douglas launched the DC-9 development project in April 1963, intending the DC-9 as a short-range companion to their larger four engined DC-8.
The Douglas DC-9 is a twin-engined jet airliner, first manufactured in 1965 and, in much modified form and under a succession of different names, still in production today as the Boeing 717.
The MD-80 designation was a marketing move to show that McDonnell Douglas had an airliner for the 1980s. /browse/wiki/MD-88   (794 words)

 Douglas DC-8
Los Angeles: Supersonic flight was achieved recently in a dive by a Douglas DC-8 during tests of a new extended leading-edge wing.
On the flight, the DC-8 climbed to 50,000 ft. while carrying the equivalent of a normal payload.
The following text is not unique to the specific aircraft pictured. /PRPhotos/DouglasDC-8-3.htm   (66 words)

 Pan Am's Aircraft - Douglas DC-8-32
Douglas delivered DC-8s to Pan Am in 1960.
DC-8s performance is similar to that of a B727-321 with slightly more speed and less range.
Douglas version of the Boeing 707 though it was 37 feet longer. /OLDSITE/Aircraft/Douglasdc8.htm   (55 words)

 TAHC - EAGLE AIR Cargo Division McDonnell Douglas DC-8-73F
The DC-8 was the first Douglas Commercial jet, first launch order from Pan Am October 13, 1955, 142 were on order by the time the prototype made its first flight.
McDonnell Douglas is headquartered in St. Louis with major facilities in St. Louis; Long Beach, California; Huntington Beach, California; and Mesa, Arizona.
McDonnell Douglas has gotten the short end of the stick in recent times, losing a much-sought-after Pentagon contract for the radar-evading joint strike fighter and seeing commercial jet orders drop. /aea/dc8.html   (1302 words) Douglas DC-8 Series 10 to 50
Douglas announced it was developing a jet powered airliner under the designation DC-8 in June 1955, a full year after the first flight of the Boeing Model 36780, the 707 predecessor.
The popular DC-8 was Douglas' first jet powered airliner, and the USA's second successful jet powered transport behind the Boeing 707.
Unfortunately for Douglas, that year's delay allowed Boeing to seize leadership of the jet engined airliner market, a position that only now is under serious challenge. /info/stats.main?id=192   (458 words)

 Boeing: History -- Products -- Douglas DC-8 Commercial Transport
The DC-8 was the first Douglas jet-powered transport.
The DC-8-62, for extra-long routes, had a fuselage stretched another 6 feet 8 inches and 3-foot wingtip extensions.
Nearly 37 feet longer than the original model, in an all-economy passenger configuration, the DC-8-61 could carry 260 people; its convertible-freighter configuration had a cargo volume of 12,535 cubic feet. /history/mdc/dc-8.htm   (350 words)

 Pan American World Airways
Douglas was luckey to catch an order over 25 Douglas DC-8-32 from Pan Am.
Pan Am and Douglas were partners for the last almost 30 years.
Thoose aircraft were the last Pan Am bought from Douglas ever. /Airliner/dc8.html   (122 words) Douglas DC-8 Super 60 & 70 Series
Douglas announced the DC-8 Super Sixty in April 1965. Douglas DC-8 Super 60 & 70 Series
McDonnell Douglas initiated a reengining program of Super 60 series aircraft with CFM International CFM56 engines in the early 1980s, known as the Super 70 Series. /info/stats.main?id=194   (608 words)

 Douglas DC-8
Douglas DC-8s have more recently been converted to freighters with more efficient hi-bypass turbofans.
The popular DC-8 first flew in 1958 and entered service in 1959...a full year behind Boeing's 707.
Douglas, which had dominated the airline business in the early 1950's, gave Boeing the opening needed to take the lead in the airliner business. /DC-8.htm   (67 words)

 Project AI - Realistic AI Air Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The Douglas DC-8-61 was the first of the "stretch-eights" using the original DC-8 50 series fuselage with two "plugs" installed, adding an additional 36 feet to the fuselage length. /packages/ac.php?ac=108   (61 words)

 Aviation History, Douglas DC-3 Aircraft
The Douglas DC-3 is considered by some the most successful civil aircraft ever built.
The technical innovations incorporated by the Douglas team included retractable landing gear, wing flaps, variable-pitch propellers, stressed-skin structure, and flush riveting.
These innovations set many standards until the development of the jet engines (1950s). /History/dc-3.html   (359 words)

 Douglas DC-8 Sarigue NG
Douglas DC-8 Sarigue NG Douglas DC-8 Sarigue NG For many years France employed one DC-8 as a ELINT platform and it was operated by Escadron Electronique EE 51 ‘Aubrac’ from its base at Evreux near Paris.
However, like the USA, I assume the French did not want other countries to target France with French ELINT equipment and consequently rejected the idea! /db8.htm   (535 words)

 Minicraft 1/144 Douglas DC-8-71 “Delta Airlines”
In 1966, Douglas improved their successful DC-8 by stretching it over 36 feet.
First flying on May 30, 1958, the Douglas DC-8 came out after the Boeing 707.
This made the DC-8 the largest airliner in the world, at least until the 747 arrived. /2005/december/first-looks/minicraft_dc8.php   (713 words)

 DPTS Association - Cargo Airplanes Pictures - Douglas DC-8
Cargosur Douglas DC-8-62 EC-ELM parked on the ramp.
DPTS Association - Cargo Airplanes Pictures - Douglas DC-8
Airlift DC-8-63CF N6163A is seen being loaded on the cargo ramp. /dc8.html   (129 words)

 NASA - NASA Dryden Fact Sheet - NASA DC-8 Airborne Laboratory
NASA is using a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 aircraft as a flying science laboratory.
The platform aircraft, based at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, Calif., collects data for many experiments in support of scientific projects serving the world scientific community. /centers/dryden/news/FactSheets/FS-050-DFRC.html   (898 words)

 Aerolot - LOT leases a DC-8
The DC-8 leased by LOT was registered as N8968U, and it was built by McDonnell Douglas at Long Beach, California in the summer of 1969 (c/n 46069).
LOT decided to lease a four-engine aircraft — a McDonnell Douglas DC-8—for one year from the US airline ARROW AIR (headquartered in Miami, Florida).
According to the British aviation magazine "Flight International", Arrow Air in 1988 had 95 employees and four DC-8 aircraft (passenger and cargo versions). /Aerolot/articles/dc8.html   (341 words)

 The Original DC-8 picture - Webshots
Aside from the re-engined DC-7D shown previously, Douglas proposed this interesting idea for its DC-8 back in 1946.
Source: Terry Waddington, Douglas DC-8 (Miami, FL: World Transport Press), 1996, p.
The DC-8 airliner enthusiasts have come to love is, of course, a vastly different design. /photo/362079242/1512961648048918155wQlQmW   (80 words)

 Boeing 707 Douglas DC-8 and Vickers VC10 - by STEWART WILSON
Boeing 707 Douglas DC-8 and Vickers VC10 - by STEWART WILSON
Sftbd., 8 1/4x 11, 186 pgs., 225 bandw ill., 60 color.
Boeing claimed the 707 as the airplane that made the world smaller and horizons larger. /ProductDetails_7352.ncm   (201 words)

 Air Transportation: Alitalia Douglas DC-8
Alitalia entered the jet age when it introduced the Douglas DC-8 into service in 1960. /essay/Commercial_Aviation/PostWWII/Tran26G9.htm   (15 words) Aircraft Museum - Douglas DC-8
Initiating a crash program, Douglas succeeded in flying the first DC-8 three years after the project began.
Although outwardly similar to the competing 707 with a swept low-mounted wing and four podded turbojet engines, the DC-8 incorporated many innovations of its own, including advanced servicabilty and reliabilty features.
Once Boeing had begun development of its 707, Douglas was eager to proceed with a jet-powered airliner of its own for fear of losing market position. /aircraft/jetliner/dc8   (450 words)

 Douglas DC-8 Jetliner / Sheaffer"s Snorkel Pen Ad
The first side is an advertisement for Douglas DC-8 Jetliner.
Douglas DC-8 Jetliner / Sheaffer"s Snorkel Pen Ad click for more pictures
Douglas DC-8 Jetliner / Sheaffer"s Snorkel Pen Ad Moments In Time /stores/momentsintime/items/333932/item333932cyberattic.html   (247 words)

 Vitamin E G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN
by Douglas Andersen, DC Vitamin E is the main antioxidant in lipid-rich tissue throughout the body, including cell membranes and the tissues of the central nervous system and brain.
I think most DCs are aware that vitamin E and selenium are synergistic.
They state and I quote: "Headaches, nausea, tiredness, giddiness, inflammation of the mouth, chapped lips, gastrointestinal disturbances, muscle weakness, low blood sugar, increased bleeding tendency, and degenerative changes." Unfortunately, this statement is not referenced. /archives/13/07/06.html   (1046 words)

 Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection - TRCA DC-8-51
All of these routes were serviced primarily by the Douglas DC-8 and to a lessor extent the Boeing 727 - both types of aircraft in Convertible Freighter versions to accomodate a large demand for air freight as well as passengers.
Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection - TRCA DC-8-51
TCA also flew out of Washington - Dulles and Philadelphia to San Juan but the Philadelphia service was discontinued due to economic conditions. /trcadc851.htm   (321 words)

 FlightSim.Com Review: Cargo Lion DC-8-62
Then I came across the Cargo Lion Douglas DC-8-62 by Dee Waldon, Michael Verlin and Yannick Charland.
I had flown Boeing's old 707, but it was getting too routine for me. I wanted something more challenging.
I admit it has flaws, some a bit serious. /cgi/kds?$=main/review/lion.htm   (694 words)

 Featured Models
We are introducing our very first "Featured Models" pages with a look at the Douglas DC-8, and a selection of Models from the Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection.
Fred actually specialises in DC-8's, and has an extensive collection of the type. /Featured_model1/featured1.htm   (69 words)

 ASN Aircraft accident description Douglas DC-8-43 CU-T1201 - Bridgetown
ASN Aircraft accident description Douglas DC-8-43 CU-T1201 - Bridgetown
8 km (5 mls) W off Bridgetown (Barbados)
At 17:15 Flight 455 took off from Bridgetown runway 09, heading for Kingston. /database/record.php?id=19761006-0   (119 words)

 Delta Air Lines DC-8-11 (Circa 1960) for Microsoft® Flight Simulator
By putting the 119-seat DC-8 into service on the New York-Atlanta route on September 18, 1959, Delta Air Lines was the first airline in the world to launch the big Douglas jet.
[ FS screen capture: Delta Air Lines Douglas DC-8-11, circa 1960.
True, United Air Lines, whose order was much bigger, started service on the same day, but because of the difference in time zones, Delta was off the mark by a margin of only a few hours. /salesoft/captain/dc811d60.htm   (199 words)

 Aircraft Infromation - McDonnell Douglas - DC-8 Series 63
Associated Models for McDonnell Douglas - DC-8 Series 63
Milestones for McDonnell Douglas - DC-8 Series 63
Aircraft Infromation - McDonnell Douglas - DC-8 Series 63 /htdocs/ACInfo.php?AxID=30   (233 words)

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