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Topic: Dussera

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  Dussera - The festival of joy
Dussera or Vijayadashami, the tenth day of the bright half of Aswin is celebrated as the day of victory to rejoice about Durga's triumph over the demon Mahishasura.
In Mysore in the hilltop Chamundi temple, Dussera is a picturesque festival.
Dussera is also reminiscent of the end of the exile and banishment of the Pandava princes in the Mahabharata and their return with their weapons to reclaim their kingdom.
www.indiaexpress.com /faith/festivals/dussera.html   (328 words)

 Dussera, and Drinking: Oct. 21st
Dussera is a festival that commemorates the event in the Ramayana when Rama kills the demon-king Ravanna, thereby rescuing Sita, his beloved, from her imprisonment by the multiheaded Ravanna.
Even now many do go to Mysore for the Dussera and it continues to be the traditional festival when all the houses still have Bombe Habba.Young girls (and boys!) line up their dolls as a display in their homes and invite their friends over.
Dussera, however, is ultimately a festival about war, the victories of war, and the personality of warriors and warrior castes.
www.khosla.com /cityboiledbeans/1996oct21.htm   (1558 words)

 NRIworld.com - The Platform For Global Indians   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vijayadashami as Dussera is also known, celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama the hero of the epic Ramayana, after he rescued his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka.
Dussera can also be interpreted as "Dasa-Hara", which means the cutting of the ten heads of Ravana.
Dussera is also reminiscent of the end of the exile and banishment of the Pandava princes in the epic Mahabharata and their return with their weapons to reclaim their kingdom.
www.nriworld.com /festivals/dussera.shtml   (563 words)

 Dussera Festival, Dussera Festival India, Dussera Festival In India, Indian Dussera Festival, About Dussera, About ...
Vijayadashami or Dussera, the 10th day of the bright half of Ashmn, is celebrated as the day of victory to rejoice about Durga's triumph over the demon Mahishasura.
In Mysore, at the hiiltop Chamundi tempie, Dussera is a picturesque festival.
Dussera celebrates the joyous homecoming of Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, after his war with Ravana the demon king of Lanka.
www.all-indiatravel.com /india-fairs-festivals/dussera-october-fairs-festivals-india.html   (428 words)

 Our Tour Packages, India Tour Packages, Dussera Festival of Kullu Valley
Beyond forbidding heights of the Greater Himalayas, and by the banks of the shining river Beas, lay the fabled 'Silver Valley' - Kullu also known as the Valley of the Living Gods.
It is here that the famous annual Kullu Dussera festival is held in the month of October.
The beginning of the festival is marked by Rathyatra, in which the chief deity 'Raghunathji' (idol of Lord Rama)is carried in a fully decorated wooden chariot.
www.t2india.com /fixed-package.php?var=dussera_festival_of_kullu_valley.inc   (979 words)

 Dussera Dhamaka
On Dussera, Ram, the hero of the great Hindu epic, Ramayana, vanquished Ravan, the 10-headed demon king of Lanka who had abducted Ram's wife, Sita.
The highlight of Dussera is Ram Lila, which is enacted for 10 days to mark the 10-day battle fought between Ram and Ravan.
On Dussera gigantic, colourful effigies of Ravan, his brother Kumbhakarn and son Meghnada are set ablaze on the 10th day of Ram Lila.
clients.rediff.com /dussera/about.htm   (298 words)

Vijaya Dasami or the Dussera Day, the last day of the festival is the auspicious day when all fine arts like dance, music, or any new venture in learning is begun.
Dussera (tenth day) is one of the significant Hindu festivals, celebrated with fervour across the country.
The Dussera of Mysore, is also quite famous where caparisoned elephants lead a colourful procession through the gaily dressed streets of the city.
www.sulekha.com /navratri/navratri_triva.htm   (954 words)

 The Hindu Business Line : Royal touch again to Dussera fest
DUSSERA festival in Mysore is set to regain its splendour and glory after a gap of six years with the Mysore Maharaja, Srikantadatta Woodeyar, MP, extending cooperation to the Government's efforts to arrange for an interaction between the visitors and the royal scion.
The Dussera festival had remained a low key after it had been taken over by the Government.
This year's Dussera festival is set to assume greater scale of celebration, with sponsors from private and corporate sectors expected to invest in the festival events.
www.blonnet.com /2002/09/09/stories/2002090900991300.htm   (225 words)

 Kullu's famous 'international' Dussera begins
Kullu Dussera dates back to the 17th century when King Jaganand installed an idol of Raghunath on his throne as a mark of penance.
Thereafter, Raghunath came to be known as the ruling deity of the valley.
The Kullu Dussera was declared an "international festival" in 1972.
news.webindia123.com /news/articles/India/20061003/468471.html   (361 words)

 [No title]
Dussera is celebrated as a day when Sri Ram killed the great demon Ravana, who had abducted his wife Sita to his kingdom in Lanka.
So Dussera is the day that celebrates the destruction of the 10 facets of evil, which is usually represented as the ten heads of Ravana.
On Dussera day, it is customary to exchange leaves of the Apta tree.
www.mumbaipluses.com /westsideplus/index.aspx?page=article§id=2&contentid=20071020200710181457361099a2edfd2§xslt=&comments=true   (783 words)

 Dussera Celebration
Salutations to Sri Durga (Mother Divine) Who exists in all beings in the form of intelligence, mercy, beauty; Who is the consort of Lord Siva; who creates, sustains and destroys the universe.
Dussera is the greatest Hindu festival of adoring God as Mother.
May Durga give the milk of divine wisdom to Her children and lift them to the magnificent heights of divine splendour and glory, the imperishable state of Kaivalya and eternal Sunshine!
www.divyajivan.org /dussera_celebration.htm   (510 words)

 A very happy Dussera to all Trakin readers
Dussera marks one of the most important and auspicious days in Indian culture.
The word Dassera/ Dussera / Dasara / Dussehra comes from the word “Dus” which means ten and “Hra” stands for annihilation-The end of the ten-faced one i.e Ravan, the King of Lanka from the epic Ramayana.
"A very happy Dussera to all Trakin readers" was published on October 20th, 2007 and is listed in random.
trak.in /Tags/Business/2007/10/20/indian-dussera-wishes   (541 words)

 Dussera at Kheer Bhavani
I was not to know this, but apparently Dussera is not a special day in Srinagar like in eastern India or Mysore.
Nor is Vijayadashami celebrated in Srinagar after the north Indian fashion where Ravana is sent up in smoke amidst a burst of firecrackers denoting Lord Rama's triumph over Lanka's ruler of legend.
Later, my driver, a devout Muslim who is serious about his Ramzan fast, said the tremors in Kashmir were on account of "nafarmani" (disobedience of God's will).
us.rediff.com /news/2005/oct/13spec.htm   (549 words)

 Rediff Guide to the Net: Festivals of India: Dussera
It's festival time at Rediff Guide to the Net, and everyone's invited.
Dussera, Durga Pooja, Ramzan, Diwali, Christmas: We've got it all covered.
Information on rituals and traditions, shopping and gifts, special travel packages, ecards and pictures.
www.rediff.com /search/dussera.htm   (59 words)

 Sai Baba - The En-chanting Festival, Dussera at Prasaanthi Nilayam, 2003
The legends are many…and all have their reasons to celebrate the Festival, in myriad ways.
Here, Dussera marks the commencement of a glorious sacrifice, the VEDA PURUSHA SAPTAAHA GNANA YAGNA.
Since then the festival of Dussera has regularly witnessed this celebrated event.
www.saibaba.ws /articles/dussera.htm   (1266 words)

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