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Topic: Eastern Asia

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In the News (Mon 27 May 19)

Asia is the largest of the continents, having a geographic area of about 17,000,000 square miles, or about one-third of the whole of the dry land.
On the north, Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean; on the east, by the Pacific Ocean; on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the West by Europe, the Black Sea, the Greek Archipelago, the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea.
Asia is the cradle and the primitive home of Christianity; for it was in its extreme south-western borders, i.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01777b.htm   (4231 words)

The illiteracy rates for male and female in Asia are declining but still in 1995 the percentage of illiterates is 27.7 percent of the total population; out of which 19.1 percent are male and 36.6 percent are female which is about double to the male figure.
Percentage of female economically active population in Asia is 39.5 in 1990 and 40.1 in 1995 of the total economically active population.
Within Asia the percentage of economically active female population is highest in Eastern Asia which is 44.4 percent in 1990 and 44.8 percent in 1995 where as it is lowest in Western Asia which is 29.4 and 32.2 in 1990 and 1995 respectively.
www.unhabitat.org /habrdd/asia.html   (1059 words)

 Asian Lodging Centre
Uzbekistan - republic in Central Asia, bordered on the west and north by Kazakhstan, on the east by Kyrgyzstan, on the southeast by Tajikistan, and on the south by Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.
Viet Nam - republic of Southeast Asia, bordered by China on the north, the South China Sea on the east and south, and Cambodia and Laos on the west.
Lying almost entirely in the northern hemisphere, Asia is bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by the Bering Strait and the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the southwest by the Red and Mediterranean seas.
www.ovayonda.ws   (1044 words)

 US-China macrofungi:publications
Eastern North America and temperate eastern Asia reportedly share a relatively high number of taxa of macrofungi (mushrooms and relatives), including a number of taxa that have putative eastern North America - temperate eastern Asia disjunct distributions.
The similarity value calculated between eastern North America and eastern Asia (i.e., 53) is close to that calculated between eastern North America and western North America (i.e., 49) and that for Europe and eastern Asia comparisons (i.e., 55).
Eastern North America is rich in species diversity of Boletaceae and it shares a relatively large number of species with eastern Asia.
www.fieldmuseum.org /research_collections/botany/botany_sites/US-China_macrofungi/publications.html   (1456 words)

 The Orient - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, Mizrahi Jews (native to the Middle East) are often referred to as Oriental Jews and the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies focuses on the Middle East, East Asia and Africa.
As awareness of the countries of Eastern Asia grew in Western European and American consciousness in the late 19th century, the term came to refer primarily to China, Japan, and the surrounding nations.
The terms "Middle Eastern" and "Westerner" follow the same pattern as "oriental", yet are subject to less controversy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oriental   (612 words)

 Asia Minor
Asia Minor is a broad peninsula that lies between the Black and Mediterranean seas.
Asia Minor juts westward from Asia to within half a mile (800 meters) of Europe at the divided city of Istanbul, where a suspension bridge over the strait of Bosporus links the two continents.
During the 11th century Asia Minor was invaded by the Seljuk Turks, and the eastern part of the region became predominantly Turkish in character.
www.crystalinks.com /asiaminor.html   (1220 words)

 Encyclopedia: Eastern Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The following countries or regions are sometimes considered part of East Asia.
The history of East Asia, as well as parts of Southeast Asia, is heavily influenced by and intertwined with that of China.
Southwest Asia or West Asia (One definition of the Middle East is synonymous with Southwest Asia)
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Eastern-Asia   (317 words)

The countries in Asia all have a great effect on each other’s economies; that is to say that the crisis in the region has shown that when one country is plagued by economic problems, the other countries begin to be affected (Wade and Veneroso 1998).
One of the particularly stronger arguments to beginning an AMF is that Eastern Asia would be better suited to an organization built to accommodate the specific needs of the countries in the region.
If there were a fund for Asia, and Asia alone, where the money was from the area, and where it would be repaid, the amount that the "debt burden" was felt would decrease (United Nations 291).
www.maxwell.syr.edu /maxpages/classes/psc124_300/group10/RachelPaper2.htm   (2146 words)

 The War in Eastern Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In November 1943, the Anglo-American Southeast Asia Command (SEAC) was formed with Adm. Lord Louis Mountbatten (later 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma) as supreme commander, and General Stilwell as his deputy, with the object of controlling all operations in Southeast Asia.
The Japanese were able to gain all their objectives in Asia in 1941-1942, for the United States was unready for war, and Britain, fighting single-handed in Europe, could not find the means with which to defend her interests in the Far East adequately.
It was thus the surrender of her wide-flung armies in Asia which followed, rather than their defeat in the field, that eventually freed the greater part of the Asian mainland from Japanese domination.
www.ramskov.nu /krih/ww2/001/11.htm   (4382 words)

 News Tips   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Eastern Asia Industries offered the hazardous materials for transportation when they were not packaged, marked, classed, described, documented, or in condition for shipment as required by regulations.
Eastern Asia Industries also failed to ensure employees were trained to properly package and handle hazardous materials, and did not make available at all times the required emergency response information.
Eastern Asia Industries has 30 days from receipt of the FAA notice to submit a reply to the agency.
www.faa.gov /APA/pr/ASO/2003/2_03_2003_8.cfm   (195 words)

 Eastern Himalayan Culture, Ecology and People
This area, also known as Eastern Province of British India and given the name of Bengal, stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south, in the west by the Ganges east of Bihar and Orissa, in the east by the Himalayan mountain ranges and Burma.
The eastern region of South Asia is considered most fertile region in the world where the mighty rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra carry life-giving water and silt from the Himalayas.
During the seventh to third millennium BC these cultures of eastern part of South Asia were probably passing through the Neolithic phase, based on their subsistence economy which was conditioned by local environment and capacity to exploit its resources.
www.bongoz.com /south_asia/eastern_himalayan_culture.htm   (20398 words)

 Greek Mythology, Eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus, Armenian Mythology, Georgian Mythology
Eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus appear in the myths of two related deities, Prometheus and Hephaestus, who are primarily gods of metallurgy.
The land of the Arimi and eastern Asia Minor generally is considered the birthplace of a significant number of such multi-headed or hybrid monsters as the Chimera (a fire-breathing goat-lion-snake), the Hydra, the hounds Cerberus and Orthus, the Sphinx, the Nemean lion and the Crommyonian sow.
There is a definite clustering of the deities, heroes, and heroines relating to eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus into several genealogical lines, all of which derive from the most ancient pre-Olympian gods, the Titans.
rbedrosian.com /Gmyth.htm   (2677 words)

 The Internet in Eastern Asia and its users
When the 12 countries of Eastern Asia are compared in terms of their Internet Power Index, they form a clear-cut hierarchy, one which did not exist at all a few years ago.
Detailed inspection of Table 13 (Projected distribution of Internet skills in Eastern Asia in 2009, percentages) indicates that by year 2009 the percentage of people in Malaysia with better than basic Internet skills is likely to increase from the current rate of about 9% of total population to about 31%.
The division of populations of Eastern Asia, as well as the rest of the world, into two differently skilled classes of people alerts us to the rise of yet another set of phenomena.
www.ciolek.com /PAPERS/oregon-2003-text.html   (8993 words)

 Eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus in Ancient Mythologies, Armenian mythology
This study examines the geographical references and allusions to eastern Asia Minor and the Caucasus in the ancient myths of the Greeks, Sumerians, Hurrians, Iranians, and Indians, and analyzes the images they define.
Before turning to an examination of the relevant myths, two topics must be discussed briefly for the light they shed on the myths themselves: (1) the ecology of the area in antiquity, and (2) difficulties involved with using mythological material for research in general.
Because of its favorable cool climate, eastern Asia Minor was home to prized varieties of hardwood trees essential for building, trees which did not grow in the hotter Mesopotamian lands to the south (6).
rbedrosian.com /mythint.htm   (1104 words)

 Eastern Asian - Eastern North American Phytogeographical Relationships - A History From The Time of Linnaeus To The ...
The discontinuous distribution of the same or closely related taxa of plants between eastern North America and eastern Asia is but one of several patterns of disjunction that become evident when the flora of the temperate Northern Hemisphere is considered (Raven, 1972; Thorne, 1972; Wood, 1972; and others).
While Gray did mention the relationships between eastern North America and eastern Asia in his "Statistics" paper, these relationships were not developed fully, undoubtedly reflecting the fact that those comparisons he did make were based on literature reports and only a relatively few specimens.
are represented in eastern Asia by a small number of species, which gradually diminish or altogether disappear as we proceed westward toward the Atlantic limits of Europe, while the types peculiar to the extreme west of Europe (excluding of course the Arctic flora) are wholly deficient in America." Bentham (1858, p.
flora.huh.harvard.edu /china/novon/eaena.htm   (9310 words)

 History @ Oregon :: Courses ::
This course is intended as a graduate colloquium on socialism and revolution in Eastern Asia.
Eastern Asia is understood to encompass both East and Southeast Asia, although the emphasis is primarily on China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam (Other Southeast and some South Asian societies will be brought in in the second half of the course in the Winter quarter).
The premise of the course is that even if revolutionaries were guided by specific national goals, revolutionary activity in Eastern Asia was transnational in process and ideological formations.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~history/courses/fall2003/608socialismrevolution.htm   (857 words)

 Countries by Continent :: Destination Asia - Asian Countries
Asia is the largest continent in the world in both area and population.
Seven out of ten of the most populated countries are in Asia (2004).
keywords: countries of asia, countries of the eastern hemisphere, travel asia, destination asia, population of asia, capitals of asia, central asia, eastern asia, south-central asia, north asia, south-eastern asia, western asia
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/asia.htm   (174 words)

 Destinations: East Asia | CDC Travelers' Health   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It might not be too late to get your shots or medications as well as other information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while traveling.
The preventive measures you need to take while traveling in East Asia depend on the areas you visit and the length of time you stay.
Travelers’ diarrhea can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites, which are found throughout East Asia and can contaminate food or water.
www.cdc.gov /travel/eastasia.htm   (1688 words)

 Eastern Asia Objects
Vase, Eastern Asia, brass, with email glaze and painting, turquoise ground colour, flower motives, traces of use, cracks, h.
Wood box, Eastern Asia, the cover is decorated in mosaic with different wood types, inlaid work, with different, 16 x 13,5 cm, h.
Cork box, Eastern Asia, rectangular form, with cover, inside different wood types in form of a mosaic, on the cover leaf motives, 28, x 13 cm, h.
www.zimmermann-auktion.de /eostasiatika.htm   (1555 words)

The overall picture of aridity in southern Asia fits in with the African evidence to suggest a general failure of the summer monsoon rains to penetrate as far north as at present, and a tendency to be less abundant where they did fall.
It suggests that there was indeed a net loss of lowland rainforests in south-east Asia, and that the adjacent montane pollen records do not acknowledge this drying; possibly because their rainfall totals are too large to register effects from any similar diminution in rainfall that did occur in the mountains.
Thomas and Thorp emphasise that one might expect that if there was a large area of shelf exposed in SE Asia, this central area would tend to receive less rainfall from the sea, and an initial loss of forest would be amplified due to a reduction in transpirational recycling of water across the land surface.
www.esd.ornl.gov /projects/qen/new_eurasia.html   (11317 words)

 Blood Pressure, Not Cholesterol, More Important Stroke Risk In Eastern Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
LONDON, ENGLAND -- Dec. 4, 1998 -- A large study of the risk of stroke in eastern Asia, reported in The Lancet this week, found that blood pressure is an important determinant of risk of stroke among people in this region, whereas blood cholesterol concentration seems to be less important.
For a decrease in blood pressure of 5 mm Hg the risk of a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain or the membranes surrounding it (hemorrhagic stroke) decreased by 46 percent and the risk of non-hemorrhagic stroke (caused by blood clots in blood vessels serving the brain) decreased by 39 percent.
The project was based on results from 18 previous studies in eastern Asia.
www.docguide.com /dg.nsf/PrintPrint/67DA1F094DDAEF77852566D000513F05   (408 words)

 Electronic Environments of Eastern Asia: A Background Survey'
Another frequently used term is 'Eastern Asia.' Here it refers to the group of ten countries somewhat arbitrarily sampled from two regions: East and South East Asia.
This also indicates that networked Asia becomes a very un-level playing field, in which only a handful of countries, such as the info-Tigers and info-Falcons are likely to utilise the Internet from a position of strength.
Links in Eastern Asia (please remember that at this stage we do not know anything about the behaviour of subscribers in other parts of Asia, nor do we know anything about online behaviour typical of other parts of the world) do not dart haphazardly.
www.ciolek.com /PAPERS/e-environments2002.html   (8466 words)

 Newswire - Eastern Asia - Anarkismo
eastern asia / community struggles / appeal / petition
eastern asia / anarchist movement / press release
Inom dessa rörelser har det funnits tendenser som kan ses som föregångarna till den moderna anarkismen, på samma sätt som man kan se det i "the Diggers" under den engelska revolutionen.
www.anarkismo.net /newswire.php?region=easternasia   (426 words)

 Exploration and Introduction of Ornamental and Landscape Plants from Eastern Asia
During his travels in eastern Asia, Fortune set the standards for future plant hunters who were to follow in his footsteps.
A new era in plant introduction from eastern Asia began in 1980 as a consequence of ping-pong diplomacy.
Given the floristic richness of eastern Asia--the flora of China alone is estimated to consist of 30,000 species of vascular plants compared to an estimate of 10,000 species for all of North America north of Mexico--the future remains bright for further introductions of landscape trees and shrubs of great potential value in western landscapes.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/proceedings1993/v2-140.html   (3791 words)

 Africa: The Implications Of A Growing AIDS Epidemic In Asia And Eastern Europe
Four populous nations in Asia account for the increasing rates of HIV transmission: China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
An upsurge in HIV transmission is ongoing in Russian Federation and the former Soviet-bloc countries of Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia.
Today, bilateral and multilateral agencies routinely refer to Asia and Eastern Europe as regions with the "fastest" rates of HIV transmission.
www.theperspective.org /2004/aug/aisdsepidemic.html   (1460 words)

 Iran News - Eastern Asia confab underway   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the conference on 'Eastern Asian Countries from Iranians' Perspective-- from Thought to Reality', Araqi said that since ancient times, Iran has been in contact with Eastern Asian people through the 'Silk Road' as well as other land and sea routes.
The Iranians have long had commercial ties with Eastern Asian nations and this has facilitated mutual exchanges and cultural understanding between the two sides.
"The other topic we should examine is that whether the Eastern Asian nations have been successful in preserving their cultural and national identity in light of their remarkable economic development," Araqi concluded.
www.iranmania.com /News/ArticleView?NewsCode=20807&NewsKind=Culture   (312 words)

 Heroin users carry HIV to masses in Eastern Europe, Asia / S.F.'s needle exchange considered a model for populous ...
Barcelona, Spain -- From the jungles of southeast Asia to the streets of Moscow, the AIDS virus is riding on the back of a global heroin epidemic and taking root among the most populous nations on Earth.
But it is only recently that disease trackers have detected signs of a rapidly spreading drug-related outbreak in Eastern Europe and Asia that is also threatening to reach into the general population.
While drugs are driving the AIDS epidemic in Eastern Europe, heroin is leaving a trail of HIV infections throughout Asia.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/07/11/MN66431.DTL   (947 words)

 Culture and Economy : The Shaping of Capitalism in Eastern Asia:0472107763:Brook, Timothy; Luong, Hy Van; Luong, Hy ...
The cultures of Eastern Asia have in turn shaped how capitalism organizes labor, capital, and markets, in ways that could not have been anticipated.
On the basis of rich empirical analyses of East and Southeast Asia, and with theoretical insights from different approaches in the social sciences, Culture and Economy addresses these issues in both macroscopic and microscopic terms.
These careful case studies suggest that it is inevitable that Eastern Asia will shape, even remake, capitalism into a system of production and consumption beyond its original definition.
www.ecampus.com /bk_detail.asp?isbn=0472107763   (165 words)

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