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Topic: Duty cycle

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Duty cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The duty cycle D is defined as the ratio between the pulse duration and the period (T) of a rectangular waveform
For example, in an ideal pulse train (one having rectangular pulses), the duty cycle is the the pulse duration divided by the pulse period.
For a pulse train in which the pulse duration is 1 μs and the pulse period is 4 μs, the duty cycle is 0.25.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Duty_cycle   (297 words)

 PLTW - Duty Cycle
Note: For example, the duty cycle is 0.25 for a pulse train in which the pulse duration is 1 s and the pulse period is 4 s.
The ratio of (a) the sum of all pulse durations during a specified period of continuous operation to (b) the total specified period of operation.
Duty cycle is the proportion of time during which a component, device, or system is operated.
home.comcast.net /~teachcte/electron/duty1.htm   (761 words)

 Tech - Duty Cycle
Duty cycle is the amount of time that the fuel injectors are switched on.
A duty cycle of 0% means that the injector is not on at all, a duty cycle of 100% means the injector is on constantly.
The implication of Honda running their injectors to 100% duty cycle is that there is not much scope to increase the engine output on the stock injectors, since the only other way of increasing fuel delivery is to increase the fuel pressure.
www.hondata.com /techduty.html   (394 words)

 Duty Cycle Meter: Digital Panel Meter, Duty Cycle, Digital Meters, Digital Meter, Panel Meter, Panel Meters, Digital ...
Duty cycle is a measure of ON or OFF period as a percentage of total period.
Duty cycle is determined by averaging an integral number of periods over a gate time which is selectable from 10 ms to 199.99 s.
For long periods, duty cycle can be measured by using the A and B channels of the Laureate dual-channel counter to totalize AC line cycles and having the counter display the ratio of the two totals scaled to percent.
www.laurels.com /duty-cycle.htm   (654 words)

 Duty Cycle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Duty cycle refers to the amount of time that a compressor can be operated in a given time period, at 100 PSI, at a standard ambient temperature of 72 degrees Farenheit.
Duty cycle is commonly expressed in a percentage format as: compressor on time / (compressor on time + compressor off time) %
For example: A compressor that is rated for 25% duty cycle means that the compressor can be operated for 10 minutes on and 30 minutes off = 10 minutes / (10 minutes + 30 minutes) = 10 minutes / 40 minutes = 25% duty cycle.
www.max4x4.com /index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=9   (125 words)

 Duty Cycle
Duty cycle is the amount of time an actuator can run in relation to the amount of time it needs to rest.
A 25% duty cycle means that for every second the motor is working it will need to rest 3 seconds.
Note: Since most on/off actuated valves are idle 95% of the time duty cycle is often not an issue.
www.colonialengineering.com /html/duty_cycle.html   (131 words)

 Featured Article: National's LM2623 Boost Converter
Making the duty cycle user adjustable would allow a gated oscillator to be an effective solution for a much broader range of applications.
The duty cycle is user adjustable with the addition of a small capacitor.
The duty cycle is not shown, but it varies from about 86% at 1.8 volts in to 71% at 4.5 volts in.
www.national.com /nationaledge/jun02/article.html   (1418 words)

 Tech - Idle
A combination of a duty cycle lookup table, the current duty cycle and the difference in idle speed is used to calculated the duty cycle for the IAC valve.
The tables in the ECU tell it that when the IAC is at 25% duty cycle and the idle is 25 rpm low, use 30% as the new duty cycle.
Because the IAC duty cycle is too low, the idle speed drops, and eventually the ECU will give the engine a shot of fuel and open the IAC right up so that the engine does not stall.
www.hondata.com /techidle.html   (975 words)

 Power Management DesignLine | Overcoming the Duty Cycle Limits of the Two-Switch Forward
There is a circuit that allows the duty cycle to be extended and the converter to be made from the lower voltage components with very little in the way of modifications.
This causes the voltage on the secondary during this portion of the cycle to be twice the input voltage.
Because the duty cycle for the steady state case is inversely proportional to the input voltage the magnetic flux which is a product of the "ON" time and the input voltage will be the same for a two-switch forward as a three-switch forward.
www.powermanagementdesignline.com /howto/showArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=RMDU534TNDEF4QSNDBESKHA?articleID=159402553   (1871 words)

 EDN Access--02.17.97 Circuit conditions variable-duty-cycle clock
The flip-flop's output signal is thus a 50%-duty-cycle, half-frequency version of the input clock, independent of the input-clock duty cycle.
The duty cycle, however, is determined by the value of the delay, t.
The output duty cycle is (t/T)·100%, where T is the period of the incoming (and now output) clock signal.
www.edn.com /archives/1997/021797/04DI_01.htm   (356 words)

 Duty Cycle Company
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 dontronics.com (pwm.htm)
Each time it is called, it outputs 256 pwm cycles with the specified proportion of highs to lows.
This disconnects the pin from the RC integrator and prevents the steady state of the pin from altering the charge on the capacitor.
For example, if duty is ; 100 and the supply is 5 volts, then the integrated output of ; pwm would be (100/255) * 5 = 1.96 volts.
www.dontronics.com /psbpix/pwm.html   (1166 words)

 Voltage Controlled Duty Cycle Sawtooth Circuit
There was a discussion on synth-diy a while ago about the problems of building a voltage controlled oscillator with a sawtooth wave output whose duty cycle (the ratio of ramp-up time to ramp-down time) is adjustable with a seperate control voltage.
For this application, x is proportional to the duty cycle control voltage, centered around zero for a 50% duty cycle.
A1 and A2 are set up run at 0.24 mA for a 50% duty cycle; we need plenty of headroom to increase this gain, but the current for the lowest gain still needs to drive the output to full amplitude.
www.till.com /articles/VariableSaw   (597 words)

 POV-Ray: Documentation: Duty Cycle
The Duty Cycle setting is used to tell POV-Ray to only use a certain percentage of the CPU's available time, even if nothing else is competing for the CPU.
For example, a duty cycle of 10% would cause POV-Ray, during a render, to sleep for 90% of the available time, and only render during 10% of it.
During rendering, if the duty cycle is not set to 100% (the default), POV-Ray will update the status bar at the bottom of the window if it is in sleep mode.
www.povray.org /documentation/view/3.6.1/679   (403 words)

 The "Miller popper" photopopper circuit
The photo Bicore will oscillate over a wide range of frequency and duty cycle and the motor Bicore has a relatively fixed frequency with a duty cycle influenced to a lesser or greater extent by the state of the photo Bicore.
The resulting influence of the Pcore on the Mcore output duty cycle is delightfully complex depending on the frequency ratio of the two coupled oscillators and the duty cycle of the Pcore.
The most obvious function of the Nv is as a duty cycle threshold detector providing a "dead band" between driving in a straight line and turning.
www.solarbotics.net /library/circuits/bot_popper_beamant.html   (1871 words)

 Tech Page
Duty cycle refers to the amount of time an injector is held open vs. the amount of time available at a certain rpm before the next injection event happens and is expressed as a percentage.
The electrical characteristics of injectors make it undesirable to drive them at 100% duty cycle due to heat distress on the injector windings and drive circuitry.
Working back, we can determine that the injector duty cycle should only be about 50% on our example engine with these injectors, so we are very safe here.
www.sdsefi.com /techform.htm   (781 words)

 Clarifying high duty cycle
I have learned from different sources that for a mid-range drive such as an LTO or SDLT, a 100% duty cycle is based on eight hours of usage per day but enterprise class drives base their 100% duty cycle on 16 hours of usage per day.
Since duty cycle is such an accepted term, I would think that a vendor that said it had a 100% duty cycle based on an eight-hour day would have to say so with an asterisk.
The definition of duty cycle is "the percentage of time the unit is used".
expertanswercenter.techtarget.com /eac/knowledgebaseAnswer/0,295199,sid63_gci982443,00.html   (307 words)

 Switching Regulators: Step-Down (Buck), Fixed Frequency
Using the equation in the Inductor section of AN-1253, estimate duty cycle (D) for this regulator at Vin=8V and Vin=24V, at Iout=2A and Iout=0.5A.
Duty cycle D = ton/T, where ton is the period of time the switch is on and T is the switching period.
Zoom in on the waveform to measure the duty cycle: Using your mouse, draw a rectangle from upper-left corner to lower-right corner; this is the zoom window.
www.national.com /AU/design/1,4706,2_0_,00.html   (648 words)

 Injector Duty Cycle - Team Integra
In general, duty cycle is the amount of time a device is active during a specified amount of time expressed as a percentage.
A 70% duty cycle means that the injector is open 70% of the injectors maximum cycling time.
The generally accepted definition of duty cycle is the amount of time the injector is on vs. the total amount of time available for it to be on, which varies with RPM.
www.team-integra.net /forum/display_topic_threads.asp?ForumID=10&TopicID=11126   (3489 words)

 Duty cycle to voltage...
24 Jul 2004 10:08 Duty cycle to voltage...
I'm a beginner and I need a simple circuit that convert a signal of 150hz with variable duty cycle (from 0 to 100%) to a constant voltage proportional to the duty cycle...
24 Jul 2004 10:18 Re: Duty cycle to voltage...
www.edaboard.com /ftopic84938.html   (539 words)

 Honda-Tech.com: Question about injector duty cycle...
Does a 100% duty cycle mean that the injector is open for the entire intake stroke, and a 105% duty cycle is open even after the valve has closed on the intake stroke, or even the injector is pulsed before the intake valve is even open?
Duty cycle is not the percent of time it's open during any single cycle of the engine, it's total open time.
Duty cycle is high and fuel is being injected over closed valves.
www.honda-tech.com /zerothread?id=139439   (1496 words)

 Determining how long your tape drives might last
MTBF for tape drives is calculated at a given duty cycle, that is the percentage of time the drive is actually reading, writing or verifying data.
The duty cycle used in the calculations is critical, because if your actual duty cycle is significantly different from the manufacturer's assumed duty cycle, the MTBF will vary as well, sometimes non-lineally.
Because duty cycle is critical in understanding MTBF numbers, most manufacturers include the duty cycle number in their product literature, although you may have to dig a little to find it.
searchstorage.techtarget.com /tip/1,289483,sid5_gci862507,00.html   (602 words)

 Duty Cycle Company
Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. intends to provide services to the operators working within water and gas technological networks in the underground field.
Machines and tools for welding applications in steel and polyethylene pipelines, polyethylene valves and fittings, Gas-Stop safety devices for gas pipe networks, trainings for operators through majority-owned companies and other are just a part of the proposals we can offer our customers with professionalism and capability.
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 Duty Cycle Company
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Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. adotta misure di sicurezza informatiche per tutelare e garantire la riservatezza dei dati personali e ridurre, nei limiti del possibile, il pericolo dell'accesso abusivo, del furto o della manomissione dei dati personali.
www.dutycycle.com /it/disclaimer.asp   (896 words)

 Stock solenoids - The Solenoid Company
TU Pull type solenoids all 24VDC 100% duty cycle tubular type, with stroke length up to 10mm and force up to 3000gf.
TU Push type solenoids all 24VDC 100% duty cycle tubular type, with stroke length up to 10mm and force up to 3000gf.
D series rotary solenoids, all 24VDC 100% duty cycle, 95° clockwise rotation with return spring, maximum torque of 7.2Ncm.
www.thesolenoidcompany.com /stock.php   (417 words)

 Re: AID: AID Terminal Language Reference (see "notes" below)
The duty cycle of these are independantly configurable but the frequency of both is set by timer 2.
Currently, if you'd like to adjust the duty cycle of just one output through the terminal while both are running you'll have to include the original duty cycle setting for the other output.
If it turns out that reloading even the same duty cycle values causes the output to glitch then we could either split the command in two or "smarten up" the code such that it will only write to the CCPR?L registers if the new value is different from the current value.
www.interaccess.org /aid/list/msg00368.html   (800 words)

 Screw jacks boast 50% higher duty cycle: News from Power Jacks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Power Jacks high duty S-Series (symmetric) screw jacks are a range of metric cubic screw jacks designed to have a higher duty cycle and mounting flexibility over conventional worm gear screw jacks.
Conventionally the duty cycle performance is varied by changing the lifting screw from a machine screw (typically 30-50% efficient) to a ball screw (typically 90% efficient).
In general tests showed that the S-Series screw jacks had a 50% higher duty cycle than conventional worm gear screw jacks, irrespective of the lifting screw type in the unit.
www.engineeringtalk.co.uk /news/pwo/pwo115.html   (537 words)

 Duty Cycle Timers
The NANO timer is a duty cycle timer developed for the 30g NANO PTT.
When the bird reaches the wintering grounds, it could again be used to slow the duty cycle for the winter (e.g., eight hours ON/ten days OFF) while the bird may not be making significant movements and then switch to a more intense duty cycle to follow the spring migration.
These duty cycles are appropriate for solar PTTs deployed in sunny locations.
www.microwavetelemetry.com /Bird_PTTs/dutycycle_timer.php   (428 words)

 Electric Motors - Introduction to Electric Motors Duty Cycle
Therefore, choosing the proper electric motor also depends on whether the load is steady, varies, follows a repetitive cycle of variation, or has pulsating torque or shocks.
Duty cycle is a fixed repetitive load pattern over a given period of time which is expressed as the ratio of on-time to cycle period.
When operating cycle is such that electric motors operate at idle or a reduced load for more than 25% of the time, duty cycle becomes a factor in sizing electric motors.
electricmotors.machinedesign.com /guiEdits/Content/bdeee1/bdeee1_3.aspx   (373 words)

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