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EDGE aims to encourage and facilitate research and training in major areas of differential geometry, which is a vibrant and central topic in pure mathematics today.
A significant theme which unites the areas that are the subject of this endeavour is the interface with other disciplines, both pure (topology, algebraic geometry) and applied (mathematical physics, especially gauge theory and string theory).
The members of EDGE are geometers in mathematical centres spreading among most European countries.
edge.imada.sdu.dk   (525 words)

  Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EDGE (also known as EGPRS) is a superset to GPRS and can function on any network with GPRS deployed on it, provided the carrier implements the necessary upgrades.
EDGE, like GPRS, uses a rate adaptation algorithm that adapts the modulation and coding scheme (MCS) according to the quality of the radio channel, and thus the bit rate and robustness of data transmission.
EDGE can carry data speeds up to 236.8 kbit/s for 4 timeslots (theoretical maximum is 473.6 kbit/s for 8 timeslots) in packet mode and will therefore meet the International Telecommunications Union's requirement for a 3G network, and has been accepted by the ITU as part of the IMT-2000 family of 3G standards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/EDGE   (1142 words)

 Adam Copeland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edge and a returning Shawn Michaels, who was acting as guest referee, renewed their rivalry when Michaels hit Edge with 'Sweet Chin Music'.
Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, Edge was paired with Lita in a angle where she turned on her on-air husband Kane.
Edge and Flair formally met at the 2006 New Year's Revolution pay-per-view in a match in which Edge was disqualified.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adam_Copeland   (3413 words)

 Edge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An edge, in image processing, is a position in a digital image where the luminous intensity changes sharply (see edge detection)
Edge is a colloquial adjective to describe escarpments in England e.g.:
Edge, Cheshire, a small village and civil parish in the City of Chester district of Cheshire, England
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edge   (377 words)

 Secure Computing - Applying TrustedSource Reputation Information at the Network Edge
CipherTrust Edge is positioned at the perimeter of the mail system, controlling email traffic at the network border — rather than at the mail server or desktop.
Edge maximizes speed and efficiency by caching the TrustedSource data locally, with regular updates streamed from the central TrustedSource server.
Edge will not acknowledge to the sender that the message has been received until the mail gateway confirms it has received the message.
www.ciphertrust.com /products/edge   (463 words)

 U2 biography: The Edge (from @U2)
Dave 'The Edge' Evans was born in Barking, Essex, in East London, to parents of Welsh descent, Gwenda and Garvin Evans.
The Edge showed them he had guitar playing skills that seemed well beyond his age, and the chemistry among them was obvious from the beginning.
The Edge's guitar sound is part of U2's trademark, the characteristic and mesmerizing sounds he plays and the emotions he puts through them are what make him one of the most unique guitarists in rock and roll.
www.atu2.com /band/edge   (659 words)

 Gprs and Edge to 3G
EDGE gives incumbent GSM operators the opportunity to offer data services at speeds that are near to those available on UMTS networks.
The idea behind EDGE is to eke out even higher data rates on the current 200 kHz GSM radio carrier by changing the type of modulation used, whilst still working with current circuit (and packet) switches.
EDGE capable terminals will also be needed- existing GSM terminals do not support the new modulation techniques and will need to be upgraded to use EDGE network functionality.
www.3g-generation.com /gprs_and_edge.htm   (1322 words)

 Edge Online
The September issue of Edge is in UK newsagents now, and features an extensive look at Halo 3, revealing the game’s campaign mode and new multiplayer features, along with 12 pages heaving with fresh images.
The August edition of Edge is on sale now, its special foil-blocked cover the introduction to an extensive preview of Mirror’s Edge, the new game from DICE that aims to re-invent the firstperson genre by making the player more than a floating camera, an arm and a gun.
Edge presents File volume 3, the third in a series of special editions that bring together the best features, reviews, interviews and more from Edge’s long and colourful past, is now available from UK newsagents.
www.edge-online.co.uk   (2460 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Edge debuted in the WWF as a mysterious loner who entered the ring from the crowd..
Edge popped his shoulder out of socket and had a torn labrum that may require surgery and will greatly reduce his wrestling schedule.
Edge looks to be undergoing neck surgery under Dr. Lloyd Youngblood, which would be the surgery that Chris Benoit had..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/e/edge.html   (6477 words)

 GSM World - EDGE Platform
EDGE uses the same TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) frame structure, logic channel and 200kHz carrier bandwidth as today's GSM networks, which allows it to be overlaid directly onto an existing GSM network.
EDGE allows the delivery of advanced mobile services such as the downloading of video and music clips, full multimedia messaging, high-speed colour Internet access and e-mail on the move.
Due to the very small incremental cost of including EDGE capability in GSM network deployment, virtually all new GSM infrastructure deployments are also EDGE capable and nearly all new mid- to high-level GSM devices also include EDGE radio technology.
www.gsmworld.com /technology/edge/index.shtml   (256 words)

 ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science
The fore-edge is opposite the binding edge of the text block (the spine of a bound volume).
Film copies may be marked with two or more edge codes, one for the original stock and one for each of the generations printed from it (the film is likely to have been shot sometime between the first two codes).
Edge painting may also be concealed beneath gilt or combined with gauffering for an especially elegant effect (see this example, courtesy of the Princeton University Library).
lu.com /odlis/odlis_e.cfm   (9592 words)

 Hob Nob Edge
I had admired Edge's mother Static and met her father Logic when his owner Karen Wolski flew down from Alaska for the breeding.
Edge has earned her HSAs, AX, MXJ and is now competing at the Excellent B level in AKC and the Master level in USDAA
Edge is pictured at 8 weeks of age.
www.jandemellobordercollie.com /HobNobEdge.htm   (346 words)

 IGN: SmackDown Countdown 2004: Edge
Although he was only 16 at the time, Edge already knew that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Hogan and Warrior; he wanted to be a WWE Superstar.
Edge and Christian were also part of some of the most memorable tag matches in history -- including the Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000; the Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) Match at SummerSlam in 2000; TLC II at WrestleMania X-Seven; and TLC III on the May 24, 2001 episode of SmackDown!
Edge officially became a force in the singles division when he won the 2001 King of the Ring Tournament.
ps2.ign.com /articles/551/551590p1.html   (871 words)

 Garmin: Edge 305   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In addition, the Edge 305 incorporates a barometric altimeter for extremely accurate elevation and vertical profile data.
The Edge 305 with heart rate lets you see whether you are training too hard or not enough.
With its waterproof, sleek design, the Edge is the perfect companion on any bike, and attaches to either the stem or handlebars.
www.garmin.com /products/edge305   (660 words)

 EDGE - Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution
EDGE is a technology that gives GSM the capacity to handle services for the third generation of mobile telephony.
Using EDGE, operators can handle three-times more subscribers than GPRS, by either tripling their data rate per subscriber, or adding extra capacity to their voice communications.
EDGE uses the same TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) frame structure, logic channel and 200kHz carrier bandwidth as today's GSM networks, which allows existing cell plans to remain intact.
www.ericsson.com /technology/tech_articles/EDGE.shtml   (82 words)

EDGE was initially developed for mobile network operators who fail to win Universal Mobile Telephone System (UMTS) spectrum and gives incumbent GSM operators the opportunity to offer data services at speeds that are near to those available on UMTS networks.
Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) can also provide an evolutionary migration path from GPRS to UMTS by implementing now the changes in modulation that will be necessary for implementing UMTS later.
The idea behind it is to eke out even higher data rates on the current 200 kHz GSM radio carrier by changing the type of modulation used, whilst still working with current circuit (and packet) switches.
www.rohde-schwarz.com /technologies/3g_umts/edge.html   (331 words)

 edge - Wiktionary
The thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument; as, the edge of an ax, knife, sword, or scythe.
Any sharp terminating border; a margin; a brink; extreme verge; as, the edge of a table, a precipice.
The border or part adjacent to the line of division; the beginning or early part; as, in the edge of evening.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/edge   (414 words)

 WWE: Superstars > RAW > Edge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
On RAW, Edge was F-U'd through a table by John Cena.
Edge won his first WWE Championship in January 2006.
The names of all World Wrestling Entertainment televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all World Wrestling Entertainment logos are trademarks which are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
www.wwe.com /superstars/raw/edge   (187 words)

 EDGE Main
EDGE is a research ethics training program that offered short-term (1 to 1½ day) traditional, on-site courses specifically tailored for researchers and other persons who work or have interests related to research in human genetics.
The EDGE program is funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health (1 R25 HG02503) through April 2006.
EDGE responds to the unmet needs of genetic researchers who desire subject-specific training in the ethical, legal and social implications of genetic research.
www.louisville.edu /medschool/ibhpl/courses/edge/index.html   (246 words)

EDGE is a scientific resource for toxicology-related gene expression information.
The ultimate goal of the EDGE is to map transcriptional changes from chemical exposure that will someday be used as a diagnostic "fingerprint" to predict toxicity as well as provide valuable insights into the basic molecular changes responsible.
EDGE gives you the ability to easily answer the following fundamental questions about your data
edge.oncology.wisc.edu /edge.php   (93 words)

 Edge Online
Since its inception four years ago, the Edge Awards have been a key part of the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival.
This year, they are joined by a new prize, the EIEF Edge Mobile Award, in recognition of the fact that the overall quality of mobile game design has improved dramatically in recent years.
Mobile games are synonymous with accessible, quick-fire gaming, so to reflect that, the EIEF Edge Mobile Award is voted for by readers of Edge and Edge Online, and you'll only have until August 10 to decide which of our shortlist deserves your vote.
www.edge-online.co.uk /archives/edge/index.php   (2970 words)

 EDGE of Existence :: Welcome to the EDGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
EDGE species are truly one of a kind.
Video footage, images and reports direct from the field will bring EDGE research and conservation to life.
Life on the EDGE ~ Our new newsletter has been published.
www.edgeofexistence.org /home.asp   (130 words)

 Garmin: Edge 205   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Perfect for touring and the trails, the lightweight Edge is the ultimate fitness partner.
With the easy-to-use Edge 205 on your bike, you always know where you're going and how far you've gone.
For advanced cyclists, the Edge 305 is available with either a heart rate monitor or a wireless speed/pedaling cadence sensor to help you achieve your personal best.
www.garmin.com /products/edge205   (471 words)

 EDGE Submissions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The EDGE editorial team is dedicated, supportive and offers a unique personal touch.
At EDGE it is the editor's responsibility to see a manuscript through the production and marketing process and to make sure that all of the details are right.
Join us at EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, where you will find quality production, distribution, and a desire to influence the field of science fiction and fantasy.
www.edgewebsite.com /submissions.html   (160 words)

 WWE: Inside WWE > Title History > Intercontinental > 20040711 - Edge
After a more than a one year absence due to a neck injury, Edge returned to WWE after WrestleMania in March and quickly reasserted himself among the top contenders for the Intercontinental Championship.
After several momentum shifts and near falls, Edge hit the spear and pinned Orton for his fifth Intercontinental Championship.
Unfortunately for Edge, however, he was forced to vacate the title less than one month into his reign because of injury.
www.wwe.com /inside/titlehistory/intercontinental/322764   (202 words)

 Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The story picks up four weeks after the first film, and already Bridget Jones is becoming uncomfortable in her relationship with Mark Darcy...
But the makers of "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" don't bother with such trivial matters.
"Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" is lousy storytelling, rotten acting and awful film-making.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0317198   (784 words)

The Raiser’s Edge gives you the tools you need to cultivate lifelong relationships with donors, save time and money by streamlining your important daily processes, demonstrate increased accountability and diversify your fundraising methods to stand apart from the competition.
Use The Raiser’s Edge to help everyone emulate the actions that prove to be most successful.
For organizations with larger development staffs and the need to centralize the management of far-reaching operations, sophisticated fundraising programs and major events, we bring you The Raiser’s Edge Enterprise edition.
www.blackbaud.com /solutions/raisersedge.asp   (339 words)

 Web Design and Hosting by Visual Edge Design
Welcome to Visual Edge Design, professional web design firm since 1999.
Provides crucial services to property and business owners and aide clients through disaster recovery and storm damage restoration.
According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Visual Edge Design, Inc. is one of the TOP 25 WEB DESIGN FIRMS in the Tampa Bay area for 2007!
www.visualedgedesign.com   (175 words)

I say this not to denigrate that browser, but instead to spare you any frustration you might otherwise feel.
This site exists to explore the cutting edge of HTML+CSS design, and Navigator 4.x is, at four years and counting, just too old to keep up with most things that will be done here.
Again, there's nothing wrong with Navigator 4.x, but you probably don't want to use it in this area.
meyerweb.com /eric/css/edge   (613 words)

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