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Topic: Econometrica

In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society - Journal Information
Econometrica publishes original articles in all branches of economics - theoretical and empirical, abstract and applied, providing wide-ranging coverage across the subject area.
It promotes studies that aim at the unification of the theoretical-quantitative and the empirical-quantitative approach to economic problems and that are penetrated by constructive and rigorous thinking.
It explores a unique range of topics each year - from the frontier of theoretical developments in many new and important areas, to research on current and applied economic problems, to methodologically innovative, theoretical and applied studies in econometrics.
www.blackwellpublishing.com /journal.asp?ref=0012-9682   (119 words)

 MIT OpenCourseWare | Economics | 14.126 Game Theory, Fall 2004 | Readings
Aumann, R. "Correlated Equilibrium as an Expression of Bayesian Rationality." Econometrica 55 (1987): 1-18.
Young, P. "The Evolution of Conventions." Econometrica 61 (1993): 57-84.
Aumann, R. "Correlated Equilibrium as an Expresssion of Bayesian Rationality." Econometrica 55 (1987): 1-18.
ocw.mit.edu /OcwWeb/Economics/14-126Fall-2004/Readings/index.htm   (920 words)

Gauss Econometrica est impliquée dans la conception, la recherche,le développement et la mise en opération de systèmes avançées de prévisions financières basés sur les méthodes les plus récentes d`analyse de séries temporelles et les techniques d`intelligence artificielle comme les réseaux de neurones.
Gauss Econometrica a acquise une vaste expérience dans le domaine des modèles d`allocation tactique d`actifs, de rotation sectorielle, de la modélisation des styles ainsi que de la sélection automatique de titres reposant sur une compréhension détaillée et unique des cycles économiques et financiers canadiens, nord-américains et internationaux.
Gauss Econometrica s`est aussi spécialisée dans l`analyse compétitive de l`industrie aérospatiale internationale, l`industrie des télécommunications et du commerce électronique ainsi que dans l`industrie biopharmaceutique.
members.tripod.com /~neuroforecasting/index-4.html   (312 words)

 ECONOMETRICA, INC., Bethesda, MD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Econometrica, Inc., a private research and management consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. area, is seeking several analysts.
Econometrica offers an attractive compensation and benefits package.
CONTACT: Econometrica, Inc., Attn: Cyrus Baghelai, 4416 East-West Highway, Suite 215, Bethesda, MD 20814 (E-mail cbaghelai@econometricainc.com; Fax (301) 657-3140).
www.aeaweb.org /joe/0511d/html/joe275.html   (174 words)

 University of Georgia: ECON 8110 Course Outline
Hausman, J., W.K. Newey and W.E. Taylor, ``Efficient Estimation and Identification of Simultaneous Equation Models with Covariance Restrictions'', Econometrica 55 (1987).
Wang, J., and E. Zivot, ``Inference on Structural Parameters in Instrumental Variables Regression with Weak Instruments'', Econometrica 66 (1998).
Honore, B.E., ``Trimmed LAD and Least Squares Estimation of Truncated and Censored Regression Models with Fixed Effects'', Econometrica 60 (1992).
www.terry.uga.edu /~satkinso/8120/outline.html   (941 words)

 History of Scholarly Societies: Econometrica : Journal of the Econometric Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Econometrica : Journal of the Econometric Society v.
The archive of this journal sponsored by the Econometric Society is available in a subscription-based version from JSTOR, which has a truly superb search engine that covers full-text articles from this journal.
We have documented a selection of journal-title abbreviations to be found in this archive at Journal-Title Abbreviations in Old Journals in the Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum.
www.scholarly-societies.org /history/Econometrica.html   (77 words)

 Please title this page. (Page 9)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
[1] K. ARROW and L. HURWICZ, "On the Stability of the Competitive Equilibrium, I," Econometrica, 26, 522-552 (Oct. 1958).
[7] J. Chipman, "The Multi-Sector Multiplier," Econometrica, 18, 355-374 (Oct. 1950).
[78] R. MUNDELL, "The Significance of the Homogeneity Postulate for the Laws of Comparative Statics," Econometrica, 33, 349-356 (April 1965).
www.columbia.edu /~ram15/ie/ie-ic.html   (1227 words)

Roger Bowden (1973): "The Theory of Parametric Identification." Econometrica, Vol.
Matzkin, Rosa L. (1992): "Nonparametric and Distribution-Free Estimation of the Binary Threshold Crossing and the Binary Choice Models." Econometrica v60 n2 239-70.
Horowitz, J. (1996): "Semiparametric Estimation of a Regression Model with an Unknown Transformation of the Dependent Variable." Econometrica, 64, 103-107.
www.colorado.edu /Economics/courses/Jose/s02-8838/web-syllabus8838.htm   (2214 words)

 Investor Help Desk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A forum for investors to learn about investment opportunities in derivatives, futures, and real estate, as well asset protection strategies.
Econometrica USA manages investments in real estate and derivatives, including futures and options, for individuals, pension and profit sharing programs, and trusts.
Econometrica evaluates investment opportunites and money managers using the most rigorous techniques of quantitative analysis.
www.econometricausa.com   (154 words)

 Yisrael Aumann - Publications
"Correlated Equilibrium as an Expression of Bayesian Rationality," Econometrica 55 (1987), pp.
Epistemic Conditions for Nash Equilibrium," Econometrica 63 (1995), pp.
"Common Priors: A Reply to Gul," Econometrica 66 (1998), pp.
www.ma.huji.ac.il /~raumann/publication.htm   (2797 words)

 Cowles Foundation Papers (Reprints), 1943-1946
"The Theory of the Multiplier." Econometrica, 11, 1943 [20pp]
Klein, Lawrence R. "Macroeconomics and the Theory of Rational Behavior." Econometrica, 14, 1946 [16pp]
Klein, Lawrence R. "Remarks on the Theory of Aggregation." Econometrica, 14, 1946 [10pp]
www.econ.yale.edu /cowles/P/cp/py1943-6.htm   (309 words)

 Peter Eso: 465.1 Reading List
Hermalin, B., and M. Katz (1991), "Moral Hazard and Verifiability: The Effects of Renegotiation in Agency," Econometrica, 59:1735-1754.
*Holmström, B., and P. Milgrom (1987), "Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal Incentives," Econometrica, 55:303-328.
Maskin, E., and J. Tirole (1990), "The Principal-Agent Relationship with an Informed Principal, I: Private Values," Econometrica, 58:379-410.
www.kellogg.northwestern.edu /faculty/eso/htm/courses/d65read.htm   (1516 words)

 Dilip Abreu - Working papers and selected publications
Bargaining and Reputation”, with Faruk Gul, Econometrica, 68(1), January 2000, 85-117.
Hitoshi Matsushima, Econometrica, 60(6), November 1992, 1439-1442 (in Notes and Comments).
Econometrica, 62(4), July 1994, 939-948 (in Notes and Comments).
www.princeton.edu /~dabreu/index_files/Papers.htm   (279 words)

 Economics 319
Gourieroux, C., J. Laffont and A. Monfort (1980), "Coherence Conditions in Simultaneous Linear Equation Models with Endogenous Switching Regimes", Econometrica, pp.
Heckman, J. and B. Honoré (1990), "The Empirical Content of the Roy Model", Econometrica, September.
Heckman, J. and B. Honoré (1990), "The Empirical Content of the Roy Model," Econometrica, 58(5), 1121-1149.
athens.src.uchicago.edu /jenni/econ319_2003   (2950 words)

 Course Reserve Readings
Atkinson, Anthony B. On the Measurement of Poverty," Econometrica 55:4 (July), 749-764.
Bernoulli, Daniel (1954, 1738), "Exposition of a New Theory on the Measurement of Risk," Econometrica 22:1 (January), 23-36.
Pratt, John W. Risk Aversion in the Small and in the Large," Econometrica 32:1-2 (January-April), 122-136.
alpha.montclair.edu /~lebelp/CourseReserveReadings.html   (1457 words)

 Vincent Crawford
"Job Matching with Heterogeneous Firms and Workers" (with Elsie Marie Knoer), Econometrica 49 (March 1981), 437-450.
"Efficient and Durable Decision Rules: A Reformulation," Econometrica 53 (July 1985), 817-835.
Reprints of the following published papers (or of all but the last of the Econometrica papers listed above) can be downloaded (with a personal or institutional subscription) through
weber.ucsd.edu /~vcrawfor/PubPapers.html   (981 words)

 Sergiu Hart / Value Theory references
Aumann, R. "Value, Symmetry and Equal Treatment: A Comment on Scafuri and Yannelis," Econometrica 55, 1461-1464.
Dubey, P. and A. Neyman [1984], "Payoffs in Nonatomic Economies: An Axiomatic Approach," Econometrica 52, 1129-1150.
Scafuri, A. and N. Yannelis [1984], "Non-Symmetric Cardinal Value Allocations," Econometrica 52, 1365-1368.
www.ma.huji.ac.il /~hart/value.html   (5320 words)

Almon, Shirley, 1965, "The Distributed Lag Between Capital Appropriations and Expenditures," Econometrica, 33, 178-196.
Heckman, James J., 1992, "Haavelmo and the Birth of Modern Econometrics: A Review of The History of Econometric Ideas by Mary Morgan," Journal of Economic Literature, 30, 876-886.
Parke, William R., 1982, "An Algorithm for FIML and 3SLS Estimation of Large Nonlinear Models," Econometrica, 50, 81-96.
fairmodel.econ.yale.edu /ma/MABIB.HTM   (2456 words)

Chipman, J.S. "Efficiency of Least Squares Estimation of Linear Trend When Residuals Are Autocorrelated," Econometrica, 47, 115--128.
Engle, R.F. (1982), "Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity with Estimates of the Variance of United Kingdom Inflation," Econometrica, 50, 987--1007.
L'Esperance, W.L.; Chall, D.; and Taylor, D. (1976), "An Algorithm for Determining the Distribution Function of the Durbin-Watson Test Statistic," Econometrica, 44, 1325--1326.
www.asu.edu /sas/sasdoc/sashtml/ets/chap8/sect38.htm   (1158 words)

Grayham E. Mizon; Jean-Francois Richard, "The Encompassing Principle and its Application to Testing Non-Nested Hypotheses," Econometrica, Vol.
Peter Arcidiacono and John Bailey Jones, "Finite Mixture Distributions, Sequential Likelihood and the EM Algorithm," Econometrica, 71(3): 933-946 (2003)
Xiao-Li Meng and Rubin, D. Using EM to obtain asymptotic variance-covariance matrices: The SEM algorithm.
www.arec.umd.edu /AREC829   (2251 words)

 Trygve Haavelmo - Wikipedia
A Study in the Theory of Economic Evolution, 1954.
"The Role of the Econometrician in the Advancement of Economic Theory", 1958, Econometrica
A Study in the Theory of Investment, 1960.
nn.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trygve_Haavelmo   (256 words)

 Larry Epstein - Economics Department - University of Rochester
"Substitution, risk aversion and the temporal behavior of consumption and asset returns: a theoretical framework," Econometrica 57 (1989), 937-69 (with S. Zin).
"Stochastic differential utility," Econometrica 60 (1992), 353-394 (with D.Duffie).
"Subjective probabilities on subjectively unambiguous events," Econometrica 69 (2001), 265-306 (with Jiankang Zhang).
www.econ.rochester.edu /Faculty/Epstein.html   (294 words)

 Chumworth on the News – Econometrica
Yeah, he has no idea what that means either.
This joke ranks right up there with getting published in Econometrica.
Click here to hear it live (format: MP3, size: 107kb) or check it out here.
www.chumworth.com /2006/06/22/2708   (138 words)

 Cowles Foundation Paper (Reprint) Author Index -- H
"Theory of the Firm and of Investment." Econometrica, 14, 1946.
"On the Stability of the Competitive Equilibrium, I." Econometrica, 25(4), 1958.
"On the Stability of the Competitive Equilibrium, II." Econometrica, 27(1), 1959.
www.econ.yale.edu /cowles/P/au/p_h.htm   (1110 words)

 Gerard Debreu
"Nonnegative Square Matrices", with I.N. Herstein, 1953, Econometrica.
"Existence of an Equilibrium for a Competitive Economy", with K.J. Arrow, 1954, Econometrica.
"Preference Functions of Measure Spaces of Economic Agents", 1967, Econometrica.
cepa.newschool.edu /het/profiles/debreu.htm   (733 words)

Calzolari, G. and Panattoni, L. (1988),"Alternative Estimators of FIML Covariance Matrix: A Monte Carlo Study," Econometrica, 56(3), 701--714.
Dagenais, M. (1978), "The Computation of FIML Estimates as Iterative Generalized Least Squares Estimates in Linear and Nonlinear Simultaneous Equation Models," Econometrica, 46, 6, 1351--1362.
Gallant, A.R. and Holly, Alberto (1980),"Statistical Inference in an Implicit, Nonlinear, Simultaneous Equation Model in the Context of Maximum Likelihood Estimation," Econometrica, 48(3), 697--720.
www.okstate.edu /sas/v7/sashtml/books/ets/chap14/sect83.htm   (1132 words)

 Lawrence Klein
Klein won the Nobel Memorial prize in 1980.
"Macroeconomics and the Theory of Rational Behavior", 1946, Econometrica.
"Remarks on the Theory of Aggregation", 1946, Econometrica.
cepa.newschool.edu /het/profiles/klein.htm   (618 words)

 MIT OpenCourseWare | Economics | 14.147 Topics in Game Theory, Spring 2005 | Readings
Rubinstein, A. "Perfect Equilibrium in a Bargaining Model." Econometrica 50, no. 1 (1982): 97-110.
Binmore, Ken. "Perfect Equilibria in Bargaining Models." In The Economics of Bargaining.
Gul, F. "Unobservable Investment and the Hold-Up Problem." Econometrica 69, no. 2 (2001): 343-376.
ocw.mit.edu /OcwWeb/Economics/14-147Spring-2005/Readings/index.htm   (1032 words)

 Department of Economics at Western
Buse, A: ‘The Bias of Instrumental Variable Estimators’, Econometrica 60(1992), 173-180;
Newey, W.K. and Smith, R.J: ‘Higher Order Properties of GMM and Generalized Empirical Likelihood Estimators’, Econometrica 72(2004), 219-256.
Buchinsky, M. and Hahn, J: ‘An Alternative Estimator for the Censored Quantile Regression Model’, Econometrica 66(1998), 653-671;
www.ssc.uwo.ca /economics/grad/615a001/outline.asp   (1476 words)

 Theoretical Economics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Editor, Econometrica, 2000-2003; Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2004-; Editor, Rand Journal of Economics, 1995-1999; Member of Editorial Board, B.
David Martimort (University of Toulouse I) Associate Editor, Econometrica, 2003-; Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Theory, 2004-; Member of Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies, 1996-2002; Associate Editor, Rand Journal of Economics, 1997-; Co-Editor, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2005-; Member of Editorial Board, B.
Associate Editor, Econometrica, 1995-; Member of Advisory Board, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1991-1994; Associate Editor, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1994-.
www.econtheory.org /ed_board.php   (1139 words)

 [No title]
Rabin M. “Risk Aversion and Expected-Utility Theory: A Calibration Theorem.” Econometrica 68, 1281-1292.
Sen A. “Internal Consistency of Choice.” Econometrica 61, 495-521.
“Standard State-Space Models Preclude Unawareness.” Econometrica 66, 159-174. Lipman B. “Information Processing and Bounded Rationality: A Survey.” Canadian Journal of Economics 28, 42-67.
www.tau.ac.il /~rani/brsyllabus.doc   (1436 words)

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