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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  US Bazaar.com : Encyclopedia Pages : Douglas Hurd
Douglas Richard Hurd, Baron Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE, PC (born 8 March 1930), is a senior British Conservative politician and novelist, who served in the governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major between 1979 and his retirement in 1995.
Douglas Hurd was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, in 1930.
Hurd was appointed Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office upon the Conservative victory in the 1979 general election, and remained in that post for the duration of the parliament.
encyclopedia.us-bazaar.com /?title=Douglas_Hurd   (1650 words)

 Douglas Hurd - Elitewiki
Douglas Richard Hurd, Baron Hurd of Westwell, PC (born March 8, 1930), is a British politician in the Conservative Party, and a patron of the Tory Reform Group.
He was created Baron Hurd of Westwell, of Westwell in the County of Oxfordshire, in 1997, and remains active, supporting the pro-European wing of the Conservative party, notably Kenneth Clarke, and often criticising the leadership.
Hurd's son, Nick Hurd, is also a Conservative politician and has been selected to stand in Ruislip-Northwood at the May 2005 general election.
www.global-elite.org /index.php/Douglas_Hurd   (533 words)

Hurd himself came close to a similar confession in April 1993, when he wrote an extraordinary letter to the Daily Telegraph explaining why the arms embargo against Bosnia should not be lifted.
If Mr Hurd seriously thinks that Milosevic is seriously interested in developing a liberal, Western style system in his country he must have spent the past five years living on a different planet (or, what is much the same thing, in the British Foreign Office).
One of the few was Douglas Hurd, who constantly misrepresented the war in those terms and insisted on maintaining an arms embargo which prevented the victims from defending themselves.
www.cascarino.homestead.com /hurd.html   (1686 words)

 NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK, HURD, AND GENOCIDE, 9/5/96   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Hurd is reported to be acting in his role as a director of the National Westminster Bank and deputy chairman of its subsidiary NatWest Markets.
Hurd is widely considered the major figure in the Western complicity with Milosevic in the annihilation of the Bosnian community.
Hurd, who is supposed to be respected for his "diplomatic" skills, is being very undiplomatic in running to make money with Milosevic even as the graves of Milosevic's victims are being unearthed by investigators for the International Tribunal on War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia.
www.haverford.edu /relg/sells/postings/hurd.html   (589 words)

 Douglas Hurd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Douglas Richard Hurd (1930-) is a British politician in the Conservative Party, and a patron of the Tory Reform Group.
He was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and attended Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge, and joined the diplomatic service in 1952.
He was created Baron Hurd of of Westwell in 1997, and remains active, supporting the pro-European wing of the Conservative party, supporting Kenneth Clarke and often criticising the leadership.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/d/do/douglas_hurd.html   (192 words)

 Douglas Hurd Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
Hurd also shares with Disraeli a romantic fascination for the workings of politics and the conduct of foreign affairs, and, like Disraeli, has written cleverly about both.
Unlike Disraeli, however, Hurd was never an outsider to the British political elite; indeed, his background, education, and career molded him into an almost archetypal English parliamentary gentleman.
Born on March 8, 1930, in Marlborough, England, Hurd was the eldest son of Sir Anthony (later Baron) Hurd and his wife Stephanie.
www.bookrags.com /biography/douglas-hurd   (178 words)

 Douglas Hurd Memoirs by Douglas Hurd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Hurd stresses that his father was only a tenant farmer and that a scholarship paid for his Eton education, but nevertheless he did go there, and was a model pupil, moving on seamlessly to Trinity College Cambridge and the foreign office.
Douglas Hurd's true vocation was politics, rather than the foreign office, and when, after some difficulty, he finally became an M.P,.
Douglas Hurd lived and worked in Peking, New York, London and Rome and you get a talented writer observing these cities along with top level E.E.C. and U.S. diplomacy including German reunification and Iraq.
www1.dragonet.es /users/markbcki/hurd.htm   (613 words)

 EMU Douglas Hurd
As foreign secretary during the early 1990s, Hurd was closely bound up with the European Union's controversial decision to recognise the sovereignty of Croatia - an event which, in retrospect, many believe made war inevitable in Bosnia.
The general view is that prime minister John Major (and Hurd) did a deal with the German government to recognise Croatia in exchange for Britain being allowed to opt out of the social chapter of the Maastricht Treaty.
Douglas Hurd, engelsk utrikesminister 1989-1995, om EMU, i stor artikel i FT
www.internetional.se /emuhurd.html   (1311 words)

 Hurd, Douglas - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
He remained foreign secretary under Prime Minister John Major and was praised for his handling of Britain's role in the Persian Gulf War.
Conservative party "Euroskeptics" opposed to Hurd's advocacy of British integration in the European Union forced his resignation as foreign secretary in 1995.
Hurd finds write way to enjoy retirement; Douglas Hurd tells Jenni Ameghino how he has combined politics with writing fiction.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-hurd-d1ou.html   (405 words)

 Index Ho-Hy
Hurd of Westwell (of Westwell in the County of Oxfordshire), Douglas (Richard) Hurd, Baron (b.
Hurd's ability won him junior positions, but after a time as minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1979-83), he was passed over for the cabinet and moved sideways to the Home Office (1983-84).
One year later Hurd was switched to the job of home secretary, where he remained until October 1989, when he was appointed foreign secretary, a position he had coveted for much of his career.
www.rulers.org /indexh3.html   (18807 words)

 Douglas Hurd CV at PFD
Douglas Hurd was appointed Deputy Chairman of NatWest Markets and a main-board Director of NatWest Group in October 1995, retiring from the Board in April 1999.
Douglas Hurd retired as Foreign Secretary in 1995 after a distinguished career in Government spanning 16 years.
His chronological narrative of the international affairs of the 20th century focuses on the lead-up to World War I, the peace of 1919 and its failure, the build-up to the 1939-45 war, the post-war settlement to Suez, the United Nations and the Congo, Kissinger and Vietnam, and the war in Bosnia.
www.pfd.co.uk /clients/hurdd/b-aut.html   (698 words)

Douglas Hurd (born 1930; Eton; Trinity College, Cambridge) is of course fully aware of these pitfalls, as is made clear by his preliminary profession of faith:
As for “intimate details,” early in the narrative Douglas Hurd has a dismissive sentence which definitively puts an end to any speculation which the buyer may have entertained: “No one, I hope, will be reading this book in expectation of detailed romance, let alone bedroom excitements” [p.
Hurd sees in the disputes of 1974 the first signs of the strife which has plagued the Conservative Party ever since: “The division within the party began to deepen, and to collect the poison which has never since then entirely dissipated” [p.
www.cercles.com /review/r18/hurd.htm   (2372 words)

 Douglas HURD : astrology horoscope planets Map of the Heavens Interactive Chart Horoscopes with Astrotheme
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Douglas, the predominance of planets in the Southern hemisphere pushes you to act, to draw attention to yourself and make your actions and what you have in mind visible for everyone.
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www.astrotheme.fr /en/portraits/pkWEJs93AgqG.htm   (9217 words)

 Amazon.com: "Douglas Hurd": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Home Secretary Douglas Hurd was a subtle negotiator who began his meeting with a rather discursive statement setting out all the desirable 103...
Douglas Hurd at the end of May at a mutual friend's house, sipping a pre-lunch drink on the grass, when he had...
It was apparent, when the King received Douglas Hurd a week later at his house on a small island just off the Red Sea coast some 80 kilometres north...
www.amazon.com /phrase/Douglas-Hurd   (529 words)

 Nick Hurd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hurd is the son of the former Conservative Member of Parliament and Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd.
He is the fourth generation of his family to enter the House of Commons as a Conservative MP as he follows his father, grandfather and great-grandfather into Parliament.
Mr Hurd came top in the Private Member's Bill ballot in November 2006, and has introduced the Sustainable Communities Bill into the House of Commons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nick_Hurd   (344 words)

 Author Information: Douglas Hurd :: Internet Book List :: A database of book information and reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE enjoyed a distinguished career in government spanning sixteen years.
Upon his retirement as Foreign Secretary in 1995, Lord Hurd joined the Nat West Group and is now Deputy Chairman of Coutts Bank.
Douglas Hurd, who is the author of eleven books, lives in Oxfordshire with his wife Judy and their son and daughter.
www.iblist.com /author14008.htm   (228 words)

We think that if the participants could seize the opportunity which exists now and set out realistic proposals, there could be real hope of progress towards the kind of settlement which is envisaged in Security Council Resolution 649, i.e., a settlement which is lasting, bi-communal and bi-zonal.
Hurd, I would like to ask you regarding the normalisation of Japanese-Soviet relationships, does the G7 have a common approach to ask the Soviet Union to give back the Northern Islands and will this be put to him on his visit to London?
Foreign Secretary: We certainly believe, as I stated earlier, that the relations between the Soviet Union and Japan should be normalised and certainly we are clear that that must include solving the problem of the Northern Territories.
www.g7.utoronto.ca /summit/1991london/press2.html   (3721 words)

 Guardian | Can someone tell the young man in my street that having white hair does not make me Douglas Hurd
When I'm in London, I stay in the same street in Hammersmith as Douglas Hurd, the former Conservative home secretary, foreign secretary and Northern Ireland secretary, and master of many other distinguished accomplishments.
I won't name the street because I wouldn't want to jeopardise the great man's security: he used to have a policeman posted outside his little house, but now that he is 76 and has been out of office for more than 10 years, the policeman seems to have been removed.
I am 10 years younger than Douglas Hurd and feel just as sure as I'm sure that my name isn't willow, titwillow, titwillow that I don't look remotely like him.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,,329611983-103390,00.html   (910 words)

 Image in the Water - Douglas Hurd - Printed Books Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
After a narrow Labour victory dependent on Scottish votes, young, ambitious and right-wing Alcester sweeps in as Tory leader of the opposition.
When his baby is kidnapped, it leads to an upsurge of support and Alcester redoubles his campaign to get the Scots out of the UK.
Douglas Hurd (or the Right Honorable Lord Hurd of Westwell as he is now) was the Home Secretary from 1985-89 and Foreign Secretary from 1989-95, but he will forever be remembered as the one with the ice-cream cone head on Spitting Image.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /printed-books/image-in-the-water-douglas-hurd   (292 words)

 Amazon.ca: Palace Of Enchantments: Books: Douglas Hurd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
More than passing familiarity with British politics is prerequisite in this novel of a politician's tumble from power.
Hurd (who is British Home Secretary) and Lamport (a British diplomat in Rome) chronicle the events that conspire to throw Edward Dunsford's carefully ordered career into chaos.
An ambitious young Tory with a bright future, Dunsford has made all the right moves, including his marriage to a woman of means who is now tiring of him.
www.amazon.ca /Palace-Enchantments-Douglas-Hurd/dp/0751534595   (385 words)

 New Statesman - Douglas Hurd
The Tory party needs to rethink its ludicrous stance on Europe, writes Douglas Hurd
Margaret Thatcher struck a bitter bargain for the Conservatives: she gave them 11 years of power but left a harsh legacy they have been unable to overcome.
Douglas Hurd on an indomitable leader who did more for her nation than for her par
www.newstatesman.com /writers/Douglas_Hurd   (112 words)

 Douglas Hurd - Wikipedia
Douglas Richard Hurd, Baron Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE, PC (* 8.
1997 wurde er als Baron Hurd of Westwell, of Westwell in the County of Oxfordshire in den Adelstand auf Lebenszeit (Life Peer) erhoben.
Hurd's Erinnerungen über seine Tätigkeit als Diplomat in Peking in den 1950ern
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Douglas_Hurd   (201 words)

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