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Topic: Dubbing (transferring)

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  Screen translating, also referred to as audiovisual translation or AVT, is understood here as rendering the script of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Dubbing is much more expensive (about tenfold), as actors have to be hired to read each role, and they are not infrequently first-rate stars.
Ascheid (1997) claims that dubbing is a non-constrained type of AVT in that it consists in an exchange of one voice for another, resulting in a new text that owes nothing to the original.
In dubbing, (and, to some extent, also in voice-over) restrictions on the form of the target text stem mostly from the fact that equivalents have to match the visual component, that is the image, so what the audience hear is more or less consistent with what they see.
www.jostrans.org /issue01/articles/boguckien.htm   (7073 words)

 Návrh vzorové šablony   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The role of dubbing in modern society should therefore be seen as a means of protecting the wealth of the national language and encouraging semantic alertness through setting up a shield against the penetrating of calques, anglicisms, and foreign elements in general.
Obviously, films are present in both dubbed and subtitled versions all over the world and it is the individuality of the viewer (with the social status and the level of education being important factors) and his instantaneous mood rather than the national character that determine his option for either one.
Dubbing is undoubtedly more authentic, and from the communicative point of view it does not provide a replacement of the mediator unlike subtitling which presents a written text (subtitles) in place of a spoken text (dialogues).
mujweb.cz /www/pulpfiction/thesis.htm   (9252 words)

 Patent 5485447: High-speed data dubbing method
The high-speed data dubbing method as defined in claim 1, wherein the step for calculating the waiting time is carried out prior to shifting from the data transferring process onto a first recordable area to the data transferring process onto a second recordable area.
The high-speed data dubbing method as defined in claim 1, further comprising the steps of: dividing the amount of data and calculating a plurality of periods of waiting time, when the amount of data to be recorded to one of the recordable areas exceeds a maximum allowable amount of data storage of the memory.
The high-speed data dubbing method as defined in claim 1, further comprising the step of calculating periods of time that are respectively required for the accessing process to the recording start position and a track jumping process prior to the step of interrupting the dubbing operation.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5485447.html   (4856 words)

 VISION ON   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The dubbing stage is where all of the sound elements are combined to produce the final soundtrack and, as with any specialist area of sound production, the many complex techniques and the indecipherable jargon can be completely bewildering to the unfamiliar.
For the dub, the various pre-edited audio components arranged on a collection of hard drives, often from a range of different systems, are then moved across to the dubbing theatre and configured to replay into the mixing console.
If it is anticipated that some further dubbing work might need to be done (such as re-editing a long programme into a series, or vice versa), then the various premixes might also be archived as stems onto tape or hard drives to minimise the amount of remixing (and therefore cost and time) required.
www.soundonsound.com /sos/aug00/articles/audio.htm   (2788 words)

 Magnetic Wire Recordings: A Manual Including Historical Background, Approaches to Transfer and Storage, and Solutions ...
But the input circuit would have to be designed to take the exact level and impedance that was generated by the original head, and there would have to be a recalculation of what the original equalization curve of wire recording was.
Step 2: Dub the recording and do not worry about the speed at which the wire is playing-back because speed adjustments can be made on the dubbing machine.
Jim Lindner: "Print-through is the transfer of an area of high magnetic energy to a low area-- once it has occurred it is irreversible.
depts.washington.edu /ethmusic/wire1.html   (2837 words)

 Video & Audio Tape Repair - All  Formats in Houston Texas VHS SVHS 8mm Hi-8 Betamax Reel to Reel Cassette 8 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Copying is the straightforward dubbing or duplication of a tape, as in making a reference copy for routine use or to service another format.
Transferring, re-mastering, or re-formatting involves converting the original to an updated format.
Restoration is the process by which a videotape, degraded by age, or damaged by accident is temporarily or permanently transcribed to a playable condition.
www.mmvideosystems.com /tape_repair/tape_repair_restoration.html   (487 words)

 Dub-It How VHS Dubs Are Made   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
TMD is capable of producing large volumes of high-quality dubs in a short time and at a lower cost than traditional, real-time duplication.
This enables the video and audio information to be perfectly transferred directly from the surface of the master to the dub tape with no generational loss of quality.
After the entire roll of blank tape is dubbed, it is placed on a third machine that loads the tape into individual cassettes.
www.dub-it.com /vhs/howmade   (778 words)

 Dubbing (transferring) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Over $100,000 has been donated since the drive began on 19 August.
Dubbing is a term used to describe the transfer of audio or video information from one media to another.
In electronic instruction manuals, it is often used as a word to describe the transferring of VHS to DVD or DVD to VHS.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dubbing_(transferring)   (97 words)

 DVD Recordable :: DVD writing reviews news and advice
Dubbing is done with the hard drive selected and there is an appropriate disc in the DVD tray, select HD to DVD dubbing and select the the film or play list sequence adding the 5 minutes dummy recording to the end of the sequence.
Selecting dubbing comes up with the option to record or not at the desired record mode, the recording continues is real time with each part in separate recordings on the DVD, if the selections were titled the titles are also transferred over to the DVD.
Once the dubbed video has been checked and is up to spec the original recording can be deleted from the hard drive.
www.dvd-recordable.org /Reviews+index-req-showcontent-id-29.phtml   (2073 words)

 Panasonic E-85 help needed - discussion at the AV Forums
The other way is to dub at sp and don't finalise the media and then do the second one at fr to fill the remainder of the media.
Dubbing in FR Mode would re-encode the three programmes to fill to capacity a DVD-R. Obviously picture quality would be noticibly worse than just putting two programmes on to a disc.
Transfer one programme one week, and the second the next etc. Each programme is already the correct size to fill one third of a DVD-R. Hope this helps.
www.avforums.com /forums/showthread.php?t=134804   (2822 words)

 AVS Forums Archives - high speed dubbing E100   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The reason I ask is that when viewing the DVD-R that was high speed dubbed as one pass (SP and XP together) it seemed to be of lower quality compared to the HD files.
High speed dubbing is simply transferring a data file bit by bit, exactly like copying files from one disc to another on your computer.
I was under the false impression that all segments on a high speed dub had to be recorded at the same record mode.
archive.avsforum.com /avs-vb/history/topic/370673-1.html   (675 words)

 Sony RDR-VX500 printer friendly version - Video Players and Recorders - CNET Reviews
We like the pair of one-touch dubbing buttons between the DVD tray and the tape slot, as well as the long, thin door that hides the playback/recording controls and a front set of A/V inputs (including S-Video and FireWire).
Dubbing from VHS to DVD or vice versa is a snap; just hit one of the one-touch dubbing buttons, and you're off.
For our VCR-to-DVD dubbing test, we dredged up a 12-year-old VHS tape that was originally recorded in the two-hour SP mode.
reviews.cnet.com /Sony_RDR_VX500/4514-6473_7-31130578.html   (1660 words)

 Copyright for Beginners
As moral rights are of personal nature and untransferable, they are exhausted at the death of the author, however, moral interests of the late author are protected to some extent by the Copyright Law even after his/her death.
Unless copyright is clearly transferred by a contract, it always remains on the author's side.
Reproduction by means of automatic reproducing machines placed for the use by the public is excluded from the "reproduction for private purpose" and therefore, should not be done without authorization.
www.cric.or.jp /cric_e/beginner/begin.html   (6104 words)

 Super-8 & 16mm Filmmaking Sync Sound FAQ
Very simply, the entire filmmaking process of shooting, recording, transferring, dubbing, editing, and projecting whereby the end result produces the appearance to the viewer that the on-camera speaker's lips appear to be precisely synchronized with the words he/she is speaking.
If the DAT recorder will be used only for transferring the field audio cassettes to magnetic film and if the mag film recorder (see "What is a magnetic film recorder") is also referenced to crystal, there is usually no problem.
If the MiniDisc recorder will be used only for transferring the field audio cassettes to magnetic film and if the mag film recorder (see "What is a magnetic film recorder") is also referenced to crystal, there is usually no problem.
users.aol.com /fmgp/faq.htm   (3296 words)

 Dubbing Headquarters
Transferring movies and television series to VHS, VCD and DVD has become a huge trend for fans interested in creating their own private video libraries.
Video Headquarters should offer you helpful information and methods for dubbing setup, trading, and info about the types of equipment you might need at some time.
Professional dubs are essential even for a personal library.
www.scifi2k.com /misc_html/vd/dhq.html   (276 words)

 Transferring records to CD
Transferring records to CD Transferring records to CD By Jim Hobbs
This page lists information resources on the process of transferring analog recordings to CD form.
There are also commercial services that transfer analog to digital recordings for a fee.
www.loyno.edu /~hobbs/transfer_records_to_CD.html   (798 words)

 Keeping it Simple
Transferring their content to hypertext databases has left behind elaborate and important interpretive resources.
In a time of changing technologies, it is not surprising to see a profusion of new genres.
Through techniques of mixing, dubbing, cutting, and sampling made much easier by the wider availability of recording equipment, hip hop has revolutionized older forms of contemporary music.
www2.parc.com /ops/members/brown/papers/keepsimple.html   (4687 words)

 Video Dubbing and Transfers at Evergreen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
To request dubs or a transfer, take original materials to the Media Services front desk in Sem II D4107 and ask the desk person to fill out a video workorder in the computer.
Splicing tape and leader can be purchased in the Bookstore.) All films turned in for transfers must be prepared with at least 6 feet of head and 6 feet of tail leader.
There are some self-serve transfer capabilities in the Video Transfer Station located in L1316A: SVHS, VHS, Hi-8, 3/4, Audio CD, Cassette Audio, DVCAM with time code window burn.There's also self-serve VHS-to-VHS transferring in the Sound and Image Library in the Library proper.
www.evergreen.edu /media/video/dubs.html   (423 words)

 First Stage Talent Agency - Film Terms
When the videotape loses contact with the recording apparatus, and there is a "flash" on the pictures, be assured you will have to do a re-take.
It also describes the process of substituting voices by completely different ones when the film is distributed to a foreign market that has a language different from the one it was produced in.
Video editing where the originals have been transferred (usually to VHS), and the rough edit is done on this material, where as in On-Line Edit, video editing uses the actual tape that was recorded during the shoot.
www.firststage.ca /filmterms_e.htm   (1365 words)

 Judge hides from technology in MP3.com decision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
And of course, for years there have been music dubbing services that made their money by transferring customers' records (whether LPs or 45s) to cassette tape.
Not a lucrative business, to be sure (most folks who were heavily into music would have had their own cassette recorder), but one that is recognized as perfectly legal and in no way a violation of copyright law.
For instance, no one would suggest that Ed's (fictional) Dubbing Service at the corner of Fifth and Main was "selling" the Bruce Springsteen songs that were transferred from your "Born in the USA" LP to cassette tape.
www.trageser.com /archive/essays/essay-mp3.html   (495 words)

Sony's new line of Net MD Walkman player/recorders break the speed limit with a direct USB connection that transfers 80 minutes of music from PC to MD in less than three minutes*.
Net MD technology adds utility to the world's most popular digital music recorders by providing up to 32x speed for transferring music files.
Besides their individual features and stylish, good looks, all three new models offer long battery life, MDLP for recording over five hours of music on one 80-minute disc and Sony's ultra skip-free **G-Protection™ technology for active users who enjoy listening to uninterrupted music.
news.sel.sony.com /pressrelease/1531   (776 words)

 Translation Station
With advances such as OMFi - the industry standard for transferring data between most major computing platforms - it is now possible to export audio data from the editing system directly to the audio workstation.
The Translation Station from DAR has been specifically designed to make this transition from editing system to workstation as smooth and easy as possible, enabling audio projects to be imported, converted, prepared, backed-up and restored off-line, allowing the DAR workstations to be operated independently, for maximum productivity.
All edit information is faithfully transferred across so that the converted DAR Reels shows shot names, levels, fades and crossfades.
www.dar.uk.com /translation.html   (575 words)

 3DsoundSurge Press Release: Transfer Your Music At High-Speed With Sony's New Net MD Walkman Recorders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The new QuickRip™ CD dubbing application facilitates fast transfer of CDs to MD without storing files on a hard drive.
Users simply launch the application and select the tracks they want to transfer to the player.
In addition to transferring music in up to 32x speed, title and track information created in the Jukebox is transferred to the device.
www.3dsoundsurge.com /press/pr2010.html   (828 words)

 AVS Forums Archives - DVD-RAM Archive process?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
You are dubbing from HDD --> DVD-RAM and, to restore, dubbing from DVD-RAM to HDD.
RAMs may have more utility for E80 users; dubs to RAM take half as much time as dubs to DVD-R on the E80, but take longer than DVD-R dubs on the E100 (if the DVD-r is 4x).
The re-recordability is great, and being able to clear stuff off the HDD until you have time to edit it, watch it, or decide what to do with it is quite convenient.
archive.avsforum.com /avs-vb/history/topic/327810-1.html   (342 words)

 Re: Panasonic DMR-E100

Because dubbing (transferring from the hard drive to a DVD-R disk is not a transfer, bit for bit, on many DVD desktop recorders (it isnât on my Panasonic DMR-HS2).
Nor could two short segments of say 65 and 63 minutes recorded in XP (one hour mode) be dubbed to a singled disk, bit for bit.
While it might be true that a 98 minute movie COULD be transferred, bit for bit, onto a single DVD, apparently, Panasonic, to keep things simple, chose not to have that as an option.
www.usenet.com /newsgroups/rec.video.dvd.players/msg01449.html   (226 words)

 Panasonic DRM-E80S dubbing question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
My guess is that in the Start Dubbing dialog you didn't select "YES" (leaving the default "NO" selected) before pressing Dubbing dialog on the screen.
I believe dubbing is done in "real time"...a 60 minute show takes 60 minutes in any mode, except for compatibility mode, as you know, is faster.
I tried it again with the high speed dubbing and it transferred in 15 minutes.
www.thehelparchive.com /new-715293-93.html   (495 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Panasonic DMR-E85H DVD Recorder at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
This makes it very easy for those with camcorders to just plug in and dub their recordings.
The basic buttons to operate are included in the front as well, along with a screen that shows timer recording, transferring in progress, recording mode, and other indicators when operating.
The first couple of times may seem confusing but after a thorough review of the manual and a little experience, you'll be able to record with your eyes closed.
www.epinions.com /content_150228733572   (1484 words)

 vcr dubbing help
Tape Dubbing - Copy one tape to another of same length...
send the video and audio to the VCR using dubbing cables and record using the Line 1 Input...
With the touch of a button Audio/Video dubbing is possible.
www.smartguru.com /urdu_translations_jobs/vcr-dubbing-help.html   (311 words)

 Digital Mediacraft
Digital Mediacraft has the latest technology and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry.
Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and to their area of expertise.
High quality Lip sync, dubbing V/O, ADR,, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, LCRS or 5.1 Surround, Scoring to Picture is available for film productions.  We can layback audio to a Beta SP dump or to a Digi Beta of the final edit.
dmcindia.250free.com   (1816 words)

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