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Topic: Dumbarton Bridge

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  Dumbarton Bridge -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The earlier bridge (a drawbridge) was opened in January 1927.
The rail bridge is currently unused, but a successful March 2004 regional transportation ballot measure included funding to rehabilitate the rail bridge for commuter rail service.
The bridge is directly connected to (Click link for more info and facts about Interstate 880) Interstate 880 by a freeway segment north of the Fremont end, but is not directly connected to (Click link for more info and facts about U.S. Highway 101) U.S. Highway 101 at its southern end in Menlo Park.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/d/du/dumbarton_bridge.htm   (257 words)

 Encyclopedia: Dumbarton Bridge
The Dumbarton Bridge is the southernmost of the highway bridges that span the San Francisco Bay in California.
Dumbarton is a town in Scotland, lying on the north bank of the River Clyde.
The bridge is part of California State Highway 84.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Dumbarton-Bridge   (808 words)

 Toll bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A toll bridge is a bridge over which traffic may pass upon payment of a fee, or 'toll'.
In the United States, private ownership of toll bridges peaked in the mid 19th century, and by the turn of the twentieth century most toll bridges were taken over by state highway departments.
In some situations where the tolls were increased or felt to be unreasonably high, informal shunpiking by individuals escalated into a form of boycott by regular users, with the goal of applying the financial stress of lost toll revenue to the authority determining the levy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Toll_bridge   (902 words)

 Dumbarton Bridge
The Dumbarton Bridge is the southernmost bridge crossing the Bay.
The Ravenswood Pier on the Peninsula and its counterpart on the East Bay, the Dumbarton Pier, are the remains of the original Dumbarton Bridge built in 1927 and converted to fishing piers in 1985.
On both sides of the eastern end of the bridge are the huge salt ponds and long levee trails belonging to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
www.abag.ca.gov /bayarea/baytrail/vtour/map3/access/Btdmbrtn/Btdmbrtn.htm   (2223 words)

 Bridging the Bay: Dumbarton Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Dumbarton Bridge connects San Mateo and Alameda Counties, spanning the narrowest neck of San Francisco Bay, between Menlo Park on the west shore and Newark on the east.
The original structure, the first Bay bridge for vehicles, was built by the Dumbarton Bridge Company for $2.5 million and opened in January 1927.
The bridge is 8,600 feet (2621.9 meters) long, constructed with steel box girder and pre-stressed concrete, and has a vertical clearance of 85 feet.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /news_events/exhibits/bridge/dumbart.html   (209 words)

 Structural Engineering Slide Library: Set G
A multi-span concrete highway bridge using both cast-in-place reinforced concrete box girder spans and precast prestressing delta beams for the two spans crossing railway tracks where supporting falsework from the ground was not possible.
Examples of this can be seen in the cases of the Composite Highway Bridge, Highway Overcrossing, and Dumbarton Bridge, where by adding the deck, both the girder section and the degree of indeterminacy are changed.
In the case of the Forth Road Bridge, the gross displacements of the unfinished truss are easily seen during the construction of a long-span suspension bridge.
nisee.berkeley.edu /godden/godden_g.html   (809 words)

 Dumbarton Bridge - Glasgow Direct
The Dumbarton Bridge connects San Mateo and Alameda Counties, spanning the narrowest neck of San Francisco Bay, between Menlo Park on the west shore
is the southernmost of the bridges that span the San_Francisco_Bay in California.
Dumbarton Bridge (DVD) John Shed is a fl veteran who lives in the San Francisco area with his white girlfriend.
www.cprsunday.com /dumbarton-bridge.html   (351 words)

 California Highways (www.cahighways.org): Routes 81 through 88
A new Route 84 was built in the early 1980s as part of the Dumbarton Bridge project, and the old portion was resigned as Route 114.
Before the reconstruction of the Dumbarton Bridge and the construction of the Newark bypass freeway between the east end of the bridge and I-880, Route 84 followed Thornton Avenue from Route 84 southeast to I-880.
Its age and the limitations of a two-lane undivided roadway and lift-span made it necessary for a replacement bridge to be constructed 90 feet to the north.
www.cahighways.org /081-088.html   (7374 words)

 Toll Bridge Site
The original Antioch Bridge, a two-lane lift span, was the first toll bridge built across a San Francisco Bay tributary.
The original Dumbarton Bridge, which opened on January 15, 1927, was the first vehicular crossing over the San Francisco Bay.
Built by the Dumbarton Bridge Company for $2.5 million, the original structure was a combination of truss spans and trestle.
www.dot.ca.gov /hq/esc/tollbridge/Bridges1.html   (571 words)

 MENLO MEMORIES: Dedicating the Dumbarton Bridge (July 28, 1999)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
After an engineering battle against mud, wind and tides, the $2 million Dumbarton Bridge opened almost two years to the day after the first piles were driven.
Thus, the bridge not only opened, but two days later it was announced that due to increased traffic it would be open 24 hours a day.
With today's (1983) reborn Dumbarton Bridge there are still the inevitable slowdowns at peak hours, but no reports of irate motorists breaking down barricades or cutting across vacant lots.
www.almanacnews.com /morgue/1999/1999_07_28.menmem28.html   (522 words)

 Altamont Environmental Benefits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
This is the location of the first bridge across San Francisco Bay, the Southern Pacific's Dumbarton Bridge, built in 1910.
Allowing for an extreme variation in costs due to added environmental safegards and mitigations today relative to 1984, and ignoring that the 1984 highway bridge is 2.5 times the width of a high speed railway bridge, it is safe to assume that $200m should be sufficent to build a new rail bridge at Dumbarton.
The cross-section for a twin track HSR bridge is about 37', or less than 1/4 the width of the Bay Bridge.
www.arch21.org /CaHighSpeed.dir/dumbarton.html   (625 words)

 BayRail Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The next Dumbarton Policy Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 1 at 2:00 PM at the City of Union City Council Chambers, 34009 Alvarado-Niles Road, Union City.
However, funding for Dumbarton rail was removed from the bill before the bill was approved by the Transportation Committee.
Dumbarton Rail Idea is proposed when SamTrans purchases the old rail bridge from Southern Pacific for $6M.
bayrailalliance.org /caltrain/dumbarton   (423 words)

 (GC5CF6) Bridges That Move! by MotorBug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
For purposed of this cache, a swinging bridge is defined as: A bridge which rotates its span(s) on a pedestal, allowing vessels to move past on either side.
Swing bridges are slower to operate than other types of movable bridges and many have been replaced with bascule (drawbridges) or vertical lift bridges.
The bridge has been under construction/replacement for the past 2 years, and the project will not be completed until 2008, with the final interchange at Maryland Highway 210 finished in 2011.
www.geocaching.com /seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=23798   (901 words)

 Bay Trail: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge - Fremont - Part 1 - Tidelands Trail and Visitor ...
The Dumbarton Pier is a popular fishing spot for rays, leopards sharks, white sturgeon, striped bass, and shiner surfperch.
The segment of the road from the Refuge parking lot to the pier is closed to automobile traffic (but open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic) from April 1 to August 31 every year to protect nesting nesting snowy plovers, whose chicks sometimes wander onto the road.
The Dumbarton Bridge has a pedestrian and bicycle lane on it that connects to the Bay Trail on the Peninsula.
www.abag.ca.gov /bayarea/baytrail/vtour/map4/access/Sfbnwr/SFBNWR.htm   (3056 words)

 BayRail Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Dumbarton rail advocate Jim Bigelow wins MTC Award of Merit
Dumbarton train trestle viewed from the west end of the nearby highway bridge.
The cutoff was the first bridge across the Bay.
bayrailalliance.org /caltrain/dumbarton/dumbarton_pics.html   (114 words)

 Coyote Hills - Part 1 - Apay Way to SF Bay
The Dumbarton Bridge and Marshlands Road are Bay Trail routes from the West, which lead to the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife headquarters in Newark.
At 0.4 miles, the trail emerges from behind the small hill to the left, revealing views of Hwy 84, the refuge headquarters, the Dumbarton Bridge, and salt ponds.The salt ponds are part of the refuge, but the Cargill Salt Company retained salt evaporation rights when they sold the ponds, so these are active salt ponds.
To the left is the Shoreline Trail, which runs along the edge of the Bay to the Dumbarton Bridge.
baytrail.abag.ca.gov /vtour/map4/access/CyteHils/CyteHils1.htm   (3691 words)

 Dumbarton rail bridge destroyed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
By Monday morning, the bridge was largely destroyed, but firefighters were still dealing with a smoldering underground fire, as part of the trestle on the East Palo Alto shore was covered by an earthern berm.
Caltrain officials had once identified the Dumbarton rail bridge as a possible commuter rail line, although the rail structure would have needed substantial renovation work before it could be used again.
The bridge consisted of a western portion (the part that burned), a center trestle, and an eastern portion.
www.paloaltoonline.com /weekly/morgue/news/1998_Jan_7.FIRE.html   (540 words)

 CA Inline Skating - Tour Details - Bayfront Trail/ Dumbarton Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Dumbarton is the only bridge you can skate on that crosses the San Francisco Bay.
The trail continues east toward the bay and is almost totally flat until you reach the bridge, where it climbs fairly steeply to the top of the arc.
Just to the south is an old railroad bridge (unused) and the suspended pipeline of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, which brings water from the Sierra Nevada.
www.caskating.com /Tour.do?key=50&state=promptTourView   (452 words)

 Pier Fishing in California - Dumbarton Pier   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The original Dumbarton Bridge was the Dumbarton Cutoff railroad trestle bridge built by the Southern Pacific Railroad.
However, the Dumbarton Bridge which served as the precursor to this pier was a highway bridge opened on January 15, 1927.
By the '60s, it was obvious that the old two-lane bridge needing either an expansion or needed to be rebuilt as a larger bridge.
www.pierfishing.com /pier_of_the_month/9912.html   (1455 words)

 Bid to raise bridge tolls may boost Dumbarton rail (May 07, 2003)
Prospects for restoring commuter trains across the old Dumbarton railroad bridge will get a major boost if a new bill to raise bridge tolls passes the state Legislature and is approved by voters of seven Bay Area counties next March.
For the Dumbarton Corridor, SB 916's expenditure plan calls for $135 million for capital costs to help rebuild the system, and connect it to BART and other rail lines in the East Bay.
Meanwhile, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and East Palo Alto are studying a new southern highway approach to the Dumbarton Bridge.
www.almanacnews.com /morgue/2003/2003_05_07.transit.html   (600 words)

 Bicycles Photovault Image   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
By the 1970's this bridge could no longer hold the volume of traffic and a new bridge needed to be financed and constructed.
The present new Dumbarton Bridge was completed in 1984 at a cost of $74 million.
This bridge is 2621.9 meters (8,600 feet) long, and has a vertical clearence of 85 feet.
www.photovault.com /link/sports/Bicycles/show.asp?tg=SBYVolume01/SBYV01P05_06   (134 words)

 National Park Service: Highways in Harmony (Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway)
Dumbarton Bridge, at Q Street, is one of the parkway's most endearing structures.
The overhanging pedestrian walkways and tall, deep arches give the bridge a massive appearance recalling Roman aqueducts, on which the general design of the bridge is based.
An unusual feature of this bridge is the large curved planters built into the bridge abutments.
www.cr.nps.gov /history/online_books/hih/rock_creek_potomac/rock_creek_potomac10.htm   (275 words)

 Bay Area Toll Authority: Bridge Facts: Dumbarton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The original Dumbarton Bridge was the first vehicular crossing over San Francisco Bay proper.
While the Dumbarton Bridge itself is not in need of seismic upgrades, the western approach from U.S. 101 — the Bayfront Expressway — was widened from four lanes to six lanes as part of BATA's RM 1 program.
Like the Antioch Bridge, the Dumbarton Bridge was evaluated by Caltrans engineers in the early 1990s and judged at that time not to need seismic retrofit work.
bata.mtc.ca.gov /dumbarton.htm   (149 words)

 Dumbarton proposal raising hackles (October 05, 2001)
A proposal to build a southern extension to the Dumbarton Bridge through the Palo Alto Baylands is once again being met with alarm and disdain by Palo Alto city officials.
City officials say a connector to the bridge would also impact traffic on Palo Alto streets that are too congested already.
The Dumbarton Bridge extension is one of many proposals addressing congestion on bay bridge crossings contained in the 2000 San Francisco Bay Crossing Study written by Korve Engineering and presented to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.
www.paloaltoonline.com /weekly/morgue/2001/2001_10_05.dumbarton.html   (572 words)

 San Francisco Examiner: News
After drivers make their way across the Dumbarton Bridge, they have to make their way through downtown East Palo Alto in order to get to U.S. Highway 101, congesting local roads along the way.
The Dumbarton Bridge routinely operates about 400 vehicles per hour below capacity, according to a 2002 study of Bay crossings by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which oversees the nine-county Bay Area.
Additionally, a $180 million plan to restore passenger rail service over the Dumbarton Bridge could also give commuters from as far away as Tracy an alternative in their commute to the Silicon Valley.
www.sfexaminer.com /articles/2005/03/24/news/20050324_ne04_trans4.txt   (759 words)

 San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury
The Dumbarton Rail Corridor (DRC) is an 11-mile corridor linking rail corridors in Alameda County with the Peninsula Caltrain Corridor, crossing San Francisco Bay just south of the Dumbarton Bridge.
The 1999 study estimates the cost of implementing commuter rail in the Dumbarton corridor to be $130,000,000.
However, Dumbarton rail is not a "Caltrain improvement." Dumbarton rail is a separate rail project that may add to the area's transit, even though portions of DRC train routes may be on Caltrain tracks.
www.sanmateocourt.org /grandjury/2000/00dumbarton.html   (2752 words)

 FasTrak Premieres Smoothly / Holiday eases transition on San Mateo Bridge
The Dec. 20 beginning of electronic toll collection on the Dumbarton Bridge snarled traffic, causing a miles-long backup that entangled two freeways and prompted Caltrans to open the FasTrak lane to all motorists after a few hours.
Jones said the state has learned from the experience: Instead of dedicating one lane on the San Mateo Bridge to FasTrak users, as had been planned, the lane was available to all drivers.
Traffic on the Dumbarton Bridge backed up because only about 100 cars were using the FasTrak lane at first, Jones said.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/12/28/MN101392.DTL&type=printable   (431 words)

 Voyage of the Tortoise   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
We passed through the old Dumbarton lift bridge with the assistance of the auxiliary engine and a portable air horn to signal the bridge operator.
We were literally surfing downwind toward the (still closed) Dumbarton swing bridge, with no chance of turning upwind except to anchor, if necessary, with even the possibility of successfully anchoring the vessel seeming remote due to the heavy seas.
It was very fortunate that the Dumbarton bridge operator opened the lift bridge for us in enough time so that we didn’t have to anchor.
www.nqma.org /tortoise.htm   (2667 words)

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