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 Mail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Modern mail is usually organised by national services (that in recent times are increasingly being replaced by privately owned companies), reciprocally interconnected by international regulations (some of which still in their original 18th century form, many others of which are set out by the Universal Postal Union), organisations and agreements.
The ordinary mail service was improved in the 20th century with the use of planes for a quicker delivery (air mail).
By the name of the stations in which mail was distributed and messengers' routes crossed, derives the Latin name of mail, Posta (originally posata or pausata = place of rest) because in these stations messengers used to rest during their voyages.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mail   (3223 words)

 Missile Mail Encyclopedia Article @ LaunchBase.com (Launch Base)
Mail is delivered by rocket in an early chapter of Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon.
In Mayport, the Regulus was opened and the mail forwarded to the post office in Jacksonville, Florida, for further sorting and routing.
Some think that rocket mail, or at least ultra-elite business package delivery, may become commercially viable with the development of fully reusable launch systems, particularly single-stage to orbit vehicles.
www.launchbase.com /encyclopedia/Missile_Mail   (692 words)

 E-mail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 8BITMIME extension was introduced to allow transmission of mail without the need for these encodings but many mail transport agents still don't support it fully, possibly due to the complication of having to do content transformations when forwarding to a mailserver that doesn't support it.
Mails can be stored either on the client or on the server side.
Electronic mail, abbreviated e-mail or email, is a method of composing, sending, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/E-mail   (2840 words)

 The Mail Preference Service - Consumer Assistance
If you receive advertising mail at work from companies that also send advertising mail to your home address, let the company know you are receiving duplicate catalogs or promotions and tell them which is the correct address to send mail and which address to delete.
Mail of a business-to-business nature received at your business address will not be affected by registration with MPS.
The Mail Preference Service (MPS) is designed to assist those consumers in decreasing the amount of national non-profit or commercial mail they receive at home.
www.dmaconsumers.org /offmailinglist.html   (888 words)

 UNIX man pages : mail ()
Mail is an intelligent mail processing system, which has a command syntax reminiscent of ed(1) with lines replaced by messages.
Mail has a number of options which can be set in the.mailrc file to alter its behavior; thus ``set askcc'' enables the askcc feature.
In mail you send, personal aliases will be expanded in mail sent to others so that they will be able to reply to the recipients.
unixhelp.ed.ac.uk /CGI/man-cgi?mail   (3431 words)

 ICANN .mail New sTLD RFP Application
If this were to happen, all receiving mail servers that were using the SLD would break and they would have to change their code.
If these optional fields are used by the registrant, postal mail will be sent to the address listed in the whois with "Care of" line as the person's name, and mail sent to the optional email address will also be sent to the email address listed in the whois output.
As more and more receiving mail server operators, MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) programs, and email policy programs (email filters) learn that mail sent using the sTLD is spam-free, it will build trust in the sTLD so that more operators will obtain domains in the sTLD and will let the spam-free mail pass unencumbered.
www.icann.org /tlds/stld-apps-19mar04/mail.htm   (8740 words)

 Apple (UK and Ireland) - Mac OS X - Mail
Mail displays the most relevant emails at the top of the search results and lets you change your search on the fly.
With Mail Parental Controls, protecting your children from unwelcome email is quick and easy.
With one click, Mail resizes your outgoing photos to small, medium, large or actual size and tells you how big an email will be based on the photo size you select.
www.apple.com /uk/macosx/features/mail   (847 words)

 National Postal Museum
The 37 mail bags required to carry 150,000 one-page letters could be replaced by a single mail sack.
The weight of that same amount of mail was reduced dramatically from 2,575 pounds to a mere 45.
Finally, individual facsimiles of the letter-sheets were reproduced about one-quarter the original size and the miniature mail was then delivered to the addressee.
www.postalmuseum.si.edu /exhibits/2d2a_vmail.html   (361 words)

 Technorati Tag: mail
Mail Secure mail server with anti-virus and anti-spam, built-in firewall with NAT and proxy for Internet sharing.
Mail Cost-effective, reliable solutions for all your shipping needs.
Mail Collectibles Shop eBay for anything and everything - from specialized gifts to custom clothing.
www.technorati.com /tag/mail   (420 words)

 Welcome To Dada Mail - Mailing List Manager
According to this, Dada Mail is #10 in, "vitality" on Freshmeat.
Dada Mail is free software that you're able to use, modify and enhance under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Dada Mail 2.10.2 also is shipping with a new plugin called: archive_editor.cgi.
mojo.skazat.com   (2585 words)

 PHP Help: mail - PHP Manual
Send an email message', CAPTION, 'mail');" onmouseout="return nd();">mail transfer agents replace LF by CRLF automatically (which leads to doubling CR if CRLF is used).
Send an email message', CAPTION, 'mail');" onmouseout="return nd();">mail may not be sent properly.
Send an email message', CAPTION, 'mail');" onmouseout="return nd();">mail command may not parse this properly while talking with the MTA.
www.phpfreaks.com /phpmanual/page/function.mail.html   (1048 words)

 LEARN THE NET: How Email Works
One advantage over regular mail is that you can retrieve your e-mail from anywhere location in the world, provide that you have Internet access.
Once it arrives at the destination mail server, it's stored in an electronic mailbox until the recipient retrieves it.
Once you connect to your mail server, you just download your messages to your computer or wireless device.
www.learnthenet.com /english/html/20how.htm   (299 words)

 Webmail client, Mail server, webmail server on linux, unix, windows
Filtering out the white noise of growing open-source options, @Mail is a reliable and complete messaging platform that includes full source code for complete control.
The Online Demo exhibits all features available in the commercial version of @Mail, including a demonstration of the WebAdmin interface which allows management of user accounts, settings and complete configuration control.
Innovating within the email server industry since 1998, Calacode develops @Mail, a robust integration of Open Source Technology, Unix, Strong Encryption, and industry-standard Groupware Features in a centralized messaging platform.
atmail.com   (389 words)

 Everything Email - Asian Mail Order Bride – Less-Than-Traditional MarriageOption
Mail bomber is a tool that is used for subscription based mailing lists.
An Asian mail order bride may be in her situation for many reasons.
It could also cost them time if they have to continuously check their email accounts to see (Continue Reading)
everythingemail.net   (598 words)

 How to E-mail an Encyclopedia LG #86
That would be a good solution, provided all mail handlers along the way would accept a carton of that size and weight.
If you were physically mailing an encyclopedia, you might package it entirely within one carton.
An alternative is to encode the object to be transferred into a string of ASCII characters, and send it via e-mail.
www.lg.ps.pl /issue86/jenkins.html   (1134 words)

 Your mail is here, come and get it!
They’ve also built in support to index all incoming mail on the fly as it is received.
Hotmail users who sign up for the Windows Live Mail African Safari Sweepstakes are eligible to win hundreds of prizes each week and a grand prize trip for four to a Luxury Safari in Africa!
Some users have encountered problems trying to log into the Windows Live Mail beta.  For this we apologize; we are working hard to make sure that the beta is reliable and performs well.
spaces.msn.com /mailcall   (1254 words)

 PHP: Mail Functions - Manual
If you use another mail program, such as qmail or postfix, be sure to use the appropriate sendmail wrappers that come with them.
Note that the mail will be not be store after the mail server has redirect to your script.
In many examples like in http://www.zend.com/zend/trick/html-email.php or in the book PHP developers cookbook you find html multipart/alternative mailing solutions that build the mime header and the mail body into one PHP variable and send this as fourth argument (header) to the PHP mail-function.
us3.php.net /mail   (2630 words)

 What is e-mail? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
To see if you have any mail, you may have to check your electronic mailbox periodically, although many systems alert you when mail is received.
After reading your mail, you can store it in a text file, forward it to other users, or delete it.
Some electronic-mail systems are confined to a single computer system or network, but others have gateways to other computer systems, enabling users to send electronic mail anywhere in the world.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/e/e_mail.html   (862 words)

 Registered Users
Deliver to Filtered Mail will send all mail tagged as spam to your Filtered Mail folder.
Opt Out will send all mail tagged as spam to your inbox.
webmail.registeredsite.com   (103 words)

 Site-Helper.com -- E-Mail
This change allows mail destined for your domain to be directed to their server.
You will then be taken back to the main mailing list menu and your new list will be visible in the table.
All subscribers will be listed here regardless of how they subscribed to the mailing list (by e-mail or through the control panel).
www.site-helper.com /email.html   (1944 words)

 Recycler Classifieds - About RecyclerMail (R'Mail)
With this e-mail account, you will be able to send and retrieve mail from any computer in the world, as long as that computer has a web browser and access to the Internet.
In the future, all you need to do to send and retrieve mail is to login to the Recycler.com site.
Once you login to the site, there will be a link on your personal memo pad informing you if you have any mail.
www.recycler.com /asp/rmail.asp   (429 words)

 Define e-mail - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: email
A mailing list that is administered automatically is called a list server.
A popular protocol for sending e-mail is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and a popular protocol for receiving it is POP3.
Some mailing lists allow you to subscribe by sending a request to the mailing list administrator.
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci212051,00.html   (289 words)

 Mailwasher Anti Spam Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker
My morning mail has around 500+ mails in it daily...most of which are spam.
Using your software knocked that down to 91 mails on the very first day so yesterday I paid to register it as I was so impressed.
I'm writing to you now because as your product blacklists those people I bounced I find my incoming mail is getting smaller and smaller meaning less time required to look at the mail arriving in Mailwasher.
www.mailwasher.net   (1371 words)

 Mail Tribune :: Online Newspaper Edition - Serving Medford, Oregon & Surrounding Cities.
Follow the news that is important to you with the Mail Tribune's new e-mail alert system.
Mail Tribune :: Online Newspaper Edition - Serving Medford, Oregon & Surrounding Cities.
Once you hit "subscribe" we will send a confirmation e-mail to the address you entered.
www.mailtribune.com   (61 words)

 Mail Task
This task can send mail using either plain text, UU encoding, or MIME format mail, depending on what is available.
The task will attempt to use JavaMail and fall back to UU encoding or no encoding in that order depending on what support classes are available.
Sends an email from me to you with a subject of Results of nightly build and includes the contents of the file build.log in the body of the message.
ant.apache.org /manual/CoreTasks/mail.html   (438 words)

 A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
I believe strongly in the value of electronic mail in both corporate and personal domains.
Email is cheaper and faster than a letter, less intrusive than a phone call, less hassle than a FAX.
You might also be interested in Finding Email Addresses or one of the books in my Overcome Email Overload series.
www.webfoot.com /advice/email.top.html   (845 words)

 Walla! - free 3G mail
- Sign up for a free 3G mail account.
www.walla.com   (9 words)

 BBC News SCI/TECH The net takes to the air
Blug speculates that better error correction techniques, which this time resulted in pigeons arriving with no packets, could speed up the network so it could transport a webpage or a mail message in a couple of hours.
The avian carrier RFC was updated in 1999 to take account of the performance characteristics of other airborne carriers.
By contrast the fastest modems work at a relatively brisk 56 kilobits per second.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/sci/tech/1321176.stm   (750 words)

 Pattaya Mail - Pattaya's First English Language Newspaper
Pattaya Mail Publishing Co.Ltd. own the copy rights to materials published in the Pattaya Mail newspaper and on our website.
Pattaya Mail - Pattaya's First English Language Newspaper
The ceremony, held at the Public Health Service Center on Soi Buakhao, is where the younger generations wish their elders health, happiness and prosperity over the coming year.
www.pattayamail.com   (447 words)

 SurfControl E-mail Filter - Increase Security; Limit Legal Liability
Seamlessly integrates with your existing mail server and offers a high degree of precise control over your security implementation.
www.surfcontrol.com /products/email   (610 words)

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