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Topic: Dwarfs (Discworld)

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  Dwarfs (Discworld) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dwarfs in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are similar to the Dwarves of J.
Dwarfs originate from the Ramtops and Überwald, but many have moved down to the Sto Plains (Ankh-Morpork is now the largest dwarfish colony on the Disc).
When dwarfs are married, it is customary for the debts to their parents (consisting of all the money spent on them before they married, such as for food and lodgings) to be paid off by their partner.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dwarfs_(Discworld)   (2014 words)

 Dwarfs - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Traditionally, dwarfs are miners in the mountains (nowadays there are also dwarf artificers, jewelers, bakers, Watchmen, etc. in the cities).
The dwarf Low King is elected by the senior members of the more powerful mines, and acts as the final court of appeal in disputes.
Dwarfs have a natural lifespan of several hundred years, so they have a lot of time to get set in their ways and fuel old feuds.
wiki.affordable-prawns.co.uk /index.php/Dwarfs   (579 words)

 Thud - One Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
As mentioned before, the two antagonists are the trolls and the dwarfs, the trolls being few in number (but individually very powerful), while there are a large number of dwarves, but each individual dwarf is very weak and requires support from nearby dwarfs to be of use against the trolls.
Dwarfs, on the other hand, move around the board very quickly, akin to queens in chess.
The gist of this rule is that several pieces (trolls or dwarfs) in a line can "push" the frontmost piece forward by several squares (the number being dependent on the number of pieces in the line).
www.onelang.com /encyclopedia/index.php/Thud   (540 words)

 Thud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is different from a normal move in that the dwarf is permitted to land on a square containing a troll, in which case the troll is removed from the board and the dwarf takes his place.
This may only be done if the endmost dwarf can land on a troll by moving in the direction of the line at most as many spaces as there are dwarfs in the line.
Notice that since a single dwarf is a line of 1 in any direction, a dwarf may always move 1 space to capture a troll on an immediately adjacent square.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thud   (938 words)

 Discworld Thud   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The traditional enmity between dwarfs and trolls had been explained away by one simple statement: one species is made of rock, the other is made of miners.
City dwarfs feel that it is very important for their offspring to stay in touch with the roots of dwarfishness, and often send them back to Copperhead or Uberwald for what is known as some 'mine time'.
Legend says that a large war party of dwarfs and a smaller one of trolls were hunting one another in the valley, and that on this occasion the leader of the trolls tried an artful strategy.
www.clymo.co.uk /words/thud.htm   (948 words)

 Trolls - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This is very likely the initial cause of the animosity between trolls and dwarfs, even though, for hundreds of years now, the feud goes on because it is a cultural tradition for both species.
It being a cultural tradition does not mean it is nice; trolls and dwarfs have repeated the Battle of Koom Valley several times, each side springing an ambush on the other, casualties are high.
Trolls are large and powerful, but have never been a political force to be reckoned with in their home mountains (where it is nice and cold and trolls are clever), except for warring against the dwarfs.
wiki.affordable-prawns.co.uk /index.php/Trolls   (522 words)

 The Discworld
The dwarf population tend to be rather old fashioned.
Dwarfs have an ancient racial feud with trolls.
Although dwarfs are usually quite serious and hard working, they have a tendency, upon reaching the city, of drinking and then attempting to remove limbs and any other protrusion with axes.
www.angelfire.com /ut/angusville/Discinfo.html   (2730 words)

 Bookreporter.com - THUD! by Terry Pratchett
As the esteemed head of Discworld's Finest, the men (and women, dwarfs, trolls, a zombie and a werewolf) in blue, he seeks to protect and serve the good citizens of Ankh-Morpork.
An ancient feud between dwarfs and trolls threatens to bubble up from the bowels of the city as the anniversary reenactment of a historical battle approaches.
A rabble-rousing dwarf is murdered, and circumstantial evidence points to a troll as the culprit.
www.bookreporter.com /reviews2/0060815221.asp   (530 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Dwarfs (Discworld)
Another recent development offending traditionalist dwarfs is the trend for young dwarfs in Ankh-Morpork and elsewhere to be openly female.
Reportedly the process of "forging" a loaf of dwarf bread includes gravel as part of the recipe, and kitty litter is apparently a preferred seasoning.(It is, of course, a parody of waybread.)
The Low King sits on an ancient loaf of dwarf bread called the Scone of Stone (a parody of the Stone of Scone).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Dwarfs_(Discworld)   (1252 words)

 Amazon.com: Thud!: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels): Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
"Thud" is the sound that commences the novel, as a dwarf is bludgeoned to death; it's also the name of a chesslike match that recreates the battle of Koom Valley, a long-ago fight between trolls and dwarfs.
Discworld, in a universe not quite parallel to ours, is, as the name suggests, a giant disc, containing continents and oceans and many populations, and resting on the backs of four elephants, who in turn stand on a giant turtle, who is swimming steadily, relentlessly, across the universe.
The primary tasks of this cleaned-up Watch are two: forestall a riot-cum-war between the city's dwarfs and trolls, and solve the murder of a dwarf in a tunnel under the city.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060815221?v=glance   (3540 words)

 Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Discworld, as those who have visited before know, rests on the back of four elephants, who, in turn, stand on the back of the giant turtle A'tuin as it travels through space.
Accompanied by his wife, Lady Sibyl, Cheery Littlebottom, self-declared female dwarf (it's not something dwarfs discuss) and the troll, Detritus, he is to attend the coronation of the new Low King of the dwarfs.
A megalomaniac werewolf, a conspiracy of disgruntled dwarfs, a smart-mouthed talking dog and a plethora of servants named Igor -- all of whom give the concept of organ donation a new meaning -- all add to the mix in their own unique ways.
www.rambles.net /pratchett_elephant.html   (496 words)

 Thud! - The First Discworld Boardgame. Koom Valley happens here!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
As trolls can't see anything directly under their kneecaps, a dwarf can end its move on a square next to a troll without being instantly captured.
Captured dwarfs are carted off the battleground with their ears ringing.
Dwarfs can only overpower their much bigger enemy by forming a line and hurling the front dwarf straight at a troll and walloping it in the midriff.
gme.thudguild.com /rules.html   (441 words)

 Thud!: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels)
But he's dogged and honest and he'll be damned if he lets anyone disturb his city's always-tentative peace -- and that includes a rabble-rousing dwarf from the sticks (or deep beneath them) who's been stirring up big trouble on the eve of the anniversary of one of Discworld's most infamous historical events.
A number of dwarf elders have come to that city for hidden purposes, new caves are being dug, a painting of the old battle vanishes, and worst of all, their leader is found dead in the Ankh Morpork mines - apparently of a sudden meeting with a troll's club.
Even in the best of moods, a dwarf usually considers combat to be the point in a night of drinking between singing and passing out, but moods are turning ugly.
books.wenchoice.com /info/0060815221/Thud!_Discworld__Book_30.html   (2051 words)

 Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza: Khazad-dum Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Dwarf bread was made as a meal of last resort and also as a weapon and a currency.
Dwarfs were not, as far as Vimes knew, religious in any way, but the way they thought about bread came close.
Dwarfs are very reticent about revealing their sex, which most of them don’t consider to be very important compared to things like metallurgy and hydraulics.
www.lotrplaza.com /archive3/houseview2.asp?topic=1026&house=85   (1793 words)

 The Fifth Elephant
Terry Pratchett has a seemingly endless capacity for generating inventively comic novels about the Discworld and its inhabitants but there is in the hearts of most of his admirers a particular place for those novels which feature the hard-bitten captain of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch Samuel Vimes.
As for the dwarfs, whose legend it is, and who mine a lot deeper than other people, they say that there is a grain of truth in it".
As Sam Vimes is sent on a diplomatic mission to Uberwald for the coronation of the new King of the Dwarfs, and Captain Carrot has gone in search of missing Angua, Lord Vetinari reluctanctly promotes Fred Colon as Captain of the Watch...
www.uni-protokolle.de /buecher/isbn/0061020400   (615 words)

 Grabthroat's Housewarming party - www.ezboard.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This Unfortunatley started a chain of events through the house, as it seemed each of the dwarfs were sympathetic vomiters, and as such followed in suit of the last to share his foul taste.
Unfortunately with Polgara standing where she was, she was in direct line of fire of the two dwarfs and as such their lunch became her new fashion, with one dwarf hitting her in the chest while the other coated her feet.
The dwarfs conversation continued as they went back int the house, describing things that they had ate and had seen on its upcoming.
p087.ezboard.com /fthediscworldfrm7.showMessage?topicID=212.topic   (1691 words)

 Elves (Discworld) - Art History Online Reference and Guide
In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels elves are extradimensional inhuman monsters.
Discworld elves are based more on the nastier kind of fairy-folk in British and European folklore than elves as portrayed in most modern (post-Tolkien) fantasy fiction.
Elven invasions of the Discworld are recorded in Lords and Ladies and The Wee Free Men.
www.arthistoryclub.com /art_history/Elves_(Discworld)   (523 words)

 shopping360.co.uk :: Thud! (Discworld S.)
Terry Pratchett has returned to his previous style by not using chapters and although this book isn’t quite as funny as many of the others in the Discworld series there are enough moments of humour to satisfy even the most hardened fan.
All the major Watch characters are involved to some extent and a couple of interesting new additions such as the cities vampire watchwoman.
is such a novel, describing new elements of dwarf and troll culture, a curse, weird happenings beneath Ankh-Morpork and (his grace) Samuel Vimes (or "Insert Name Here", as his Gooseberry calls him) at his very best, and the invention of a new board game, while we are at it.
www.shopping360.co.uk /0385608675/Thud!_Discworld_S_.html   (816 words)

 >☞ Buy cheapest Thud!: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels) Thud!: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels) in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
But he's obstinate and genuine and he'll be curst if he lets anyone disturb his city's always-tentative peace -- and that includes a provocative dwarf from the sticks (or deep beneath them) who's been moving up larger trouble on the eve of the anniversary of united of Discworld's most disreputable existent events.
Centuries earlier, in a gods-forsaken hellhole titled Koom Valley, a horde of trolls met a division of dwarfs in bloody combat.
In \"Thud\" the old enmity between trolls and dwarfs is active to go ballistic proper in the central of Commander-of-the-Watch Sam Vimes's domestic turf, that is to say the city of Ankh-Morpork.
www.myfinanceaid.com /thud+-discworld-novels-hardcover,0060815221_i.htm   (2140 words)

 Thud! (Discworld S.) Book at Shop Ireland
This is another great book in Terry Pratchett's series on the Discworld - a flat world, supported on the backs of four massive elephants riding on the back of a planet-sized turtle.
This is another great Discworld book, one that really captivated me. As with many of the later Terry Pratchett books, this one is not laugh-out-loud funny like the early ones were.
So, if you like the Discworld books in general, then be assured that this is one of the greats.
www.shopireland.ie /books/detail/0552153621/Thud!-(Discworld-S.)   (860 words)

Admittedly, real life does not contain many librarians who are a full-grown male orangutan, and Death in real life does not ride a white horse called Binky, but Discworld readers now consider that this is real life's loss.
There are wizards, witches, trolls, dwarfs, zombies, werewolves, vampires.
but Discworld starts where classic heroic fantasy stops, and none of those people is doing business as usual.
www.terrypratchettbooks.com /discworld   (574 words)

 Thud! The Discworld Boardgame is £22.49, a Boardgames from Mongoose Publishing at Games Lore Ltd.
THUD, an exciting DISCWORLD boardgame based on the battle between dwarfs and trolls, where players take the field in an all-out attempt to defeat their opponent.
The fast-moving dwarfs must form up into defensive blocks as quickly as possible, before hurling their crazed axe-wielding comrades at the trolls.
Here the speedy dwarfs must capture the trolls' magic stone and escape the board with it while the lumbering trolls have to squish the dwarfs in order to properly protect their treasure.
www.gameslore.co.uk /acatalog/Product/PR_MGP5101.html   (201 words)

 Thud - Art History Online Reference and Guide
The answer was that he wanted his hnaflbaflwhiflsnifltafl board filled with gold: one grain on the first square, two grains on the second, four grains on the third, etc. Needless to say this is more than all the gold of the Disc combined.
The king then got angry and threatened to kill the dwarf who was 'too bloody clever by half'.
Thud is also the title of the 34th Discworld novel, due to be published in October 2005.
www.arthistoryclub.com /art_history/Thud   (377 words)

 Terry Pratchett book list with new book and free audio samples
That was where the trolls ambushed the dwarfs, or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls.
But if he doesn't solve the murder of just one dwarf, Commander Sam Vimes of Ankh-Morpork City Watch is going to see it fought again, right outside his office.
On Discworld that is the job of the highly capable Monks of History, who store it and pump it from the places where it's wasted (like underwater - how much time does a codfish need?) to places like cities, where there's never enough time.
www.mindzeit.com /terrypratchettaudiobooksdvds.php   (1568 words)

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