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Topic: EH 60 Quick Hawk

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  S-92 Update and Pilot Report
Sikorsky officials are quick to point out these attributes of the S-92 as they go up against the Agusta Westland EH-101 for the coveted presidential helicopter contract, an award that is considered more prestigious than money-making.
Sikorsky has used its experience from its Hawk series and three-million-plus hours of flying to design a dynamic rotor system that is both efficient and robust for the S-92.
They also are quick to point out that with the current reliability of turbine engines, an engine failure is really a unique happening and that a three-engine helicopter has more vices than virtues in normal operations.
www.aviationnow.com /avnow/news/channel_awst_story.jsp?id=news/09293top.xml   (2726 words)

 UH-60 Black Hawk - Military Aircraft
The Black Hawk is the Army’s front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation units.
Pave Hawks are equipped with a rescue hoist with a 200-foot (60.7 meters) cable and 600-pound (270 kilograms) lift capacity.
Pave Hawks are equipped with folding rotor blades and a tail stabilator for shipboard operations and to ease air transportability.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ac/uh-60.htm   (3803 words)

 2003 Corpus Christi Hawk Watch - October reports
Specifics for all but one hawk's adjustment can be found on the web site for September 27th (that might've been the day coffee was accidentally spilled on the hourly log and dots of hawks had to be separated from dots of Columbian dark).
Some quick corrections: add one red-shouldered hawk to Aug. 27th (which balances my missing hawk in the totals); add one ferruginous to Oct. 2; remove one unknown raptor from Oct. 2.
Hawk watch was cut short on both ends today by the rain, only 5 good hours.
www.ccbirding.com /thw/2003/10-oct.html   (4767 words)

 HAWKS: 2005 Draft Blog Archive
Most likely, the Hawks will welcome their newest draft picks to Atlanta tomorrow with a press conference at Philips Arena in the late afternoon (PR guys say it will be around 4).
He is very quick, and he is one of these lefties who is very tough to defend.
Hawks forward Josh Childress was hanging out at the Draft Party and stopped by to say hello to the fans and talk about Marvin Williams.
www.nba.com /hawks/news/2005_Draft_Blog_Archive_080905.html   (3435 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Black Hawk Helicopters Work"
The disc rotation of the Black Hawk generates enough force to lift the vehicle with crew, troops, and as much as a 9,000-pound (4,082.33-kg) external payload.
Although it was not designed to be an assault vehicle like the Apache, the Black Hawk must be loaded with equipment for the crew and passengers to protect themselves in flight and on the ground.
The Black Hawk is a product of the Vietnam War in as much as it was developed to address the weaknesses of Vietnam-era helicopters.
science.howstuffworks.com /black-hawk.htm/printable   (2432 words)

 NDM Article - Air Force Eyes Replacement For Aging Pave Hawk Helos
The Pave Hawk, which is a modified version of the Sikorsky-built Black Hawk—used by the U.S. Army—has proven to be a safe and effective combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) platform.
That is not achievable in the 4.5-foot cabin in the Pave Hawk.
A problem with the old Pave Hawk was the poor survivability odds in a crash situation for para-rescuemen (PJs) belted to the floor.
www.nationaldefensemagazine.org /issues/2001/Sep/Air_Force.htm   (1947 words)

 Chapter 4: Modernizing and Equipping the Army - DAHSUM FY 1985
Quick Fix is a tactical, helicopter-borne jamming system configured for use in the EH-1H, EH-IX, and EH-60A helicopters.
Fielding of the UH60-A Black Hawk helicopter, the Army's replacement for the UH-1 "Huey" in air assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation missions, continued throughout the fiscal year.
The Black Hawks were grounded in the spring following two fatal crashes that took the lives of fourteen soldiers and a civilian instructor pilot.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/DAHSUM/1985/ch04.htm   (3932 words)

 UH-60 Black Hawk - ARRSEpedia
Hawk Names: (Just to show how hard it is to keep track of things...)
The inflight refuelling boom is a general giveaway for this one.
Velcro Hawk: Semi-official recognition given to modifications of MH-60s by unit-level attaching of gadgets more by ingenuity than design.
www.arrse.co.uk /wiki/UH-60_Black_Hawk   (333 words)

 Congress, the President, and the Battle of Ideas: Vietnam Policy, 1965-1969   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Hawks, including a majority of Republicans and a number of (often southern) Democrats, agreed that American boys should not fight Asian land wars.
As a result, when they put one of their own in the White House, hawks and Republicans found that LBJ had frittered away much of the domestic consensus needed to give their policies a full and fair trial.
The problem with Morse's argument was that hawks could stand it on its head--a policy true to American values might also dictate an effort at nation building in South Vietnam.
etext.virginia.edu /journals/EH/EH41/Friedman41.html   (9933 words)

 IGN: Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Preview
Based on the arcade game of the same name, the Xbox 360 version of SFIIHF includes all the changes to the SFII series before Cammy, Dee-Jay, T. Hawk, and Fei Long were introduced.
Quick lets you hop right into an available server.
In addition to Quick, Custom, and Created matches, you can hop into Quarter matches for a pseudo-arcade experience.
xbox360.ign.com /articles/711/711018p1.html   (1186 words)

 The Harlan Tribune - HCHS lands four first-teamers on All-Area Boys Basketball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Playing undersized for the paint at 6-foot-2, Leinen used his strength and quickness around the basket to get off shots, rebound and defend, all the while gaining attention from college coaches.
Leading a strong junior class, Bandow emerged as the Hawks' most consistent scorer and rebounder this season, averaging 15.0 points and 5.9 rebounds per game to go along with 25 blocked shots and 38 steals.
Chapman was far and away the Hawk team leader with 43 three-pointers while averaging 8.0 ppg.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=16545568&BRD=901&PAG=461&dept_id=130072&rfi=6   (1507 words)

 [2.0] Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk / Variant Summary
The Seahawk stabilator is rectangular, in contrast to the normal Black Hawk stabilator, which has a swept rear edge, and folds up along each side of the tailfin.
Several sources claim that the S-70 Black Hawk has a folding tailfin as well for airlift, but it appears to require unbolting and would not be convenient to do after each flight.
The Ocean Hawk deletes the RAST gear, which is not required as the SH-60F operates off carrier decks, and replaces the LAMPS III suite with a much less elaborate offensive avionics suite, centered around a Bendix AN/AQS-13F dipping sonar.
www.faqs.org /docs/air/avs70_2.html   (4518 words)

 PlanetNintendo - A Member of The GameSpy Network
From there you move on to the great white north (Canada, eh.) in a level filled with timberland style runs, snow covered trees, and log cabins.
In the Canada level, one of your goals is to jump into a snow-covered tree and bury a snowball-throwing bully in a mountain of snow and ice.
When compared to the high-resolution textures found in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x on the Microsoft Xbox it shows that the Gamecube version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is a quick-and-dirty port of the Playstation 2 version of the game done just in time to take advantage of the system launch.
www.planetnintendo.com /features/gcn/reviews/tonyhawksproskater3/index2.shtml   (634 words)

 PlanetTonyHawk - A Member of the GameSpy Network
You can pull off any tricks you want within 60 seconds, but you must stay in the area, if you leave you will just get a "Too bad you can't hide" message and lose valuable seconds.
You have 60 seconds to catch up to him and knock him with your skateboard using the Grab button.
After a brief stint in Bevery Hills and a visit to the Skate Ranch, you return to Hollywood (won't be the first time) for a quick objective.
www.planettonyhawk.com /thaw/levels/console/story/hollywood   (2790 words)

 New Navy SF-80 Sea Phantom Sea-Air Fighter
The REEF also helped to develop the Super Hawk, an upgraded version of the Sea Hawk, which the New Navy had operated since the coming of the Rifts and United States Navy for decades previously.
While a higher performance fighter than the Super Hawk and able to operate underwater, it is unlikely that the new fighter will completely replace the older Super Hawk due to the older fighter's ability to carry more ordnance.
Like the Super Hawk, the Sea Phantom is designed for vertical take-offs and landings with a lift fan behind the fighter's cockpit.
www.kitsune.addr.com /Rifts/Rifts-Earth-Vehicles/New_Navy/New_Navy_SF-80_Sea_Phantom_Sea-Air_Fighter.htm   (5210 words)

 Flying the EH-101
Program officials were quick to point out that during development testing and operational flying, the operation and integrity of the fuel system has not been a problem, and is as safe as other means of fuel storage.
With hands off, we decelerated to a hover speed and descended to 60 ft. We further let down to 20 ft. and with a hover display showing, we positioned the EH-101 over an imaginary person in the water to allow a hoist operator to assay a rescue.
Rotation in the hover was quick and I realized that, at hover, the helicopter was in a horizontal attitude.
www.aviationnow.com /avnow/news/channel_awst_story.jsp?id=news/01264top.xml   (2569 words)

 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 for PS2 on Gamerhelp.com
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soon followed in 2000, and featured improved graphics, and a much larger career mode.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 has had small upgrades to the graphics and gameplay, and a huge revision to the career mode.
Because flip tricks are so quick, they can be used many times in the air.
www.gamerhelp.com /ps2/TonyHawksProSkater4/108978.shtml   (24038 words)

 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
This was equipped with 'Quick Fix IIB' ECM to intercept, monitor, and jam enemy communications.
The ESSS also enables the Black Hawk to carry Hellfire laser-guided anti-armour missiles, gun or M56 mine dispensing pods, ECM packs, rockets and motorcycles.
Up to 16 Hellfires can be carried externally on the ESSS, with another 16 in the cabin to provide the capability to land and reload.
www.warmachines.50g.com /helicopters/uh-60/uh-60_info.htm   (614 words)

 El Hefe Military Information and Sales Center
This self-propelled artillery piece is designed for quick setup and fire versus fixed positions or counter-battery action.
The external pylons are provided with a quick change system that allows either additional on-call missiles (up to 16) or up to 4 of the 20cm on-call missiles, or 4 10mm chain guns/15mm heavy machine guns/40mm grenade launchers.
The Illapa Class Landship is designed to fill the role of the fast moving gunship - quick strike-and-fade actions against targets to draw out opposing troops or to destroy small units cut off from the main army.
www.pacifier.com /~cziller/elhefemilitary.html   (2483 words)

 Hawk Talk
We would also like to thank all of the Hawk Talk insiders, who did so much more than just get us coffee, sharpen our pencils, and make sure we were always in a comfortable “sitting down position” (that one never gets old, eh?).
Quick injury report: John Shaw is coming along nicely in his rehab, and has garnered interest from D-1 Boise State.
The Hawks moved the ball down the field at will, scoring on a 3 yard TD run by Jamir, who then dunked the ball over the crossbar.
www.tedsilary.com /hawktalk.htm   (14354 words)

 Fallen Heroes of Operation Enduring Freedom - Listed by base
Cohee died when a Marine CH-53E crashed in a remote region 60 kilometers south of Bagram in Northern Afghanistan.
Morgan died when a Marine CH-53E crashed in a remote region 60 kilometers south of Bagram in Northern Afghanistan.
Schafer died in Oruzgan, Afghanistan, when he was shot by enemy forces while on a quick reaction force mission.
www.fallenheroesmemorial.com /oef/base.html   (11320 words)

 EIS-0203F; DOE Programmatic Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and INEL Environmental Restoration and Waste Management ...
In 1990, the most populous counties were Bannock and Bonneville, which together contained over 60 percent of the seven-county total (Figure 4.3-2).
These two sources provide approximately 60 to 85 percent of the total revenues received by each county.
In 1992, INEL employees paid an estimated $60 million in Federal withholding tax and $24 million in state withholding tax.
www.eh.doe.gov /nepa/eis/eis0203f/vol1apdx/vol1appb.html   (14265 words)

 The Adventures Of Jalon Hawk
You see, Hawks and crows are always in competition for space just like our mind, body and spirit.
I find it interesting that crows band together just like the body and mind against the soul to try to find their strength to create a force.
The Hawk usually flies alone or with a mate.
www.desperadocycles.com /The_Adventures_Of_Jalon_Hawk/The_Adventures_Of_Jalon_Hawk.htm   (9399 words)

 Black Hawk Sikorsky S-70 Helicopter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Designed to replace the venerable Bell Huey series, the S-70 had not yet the export success of them but 2000 Hawks were built by 1994.
The Pave Hawk is a highly modified version of the Army Black Hawk which features an upgraded communications and navigation suite that includes an integrated inertial navigation/global positioning/Doppler navigation systems, satellite communications, secure voice, etc
The other minor differences are that the MH-60G's had "Sea Hawk" windows long before the HH-60G's, the (former) MH-60G's all have rotor brakes, and they have windshield washer reservoirs and motors.
www.helis.com /70s/h_h60.php   (1122 words)

 Pyramid: The Black Hawk in GURPS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Black Hawk is a twin-engined assault and transport helicopter with a four-bladed main rotor and a smaller tail rotor.
The 4-bladed main rotor features ballistic blades of composite construction (which are able to tolerate a hit from a 23mm autocannon).
The SH-60B Sea Hawk was the U.S. Navy's first version, introduced in 1984 and mainly intended for antisubmarine warfare and surface search and surveillance.
www.sjgames.com /pyramid/sample.html?id=4872   (3441 words)

 Aerosonic - Focused on the Future   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Australian Army is also considering improving the capabilities of their S-70A Black Hawk helicopters.
Despite being a much smaller market than its US counterpart, 35 units are expected to be upgraded to improve speed, handling and lift capacity while also installing a digital ‘glass’ cockpit, crashworthy external fuel tanks, self-defence systems and composite rotors.
The Black Hawk upgrade is planned as part of the so-called ‘Air 9000’ initiative which will see the Australian Navy upgrading its SH-60 Seahawk aircraft, while the Army will improve its CH-47D aircraft.
www.aerosonic.com /lib2004-08-2.htm   (3176 words)

 GameSpy: Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando Preview
The resultant speed increase lets it draw more polys that are visible, resulting in more detailed visuals overall.
It goes without saying that the game will run at 60 frames-per-second, a remarkable achievement when it's shifting so many polygons in a scene.
Even six months after the original was released, this remains the best graphics engine I've seen on any current console.
ps2.gamespy.com /playstation-2/ratchet-and-clank-going-commando/5847p2.html   (786 words)

 World Affairs Board - Who needs the USN?
In the early 1930s, the Navy airships Akron and Macon were designed with an internal 60- by 75-foot hangar deck that included an overhead trolley system to store four Sparrowhawk scout planes, launching and recovering them with a retractable trapeze and winch assembly (fig.
A fleet of 60 747-400 mother ships will enable continuous cycling of groups of 12—16 AACs per 24 hours to support global-strike operations in an access-denial environment.
Given a fleet of 60 747-400 AACs and an 80 percent mission-capable rate, 48 AACs would be mission ready at any one time.
www.worldaffairsboard.com /printthread.php?t=6527   (5225 words)

 Pirza.com - Latest Update from famous Tech and Gadget Blogs » Low End Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As a quick prelude, let me head off potential objections from Coby and jWIN employees/fans by granting this: Both brands have been doing their darndest to make forays into pricier electronics.
After the jump, a peek at the handsets that handset makers are hoping will be all the rage in Trivandrum or Fuzhou this year, as well as some minor ruminations on what this means for us low-end aficionados.
The business-side strategy of hawking lower cost handsets is pretty easy to divine: even with smaller margins on each unit, the volume of potential customers is simply staggering.
pirza.com /archives/low-end-theory   (14600 words)

 Comix Experience: The Stuff
QUICK CUT TO:....] Anyway, I thought this bounced around between OK and Very Good, and settled somewhere in the Good range.
Wow, I was just going to say “Dunno, way too much going on here, and I don’t see why I should care,” while your comics in comics thought proves you’re the one with the fancy college degree and all.
What really was weird though, was “who the heck is this aimed at?!?!” I mean, the people who are into Venom pretty much just want a freaky Spider-Man-looking guy running around wasting people and saying “I want to eat your brains”, and shit like that.
www.comixexperience.com /savcrit050703.htm   (2646 words)

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