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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  ERM.COM > Environmental Resources Management (ERM) - Global Environmental Consultants
Around the world we are working with our clients to develop sustainable solutions to the wide range of environmental and social pressures they face.
With more than 3,000 professionals in 40 countries, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each project.
Copyright © 2000 ERM Group, Inc., All rights reserved.
www.erm.com /erm/main.nsf/pages/homepage?opendocument   (128 words)

  IRMI - ERM Lessons Across Industries
While the speed with which ERM is spreading—most programs in most industries are less than 3 years old—may suggest that companies coming to ERM at this stage may be starting at a considerable disadvantage, they can take heart: early adopters are still struggling with the best way to manage and institutionalize ERM within their organizations.
That is, these companies see ERM as a way to optimize their "portfolio" of growth strategies in a risk/reward sense, effectively expanding modern portfolio theory from the realm of investment planning to the realm of strategic business decision-making.
Among companies in all sectors, primary responsibility for ERM rests with the chief audit officer (30 percent), probably reflecting a slight "compliance bias" for the function, followed by the CFO (24 percent) and CEO (7 percent).
www.irmi.com /expert/articles/miccolis010.asp   (1856 words)

Enteric Redmouth Disease (ERM) is caused by the bacterial pathogen Yersinia ruckeri.
This figure is based on the costs of mortality, growth penalties and subsequent reduction in feed conversion rate, grading problems, withdrawal periods due to antibiotic treatments and subsequent harvesting delays as a result of the disease.
ERM is characteristically a disease of rising and falling water temperatures.
www.spaquaculture.com /default.aspx?pageid=530   (552 words)

 Simpler-Webb -  Software Products - Exchange Resource Manager - Common Questions
Scheduling with ERM is as simple as inviting a resource as a required attendee, an optional attendee, or as a resource in a meeting request.
ERM eliminates double-booking problems by checking against the actual calendar of the resource rather than the published free/busy information to determine availability for meeting requests and scheduling.
ERM allows the specification of users and/or groups that are allowed to or denied from scheduling each resource.
www.swinc.com /products/ERM/commonquestions.asp   (1417 words)

 Nationalbanken // Monetary Policy // Web document // Foreign-exchange policy / ERM II
The central rate is a conversion of the central rate vis-à-vis the D-mark before the third stage of EMU and was last adjusted in January 1987.
The euro is at the core of ERM II, and the other participating currencies have central rates vis-à-vis the euro, but not vis-à-vis each other.
ERM II also comprises a commitment to unlimited intervention credit between the ECB and the central bank of the participating country.
www.nationalbanken.dk /DNUK/MonetaryPolicy.nsf/side/Exchange_Rate_Mechanism__ERM_II?OpenDocument   (403 words)

 Document Management Software for the 21st Century - Westbrook Technologies, Inc.
Fortis ERM (Electronic Report Management) is the ideal solution for managing computer-generated forms and reports, such as invoices, purchase orders, internal reports, statements, and policies, to name a few.
ERM captures, sorts and indexes print spool files from various host machines or platforms, making documents easily accessible for viewing, annotating, printing, faxing, and e-mailing.
ERM extracts the information users select from the print file and stores it in databases, letting users search data quickly and efficiently.
www.westbrooktech.com /products/erm/erm.htm   (216 words)

 InterPro: IPR011174 Ezrin/radixin/moesin
The ERM family consists of three closely-related proteins, ezrin, radixin and moesin [ 1 ].
Ezrin was first identified as a constituent of microvilli [ 2 ], radixin as a barbed, end-capping actin-modulating protein from isolated junctional fractions [ 3 ], and moesin as a heparin binding protein [ 4 ].
ERM molecules contain 3 domains, an N-terminal globular domain; an extended alpha-helical domain; and a charged C-terminal domain [ 1 ].
www.ebi.ac.uk /interpro/IEntry?ac=IPR011174   (3140 words)

 Federal Reserve Views About ERM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
She noted that the COSO ERM Framework provides an effective tool that can be used by organizations of all types when developing an ERM approach to risk oversight and management.
If implemented correctly, ERM should be a component of basic strategic planning in order to identify and seize opportunities and to reduce the frequency and severity of operational surprises.
For ERM to be effective at protecting and enhancing value, senior management must be involved in ERM, having key responsibility for determining the level and types of risk the organization can accept and what risk mitigation strategies are necessary to bring risk exposures in line with agreed-upon levels of risk appetite.
www.mgt.ncsu.edu /centers_initiatives/erm/event_erm_bies.htm   (730 words)

 ERM ADVANCES Rough Notes - Find Articles
ERM was initially promoted in the financial services sector and it continues to maintain great success in this sector.
Interest in ERM has come about for a variety of reasons, and every organization has is own rationale for moving forward with the concept.
And as the early adopters begin to complete their ERM implementation, they are finding it critical to begin to integrate ERM into the firm's strategic management programs.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3615/is_200511/ai_n15745393   (822 words)

 European Exchange Rate Mechanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ireland's participation in ERM resulted in the Irish pound breaking parity with the pound sterling in 1979 as very shortly after the launch of the ERM the pound sterling, not at the time an ERM currency, appreciated against all ERM currencies and continued parity would have taken the Irish pound outside of its agreed band.
The United Kingdom entered the ERM in 1990, but was forced to exit the programme in 1992 after the pound sterling came under major pressure from currency speculators, including George Soros.
The Estonian kroon, Lithuanian litas, and Slovenian tolar were included in the ERM II on 28 June 2004; the Cypriot pound, the Latvian lats and the Maltese lira on 2 May 2005; the Slovak koruna on 28 November 2005
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_Exchange_Rate_Mechanism   (687 words)

 ALA | Electronic Resource Management
The automated library system vendor is a logical supplier of an ERM product because many of features of such a product are inherent in the technical services modules of an automated library system and much of the information about the databases is in the library portal that is now part of many systems.
GIS Information Systems responded to an inquiry in December 2003 that it was not actively developing an ERM product because it felt that demand would be primarily by academic libraries, a market sector on which it does not focus.
Even at this early stage in the development of ERM products, it is clear that it will be difficult to match up the products offered by automated library system vendors.
www.ala.org /ala/pla/plapubs/technotes/ermgmt.htm   (1497 words)

 Records Management - Guidance for Building an Effective ERM Governance Structure
This is particularly important during initial planning stages and ERM projects designed for phased implementation, manifesting itself in decisions such as the types of records or departments chosen for inclusion in the pilot testing of the ERM solution.
All approach ERM from the perspective of their primary function and appreciate how the project will affect their work and that of their colleagues, both as producers of documents and records and as users of them.
Effective governance mechanisms are used to organize the process of on-going leadership and oversight of ERM projects, ensuring that each person's role and responsibility is understood, delineating the degree of authority that an individual or group has in making decisions concerning the ERM project, as well as those who provide input to those decisions.
www.archives.gov /records-mgmt/policy/governance-guidance.html   (5933 words)

 Document Management Software for the 21st Century - Westbrook Technologies, Inc.
One of the unique qualities of Fortis ERM is the ability to output the reports, its database, and the complete Fortis retrieval engine to a self-contained CD.
Our thin client ERM allows the ability to design and customize the behavior, interaction and appearance, providing a means to elegantly use PowerWeb for all e-commerce documents or report needs.
The result is a mini-Fortis ERM scaled for retrieval only and mass distribution to an audience beyond the reach of the LAN, WAN or thin client…delivered on CD: the portable report repository.
www.westbrooktech.com /products/erm/erm_brochure.htm   (1551 words)

 ERM Electornic Systems LTD - Company Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
ERM Electronic Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer and producer of high-technology electronic systems.
ERM constantly invests in its products in order to be in the vanguards towards the 21st century.
ERM is located in the new industrial park in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel.
www.erm.co.il /profile/mix_profile.html   (80 words)

 ERM - a Whatis.com definition
ERM software generally lets a user sign on to different enterprise systems and applications using the same password.
ERM software makes it easy for the enterprise to control and keep track of which systems and resources each user has access to, and provides consistent standards for creating and changing passwords.
2) ERM (enterprise resource management) also describes software that manages all of a company's assets and resources, including such basic applications as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, as well as manufacturing, inventory, and human resources.
searchsap.techtarget.com /gDefinition/0,,sid21_gci213970,00.html   (221 words)

 ERM's Surfacewater Modeling Group
ERM offers a wide range of technical disciplines in a worldwide context.
Working with the scientists and toxicologists of the risk group allows us to estimate human health and ecological effects, thus completing the "transport-fate-effects" paradigm used to examine the impacts of man's use of aquatic resources.
On Monday, October 3, 2005, the staff of JEEAI joined Environmental Resources Management, Inc. (ERM) at ERM’s campus in Exton, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles west of our previous office in Wayne.
www.erm-smg.com /index.html   (342 words)

 ERM & COLD Data - Enterprise Report Management - Records & Document Management :: Identitech Inc. FYI ERM
FYI ERM™ FYI ERM is the powerful ERM/COLD component of the FYI® Business Process Management solution that provides organizations with a tool for archiving and retrieving high-volume, computer-generated reports and making them available for use in business processes.
FYI ERM allows for the indexing, archival, and on-line retrieval of high-volume, computer-generated reports and customer documents like statements, invoices, confirmations, bills, and notices.
The ERM bursted module uses the same FYI object server for the report files as it does for all other documents.
www.identitech.com /products/erm/index.htm   (566 words)

 Achieving Biological Control of European Red Mite in Northeast Apples
Strategies based solely on miticides are relatively expensive and eventually lead to the development of resistance by ERM to the miticides.
While predators can be seen in the field, they are easy to miss, especially at low densities, and their impact on ERM is dependent on which species they are.
Guidelines have been provided for the ratio of predators to ERM needed to achieve biological control; however, estimating these ratios is not practical.
www.nysipm.cornell.edu /factsheets/treefruit/pests/erm/erm.asp   (1801 words)

 ERM Conference Held in Chicago
Their interest in corporate ERM practices is also much more detailed than in the past, with board members wanting to understand how well management has identified its risk exposure – financial, operational, strategic, reputational – and what steps it has taken to manage these risks in the interest of protecting and enhancing shareholder value.
In observing the evolution of ERM, Shyam Venkat, leader of the insurance consulting practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, notes that insurance companies were and continue to be the original risk managers.
According to Hayden, ERM has introduced a common “risk vernacular” across the entire corporation, and that common language has enhanced the transparency of what they do and how they interact across all business units and business processes.
www.fenews.com /fen44/one_time_articles/erm-conference/erm-conference.html   (777 words)

 Electronic Records Management Certificate Program
The Strategic workshop provides a clear overview and explanation of ERM and its key components in order to set the scene for the detailed examination of important concepts and actual implementations.
The ERM Specialist Certificate Program covers global best practices to implement ERM, such as project planning, defining business requirements, developing the business case and implementation plan including change management.
The ERM Master Certificate Program comprises the main elements from the above strategic workshop and certificate programs in addition to a case study exercise.
www.aiim.org /education/erm-content2.asp?id=30622&layout=2   (573 words)

 Exchange Resource Manager
The ERM Service Account does not have to be mail-enabled, but it does need local administrator rights (Builtin\Administrator if ERM will run on a domain controller).
Install ERM on the active node of the active-passive cluster.
In order for ERM to failover to another node, the option must be selected to install the program files to a custom location on a shared drive.
www.swinc.com /erm/erm12/installation.asp   (790 words)

 Enterprise Risk Management—Making a business case for ERM 04/06
One of the reasons that insurers are not quite there yet, according to Segal, is that most ERM approaches lack the quantitative rigor and metrics to support decision-making.
A key output of the value-based ERM approach is a quantification of the enterprise risk profile in terms of the expected value to the organiza-tion.
Using the value-based ERM approach that Deloitte has developed, many organizations will be able to avoid a key obstacle in the path of ERM implementation.
www.roughnotes.com /rnmagazine/2006/april06/04p072.htm   (1094 words)

 Call for Presentations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Building on the tremendous success of the last four years, the ERM Symposium Program Committee and its sponsoring organizations announce a Call for Presentations for the 2007 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Symposium.
The 2007 ERM Symposium is scheduled for March 28-30, 2007 to be held at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.
The intent is to address key issues and applications wherever ERM is practiced, including insurance, the broader financial services industry, energy, government or elsewhere.
www.ermsymposium.org /presentation.php   (185 words)

 ERM Diagram .NET - Create visually appealing fully interactive graphical applications.
Use ERM to display and edit flowcharts, workflows, organisation charts or networking diagrams in your windows applications and publish them to the web or any device.
ERM supports advanced draw operations such as transparency and rotation as well as a large selection of image formats.  Use custom brushes and pens or override the render engine to modify rendering behaviour or add your own custom rendering for specialised applications.
The ERM component is 100% managed code and is runtime royalty free.
www.hallogram.com /ermdiagramnet/index.html   (223 words)

 ERM Survey - Other Responses -- Qs 2-10
ERM team had training in February and we are still working with 'test' data.
We are early implementors of the ERM from Innovative.
We are bringing ERM up right on the heels of the full system implementation and everyone is having trouble finding the time to devote to ERM.
www.lib.uconn.edu /online/erm-OtherResponses-1.html   (4206 words)

 e Reuse Methodology (eRM)
By applying Verisity’s eRM, e environments and eVCs are developed using consistent terminology, architecture, coding style and packaging—thereby eliminating incompatibility issues and creating a pool of truly reusable and interoperable verification components for verification teams around the world.
Along with complete eRM documentation, customers and e developers are provided three ideal coding examples called “Golden eVCs” to kick off the development cycle.
Lastly, an advanced eRM training course is available for those who wish to experience hands-on learning in a classroom setting.
www.verisity.com /products/erm.html?source=techonline   (722 words)

 Eurekify Sage Solutions for Role-Based Management of Top Secret
Eurekify Sage ERM is the leading solution for defining, managing and auditing role-based security on major systems and across multiple enterprise systems.
Sage ERM provides sophisticated tools for detection of access right exceptions, privileges cleanup and audit as well as automated compliance verification.
For periodical privileges audit, Sage ERM provides pattern-based detection of exceptions and deviations, as well as a compliance module which automates verification of organizational policies and segregation of duty rules.
www.eurekify.com /solutions.erm.for.tss.asp   (655 words)

 TokOpen ERM - document management software - Data Capture Solutions
The minimum workstation specification for each E.R.M. data capture engine implemented is a Pentium III, 500 MHz 64MB RAM for Windows 98/ME, 128MB RAM for Windows NT4/2000/XP.
The print spool data to be captured by E.R.M. must be an ASCII based source file.
If access documents remotely, E.R.M. can be configured to store the document template at the remote site to minimise future network traffic.
www.data-management-software.co.uk /tokopen/tokopen-erm.htm   (616 words)

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