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Topic: Dukedom

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Dukedom is one of the oldest communities in West Tennessee.
Dukedom was established in 1830 by Duke A. Beadles, the towns first merchant and postmaster.
Dukedom continue to thrive into the early 1900's but went into a steady decline by the post World War II era.
www.utm.edu /departments/acadpro/library/departments/special_collections/wc_hist/dukedom.htm   (115 words)

  Yvonne's Royalty Home Page: Peerage Titles
- in 1726, as Cumberland, Dukedom of (extinct 1765)
- in 1776, as Cumberland and Strathearn, Dukedom of (extinct 1790)
- in 1766, as Cumberland and Strathearn, Dukedom of (extinct 1790)
users.uniserve.com /~canyon/peerage_titles.htm   (3548 words)

 dukedom - English-Italian Dictionary - WordReference.com
Forum discussions with the word(s) 'dukedom' in the title:
Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola 'dukedom':
Non ci sono titoli che contengano la parola/frase 'dukedom'.
www.wordreference.com /enit/dukedom   (29 words)

 Paul James column
This dukedom was different from all subsequent ones in that succession to the title was limited to the sovereign's eldest son and heir, and the title did not cease to exist when the holder inherited the crown - it went immediately to his eldest son or became dormant if there was no son.
Despite the existence of the 1337 charter which conferred the dukedom on the king's eldest son forever, it was felt necessary to re-create the dukedom for Henry IV's son (the future Henry V) in 1399, and for Edward IV's son (the future Edward V), in 1471.
This dukedom became extinct on the death of his son, and was re-created for a son of James II in 1458, again becoming extinct on the death of the second holder.
www.etoile.co.uk /Columns/Paul/041031.html   (1798 words)

 [No title]
U.C. 0073: The dukedom military constructs the midway asteroid base, Axis, in the asteroid belt for the Jupiter energy fleet.
The dukedom military completes the first robotistic mobile weapon, which is named as Mobile Suit (M.S.) and the model number is MS-01.
The dukedom military tests the prototype Mobile Suit, MS-05 Zaku I, which is equipped with Minovsky fusion reactor.
www.angelfire.com /gundam/gfv2/timeline.html   (1644 words)

According to the facts gleaned from Dukedom, Then and Now (author unnamed) and Tennessee History Series: Weakley County by Virginia C. Vaughan and edited by Charles W. Crawford, Dukedom has had a long and interesting history.
Supposedly, Dukedom is the only post office in the United States by this name.
Supposedly, the Dukedom Bank was one of the few banks to remain open during the Great Depression.
www.utm.edu /staff/leeb/dukedom.htm   (415 words)

 Events in Dukedom TN - Event Listings Search
Events in Dukedom TN - Event Listings Search
this section is devoted to providing exhibit and events information and links, as well as tickets and times for events for Dukedom TN and other cities around the world.
- DUKEDOM TN EVENTS :: You might find these..
www.museumstuff.com /z-events-tickets.cgi?w=Dukedom+TN   (101 words)

 Dukedom, by Penelope Shuttle
He inflicts his dukedom on me like dew on a fountain,
with his dukedom of doors, porches and portals,
his dukedom no bigger than a visiting card.
www.poems.com /poem.php?date=13606   (268 words)

 Herzogtum Neu Seeland - Dukedom New Sealand - Offshore Center fuer Business, Banking, Firmengruendungen und Free World ...
Das Angebot wird von der SDUoNS, also der State University Duke David of New Sealand, im DUKEDOM of NEW SEALAND (oder Herzogtum Neu Seeland) über die Filmakademie FCA angeboten.
Interessant sind sicherlich auch die Angebote des DUKEDOM of NEW SEALAND und der SUDoNS, State University Duke David of New Sealand.
Die SUDoNS bietet sehr interessante Wege des Studiums an, etwa für den Professional Security Manager, das Dukedom of New Sealand wiederum bietet Diplomatenpass, diplomatische Positionen und eine spannende Mitarbeit beim Aufbau des Herzogtum Neu Seeland an.
www.hznewsealand.com   (1382 words)

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