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Topic: EPIRB

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

This mechanism releases the EPIRB at a water depth of 3-10 feet.
If you own a Category I EPIRB, it's very important that you mount it outside your vessel's cabin where it will be able to "float free" of the sinking vessel.
All 121.5 MHz EPIRBs, often referred to as Category B               (or “Mini B's) are manual activation units.
www.sarsat.noaa.gov /emerbcns.html   (1210 words)

  Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EPIRBs are used for maritime emergencies, where ELTs are used in aircraft applications and PLBs are used for personal use.
These EPIRBs are generally housed in a specially designed bracket on deck and the buoyant beacon is designed to rise to the surface and emit two signals, an emergency homing signal on 121.5 MHz and a digital identification code on 406 MHz that can be used to identify the stricken vessel.
In September 2004, Inmarsat announced that it was terminating its Inmarsat E EPIRB service as of December 2006 due to a lack of interest in the maritime community.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/EPIRB   (2509 words)

 Navis.gr - EPIRBs
An operating EPIRB indicates that one or more persons are in distress and that they may or may not have the ability to receive radio transmissions.
The earliest EPIRBs transmitted on the aircraft emergency frequencies of 121.5 MHz and/or 243 MHz.
In either event, once the EPIRB is activated in a distress situation leave it switched on until the batteries are exhausted or until you have been rescued.
www.navis.gr /telecoms/epirbs.htm   (2132 words)

But sometimes crewmembers try to protect the EPIRB by taking it with them into a liferaft, or lashing it to the rail of a vessel that has swamped to keep it away from damage.
The problem with this is that EPIRBs are designed to be used in the water, and actually use the water to maximize the signal strength from the EPIRB.
EPIRBs don't need to be higher out of the water for a signal to be detected - they are not like flares.
www.uscg.mil /hq/g-m/cfvs/EPIRB.htm   (349 words)

 Nautical Know How - EPIRBs
Since EPIRB signals are primarily detected by satellites that pass overhead, occasionally there may be a delay in detection (perhaps an hour) because there is no satellite currently in the area to pick up the signal.
Once activated, the EPIRB should be left on to make sure the signal is available for detection by the satellite and for purposes of homing in on your location.
The 406 EPIRB is carried on all U.S. flag merchant vessels and is required on commercial fishing vessels operating beyond three miles from shore (unless they do not have a galley and sleeping facilities).
www.boatsafe.com /nauticalknowhow/epirb.htm   (627 words)

 EPIRB Information
Class C EPIRBs were not recognized outside of the United States, and were no longer recognized in the U.S. after 1999.
EPIRBs detected by the GEOSTAR system, consisting of GOES and other geostationary satellites, send rescue authorities an instant alert, but without location information unless the EPIRB is equipped with an integral GPS receiver.
Inmarsat E EPIRBs transmit a distress signal to Inmarsat geostationary satellites which includes a registered identity similar to that of the 406 MHz EPIRB and a location derived from a GPS navigational satellite receiver inside the EPIRB.
www.mmsn.org /epirb.html   (1938 words)

EPIRB signals could not be stored by the satellite and, unless the satellite and LUT were in range, signals were lost.
This type of EPIRB is being phased IN for all U.S. vessels required to carry an EPIRB (generally, all commercial vessels operating three or more nautical miles from shore).
EPIRBs of this type built after October 1, 1988 can operate reliably with COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system when the satellite is in range of both the EPIRB and a ground station.
www.uscg.mil /hq/g-m/moa/docs/si0196.htm   (1207 words)

 Cruising World, Naranjo, EPIRB
EPIRB signals are transmitted to the COSPAS-SARSAT system, which is a multination cooperative.
Providing the EPIRB was registered, they would know for whom they were looking, what kind of vessel was involved and what radio equipment was onboard.
It makes sense to have a certified technician bench test your EPIRB every couple of years to make sure that the output signal is appropriate, the seals are intact and the unit is watertight.
old.cruisingworld.com /rnepirb.htm   (2109 words)

 Resource Allocation for Search and Rescue
EPIRB messages from the USMCC are expected to be routed directly to watchstanders' workstations.
When an EPIRB message arrives on the watchstanders' workstation(s), it undergoes automatic analysis to extract required information such as site identifier (Site ID), location, etc. The entire text of the message is stored in a database.
When a case is `accepted' by a watchstander, the message line for that case moves to the ACKNOWLEDGED EPIRB CASES panel, and the case is marked as being allocated to the watchstander for handling.
www.eas.asu.edu /~gcss/research/epirb   (1778 words)

 EPIRBs - Safety at Sea
You realize that what is most important is that due to the EPIRB you and your crew were able to walk away with your lives.
I'd be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time my crews have homed in on a Class "A" EPIRB signal only to locate the source originating from a boat that was some place on shore or moored to a dock.
This is the EPIRB the Coast Guard recommends all offshore mariners use.
www.boatsafe.com /nauticalknowhow/cgepirb.htm   (1117 words)

 Telstat: Emergency Beacons - EPIRB's - GME Type
Note: The MT300 EPIRB is specifically designed to float upright in water with the antenna in a substantially vertical position, as required by AS/NZS 4330 par.
If your application is primarily marine, GME recommends the MT300 EPIRB which is specifically designed to float upright in water with the antenna in a vertical position, as required by AS/NZS 4330 par.
The satellite compatible EPIRB is the most significant advance in search and rescue technology for many years.
www.telstat.com.au /epirb_gme.htm   (802 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does an EPIRB distress radio work?"
An EPIRB is meant to help rescuers locate you in an emergency situation, and these radios have saved many lives since their creation in the 1970s.
Embedded in the signal is a unique serial number, and, if the unit is equipped with a GPS receiver, the exact location of the radio is conveyed in the signal as well.
To locate the EPIRB, another set of satellites (like the TIROS-N satellite) orbiting the planet in a low polar orbit could pick up the signal as it passed overhead.
electronics.howstuffworks.com /question351.htm   (254 words)

 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon - Transport SA
An EPIRB is a compact, buoyant, self-contained radio transmitter which, when activated, continuously emits a distinctive radio signal for a minimum of 48 hours.
As well as reliably alerting rescue authorities to the existence of a vessel in distress, an EPIRB also enables the position of the vessel to be determined to within a few kilometres.
An EPIRB location can generally be calculated to within a radius of about 20km for a 121.5MHz beacon and about 5km for a 406MHz beacon.
www.transport.sa.gov.au /safety/marine/marine_equipment/beacon.asp   (476 words)

 BoatUS BoatTECH Guides: EPIRBs
The advantages of a 406 EPIRB are worldwide coverage, position location accuracy, a reliable transmitted signal, an encoded message that identifies the distressed vessel, and a faster response time.
Once registered, the unique, encoded digital message received by the satellite and transmitted back to ground-based search and rescue authorities provides them with information to assist in the search-who you are, your boat type and size, where you are (within three miles), and other important data, including emergency contact information.
These 406 MHz EPIRBs are linked with your GPS and use the GPS interface to communicate your position immediately, instead of waiting for a satellite pass to pinpoint your location.
www.boatus.com /boattech/epirb.htm   (544 words)

 EPIRB Saves Massachusetts Fisherman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
EPIRB is an acronym for Electronic Position Indicating RadioBeacon.
The emergency alert as well as the position of the EPIRB are then sent to the nearest USCG SAR Rescue Coordination Center (RCC).
EPIRB's are not just for commercial fisherman, they are also for recreational boaters as well.
www.military.com /NewsContent/0,13319,uscg2_071805.00.html   (313 words)

 Why carry an EPIRB on a motorcycle?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Strictly speaking not all EPIRBs are EPIRBs, they can be called ELT = Emergency Locator Transmitter or PLB = Personal Locator Beacon.
Being able to summon help rather than waiting for the alarm to be raised when you don't arrive and the search party to find you means help arrives quicker and with less cost.
I would now carry the EPIRB inside a high density foam inside my motorcycle jacket, I think it best to carry about the chest as this area looks to suffer least damage.
www.geocities.com /fwarner_au/dothis/Epirb.html   (442 words)

 Telstat: Emergency Beacons - EIRPB's
Previously, EPIRB detection depended on overflying aircraft which listen on the international aviation and military distress frequencies, to report any signals they heard.
Today, an EPIRB can be detected and located within a few hours of activation, even in an area remote from air routes.
An activated EPIRB is located using an effect known as Doppler shift.
www.telstat.com.au /epirbs.htm   (649 words)

 Mcmurdo Smartfind Plus EPIRB GPS from Melton International Tackle
The McMurdo SMARTFIND Plus EPIRB is the result of an extensive research and development program with a brief to produce a compact, robust yet stylish beacon.
The resulting EPIRB offers the latest state of the art technology ensuring that it exceeds the requirements of both commercial mariners and recreational boaters.
The addition of a GPS receiver to the EPIRB ensures that the exact position of a casualty is relayed to the rescue services.
www.meltontackle.com /catalog/Revere_Smartfind_Plus_Epirbs.html   (202 words)

 EPIRB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Class C EPIRBs are not recognized outside of the United States.
EPIRBs detected by a GOES or other geostationary satellite provide rescue authorities an instant alert, but without location information.
If an unregistered EPIRB transmission is abbreviated for any reason, the satellite will be unable to determine the EPIRB's location, and the Coast Guard will be unable to respond to the distress alert.
home.arcor.de /wuendrich/epirb.htm   (1471 words)

The Sailor EPIRB is also available with a quick relase bulkhead moounting bracket for carry-off situations.
The navtec global-3 EPIRB is an L-band EPIRB using Inmarsat-E transponder channelson geostationary satellites.
EPIRB mounted in a "float-free" cradle with hydrostatic release mechanism
www.elna.de /en/04/01/03   (426 words)

 406 MHz EPIRB Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Each model of EPIRB has to be "type approved", which means that the manufacturer has to have testing carried out at independent test centres to show that the EPIRB meets the international specifications.
On top of this are EPIRB standards set by bodies such as ETSI (in Europe) and RTCM (in the USA) which dictate the tests which have to be applied to prove that the unit will operate under adverse conditions.
In countries where a non-SOLAS EPIRB standard exists, you might find that the "leisure" EPIRBs do not have automatic activation, there may be a relaxation of the operating life requirement (eg 24 hours at -20°C instead of 48 hours), and a strobe light may not be required.
www.seathree.demon.co.uk /epirb/epirb.html   (670 words)

 ACR RapidFix 406 EPIRB w/ GPS Interface
Accordingly, position data is immediately available upon EPIRB activation with no time delay caused by a cold-booted GPS's initialization process.
EPIRBs are sold with ACR's 5-year limited warranty and, for safety assurance reasons, are not returnable after purchase.
GPS technology now allows EPIRB signals to tell rescuers not only who you are, but also precisely where you are — all in a matter of minutes.
www.landfallnav.com /rapidfix.html   (379 words)

Click here for a EPIRB Registration Form (.pdf)
McMurdo Smartfind Plus 406 EPIRB w/ Internal GPS
Send your questions or comments to info@landfallnavigation.com or
www.landfallnavigation.com /epirb.html   (42 words)

Using state-of-the-art electronics and a 3 cell Lithium battery, the SEA 406 MHz EPIRB combines the strength and durability required for a fully compliant GMDSS EPIRB with modern compact styling.
The result is a fully featured EPIRB with a small mounting footprint.
The SEA 406 is supplied with a fully enclosed automatic float free housing which allows the EPIRB to be self-tested while in the housing.
www.sea-dmi.com /marine/sea406.htm   (398 words)

 GME - MT401FF 406 MHz EPIRB
Designed to meet the most demanding regulatory approvals the GME MT401FF is a Class 2, Category 1 EPIRB in a fully enclosed float free housing with a Hammar HRU that will release and activate the beacon automatically on immersion in water.
In many countries, authorities permit the EPIRB to be coded with the vessel's Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number or Radio Call Sign.
GME has been designing and manufacturing EPIRB's for over 30 years, in that time literally hundreds of lives have been saved in Australia around the world.
www.gme.net.au /epirb/mt401ff.php   (499 words)

 Boating safety equipment that is non-mandatory
An EPIRB is a device that costs anywhere from $200 to $1500, depending on the Class or Category, and optional features of the device.
The following type of EPIRB is currently not sold in the U.S.; however, the Federal Communications Commission is considering recognizing these devices.
EPIRB is an acronym for Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
www.americanboating.org /epirb.asp   (854 words)

 EPIRB Batteries
When I passed the epirb to the officer it was found that the date stamp had faded in the sunlight.
This epirb was only 18months old and for the majority of the life of the boat it was kept in my shed, the remainder was under a carport which was shaded as well.
Not sure if any other epirbs have been affected like this as it could have been a batch of them with this fault.
www.westernangler.com.au /forum/EPIRB_Batteries/m_37267/tm.htm   (821 words)

 Titley Electronics:EPIRB: RX3-DF EPIRB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The antenna provides the desired directional properties and the receiver provides the necessary means of hearing the signals in order that the direction to an activated EPIRB may be ascertained.
The audio signals from the receiver, which are used by the operator to indicate the direction to the EPIRB, are heard from the internally mounted weatherproof speaker as well as optional lightweight headphones.
The connection between the radio and the antenna is made by a concealed coaxial cable, which lies inside the square section tubing of the main antenna shaft.
www.titley.com.au /epirbrx3df.htm   (518 words)

 Yachting and Boating World: EPIRB schmbirb?
Preferably float free version if you are doing a lot of sailing, a colegue of mine was yacht racing and disapeared, there was only a millisecond blip from the manual epirb and the boat was lost and only recently salvaged with no sign of crew.
The manual epirb was in a locker - the short blip wasnt enough to send out the position.
And hence the EPIRB actually did succeed in doing part of it's job by alerting the authorities that there was a problem.
www.ybw.com /forums/showflat.php?Number=1214024   (492 words)

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