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Topic: Earl of Menteith

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In the News (Thu 21 Jun 18)

  The Earldom of Menteith
THE district of Menteith, situated partly in Perthshire, partly in the county of Stirling, is celebrated for the beauty of its scenery and its traditionary and historical associations.
Comyn, who became Earl of Menteith in right of his wife, was one of the most powerful nobles in the kingdom, the leader of the national party, and one of the regents of the kingdom during the minority of Alexander III.
The Earl of Menteith availed himself of the favourable opportunity to overthrow this unpatriotic faction, and suddenly seized the young king while he was holding a court at Kinross, rescuing him, as he said, from the hands of excommunicated traitors; and Alan Durward and the barons who supported him immediately fled to England.
www.electricscotland.com /webclans/families/menteith.htm   (5119 words)

 John Menteith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir John Menteith was born John Stewart in Ruskie, Scotland, around 1275 to Walter "Bailloch" Stewart, 5th Earl of Menteith, and Mary, 4th Countess of Menteith.
In the "Relationes Arnaldi Blair", it is mentioned that in August 1298, Wallace, Governor of Scotland, with John Graham and John Menteith, and Alexander Scrymegour, Constable of Dundee and Standard-bearer of Scotland, acted together in an expedition into Galloway against the rebels who adhered to the party of Scotland and the Comyns.
The English chronicler, Langtoft, states that Menteith discovered the retreat of Wallace through the treacherous information of Jack Short, his servant, and that he came under cover of night and seized him in bed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_de_Menteith   (458 words)

 Historic Earls and Earldoms of Scotland - Chapter V - Keiths, Great Marischals of Scotland, and Earl Marischalsl - ...
Earl Marischal and the Forbeses took possession of Aberdeen; and on the 25th of May they were joined by the Earls of Montrose, Kinghorn, and Athole, Lord Drummond, the Master of Gray, and the Constable of Dundee.
But Earl Marischal was hereditary custodier of the Crown jewels (Regalia), and after being used at the coronation, the Earl placed them for safety in the Castle of Dunnottar, and the King forbade the Marischal to leave his charge of the castle.
Earl Marischal himself was taken in Scotland, by Cromwell’s officers, conveyed to England, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for nine years.
www.electricscotland.com /webclans/earldoms/chapter5s4.htm   (1810 words)

 DUKES OF ALBANY - LoveToKnow Article on DUKES OF ALBANY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In 1361 he married Margaret, countess of Menteith, and after his widowed sister-in-law, Isabel, countess of Fife, had recognized him as her heir, he was known as the earl of File and Menteith.
Taking an active part in the government of the kingdom, the earl was made high chamberlain of Scotland in 1382, and gained military reputation by leading several plundering expeditions into England.
In 1389 after his elder brother John, earl of Carrick, had been incapacitated by an acqident, and when his father the king was old and infirm, he was chosen governor of Scotland by the estates; and he retained the control of affairs after his brother.John became king as Robert III.
84.1911encyclopedia.org /A/AL/ALBANY_DUKES_OF.htm   (463 words)

 Duncan Stewart Genealogy
Robert Stewart, Earl of Fife and Menteith, Duke of Albany and Governor of
of Archibald, Earl of Douglas and Margaret, dau.
Murdock, Earl of Fife and Menteith, Duke of Albany and Governor of
www.chuckspeed.com /balquhidder/history/dstewart.html   (337 words)

 Bruce   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His son Donald, eighth earl, was taken prisoner in 1306, at the battle of Methven, in which his royal uncle was defeated, and did not regain his liberty till after the crowning victory of Bannockburn.
As the Earl's eldest son, Andrew, had married into the powerful family of St. Clair, it was not to be expected that they would patiently acquiesce in a decision which deprived him and his children of their rights.
Sir Thomas Maule, the head of the family at the commencement of the fifteenth century, fought under the banner of the Earl of Mar at the sanguinary battle of Harlaw, in August, 1411, along with the chivalry of Angus and Mearns, and was among the slain.
fp.ayrshireroots.plus.com /Genealogy/Historical/bruce.htm   (14974 words)

 Perth, Ontario, Canada Tree
The early Earls of Menteith were Stewarts (or at least married to a Stewart) and the later ones were Grahams.
The first to adopt the surname Menteith was Sir John Menteith of Rusky, brother of Alexander, Earl of Menteith and the second son of Lady Mary Menteith and Walter Stuart.
Dun, in his book A summer at the Lake of Menteith, asserts that all who bear the surname Monteith, however spelt, are descendants of this Sir John.
www.monteith.org /earlymonteiths.htm   (632 words)

 Appendix 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Since the Earldom of Menteith was, in the original patent of nobility, reserved for the heirs-male of the original Graham grantee (i.e., a Graham of unbroken descent in the male line), the Allardice claim, as heirs in the female line of the Grahams, did not give them a viable claim to that earldom.
The Grahams of Menteith, as heirs to this David, were said to be ever conscious of this royal descent, to the extent that a later Earl of Menteith quartered the royal arms on his coat of arms.
Since the crown of Scotland, unlike the Earldom of Menteith, could and did descend through the female line, if David Earl of Strathearn is considered the rightful King of Scotland, the kingdom would descend through his daughter to the Grahams, and through the male line of the Grahams to the Allardices.
www.allardice.org /barons/appendix1.htm   (826 words)

 ANALYSIS of CHIEF/REPRESENTER of CLAN MACDUFF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Isabel MacDuff, married four times, died without issue and conveyed the title of the earldom and property to her brother-in-law, Robert, Earl of Menteith, afterwards Duke of Albany, by her second husband, the third son of King Robert II (Stewart).
Duncan was the twelfth Earl of Fife and at his death the male line of the MacDuff Celtic Earls of Fife came to an end.
An heir to Earl Fife was a grandson born to the marriage of Alexandra Victoria and H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught but, he was killed in action in 1944.
www.tartans.com /official/MacDuff/usa/chief.htm   (1564 words)

 Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Page Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Robert (Bruce?) Polk, (Or ...
Wife Of Donald Helen, 10th Earl Of Mar She was the daughter of 38478.
Donald was one of the seven Earls of Scotland.
Mary was the younger daughter of Maurice, Third Earl of Menteith, and was Countess of Menteith in her own right.
familytreemaker.genealogy.com /users/p/o/l/Billy-F-Polk/GENE2-0020.html   (692 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 10810
Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith was the son of Sir Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn and Eupheme Stewart, Countess Palatine of Caithness.
Marion Campbell married Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith, son of Sir Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn and Eupheme Stewart, Countess Palatine of Caithness.
Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas was the son of Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas and Margaret Stewart, Lady of Galloway.
www.thepeerage.com /p10810.htm   (1188 words)

 4th Earl of Fife - Question.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Earl of Fife (d.1154) Duncan Macduff, 3rd Earl of Fife (d.1203) Malcolm Macduff, 4th Earl of Fife...
is Ada, the King's half sister, and Duncan, Earl of Fife; and in the King's pocket is a dowery...
Gillimichael MacDuff 4th Earl of Fife died in 1139 in Scotland...
www.question.com /find/4th+Earl+of+Fife.html   (422 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Murdoch Stewart, ( 1362 - 25 May 1425), son of Robert, 1st Duke of Albany; succeeded his father as 2nd Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife and Earl of Menteith, 20 September 1425 ; forfeited all peerages on 25 May 1425 and executed at Castle Hill, Sterling, the same day.
John Stewart ( 1481 - 2 June 1536), son of Alexander, 1st Duke of Albany, by his second wife, Anne, daughter of Bertrand de lar Tuour, Count of Auvergene; styled Duke of Albany from 1505, formally restored to the dukedom in 1515 ; Regent of Scotland 1515-1524; died without a legitimate male heir.
Note: The name of the 2nd Duke of Albany "was removed from the roll of Peers of Great Britain and of Ireland by Order of the King in Council, 28 March 1919" for bearing arms against the United Kingdom in World War I.
www.informationgenius.com /encyclopedia/d/du/duke_of_albany.html   (589 words)

 74-74, Description of Fife; A new description of Fife - Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
But his son Murdoch paid for the crimes of both father and his sons, being executed by James I [1424], and it was decreed that the Earldom of Fife should be united in perpetuity to the Crown.
From Fife, surnamed Duff, to whom that region was given in the year 840 A.D. by Kenneth II King of Scots, because of his exceptional courage in the war against the Picts, the old inhabitants.
Between Kenneth’s temple, Kennoway, and the River Leven is a mound, which the natives relate is the ruins of the castle of the Earls of Fife, once surrounded by seven walls and the same number of ditches, and on the boundary where it touches Strathearn, is Macduff’s cross.
www.nls.uk /digitallibrary/map/early/blaeu/951.html   (644 words)

John, fourth earl of Dundonald, who was elected one of the fixteen peers for the British parliament, called to meet in November 1713, and was made colonel of the fourth troop of horfe guards, by her majefty qeeen Anne.
William, fifth earl of Dundonald, who dying unmarried, anon 1724, in him ended the male-line of John fecund earl of Dundonald, eldeft son of William lord Cochrane, whereby the honours devolved upon the next heir-male, Thomas fon of William of Kilmaronock, fon of William of Kilmaronock, to whom we now return.
William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, fecund fon of William lord Cochrane, eldeft fon of William firft earl of Dundonald, was member of parliament for the burghs of Wigton, etc. and one of the commiffioners for keeping his majefty’s fignet.
www.clancochrane.org /DundonaldLineage.htm   (2515 words)

 James I, King of Scots (1394-1437). Poet.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
James was created Earl of Carrick in 1404, and sent to France for safety in March 1406 (just before Robert's death), but was captured at sea by the English and held prisoner in England for 18 years.
Meanwhile the imprisoned James fell in love with Lady Joan Beaufort (daughter of the Earl of Somerset, niece of Richard II and cousin of Henry V) and wrote for her his long Chaucerian poem "The Kingis Quair".
His murderers were Sir Robert Stewart (grandson of the Earl of Atholl) and Sir Robert Graham (uncle of the Earl of Menteith).
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~crumey/james_i.html   (306 words)

 Sights of Scotland: Inchmahome Priory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The largest of the two islands in the Lake of Menteith, Stirling Council Area, the wooded Inchmahome is dominated by the ruins of a priory founded in 1238 by Walter Comyn, Earl of Menteith, for the Augustinian Order.
In the choir can be found the 13th-century effigies of Sir Walter Stewart, Earl of Menteith, and his wife Mary, and the graveslab of Sir John Drummond (d.1300).
The exotic trees, flowers and bushes that adorn the island were probably planted by the Earls of Menteith who created a pleasure ground on the island which can be approached by boat from Port of Menteith.
www.nadir.org /nadir/initiativ/agp/resistg8/maps1/images/i/inchmahome_priory.htm   (143 words)

 See also "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation" by Donald Whyte, Published by ...
1330 Charter by Murdoch, Earl of Menteith to Robert Logie of the lands of Broculli in Fife.
The lands of Logy seem to have been given to the Earl of Douglas, while those of Strathgartney were bestowed on Sir John of Menteith and Elene of Mar, his spouse.
The agreement and decision was made known to King Robert II, and affirmed in the presence of the Court by the Earl of Fife and Menteith and John of Logy.
www.famhist.com /logie/Conspiracy.htm   (2144 words)

 Sir Ralph Abercromby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Airlie castle, "the bonnie house of Airlie" of Scottish song, once the chief residence of the family, was destroyed, with Forthur, another of their seats, by the marquis of Argyle, in consequence of an order of the committee of estates, in 1640.
The eldest son of the latter, by a second marriage, Sir Patrick Graham of Elieston and Kilpont, married Eupheme, the sole heiress of Prince David Stewart, earl of Strathearn, and acquired that title.
His son Malise was by James I. in Sept. 1427 created earl of Menteith or Monteith in lieu of Strathearn.
www.electricscotland.com /history/nation/nation32.htm   (772 words)

 Wallace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Government of the Commonwealth imposed on the Earl the exorbitant fine of £10,000 sterling for himself and of £2,500 for his son Henry, who commanded a regiment in the army of 'the Engagement' for the rescue of Charles and also at the battle of Dunbar.
The estates of the Earl of Mar, the leader of the rebellion, were successively awarded [p.335] to four of these pretended owners, and Viscount Kenmure's to five.
He obtained from Malise, the powerful Earl of Strathern, the lands of Kincardine, in Perthshire, where the chief residence of the family was henceforth fixed.
fp.ayrshireroots.plus.com /Genealogy/Historical/wallace.htm   (5661 words)

 Inchmahome Priory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Inchmahome is a ruined Augustine priory situated on an island in the middle of Lake Menteith.
Walter Comyn the Earl of Menteith founded the Priory in the thirteenth century.
The area is also associated associated with fairy lore, a sandbank of land called the Arnmach, which extends into the lake pointing like a finger to the island from the Southern shore, was traditionaly created by the fairies while they were tasked with creating a rope of sand.
www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk /scotland/perthshire/inchmahome.html   (274 words)

ROBERT STEWART, Earl of Menteith, Earl of Fife, Regent of Scotland, Duke of Albany in 1399, was born about 1~ and died on 3 September 1420.
ROBERT II, Lord High Steward of Scotland, Earl of Strathern, King of Scotland 1373-90, was born on 2 March 1315 and died on 12 April 1390.
ROBERT STEWART, Earl of Fife and Menteith, Duke of Albany, Earl of Buchan, Regent of Scotland, was born about 1340 and died on 3 September 1419/20.
www.royalancestorscollins.com /scotland-stewart.htm   (910 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 2052
Alexander Lindsay, 15th Earl of Crawford was the son of Henry Lindsay, 13th Earl of Crawford and Elizabeth Shaw.
Ludovic Lindsay, 16th Earl of Crawford was the son of Henry Lindsay, 13th Earl of Crawford and Elizabeth Shaw.
William Graham, 3rd Earl of Menteith was the son of Alexander Graham, 2nd Earl of Menteith and Margaret Buchanan.
www.thepeerage.com /p2052.htm   (775 words)

 Historic Carrick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Albany was crafty and ambitious, but he was possessed of great administrative ability, and his pacific policy secured for Scotland under his sway a happy exemption from those wars which for many years had exhausted the resources of the country and retarded all social improvement.
Although the Earl had now been deprived of the office of Lieutenant-General of the Kingdom, James, unwilling to come to an open rupture with his too-powerful subject, appointed him Warden of the West and Middle Marches, and confirmed to him and his descendants, by deed of entail, the earldoms of Wigton and Douglas.
But these acts of kindness, which he probably regarded as indications of weakness and fear, only emboldened the Earl to set at defiance both the restraints of law and the authority of his sovereign.
fp.ayrshireroots.plus.com /Genealogy/Historical/historic%20Carrick.htm   (628 words)

 Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Fife
Isabel (see Fife, volume 5, pages 374, 375) is described in 1360 as the daughter and heir of Duncan, earl of Fife [B. Webster, ed., Acts of David II, no 239 (1982)].
In 1371, she refers to an entail made by her father Duncan to Alan, earl of Menteith (who was dead by 13 March 1308/9) [W. Fraser, ed., Red Book of Menteith, vol.
Evidently Robert did not become earl of Fife immediately - he was styled simply Earl of Menteith on 4 December 1371, but Earl of Fife and Menteith on 6 March 1372 [W. Fraser, ed., Red Book of Menteith, vol.
www.medievalgenealogy.org.uk /cp/fife.shtml   (225 words)

 Classical Heraldry - 10
In the subsequent disaster the Earls of Athol, Menteith and Ross were captured, together with seven of Scotland's most powerful barons.
His wife Isabel sided with Bruce and, as the sister of her absent brother, the Earl of Fife, placed the crown on Bruce's head at his coronation (for which loyalty the English imprisoned her in an open iron cage).
That is no longer true.) Malise, 6th Earl of Strathearn, after his capture at Dunbar quickly submitted to the English king and had his estates restored to him.
www.baronage.co.uk /classic1/herart10.html   (665 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 10795
Ralph de Monthermer, Earl of Gloucester married Joan of Acre, daughter of Edward I 'Longshanks', King of England and Eleanor de Castilla, Comtesse de Ponthieu, before 2 August 1297, without her father's consent, although this was pardoned on 2 August 1297.
Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith was the daughter of Sir John Graham and Mary Menteith, Countess of Menteith.
Mary Menteith, Countess of Menteith was the daughter of Alan Menteith, 7th Earl of Menteith and Marjory (?).
www.thepeerage.com /p10795.htm   (1180 words)

 Chapter 4 - Sweyne Castle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In 1476 A.D., John of the Isles, as the Earl of Ross, surrendered to James the Third his titles as Lord of the Isles, as also his Knapdale and Kyntyr estates including the Keepership of Sweyne Castle, so that those who had been his vassals would in future hold directly of the Crown.
In 1483 A.D., the Earl, having now the responsibility for the Castle, appointed Hector of Torquil MacNeil to be its Constable or Keeper.
James appointed the Earl of Argyll as his Deputy for the government of the Isles, and the subjugation of their turbulent Island Noble.
skyways.lib.ks.us /kansas/genweb/republic/PatAdams/research/argyllshire/ch4.htm   (2915 words)

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