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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

She summarized some of the scholarship on Dura Europas, including the major recent study by Weitzmann and Kessler who interpreted the imagery to be, in some ways, a response to Christianity, and viewed the paintings as based on a manuscript tradition.
She compared the ground-breaking discovery of the 3rd-century decoration of the synagogue at Dura Europas in the 1930s to the discovery of the Sepphoris mosaic.
Before the evidence of Dura Europas, it was thought that there was no tradition of Jewish pictorial art.
www.isjm.org /jhr/nos3-4/sepmos.htm

 AUB - Berytus Archeological Studies
In publishing the First Dura Hoard I remarked on the great difference in style between what I took to be the latest tetradrachms of Trebonianus Gallus and the series which had preceded them.
Restudy of all the Antoniniani from Dura has brought to light a small number of specimens of superior workmanship on which the bust has a cuirass, but no paludamentum (Pl. VIII 3-5).
But the portrait is certainly not that of the mint of Rome (Pl. VIII, 9) nor is the obverse legend the same; while the mint of Viminacium has still another obverse inscription.
almashriq.hiof.no /ddc/projects/archaeology/berytus-back/berytus08/61.html

 Comparative Medieval Art: Synagogues
from the Assembly Hall of the synagogue at Dura Europos,
www.kean.edu /~jtuerk/images/1_CompMedieval/3_Synagogues/Synagogues_thumbs.htm

 Dura Europas: The Wall Paintings
The synagogue of Dura Europas was in a residential quarter close to the northern city wall.
Dura Europas was founded by Macedonian settlers in Syria around 312 BCE and flourished until about 272 CE.
AncientWorlds > Rome > Groups > RELIGIO ROMANA > Judaism and Christianity in Rome > Judaism in Rome > Dura Europas: The Wall Paintings
www.ancientsites.com /aw/Post/125553

 Re: orion Tallit compared to San Vitale Mosaic
At Dura Europas the depiction of Abraham in the Aqeda motif on the torah shrine lacks the gamma sign.
He points out that in the earliest evidence from Dura Europas and Graeco-Roman Egyptian coffins the notched band was found on men's garments and the L-shaped ^Ógamma^Ô pattern on women's.
However, he is depicted wearing what seems to be a tallith with a notched band on WING PANEL IV: ^ÓAbraham receives the promise^Ô.
orion.mscc.huji.ac.il /orion/archives/1998a/msg00599.html

 Untitled Document
The church at Dura Europas is a house church.
It is at Dura Europas in modern Syria.
The Shepherd stands at the font in Dura Europas gathering up the sheep one by one, and forming them into one flock.
www.mountolivechurch.org /Sermons/sermon_4-17-05.htm

 Paul Bosch's Worship Workbench - Architecture Always Wins 1 (Lutheran liturgy, worship resources)
Dura Europas is apparently a private residence, modified to meet the needs of a worshiping Christian community: an entrance hall, a living-dining area, and a separate room housing a kind of baptistery.
The first stop on my architectural tour is Syria, and the House Church at Dura Europas.
Frescoes adorning the walls depict a worshiper in orans posture, and Christ healing the paralytic.
www.worship.ca /docs/ww_32.html

 Dura Europas Tunic Colors - www.ezboard.com
From its draftmanship,....the dura frescos appear to be "regular" ones......nothing to woohoo about in roman times.........where a very high level of draftsmanship was expected.
I have come across color pics from the Dura frescoes some where, however I cannot lay my hands on it.
Most fresco of the late periods including Dura were done secco.
p200.ezboard.com /fromanarmytalkfrm17.showMessage?topicID=185.topic

 Welcome to Deepeeka- The Home for the Worlds largest range of swords, armour
The Dura Europos scutum, is held by some to be a 'parade' item, on the grounds of its elaborate paintwork and relatively thin construction.
By the end of the 2nd century, both public and private monuments show a return to the oval shield for both Legionaries and Pretorians, although a 3rd Century example of Dura Eoropos proves that the rectangular scutum did survive.
This has been taken to contrast with the rectangular scutum adopted universally by the legions in the first half of the 1st Century.
www.deepeeka.com /store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=3780

 Introduction to Fine Art-Study Guide, Chapter 3
A synagogue at Duras Europas, in the Mesopotamian region (modern day Iraq), had visual imagery on the walls.
Although contradictory to their iconoclastic ideas, these works seemed perfectly at home at Dura Europas.
The 1st Century AD Hebrew theologian, Philo of Alexandria, saw God as being universal perfection, and as such, could not be represented in visual form which would be, by its nature, imperfect.
faculty.evansville.edu /rl29/art105/f00/art105-3.html

 Wisdom Center - Echoes of Glory the Maccabees The Chabad House at Stanford
Mattisyahu slaying a Hellenist, as depicted on the wall of the 3rd-century synagogue in Dura Europas
Antiochus, enraged by the ineptitude of his generals, wildly swore to crush the Jews and lay waste to their country.
Antiochus sent a third general, Seron, with a far larger army, to Beis Choron; but this force was also defeated by Yehudah.
chabadstanford.org /pages/wisdom/history/echoes_of_glory_the_maccabees.htm

17) *Reconstruction of a house church or domus ecclesia, Dura Europas, Syria, mid 3rd c.
18) Baptistery in a Christian house-church, Dura Europos, Syria, 230 (fig.
facweb.furman.edu /~gattievan/Art46/slide_lists/01.beginnings.doc

 All Souls Bethlehem Church - Home
In western Syria--not that many years ago--archeologists excavated the city of Dura Europas.
In its heyday, it was a prosperous and important commercial center on the eastern frontier of the Roman world, one of the empire's most important links with the caravan routes to and from the East.
www.asbc.org /house.html

 Dura Europas 3rd Century AD Legionary Shield at RomeGiftShop.com
The Dura Europas 3rd Century AD Legionary Shield is a great reproduction, magnificent details, authentically hand-painted, fully functional!!
Dura Europas 3rd Century AD Legionary Shield at RomeGiftShop.com
Dura Europas 3rd Century AD Legionary Shield (42" x 33") 387
www.romegiftshop.com /dureur3rdcad.html

 HART 104
Christian community house at Dura Europas, Syria, ca.
www.owlnet.rice.edu /~hart104/lecture01.html

 Gallery Tour: Great Battles of History - Worcester Events Calendar - Social Web
The Siege of Dura Europas, the Battle of Grandson … listen as the military strategies unfold.
This tour uses the actual weapons from the battles to retell the events that led up to, and those that developed from these military actions.
socialweb.net /Events/10656.lasso

 Fine 1300 - Lecture Overview
Dura Europas (Synagogue, Church) (Stokstad 7-5, 7-6, 7-8)
This lecture, like that on Early Christian Art, considers how the arts associated with a new faith respond to and incorporate established artistic traditions.
What other insights can the pictorial record give us into the popularity of this new religion?
www.colorado.edu /finearts/arthistory/fall04_fine1300/lecture-summary.html

 Were Chazal Helenized?
I don't just mean pictures of biblical scenes (which should not be there either - "kol temuna"), which are very numerous, but pictures of the zodiac, the helios gods, and zeus among other images (such as in Beit Alpha in the Jordan Valley and Dura Europas in Bavel and numerous batei knessiot in the Galil).
Many batei knessiot which I have seen or read about, both in Eretz Yisrael and in the diaspora, from the first century C.E. to the seventh, seem to be plastered with pictures of avoda zara.
What is avoda zara doing in places of Jewish worship?
www.mesora.org /rabbistombs.html

 The Eucharist
By the second and third centuries these eucharistic rituals took place in houses that had been converted to cultic use such as the house-church in the border town of Dura Europas.
By the fourth century, the Eucharist, that is to say the blessing and sharing of bread and wine through thanksgiving, was never celebrated in the context of a meal.
It is clear from her account that she had not been admitted to the agape before her baptism.
www.yale.edu /adhoc/research_resources/liturgy/mass.html

 Costume and Dress in Early Christian Art
A fresco from the CE 3rd century synagogue of Durra Europas in Syria
It is notable that with a few exceptions all the figures shown are wearing contemporary Greco-Roman costume depiction.
www.bibarch.com /Perspectives/4.4.htm

 Oath of Empire: The Sassanid Army
His figure 7 includes representations from a Dura Europas wall painting from the early 3rd century, showing distinctively mailed and shielded swordsmen who are neither Roman nor Arab, and so are presumably in Iraqi sunjects.
The next record is from the 337 siege of Nisibis, where archers in siege towers fire on the Roman- held walls.
The earliest record of Sassanian foot troops that I have seen is from Dr. Nicolle's recent monograph.
www.throneworld.com /oathofempire/en/sassanids.htm

 Art 215: Midterm One
marble [I-13] 4 Dura Europas, Synagogue Fresco: Crossing of the Sea of Reeds.
5 Dura Europas, Synagogue fresco: The miraculous well.
As a review, try taking the online quiz for Early Christian and Byzantine Art, set up for the Art 110 class.
webpub.alleg.edu /employee/a/acarr/art215/midterm1.html

 Legio XX--Scutum
For a neater finish you could cover the shield blank first and then put the bracing on; the Dura Europas scutum definitely had the covering over the braces, though.
(Alteratively the facing may be dyed red before gluing it to the wood.) According to Holger Ratsdorf of HReplikate, the Dura Europas shields and others were painted with casein, a milk derivative.
A second scutum from Dura Europas, less well-preserved, is 37"x25".
www.larp.com /legioxx/scutum.html

 Parallel Cultures
The wall paintings in the synagogue at Dura Europas depart from Greco-Roman standards because:
An important third-century temple was excavated at Dura Europas in:
One cannot judge the paintings at Dura Europas by the classical Greco-Roman standards because:
wps.prenhall.com /hss_walford_greattheme_1/0,4421,66882-content,00.utf8.html

 Classics Log 9603e - Message Number 162
You might find something in K. Weitzmann & H.L. Kessler, _The frescoes of the Dura synagogue and Christian art_ (_Dumbarton Oaks Studies_ XXVIII [1990]) and/or in A. Perkins, _The art of Dura-Europos_ (O.U.P., 1973).
Otherwise, you can check the various excavation reports put out by Rostovtzeff, Welles et al.
omega.cohums.ohio-state.edu /mailing_lists/CLA-L/Older/log96/9603e/9603e.162.html

8-2 The Consecration of the Tabernacle and Its Priests, Synagogue at Dura Europas (Syria), c.
Early Christian Art: 3rd -6th century A.D. Byzantine Art - 6th century - 15th century A.D. Painting and Mosaic
www.pages.drexel.edu /faculty/raizmand/Lectureguide4.html

 Jake's Journals
One of the most impressive things there was that they had transported the inside of a temple from Dura Europas.
We did about five or six takes near the ruins of Dura Europa with kings mounted on camels.
I think the shots will turn out great, but I realized why it is better to be a rock star than a movie star.
www.magijourney.com /frame/journal_jake.html

 Margaret Barker: Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? » Theology and Spirituality » Articles in English » OrthodoxEurope.org
The synagogue at Dura Europas depicts a king enthroned in a tree.
In an account of the life of Adam and Eve written at the end of the second temple period, when God returns to Paradise, the chariot throne rests at the tree of life and all the flowers come into bloom.[ 23 ]
The tree was inseparable from the throne itself.
orthodoxeurope.org /page/11/1/7.aspx

 Online Archaeology Forums - Caravan cities
Do you have any favourite resources on Petra, Dura Europas and Palmyra and whether they deserve the title of 'Caravan City'?
I am doing a subject on Caravan Cities of the Roman Near East.
www.online-archaeology.co.uk /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=183

 Treu Article
His priest at Dura, Adadiabos, son of Zabdibolos, furnishes the relief with a dedicatory inscription in Greek.\4/ With the Roman expansion to the East, Greeks arrive at Rome, bringing their language with them.
And then come the Orientals, for whom Greek was also the language in which they could communicate, and in which they set up their grave-stones.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /rels/rak/publics/notrak/Treu.htm

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