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Topic: Dylan Cash

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  Dylan Cash World - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site
Dylan has a contract role as Michael Corinthos the third on "General Hospital".
Dylan won a Young Artist Award in 2003 for his role as Michael on "General Hospital" and was nominated again in 2004.
Dylan has been Pre-Nominated for a Daytime Emmy for his role as Michael on "General Hospital" four times, and the last three years in a row.
dylancashworld.bravehost.com   (113 words)

  Warehouse Eyes - Nashville Skyline   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is one of the finest love songs from Dylan's early period, a tender ballad that was one of the high points of his second album, and a song that he has performed often in concert.
Dylan had served notice with the last two tracks of "John Wesley Harding" of his new musical direction and "Nashville Skyline" was that legacy.
Dylan continued the defence of his album, telling Hubert Saal in 1969 that he admired the spirit of the music, it was he said "...like a good door, a good house, a good car, a good road, a good girl.
warehouseeyes.netfirms.com /nashville.html   (1633 words)

 Bob Dylan Who's Who
Cash sat down and dashed off a note to the folk song magazine "Broadside," in which the controversy of Dylan's electrification continued to rage.
Cash, however, has crossed over so many boundries that a categorical naming of his style is impossible.
The power is as much exuded by Cash as by the energy of the inmate audience in their responses to his music.
www.expectingrain.com /dok/who/c/cashjohnny.html   (793 words)

 Johnny Cash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cash relapsed into addiction after a serious stomach injury in 1983 caused by an unusual incident in which he was kicked and critically wounded by an ostrich he kept on his farm.
In 1997, Cash was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease Shy-Drager syndrome, a diagnosis that was later altered to autonomic neuropathy associated with diabetes.
Cash was the father of musicians Rosanne Cash and John Carter Cash, and stepfather to Carlene Carter.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Johnny_Cash   (4725 words)

 [No title]
Cash and Dylan's duet on "Girl Of The North Country" was featured on Dylan's groundbreaking country-rock effort "Nashville Skyline", for which Cash wrote the Grammy Award-winning liner notes.
At the show, Cash and June Carter Cash, his wife and longtime musical partner, teamed up for a surprisingly celebratory, down-home version of "It Ain't Me, Babe," a song from "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" that Cash took up the charts in 1964, well before the Turtles turned it into a pop smash in 1965.
Dylan's harmonies tend to be a little limited and would have sounded better if he hadn't even attempted to sing at all.
www.texasfeldmans.com /txtfiles/dylan-cash_sessions.txt   (729 words)

DYLAN CASH: All instruments and vocals except for drums on tracks 2 and 7 of Prairie Surfer which were played by Ray Perreault of Ste.Anne, Manitoba Also on tracks 4,5,9,12 of Prairie Surfer, drums were played by Zak Cudney of Manitoba.
"Dylan is the epitome of professional, this could be the most personable album to date adn anyone who ahs neard it would agree that Dylan Cash could be the next Jack Johnson, Amos Lee or eric Clapton", Jason Bekiaris Announcer /Host Cafe 100fm.
Dylan has lived in rural Manitoba for 15yrs now with his wife and 3 children.
myspace.com /dylancashonline   (600 words)

 GroupieTunes : Dylan Cash
For the past seven years, Dylan has been performing with his daughter and son in the rock band, HIP VOODOO, p [+]Dylan Cash is one of Canada ’s newest stars of Canadian folk-pop music, a gifted songwriter and guitarist now in demand on the club circuit.
This is because through the music and lyrics Dylan Cash transports you to a place in your heart that allows you to feel with compassion and empathy, the true meaning of each song.
Dylan demonstrates painterly skill for depicting the moments of weakness and devotion one feels when in love.
www.groupietunes.com /artists/dylancash   (433 words)

 A missing Cash crop, from TV to Dylan
Bob Dylan made a memorable appearance on the first show, a rare TV performance by the star at the peak of his reclusiveness.
Cash wrote the liner notes to Dylan's "Nashville Skyline" and the two of them sing "The Girl From the North Country" on the album.
Dylan, who was house-guesting at the Cash family manor while he recorded the album, joined Cash in the studio and they sang 16 songs together while tapes rolled.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/09/21/PK306844.DTL   (570 words)

 bobdylan.com: Bob Dylan News
Dylan talks openly and extensively about this critical period in his career, detailing the journey from his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, to Greenwich Village, New York, where he became the center of a musical and cultural upheaval, the effects of which are still felt today.
Bob Dylan's first and third albums, "Bob Dylan" (1962) and "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (1964) have been remastered for superior audio quality and will be released on CD on June 21, 2005.
Recorded when American popular music was 'like a running election,' Dylan's 'music of transformations' induced a conflicted, confused America to look at its social disasters of racism, drug abuse and Vietnam, Marcus says, while simultaneously permitting it to strip away its illusions and hope for a better future.
bobdylan.com /updates   (2228 words)

 Dylan/Cash Sessions 2/17-18/69
The rest are songs long a part of Cash's repertoire, songs familiar to both Dylan and Cash, and for good measure one of Carl Perkins' tunes.
Dylan, for his part, seems content to sing a sort of "harmony" to Cash's lead vocals.
Dylan's harmonies tend to be a little limited and would have sounded better if he hadn't even attempted to sing at all.
www.punkhart.com /dylan/tapes/69-feb17.html   (295 words)

 Dylan Cash Ousted, Michael Headed For Recast | General Hospital @ soapcentral.com
Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III), an actor that General Hospital fans have literally watched grow up, has been let go by the ABC soap.
Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III) has been let go from General Hospital.
According to a source close to the actor, Cash was blindsided by his ouster.
www.soapcentral.com /gh/news/2008/0414-cash.php   (448 words)

 Dylan Cash World Message Boards - Home
Talk about the children that Dylan works with on GH here, no cursing, taking God's name in vain or actor bashing these are only kids.
Talk about movie's Dylan has been in here, no cursing or taking God's name in vain.
Fan Art of Dylan or with Dylan in it, no cursing or taking God's name in vain.
dylancashworld.proboards60.com /index.cgi   (195 words)

 Dylan Cash Central
Dylan is an amazing actor who is most known for the role of Michael Corinthos the third on the Soap Opera "General Hospital" which he held for six years.
Dylan last airdate on "General Hospital" now looks to be May 16th.
I have added fifteen pictures of Dylan from various FWC weekend (thanks to MLK333 on the forum), twelve new wallpapers and an autograph that was donated of Dylan when he was younger.
dylancash.awardspace.com   (935 words)

 MySpace.com - Dylan Cash - Manitoba - Surf / Acoustic / Folk Rock - www.myspace.com/dylancashonline
DYLAN CASH : All instruments and vocals except drums and background vocals were noted.
Dylan Cash, Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, Bryan Adams.
"Dylan is the epitome of professional, this could be the most personable album to date adn anyone who ahs neard it would agree that Dylan Cash could be the next Jack Johnson, Amos Lee or eric Clapton", Jason Bekiaris Announcer /Host Cafe 100fm.
www.myspace.com /dylancashonline   (1055 words)

 Johnny Cash Guitar Tabs and Chords: 150 Free Tabs!
Cash was known for his deep, distinctive voice, the boom chicka boom sound of his Tennessee Three backing band, and his dark clothing and demeanor, which earned him the nickname "The Man in Black." He started all his concerts with the simple introduction: "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."
In a career that spanned almost five decades, Cash was the personification of country music to many people around the world, despite his distaste for the Nashville mainstream.
Cash is one of ten performers to be inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame (Cash, Chet Atkins, Elvis Presley, Brenda Lee, Hank Williams, Don and Phil Everly, Sam Phillips, Jimmie Rodgers, Floyd Cramer), and he shares the honor with Hank Williams Sr.
www.guitarmasta.net /c/cash,_johnny   (392 words)

 Bob Dylan: LITTLE WHITE WONDERS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dylan performs renditions of folk traditionals and cover versions of songs by Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and others.
Shortly before Dylan released his self-titled debut album on Columbia, he was guest on Cynthia Gooding's New York Radio Show where he performed folk traditionals as well as some of his first own songs.
When Dylan released his second album "The Freewheelin'" in 1963 there was no doubt he was heading the right way.
dylan.mikehobo.com /page.php?id=btl   (1061 words)

 thefoxonline.com: Music Dylan, Cash, Harrison Reissues And Archived Titles On The Way In 2004
A box set celebrating the British Invasion, a sixth volume of Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series, a thematic Johnny Cash anthology and new versions of George Harrison's solo albums are among the spotlight titles set for release in the spring of 2004.
The new addition to Bob Dylan's bootleg series of archival releases is set for release on March 9th.
The still-to-be scheduled 2-CD Johnny Cash anthology is said to be organized by theme, akin to the Love, God, Murder box set which was released in 2000.
thefoxonline.com /common/launch/122403/122403_dylan_cash_harrison.html   (380 words)

 DVDylan | DVD Compilation #02
Speaking of Cash, the Nashville studio footage (a duet of "One Too Many Mornings") is of fine quality: warm colours and crisp sound.
Another surprise gem is Dylan's country turn ("East Virginia Blues") lifted from the 1970 doc, "Earl Scruggs, His Family and Friends" probably sourced from a low-generation videotape that was transferred from film.
More common clips are Dylan's acoustic set from the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh in New York (hands-down the highlight of this all-star benefit concert), and his rather subdued "Hurricane" performance at 1975's World of John Hammond TV special.
dvdylan.com /item.php?id=D012   (792 words)

 Dylan Cash   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Recently Dylan shared the screen with legend Julie Andrews in an animated short, done in the style of the chalk drawings seen in the film, produced exclusively for the 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Walt Disney’s Academy Award® winning film MARY POPPINS.
Dylan is the spokesman for Fuji Film’s “Meet the Greens “ National Television Ad Campaign.
With his red hair and engaging grin, Dylan is a typical boy who loves karoake, baseball, football and bowling with a few exceptions – he is an actor with a photographic memory and can spell forward and backward.
www.celebrity-network.net /celebritybowling/bios/source/dylancash.htm   (423 words)

 The Austin Chronicle Columns: Page Two
They both forget lyrics (though Cash seems to need to cue Dylan more than vice versa) and, as they are playing, discuss who should take the first verse.
Dylan had already recorded Blonde on Blonde and John Wesley Harding with Johnston in Nashville, but it's hard to think of the former as rooted – it's so of American music while being completely transcendent – and the second is so generously eccentric.
Johnston pointed out how Dylan was always experimenting and had significantly changed his vocal style and tone on each of four albums in a row: Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding, and Nashville Skyline.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/dispatch/2005-12-02/cols_pagetwo.html   (1480 words)

 Bob Dylan Vs. John Lennon interview
You'd like to think that a filmed meeting between Bob Dylan and John Lennon in 1966, when the two were at their creative and commercial zeniths, would offer up a fascinating bit of pop music history.
Dylan had taken the film out of director Pennebaker's more detached, objective, hands, staging a series of "skits" and "setups." He, his sidekick Bob Neuwirth and various other tour lackeys engaged in these scenarios and the few, cut clips of the Dylan tour footage itself are more teasing than pleasing.
Dylan (in a mock lecturing voice) I read in the papers that George Harrison spent a lot of time in the states.
www.virginiamusicflash.com /dylanvs.htm   (1160 words)

 Fellow Folks: Johnny Cash (Page 1 of 2)
In 1963, Cash was in New York, and went down to Greenwich Village to listen to Peter LaFarge sing his first Indian protest songs at the Gaslight café.
Cash sat down and dashed off a note to the folk song magazine "Broadside," in which the controversy of Dylan's electrification continued to rage.
NOTE: It seems that most of the Johnny Cash songs covered by Dylan stem from Cash's 1950s Sun Records period, thus documenting Dylan's early exposure to Johnny Cash (and a preference for the distinctive Sun Records sound).
www.bobdylanroots.com /cash.html   (1638 words)

 ABC Daytime : General Hospital
Dylan Cash joined the General Hospital cast in March 2002 as Michael Corinthos.
Cash has been featured in numerous national commercials, television series and films.
Cash, when he won the Young Artist Award for his work on General Hospital and later appeared in The P.T. Johansen Field Guide To North American Monsters, written and directed by Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival winner Andrew Mudge.
abc.go.com /daytime/generalhospital/bios/87935_1.html   (203 words)

 The Dylan/Cash Sessions - Bob Dylan - Song Listings
{$Cash}, in fact, dominates the proceedings: he sings lead more often, and the mere two {$Dylan} tunes ("Girl from the North Country" and "One Too Many Mornings") are outweighed by a larger heaping of {$Cash} classics ("Big River," "I Walk the Line," "I Still Miss Someone," "Ring of Fire," "Guess Things Happen That Way").
The CD might even appeal more to {$Cash} fans than {$Dylan} ones, especially as {$Dylan's} singing is not up to scratch: his timing is off, he often sings on one note, and he even needs to be occasionally cued by {$Johnny} for the right words.
The disc also includes three interesting {$Dylan} performances from a TV broadcast on {^The Johnny Cash Show} in May 1969, as well as five less essential quadrophonic mixes of {^Nashville Skyline} tracks.
www.mp3.com /albums/180226/summary.html   (365 words)

 Fellow Folks: Johnny Cash (Page 2 of 2)
Bob Dylan's appearance brought a great deal of attention to Nashville, a lot of attention that a lot of my peers did not give him credit for, but still he brought a lot of attention on Nashville -- people like him and people to follow who recorded songs in Nashville because Bob Dylan had...
It wasn't insane evidently; I think that Dylan is the one that broke the door down to Tin Pan Alley and I think he's the one that opened it up for Nashville.
After the show, a relieved Dylan returns to Johnny Cash's house with famed bluegrass banjo player Earl Scruggs, Bob Johnston, and country songwriter Boudleaux Bryant for dinner.
www.bobdylanroots.com /cash2.html   (1120 words)

 Dylan Cash - TV.com
Dylan was pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Dylan was the star of a major storyline on "General Hospital" when his character, Micheal was kidnapped and traumatized.
Dylan was very exited to find out that Kirsten Storms was going to be on General Hospital with him.
www.tv.com /person/131689/summary.html   (247 words)

 Dylan Cash - Biography
Award-winning actor Dylan Cash made his television debut at 4 years old on the CBS hit family comedy show Kids say the Darndest Things.
Recently Dylan shared the screen with legend Julie Andrews in an animated short, done in the style of the chalk drawings seen in the film, produced exclusively for the 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Walt Disney's Academy Award® winning film Mary Poppins (1964).
The declaration Dylan made just a few years ago to Bill Cosby is well on its way to coming true.
imdb.com /name/nm1138880/bio   (488 words)

 Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
For obsessive-compulsive Dylan fans, an extensive official and bootleg discography for 1969 and other years is available here.
In the fall of 1986, I went to a Dylan collectors meet in Chicago, and we daisy-chained 15 cassette decks together.
Cash was one those guys with a sort of ranging artistic curioisty.
djmonstermo.blogspot.com /2005/02/bob-dylan-and-johnny-cash.html   (1309 words)

 Dylan Days: Music, Literature and Art in Hibbing, Minn.
Dylan Days welcomes you to create art or experience art in the place where Bob Dylan and many others first learned about love, conflict and the human condition.
Our past winners in the Dylan Days Creative Writing contest are now listed in a Hall of Fame.
Dylan Days is an annual event organized by Dylan Arts Celebration, an association dedicated to advancing the arts in Bob Dylan's hometown.
www.dylandays.com   (450 words)

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