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Topic: Eastern Front WWII

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Eastern Front (World War II) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Eastern Front of World War II was the theatre of war covering the the conflict in eastern Europe.
Behind the front atrocities against civilians were routine, including the Holocaust of the Jews in German-occupied areas.
Following the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland, the Baltic states and Bessarabia in 1939–1940, Stalin insisted that every fold of the new territories should be occupied: this move westward left troops far from their depots in salients that left them vulnerable to encirclement.
www.bonneylake.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Eastern_Front_(WWII)   (7157 words)

 Eastern Front (World War II) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eastern Front was by far the largest and bloodiest theatre of World War II, and indeed has little parallel in the history of human conflict.
Behind the front lines the atrocities against the civilians in German-occupied areas were routine, including the Holocaust of the Jews.
General Georgy Zhukov concentrated his 1st Belorussian Front (1BF) which had been deployed along the Oder river from Frankfurt in the south to the Baltic, into an area in front of the Seelow Heights.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eastern_Front_(WWII)   (7722 words)

 Eastern Front (WWII)/Rewrite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eastern Front of World War II is the name given to the theatre of war in Eastern Europe, Karelia and the Balkans from 1939 to 1945.
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939 had established a non-aggression agreement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and a secret protocol described how Poland and the Baltic countries would be divided between them.
The Soviet Union entered eastern Poland on 1939-09-17 under the pretext of protecting Belorussians and Ukrainians.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eastern_Front_(WWII)/Rewrite   (582 words)

 The eastern front Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Eastern Front are great for when you're looking to get better at the eastern front for selfish purposes.
Eastern Front Theatre believes that theatre can change the way we see ourselves and the world.
Otto served on the eastern front as a PanzerJaeger (tank hunter) from June 1941 through the end of the war.
eastern.2newinfo1.info /eastern-washington/the-eastern-front.html   (262 words)

 h1>American Perspectives on Eastern Front Operations in World War II
Thus, in essence, this is a critique of Eastern Front war historiography, a critique which will hopefully broaden the perspective and understanding of American and foreign readers and historians alike.
The war on the Eastern Front, however unfairly, was a part of this shadowy context.
As the issue of the second front became a focal point of dispute among the wartime allies, this context plus the real allied difficulties in effecting such a landing made the Allied decision to open such a front in France in 1944 reasonable and understandable to the American public.
mr-home.staff.shef.ac.uk /hobbies/e-front.html   (9702 words)

 Operation Barbarossa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Eastern Front (WWII)Eastern Front which was opened by Operation Barbarossa would become the biggest theatre of war in World War II, with some of the largest and most brutal battles, terrible loss of life, and miserable conditions for Russians and Germans alike.
However, few T-34s were at the front in 1941, the crews of those that did exist had received little training, and early versions of T-34s had regular engine and drivetrain breakdowns.
The horrible losses in the Eastern Front proved to be a major cause of the Cold War/, as the war-ravaged Soviet Union kept tight control over much of Central and Eastern Europe to discourage new potential invasions from the West.
www.infothis.com /find/Operation_Barbarossa   (3708 words)

 Eastern Front (WWII) biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Eastern Front was the theater of combat between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II.
On the central front, a massive soviet attack, called operation Bagration, starting on June 22 it led eventually to the destruction of the German Army Group Centre the next year.
The war on the Eastern Front was unparalleled for its ferocity, intensity, and brutality.
great-patriotic-war.biography.ms   (5785 words)

 The Battle of Stalingrad
None of the armies of WWII were really trained for the knife fights, nobody expected that kind of warfare, neither Germans nor Russians.
Germans who fought on the Eastern Front remarked often that Russians found some inspiration in the close combat, and in desperate situations fought with some crazy passion.
The front is a corridor between burnt-out rooms; it is the thin ceiling between two floors...
zhukov.mitsi.com /Stalingrad.htm   (1752 words)

 Russian, Front, Barbarossa, Kursk, Arctic, Convoys, Smolensk, Kiev, Moscow, Stalingrad, Battle
Eastern Europe and Balkans - Bulgaria joins the Tripartite Pact on the 1st March and German troops march in.
Along 50-mile fronts to the north and the south of Stalingrad, two large armies break through the largely Rumanian defenders.
With the Russians advancing through Eastern Europe and agreement on the future frontiers of Poland and the division of Germany into four occupation zones, the shape of much of post-war Europe is determined.
www.naval-history.net /WW2CampaignsRussianFront.htm   (4634 words)

 Eastern Front (World War II)
Stiff resistance caused a change of direction from east to west of the front, but the Tigers and Panthers got 25 km (15 miles) before encountering the reserves of the Soviet 5th Tank Army outside Prokhorovka.
This freed up General Konstantin Rokossovsky's 2nd Belorussian Front (2BF) to move west to the east bank of the Oder river.
In 1941, the trains that shipped troops to the front were used to evacuate thousands of factories from Belorussia and the Ukraine to safe areas far from the front lines.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Great_Patriotic_War   (7065 words)

 Buy Pictorials: Slaughterhouse: The Handbook of the Eastern Front   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
It was a great idea to publish a handbook of Eastern Front units, officers and actions in a single English-language volume.
He contends that the very size of the Eastern Front War makes it difficult to comprehend it in detail and therefore to place it in context of the Russian contribution to overall victory and this is why this book is such a valuable addition to the literature on the war.
In terms of sheer numbers of soldiers, armored vehicles, guns, and the scale of destruction and casualties, the Eastern Front was the most active and decisive theater of war during the 20th century.
books.video-dvd.com.ru /C_5019/G_097176509X/Slaughterhouse-The-Handbook-of-the-Eastern-Front.html   (1356 words)

 Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
The air war on the Eastern front during WWII was the largest and longest in history but also one of the least written about.
The conflict history is told chronologically along the three basic fronts (Northern, Central, Southern) of the German invasion, so it does hop around a good bit (that's a lot of ground to cover!!).
Most of the histories on this front have covered the land war, with its epic tank battles and severe human suffering, while only making scant mention of the battle in the air.
www.ecpmod.com /Articles/article32.html   (599 words)

 A Story About Liege, Belgium
Is it a cathedral fronting a cathedral to be built...
Blindly striking out without a guidebook, I hopped on a train to Welkenraedt, toward the direction of a frontier, land of the Battle of the Bulge; and of the front lines, the direction of Maastrich, Germany's industrial heart.
After learning that some 60 percent of WWII American GIs were, on request of their families, sent back to the U.S., how, I wondered, would a family member come to make such a difficult and painful decision?
home.nycap.rr.com /juliemoran/Explore_Liege.htm   (1956 words)

 Ted H. Kim's Weblog
The problem with many older works on the Eastern front is that the Soviet side of the story has not been available.
So it was often the case that Eastern front military history was written based on the German historical records (which the Allies seized at the end of the war and made publically available) or German memoirs.
To put the collosal scale of the Eastern Front in perspective, these figures (both total casualties and deaths) are roughly one third the amount the US suffered in all of WWII in about four years of fighting.
blog.sun.com /roller/page/RandomDude/20040901   (3210 words)

 WWII Event Eastern front spring 1943
This site contains Information for the "Eastern front spring 1943" event to be held 22-24 march 2002 The event site is located at Camp lupton, near Woodstock Virginia.
This is the second WWII event to be held on this 350 acre site on the Shenandoah river.
This event is open to all WWII Russian and German units.
nord6thss.tripod.com   (111 words)

 Maps WWII Eastern Front 1941
The German forces had effective superiority at the center of the front.
Soviet forces held a numerical advantage on the northern and southern flanks.
An operational pause ensued at the center of the front while armored forces from Army Group Center struck south to link up with forces striking northward from Army Group South.
www.onwar.com /maps/wwii/eastfront1/index.htm   (346 words)

 Maps WWII Eastern Front 1943-1945
The constant military pressure on the southern front led to a serious German intelligence failure in the summer of 1944.
Soviet armed forces along the Oder and Neisse built-up continuously from the completion of the conquest of Polish territory in January.
The final Red Army offensive ultimately overran eastern Germany and produced a link-up between Soviet and Allied forces.
www.onwar.com /maps/wwii/eastfront2/index2.htm   (351 words)

 JAPANESE MILITARY COLLECTIBLES REFERENCE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Two weeks of combat on the eastern front.
As a complemint to the wound badge provided it was awarded during actions in the Eastern front.
The eastern front region consisted of territory east of the Ukraine and Ostland.
www.quanonline.com /military/military_reference/german/eastern_front_medal.html   (131 words)

 WWII Kursk battle
In that point of world war II the germans had the last chance of taking the offensive again in the eastern front.
The chosen point for this offensive, was Kursk, which was the ideal front location to intend a surrounding movement and isolate the soviet armies.
After this battle the german forces lost all the initiative in the eastern front, only a few local wehrmacht counterstrikes took place until the end of the ww2.
www.geocities.com /ww2_wwii_kursk   (336 words)

 How many of the German casualties were on the Eastern Front?
Without question the main German war effort was on the eastern front.
Contribute a new answer to "How many of the German casualties were on the Eastern Front?"
Click here to watch the Germany in WWII FAQ so that you'll be alerted when there are new questions and changes.
www.faqfarm.com /History/WWII/6450   (571 words)

 Achtung Panzer! - Blitzkrieg!
Elite "Sturmtruppen" (Stormtroops) infantry units were created to attack enemy positions using the momentum of speed and suprise but eventually failed because of the lack of mobility and support needed in order to continue advancing further into enemy controlled territory.
Since late 1942, outnumbered German Army was fighting a defensive war on two fronts and was unable to launch any major offensives with exception of Kursk (June of 1943) and Ardennes (December of 1944) offensive.
This was not the case on the Eastern Front and in the North Africa, when limited German supply base and logistics were unable to cope with transportation and weather conditions decreasing effectivness of German attacks and armed forces in general.
www.achtungpanzer.com /blitz.htm   (921 words)

 wwii operation barbarossa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the blitzkrieg attack on the Soviet Union by the Axis forces on the wwii.
The operation was planned to crush the Russian army before the winter, but the red army demonstrated an enormous regeneration capacity.
During the 1941-1942 winter the red army mounted attacks in all the combat fronts pulling back the Germans some miles away but they wasn't even close to victory.
barbarossa.netfirms.com   (690 words)

 Ted H. Kim's Weblog
If Stalingrad was the turning point, Kursk is generally known as the battle where the strategic initiative permanently shifted to the Soviet Union.
The Eastern front in WWII was full of titanic, intense battles.
Overall they are good, but at Kursk, there are so many Soviet units packed in to the battle that the maps are look very crowded and sometimes hard to read.
blog.sun.com /roller/page/RandomDude?entry=the_battle_of_kursk   (1114 words)

 GunBroker.com Item 35275161 [Ends Aug-04-05 11:30:09 AM] German WWII Winter Fur Cap (Eastern Front)
German WWII Winter Fur Cap (Eastern Front): This cap is the official issue version fur cap in field grey wool with mottled brown rabbit fur front, fold down side ear lugs and back panels.
The side ear lugs and back panel of the cap are held in the upright position by a thread loop and corresponding tie tape at the top center of the crown.
The front panel is handstitched in the upright position.
www.gunbroker.com /Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=35275161   (455 words)

 Eastern Front II - from CDAccess.com
TalonSoft's Eastern Front II takes you back to the Eastern Front of World War II - with a vengeance.
Eastern Front II is a stand-alone game that combines all the scenarios, campaigns, units and nationalities found in TalonSoft's Eastern Front and
It is tactical combat on the Eastern Front at its most complete and very finest.
www.cdaccess.com /html/pc/eastfr2.htm   (220 words)

 eBay - eastern front, Diecast, Toy Vehicles, Models, Kits items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Armor Battles on the Eastern Front (2) the Reich Falls 
WWII Eastern Front: War of the Century - Laurence Rees 
War on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945 by James Lucas 
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=eastern+front&newu=1&...   (412 words)

 IFG, Italian Front Group Publishing & Hobby. REENACTING LINKS PAGE: roman, dark ages, medieval, renaissance, 17th ...
WWII Federation - sponsors of the Battle of the Bulge commemoration and reenactment based in the US.
WWII Reenacting - Home of WWII reenacting in the UK.
Western Front Association - helping preserve the memory of those who fought on both sides (US chapter).
www.italianfront.com /linksreenact.htm   (565 words)

 From Revolution to Reconstruction: Outlines: American History (1994): Chapter Ten: The War in North Africa and Europe ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The year 1942 was also the turning point on the Eastern Front, where the Soviet Union, suffering immense losses, stopped the Nazi invasion at the gates of Leningrad and Moscow, and defeated the German forces at Stalingrad.
In July 1943 British and American forces invaded Sicily, and by late summer the southern shore of the Mediterranean was cleared of Fascist forces.
Late in 1943 the Allies, after much debate over strategy, decided to open a Western front to force the Germans to divert far larger forces from the Russian front.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/H/1994/ch10_p9.htm   (435 words)

 Maps WWII Eastern Front 1942-1943
However, the commander of Army Group South, F.M. von Manstein marshaled forces for a counterattack in March 1943 that stabilized the southern wing of the Eastern Front until the Battle of Kursk in July 1943.
The German attempt to break through the Soviet defenses in the north proved ineffectual.
German Ninth Army continued the effort with heavy losses against the stubborn Soviet Central Front defenses.
www.onwar.com /maps/wwii/eastfront2   (367 words)

 GameSpy.com - Game of the Year Awards - 2001
A couple of years ago, when sims were in their heyday, every entry seemed to be a WWII sim.
German Me-262 jets leave a dirty fl smoke trail in the air; gunners lying down in the front turret of He-111 bombers strain their necks looking for targets; damaged engines cough and sputter and bang in a vain attempt to live long enough to reach home.
The lighting effects alone are awe-inspiring, such as the reflections of an early morning sun on an IL-2 as it flies over a snow-covered forest.
archive.gamespy.com /goty2001/pc/pc_sim_winner.shtml   (777 words)

 Cross of Iron   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Set in 1943 on the Eastern Front (WWII)Eastern Front of World War II, the story revolves around conflicts within the leadership of a Wehrmacht regiment during the Nazi GermanyGerman withdrawal from the Taman Peninsula in Soviet UnionSoviet Crimea/.
RIGA – A Latvian suspected of having raped and murdered a schoolgirl in London was extradited on Friday, the Latvian National Police reported.
The man, identified as Viktors D., a resident of Livani in eastern Latvia, was handed over to British authorities at Riga International Airport.
www.infothis.com /find/Cross_of_Iron   (492 words)

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