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  Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) (Spain, separatists) - Council on Foreign Relations
ETA is a leftist group that uses terrorism in hopes of forming an independent Basque state in parts of northern Spain and southwest France.
In November 2001, ETA killed a judge and two police officers in the Basque region, and a French gendarme was shot, reportedly by ETA.
In June 2007, ETA announced an end to the cease-fire amid reports that the group was planning attacks for later in the summer.
www.cfr.org /publication/9271   (1368 words)

 Internet Visa Services Australia
From 21 April 2008, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship is implementing changes to the ETA system.
If your ETA cannot be issued immediately please check back in 12 hours to confirm whether your application has been successful.
Please apply for your ETA as early as possible prior to travel to allow sufficient time for your application to be processed.
www.eta.immi.gov.au   (269 words)

  CBC News Indepth: ETA
ETA is an separatist group in Spain, seeking an independent Marxist state in the Basque region.
ETA is the acronym for Basque Homeland and Freedom in the Basque language (Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna).
ETA has shown its desire and will that the process now begun should reach a conclusion and thus achieve true democracy in the Basque country, overcoming long years of violence and constructing a peace based on justice.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/eta   (1480 words)

  ETA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ETA operates mainly in Spain, particularly in the Basque Country, Navarre, and (to a lesser degree) Madrid, Barcelona, and the tourist areas of the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
The most consequential assassination performed by ETA during Franco's dictatorship was the December 1973 assassination by bomb in Madrid of admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, Franco's chosen successor and president of the government (a position roughly equivalent to being a prime minister).
ETA was initially accused in the 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings, but it soon became clear that the attack had been the work of Islamists.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ETA   (6016 words)

 Basque Homeland and Freedom
ETA had its origin in a nationalist group, EKIN, formed as a result of the moderate actions of the Partido Nacionalista Vasco (PNV, Basque Nationalist Party) during the Franco regime.
ETA was the only armed group to emerge in the Spanish State during the Franco era.
While ETA is operationally headquartered in the Basque provinces of Spain and France, the organization is reported to have members and underground supporters in locations as diverse as Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Sao Tome and Principe, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
www.ict.org.il /inter_ter/orgdet.cfm?orgid=8   (1133 words)

 ETA programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ETA is an esoteric programming language by Mike Taylor.
Another reason for the name is that eta is the seventh letter in Greek alphabet.
That is to celebrate its use in base-7 numbering system which ETA programming language uses.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ETA_programming_language   (145 words)

 Spain Briefing
And ETA had already made its presence felt with two terrorist attacks during recent regional elections in the three Basque provinces of northern Spain: a car bomb in Madrid and a parcel bomb that maimed Gorka Landaburu, a well-known Basque journalist and broadcaster.
ETA has also planted bombs in university campuses, Basque businesses, and in one case, outside the home of two Spanish journalists who covered the Basque country for a national newspaper and a television network.
ETA's decision to target journalists is, in some respects, a reflection of its failure to convince society of the validity of its cause.
www.cpj.org /Briefings/2001/Spain_may01/Spain_may01.html   (977 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Who are Eta?
French and Spanish police have sought to reduce Eta's capability and the Spanish government and judiciary have banned the political wing of the movement, which seeks an independent state for the Basques.
Eta's July 1997 kidnapping of a 29-year-old local councillor for the ruling Popular Party in the Basque region, Miguel Angel Blanco, was a turning point in public opinion.
Eta attacks declined in the wake of Madrid bombings, as the group was thought to believe it could no longer achieve its aims by violence.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/3500728.stm   (897 words)

 Eta Carinae
Eta Carinae is one of the most remarkable stars in the heavens.
Eta Carinae is one of the most massive stars in the universe, with probably more than 100 solar masses (Jeff Hester of the ASU, who made this HST image, has estimated 150 times the mass of our sun, Robert Zimmermann gives 120 solar masses in his article in Astronomy, Feb. 2000 issue).
Eta Carinae radiates 99 % of its luminosity in the infrared part of the spectrum, where it is the brightest object in the sky at 10-20 microns wavelength.
www.seds.org /messier/xtra/ngc/etacar.html   (931 words)

 ETA Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Unlike Cray Research, however, ETA never escaped the orbit of its parent company, and was closed by CDC in April 1989 after having installed about 25 systems.
One of the innovations of ETA was the industrial use of chilled CMOS.
The "ETA Yearbook" is a collection of personal reminiscences of former ETA staff, compiled five years after the closure of the company.
www.paralogos.com /DeadSuper/ETA   (328 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Timeline: Eta
Eta's founders are students dissatisfied with the moderates in the existing Basque Nationalist Party, the Partido Nacionalista Vasco, or PNV.
Eta is blamed for a bomb attack on a central Madrid bar frequented by police officers.
Eta's political wing, Herri Batasuna, is founded to press for full independence for the three provinces and neighbouring Navarre.
www.guardian.co.uk /spain/article/0,2763,1004575,00.html   (790 words)

 Spain: ETA bombing campaign aids government offensive against democratic rights
ETA’s stated aim is the establishment of an independent Basque state, formed of the Basque regions of northern Spain as well as parts of southern France.
In 1998-99 ETA conducted a 14-month ceasefire modelled on that of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that eventually led to the Good Friday Agreement between the British and Irish governments.
Indicative of the crisis within ETA were reports in May that two senior members of the organisation, Raul Angel Fuentes and Jose Maria Zaldua, had requested to be allowed to renounce the use of arms and leave the group.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/aug2003/eta-a19.shtml   (1965 words)

 CNN.com - ETA┬áviolence┬áhas gripped Spain since 1968 - Mar 12, 2004
ETA stands for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, which means "Basque Homeland and Freedom" in the Basque language.
On September 16, 1998, ETA declared a "unilateral and indefinite" cease-fire, raising hopes that its campaign was at an end.
Active support for ETA among residents of the Basque region is small, and although no accurate figures are available, its membership is thought to number in the hundreds.
www.cnn.com /2004/WORLD/europe/03/11/eta.background   (632 words)

 MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ETA’s last deadly attack occurred in May 2003, when two policemen were killed by a car bomb in the province of Navarre.
ETA’s vision of an independent Basque state built on parts of Spain and France is impossible without drastic changes in the politics of both countries.
It must be noted that ETA did not officially renounce violence or initiate steps to decommission its weapons (as the IRA did in July 2005) as part of its cease-fire declaration.
www.tkb.org /Group.jsp?groupID=31   (983 words)

 Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ETA was founded in 1959 with the aim of establishing an independent homeland based on Marxist principles and encompassing the Spanish Basque provinces of Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa, and Alava, as well as the autonomous region of Navarra and the southwestern French Departments of Labourd, Basse-Navarra, and Soule.
Spanish police arrested scores of ETA members and accomplices in Spain in 2004, and dozens were apprehended in France, including two key group leaders.
ETA conducted no fatal attacks in 2004, but did mount several low-level bombings in Spanish tourist areas during the summer and 11 bombings in early December, each preceded by a warning call.
library.nps.navy.mil /home/tgp/eta.htm   (325 words)

 Basque Fatherland and Liberty a.k.a Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)
The size and strength of the ETA is unknown though it may have hundreds of members, plus supporters.
The ETA operates primarily in the Basque autonomous regions of northern Spain and southwestern France, but it also has bombed Spanish and French interests elsewhere.
ETA has killed over 800 persons since it began lethal attacks in the early 1960s; responsible for murdering 13 persons in 1997.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/para/eta.htm   (393 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Eta: Key events
March 20, 2006: Eta claims responsibility for a spate of bombs planted to coincide with a regional general strike called by Batasuna.
Eta is understood to have been heavily influenced by the Northern Ireland peace process.
Eta has traditionally had relations with the Irish republicans and the political wing Herri Batasuna has been schooled by Sinn Fein on strategy for negotiation.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/545452.stm   (1200 words)

 The Increasing Threats of Separatist Movements: Spain
The government and people of Spain are currently facing an upsurge in violence from the Basque separatist group ETA, a Basque language acronym for Basque Homeland and Liberty, which is fighting for an independent homeland in northern Spain and southwestern France.
Generally, ETA's targets are Spanish politicians, civil guard officers and judges, and leading Basque politicians, businessmen and journalists who have come out against ETA violence.
Law enforcement authorities in both Spain and France have stepped up their pursuit of ETA terrorists and in a major crackdown in September 2000, French officials arrested ETA's suspected top commander, Ignacio Gracia Arregui, 44, on the French side of the Franco-Spanish border.
www.adl.org /terror/focus/update_winter_2000_2_spain.asp   (525 words)

 Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.
Providing innovative CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) solutions to a variety of industries, ETA has become one of the largest and fastest growing engineering service suppliers in the world.
By enabling engineers to simulate the behavior of automobiles, trains, aircraft, household appliances and consumer electronics during manufacture and use, ETA helps to make these products safer, more durable and less expensive to develop.
ETA is also the developer of the cutting-edge software packages, eta/DYNAFORM and eta/VPG.
www.eta.com   (330 words)

 USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The ETA model is a newer model, which is very similar to the NGM model and forecasts the same atmospheric variables.
The ETA model was named after the ETA coordinate system, which is a mathematical coordinate system that takes into account topographical features such as mountains.
It is still too soon to determine whether or not the ETA model gives a more accurate forecast than the NGM model for all the forecast variables, but according to Dr. Ronald McPherson, Director of NCEP, the ETA model has outperformed all the other models in forecasting amounts of precipitation.
www.usatoday.com /weather/wmodlist.htm   (1220 words)

 HubbleSite - Doomed Star Eta Carinae - 6/10/1996
Even though Eta Carinae is more than 8,000 light-years away, features 10 billion miles across (about the diameter of our solar system) can be distinguished.
Eta Carinae suffered giant outburst about 150 years ago, when it became one of the brightest stars in the southern sky.
Estimated to be 100 times heftier than our Sun, Eta Carinae may be one of the most massive stars in our galaxy.
hubblesite.org /newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1996/23   (158 words)

 EMC: Mesoscale Branch FAQ
Eta first-guess forecast used, no global model first-guess used for these fields) 03 Jun 98 Eta/EDAS Implementation 1 - a new daily 23-km N.H. NESDIS snowcover/sea-ice analysis is implemented in the EDAS 2 - fully continuous Eta-based cycling of ALL model prognostic fields is implemented in the EDAS (i.e.
If the Eta is initialized with snow at their location, but no snow or shallow snow exists there in reality, then the forecaster should expect the Eta 2-m temperature forecast to be too cold, especially during daytime hours, and especially if the daytime temperatures are otherwise expected to be above freezing.
During the Eta forecast, the Eta physics allows the initial snowcover to change in response to the Eta forecast of snowmelt or snowfall.
www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov /mmb/research/FAQ-eta.html   (13187 words)

 Eta Vertical Coordinate System   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By taking the difference in surface pressure between the Eta Model runs as a surrogate for the advancement of cold air, one can see that the cold air surge in the eta coordinate forecast has progressed further to the south and east than the sigma mode forecast.
This suggests that the eta mode was an improvement over the sigma coordinate in advancing the shallow cold air south and eastward.
Even though the current configuration of the Eta Model may have difficulty simulating these events, the overall performance of the Eta suggests that knowledgeable forecasters should be able to anticipate these events from available forecast fields.
meted.ucar.edu /nwp/pcu2/etvcoor1.htm   (987 words)

 Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A recent innovative enhancement to ETA arrangements allows a traveller to apply for an ETA over the Internet.
The ETA is an electronically-stored authority for travel to Australia for a short-term tourist or business entry.
ETAs are issued within seconds of being requested through computer links between the department, travel agents, airlines and specialist service providers around the world.
www.immi.gov.au /eta   (131 words)

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