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Topic: Earl of Orkney

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  Jarl Andræs Mikkelgaard: Genealogy
Rögnvald was born in 1011 in Orkneyar to Brúsi, Earl of Orkney, and Ostrida.
Brúsi was born in 987 in Orkneyar to Sigurd the Stout, Earl of Orkney.
Hlodver was born in 924 in Orkneyar as the fifth son of Thorfinn Hausakliuf, the skull-splitter, Earl of Orkney, and Grelauga, daughter of Duncan, Earl of Caithness and Sutherland.
www.nd.edu /~acasad/mikkelgaard/genealogy.html   (306 words)

 Orkneyjar - Earl Sigurd the Powerful, the first Earl of Orkney
According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Sigurd Eysteinsson - or Earl Sigurd the Powerful - was the first Earl of Orkney.
But although the saga makes it clear that Earl Sigurd I was one of the three great earls of Orkney, it actually documents very little of his reign.
Earl Sigurd had formed an alliance with Thorstein the Red, travelling south into Scotland where they conquered all of Caithness and large parts of Argyll, Moray and Ross.
www.orkneyjar.com /history/historicalfigures/sigmighty.htm   (616 words)

 Earls of Orkney
December 1046 in Papa Stronsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland, cause of death was murder, buried aft.
Earl Einar of Orkney killed Halfdan Haleg, son of King Harald I Harfager of Norway.
When Earl Ragnvald heard of this, he was ill pleased and said his sons were very unlike their ancestors.
www.geocities.com /missourimule_2000/earlsoforkney.html   (880 words)

 Earl of Orkney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Earl's status as a Norwegian vassal was formalised in 1195.
Earl Henry ruled until his death in 1401, and was succeeded by a son named Henry, who was followed by his son Earl William, to whom the Earldom of Caithness was granted by the King of Scots in 1455.
James took the Earldom of Orkney for the Crown in 1470, and William was thereafter Earl of Caithness alone until he resigned the Earldom in favour of his son William in 1476, dying in 1484.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Earl_of_Orkney   (1156 words)

 Earl's Palace, Birsay Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland
The village of Birsay and the surrounding area are dominated by the extensive remains of the Earl's Palace.
By the time of his death, Robert's son Patrick was already abusing the titles of Earl of Orkney and Lord of Shetland.
The Earl's Palace at Birsay continued to be used by the Stewarts' successors to the Earldom, the Earls of Morton.
www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk /westmainland/earlspalace   (697 words)

 Earls of Orkney
Earls of Orkney, Paul was married to the daughter of Hakon Ivarsson, Erlend was married to Thora, daughter of Sumarlidi Ospakson
Earl of Orkney and Caithness, son of Gilbride gained the Earldoms from Alexander II.
Earl of Orkney, son of younger Henry, exchanged his rights to the Earldom of Orkney for the lands of Ravenscraig in 1471.
www.fortunecity.com /bally/leitrim/147/orkney.html   (696 words)

 Jarl Henry Sinclair (c.1345 - c.1400)
Burke's Peerage and Gentry agrees that he was Baron of Roslin, Earl of Orkney, and Lord of Shetland, ``who on 2 August 1379, was formally invested by Haakon, King of Norway, as Jarl of the Orkneys, ranked next to the Roy House before all the Scandinavian nobility.
Norway Henry became the first Sinclair Earl of Orkney; the graphic at the top of the page is his coat of arms as Earl of Orkney.
Earl William Sinclair brought Nature into his Chapel at Rosslyn because he believed that God and Nature was ONE.
sinclair.quarterman.org /sinclair/who/henry.html   (1258 words)

 The Hougham/ Huffam Family Tree Nov 2006 - pafg241 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Arnfinn Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney [Parents].Arnfinn married Ragnhild Eriksdottir in 954.
Ragnhild Eriksdottir.Ragnhild married Arnfinn Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney in 954.
Thorfinn the Black of Orkney Sigurdsson Earl of Orkney was born in 1009.
mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk /houghamfamily/pafg241.htm   (161 words)

 Earl Sigurd the Mighty - the first Earl of Orkney
On the voyage, Sigurd’s brother, Earl Rognvald of Møre, received the Earldom of Orkney from King Harald as compensation for the loss of his son, Ivar.
Instead, the reader is hurled into the tale of Earl Sigurd’s death - a story that remains firmly in the memories of Orcadians today as a folk origin for the Kirkwall Ba’ game.
Earl Sigurd was buried at “Ekkjalsbakki” - the banks of the River Oykell in Scotland.
www.orkneyjar.com /history/vikingorkney/sigurd.htm   (632 words)

 William St. Clair (1404-1482) Earl of Orkney, Earl of Caithness, Builder of Rosslyn Chapel
He was the third and last Sinclair Earl of Orkney and he was the grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair, first Sinclair Earl of Orkney.
In 1470 King James III of Scotland claimed the Earldom of Orkney for the Scottish crown, conveying it to his daughter Margaret, who at the age of eleven was being married to the Dauphin of France; the rents of Orkney were her dowry.
In 1455 Earl William, while still the Norse Earl of Orkney, was granted the Earldom of Caithness by King James II of Scotland by letters patent.
sinclair.quarterman.org /who/william1caithness.html   (175 words)

 Welcome To The Orkney Heritage Website
In the early 12th century the Norse Earldom of Orkney had the misfortune to be governed by the sons of the two brother Earls, Paul and Erlend.
Matters between the cousins reached a crisis in the year 1116 or 1117, and well-meaning friends of the two Earls sought to bring them together by arranging a meeting in the Easter of that year, on the island of Egilsay.
And when Earl Hakon was seen to have landed a large force of fully-armed men from eight longships, Earl Magnus refused to allow his men to defend him from his cousin and sought to settle matters in a friendly way, and prayed to God for help in this.
www.orkney.gov.uk /nqcontent.cfm?a_id=636   (721 words)

 EARL OF ORKNEY - Online Information article about EARL OF ORKNEY
Orkney Islands (q.v.) were ruled by jarls or earls under the supremacy of the See also:
In 1455 William was created earl of Caithness, and in 1470 he resigned his earldom of Orkney to James III.
Petty, earl of Shelburne, and was succeeded in the title by her grandson, Thomas John Hamilton Fitzmaurice (1803–1877), whose descendants still hold the earldom.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /ORC_PAI/ORKNEY_EARL_OF.html   (663 words)

 genealogy - pafg500 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Thorfinn Sigurdsson of The Orkneys was born in 999.
Ingeborg Finnsdatter.Ingeborg married Thorfinn Sigurdsson of The Orkneys.
Paal, Earl of Orkney Thorfinson died in 1103.
www.allcensus.com /genealogy/pafg500.htm   (102 words)

 tripodfamilytree122104 - pafg359 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
3rd Earl of Orkney Thorfinn II [Parents] "The Black" was born in 999 in Orkney Islands, Scotland.
She married 3rd Earl of Orkney Thorfinn II before 1038.
Earl of Derby Robert de Ferrers [Parents] was born about 1100 in Derbyshire, England.
members.tripod.com /beejay1/pafg359.htm   (404 words)

 Earl Henry Sinclair's fictitious trip to America, by Brian Smith
If the Zeno map is the work of Venetian navigators who lived with the earl of Orkney for four and fourteen years respectively, they don't seem to have paid much attention to their surroundings.
(10) One historian has claimed that he was 'a powerful earl of Orkney very much in the old tradition', and that he was 'very active in his northern earldom and integrated with the people of the earldom and their customs'.
Stephen Boardman has found evidence that the earl of Orkney was fighting in the Borders in 1398 and subsequent years: this might well be Henry II (The Early Stewart Kings: Robert II and Robert III, East Linton 1996, pp.205, 219).
www.users.zetnet.co.uk /ahamilton/sinclair.htm   (8329 words)

 Thorfinn Sigurdsson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is said to have been earl for seventy-five years and ruler of nine earldoms in Scotland, of the Hebrides, and of part of Ireland.
Earl Sigurd was killed at the Battle of Clontarf on 23 April 1014.
The original seat of the bishops of Orkney was Thorfinn's Christchurch at Birsay, or perhaps the Brough of Birsay, where he had his residence in his later years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thorfinn_Sigurdsson,_Earl_of_Orkney   (2560 words)

 Earl of Orkney
The Vikings are thought to have hunted them, as did the Earl of Orkney 800 years ago.
The title Earl of Orkney has been created several times in the Peerage of Scotland.
The next Orkney title was the dukedom of Orkney, which was given to James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, husband of Queen Mary I, in 1567.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/e/ea/earl_of_orkney.html   (263 words)

 35th Generation (cont.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Thorfinn Sigurdsson II, Earl of Orkney "The Black" was born 989 in Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland and married before 1038.
Haakon Ivarsson, Earl of Orkney was born circa 1031 in Norway and married 1062 in Norway.
Ragnhild Magnusdatter, Princess of Norway was born circa 1041 and married 1062 in Norway.
www.boazfamilytree.com /edebeauchamp/aqwg86.htm   (337 words)

 Orkney Islands (United Kingdom)
The flag of the Orkneys was in fact a joint suggestion by the late Allan Macartney (1941-98), who later became the Member of the European Parliament for the Highlands and Islands, and myself.
The differences in detail between the Orkney lion and that of Norway are questioned, but this is entirely routine in instances where different heraldic authorities deal with what is essentially the same device.
Although the Orkney lion is drawn differently, has a different crown, has a blue tongue and blue claws and holds an axe where the colouring is different in detail, it is still a gold lion, rampant and crowned, on red, holding an axe - in other words, still the lion of Norway.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/gb-ork.html   (1110 words)

 Orkneyjar - Earl Henry Sinclair
"[Earl Henry Sinclair's] little court in Orkney was the most elegant and refined in Europe, and adorned with the official services of many proud Scottish nobles.
Earl Henry Sinclair is a figure from Orkney's history whose exploits can, without a shadow of a doubt, be classed as semi-legendary.
Earl Henry Sinclair was born in 1345 and died around 1400.
www.orkneyjar.com /history/historicalfigures/henrysinclair   (218 words)

 [No title]
Orkney became the centre for Viking expeditions to the northern part of the British Isles and an important link between the Gaelic and Nordic cultures.
Orkney features widely in various Icelandic sagas but the Saga of the Orkney Islanders is the main written source of Viking Age history there, focusing on the earls who reigned over it.
The cathedral in Kirkwall was built by Earl Rognvald Kali in 1137 in memory of Saint Magnus, Earl of Orkney (d.
www.sagalands.org /sagas4.asp   (428 words)

 Scotland's Past - Saint Magnus, Earl of Orkney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Magnus was a son of Erlend, joint Earl of Orkney with Paul, his brother.
In time Magnus proved to be an able ruler and this annoyed Haakon (who was a violent man), to solve their problems the two earls agreed to meet to discuss their differences on the island of Egilsay bringing only two ships each with them.
Rognvald's story is told in the Orkneying Saga and he too was buried at the cathedral of St Magnus.
www.scotlandspast.org /magnus.cfm   (222 words)

 tripodfamilytree122104 - pafg347 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Earl of Orkney Siguard II [Parents] "Digri" was born about 981 in Orkney Islands, Scotland.
She married Earl of Orkney Siguard II in Scotland.
Edward England the Exile [Parents] was born in 1016 in Wessex, England.
members.tripod.com /beejay1/pafg347.htm   (557 words)

 The Norse Earls of Orkney
The islands of Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland, were the centre of a powerful Norse Earldom which lasted from the ninth century to the thirteenth, and remained under Norwegian sovereignity right up until 1468.
The Orkneyinga Saga, or 'History of the Earls of Orkney,' as it is also known as, is unique in being the only Norse Saga concerned with what is now part of the British Isles.
Sigurd was a son of Hlodver Thorfinnson, and was reputed to have conquered Ross and Murray, Sutherland, and the dales of Scotland, and along with his brother-in-law Earl Gilli of the Hebrides, the kingdom of Man in the years 986 - 989.
www.geocities.com /danrenuk/norse.htm   (1398 words)

 Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland
Orkney and Shetland, which had become increasingly disordered during the period without a Jarl, or Earl.
By 1390 Sinclair had Orkney under firm control and set out with a fleet of 13 warships to, in effect, reconquer Shetland for King Håkon from the Norse warlords who had taken control.
Sinclair returned to Orkney in 1399, telling stories of the land he had found and making plans to return on a more organised scale.
www.undiscoveredscotland.com /usbiography/biographies/henrysinclair.html   (905 words)

The Earl was to govern the islands and to enjoy the revenues during the King's pleasure, but was not to build any castles, and was to be answerable to the King's Court at Bergen.
William married Isabella, second daughter of Malise, 8th Earl of Strathearn, Earl of Orkney and Caithness and his wife Marjorie, a daughter of Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross and Lady Maud Bruce, a sister of Scotland's national hero, King Robert the Bruce.
thePeerage.com where Beatrice's father is shown as the 1st Earl of Orkney and her mother is not shown thereby introducing the possiblilty that this Beatrice may have been a "natural" or illegitimate daughter of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney.
www3.sympatico.ca /robert.sewell/sinclair.html   (2916 words)

 Birsay Heritage Trust - Main Details
Earl's Palace - stronghold of Robert Stewart, c.
In 1664 it was re-built as a cruciform church (shown in a 17th century drawing of the Earl's Palace which is reproduced on p.83 in Exploring Scotland's Heritage - Orkney and Shetland - Anna Ritchie, HMSO 1985).
Influence was at its height during the reign of Thorfinn the Mighty (1014-1065) when this Earl of Orkney's rule extended from Shetland down the west coast of Scotland to parts of Ireland.
www.birsay.org.uk /heritage.htm   (1206 words)

 Stewart Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In 1581 he was created EARL OF ORKNEY and Lord Zetland.
Arms: of Patrick, Earl of Orkney, on Seal, 1592.-I and 4.
Arms: of Robert, Earl of Orkney, on Seal, Is 50.-Scotland, with crozier behind shield (Laing).
www.stewartsociety.org /lines/lines_pages/sr10025.htm   (297 words)

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