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Topic: Dyad

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  DYAD Systems
Dyad’s successful track record of loyal customers comes from our unique ability to connect the dots across disciplines - clinical, regulatory, data management, and biostatistics.
If you are looking for insightful approaches that achieve results, the team at Dyad Systems can address your clinical program needs.
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  Dyad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A dyad (general) pair, consisting of two parts.
A dyad (sociology) is a group of two people
A dyad (biology) is a pair of chromosomes during meiosis
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dyad   (129 words)

 Introduction to the "The Dyad"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Dyad looks simple enough with two people sitting in chairs or on pillows on the floor facing each other a few feet apart.
The Dyad in practice is difficult to achieve.
The Dyad is a process of completing communication cycles and listening without judgment.
www.dyad.org /d03dyad.htm   (252 words)

It’s a complete incongruity that Dyad, a three-piece from Vancouver, channels so well the sound and emotion of a time long gone by, but all the same, they do it.
Appalachian mountain music complete with jaw harps, banjo and a plaintive fiddle on their 13 track “No Pedlars or Preachers” will leave you reaching for a clay jug with ‘XXX’ on it as you cry for a love you can never get back.
Moving, soulful, honest, and reverent, Dyad is a time machine you step out of to smell the fire under the still back in the woods, blending with autumn leaves crunching under your feet.
www.myspace.com /dyad3   (1022 words)

 Dyad - Glossary Definition - UsingEnglish.com
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Two people speaking is a dyad; the smallest unit of communication.
Relationships between people; employer employee, etc., are dyads as well.
www.usingenglish.com /glossary/dyad.html   (66 words)

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