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Topic: Economy of Iraq

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  USATODAY.com - Economy in Iraq grows   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Iraq's economy is providing pleasant surprises, including booming consumer demand, strong oil revenue and healthy foreign exchange reserves, a top Treasury official said Thursday.
Iraq's planning ministry said Wednesday that joblessness stood at 28%, far lower than the World Bank's estimate of 50%.
The ag sector employs 25% to 30% of Iraqis and is half the non-oil economy, says John Costello, president of Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, a Washington trade and development group.
www.usatoday.com /money/world/2004-02-19-iraqecon_x.htm   (431 words)

  Economy of Iraq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iraq's economy is dominated by the petroleum sector, which has traditionally provided about 95% of foreign exchange earnings.
Iraq's seizure of Kuwait in August 1990, subsequent international economic sanctions, and damage from the ensuing Gulf War of 1991 drastically reduced economic activity.
Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the economy to a great extent shut down; attempts are underway to revive it from the damages of war and rampant crime.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Economy_of_Iraq   (3129 words)

 Analysis: Iraq, Iraq's economy: Past, present, future
Iraq's industrial sector was created, in large part, as a result of government efforts to diversify the economy through economic development projects using the proceeds from Iraq's oil wealth and borrowed funds.
Should Iraq's oil fields be restored to their pre-war conditions, Iraq could reenter the world oil market as one of the largest suppliers, generating up to $24 billion in annual revenues.
Iraq had a relatively large middle class, per capita income levels comparable to Venezuela, Trinidad or Korea, one of the best educational systems in the Arab world, a well educated population and generally good standards of medical care.
www.reliefweb.int /rw/rwb.nsf/a1alld1docsb1byu1un1ni1id1d/96bf686fe9704cd7c1256dba0036a96e   (2085 words)

 Iraq and the Economy
Iraq has not committed any act of aggression against the United States.
Iraq was not responsible for the anthrax attack on our nation.
We must be prepared to stand up, to speak out, to organize, to march, to demand an end to the war, or to demand an end to an administration which insists on war.
www.commondreams.org /views03/0113-05.htm   (1581 words)

 Economy Of Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Iraq's economy is dominated by the oil sector, which has traditionally provided about 95% of foreign exchange earnings.
Iraq's seizure of Kuwait in August 1990, subsequent international economic sanctions, and damage from military action by an international coalition beginning in January 1991 drastically reduced economic activity.
Iraq was allowed to export limited amounts of oil in exchange for food, medicine, and some infrastructure spare parts.
www.appliedlanguage.com /country_guides/iraq_country_economy.shtml   (676 words)

 AlterNet: War on Iraq: Bush's Iraq: A Bloodbath Economy
The president's plans to subject Iraq to the most radical forms of capitalism are as responsible as the war itself for the destruction of Iraq.
Tranforming Iraq's economy overnight was a matter of ideology trumping commonsense, and it's killed thousands of innocent Iraqis and shattered a way of life for hundreds of thousands more.
Iraq's heavy-handed and corrupt form of socialism was far from ideal, but at least it kept the trains running on time, the hospitals open and the children fed. It will be years before the current, Bush-imposed form of "capitalism" can do the same, if it ever can.
www.alternet.org /waroniraq/39466   (3045 words)

 Iraq: Economy
Oil is produced mainly by the Iraq Petroleum Company, which was owned by an international group of investors until it was nationalized in 1972.
In 1996, a UN agreement allowed Iraq to export oil for the first time since 1990; by the 2002, oil production was about 70% of what it was in the 1970s.
Iraq's chief crops include wheat, barley, rice, vegetables, dates (Iraq is one of the world's largest producers), and cotton.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/world/A0858895.html   (278 words)

 The War Economy of Iraq - UN Security Council - Global Policy Forum
More of Iraq's economic infrastructure was destroyed in six weeks of allied bombing than in the eight years of war with Iran.[11] Sanctions further eroded the gross domestic product and wrought havoc upon the personal finances and life chances of untold numbers of Iraqis.
In Iraq today, there are three major trade routes that are the loci of struggle between competing militias and the various agents of occupation as they seek to shape and regulate economic exchange.
Yet the war economy in Iraq does not pit the dark, essentialist world of the tribal smuggling networks against the agents of an enlightened and transparent global capitalism, nor can it be reduced to a conflict between global and local.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/iraq/attack/consequences/2007/07wareconomy.htm   (6791 words)

 Iraq Economy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
economy is concerned, occupied Iraq's experience over the last eight months proved beyond any doubt that the occupiers had bad intentions in invading Iraq...
The Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) devastated the economy of Iraq.
Iraq Economy provides latest Iraqi World News from the most comprehensive global news network on the internet.
www.fewconomy.com /iraqeconomy.html   (174 words)

 Economy of Iraq at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
In December 1999, the UN Security Council authorized Iraq to export under the oil-for-food program as much oil as required to meet humanitarian needs.
Under the UN oil-for-food program, Iraq imports large quantities of grains, meat, poultry, and dairy products.
Under the oil-for-food program, Iraq is allowed to export unlimited quantities of oil in exchange for humanitarian relief supplies, including food, medicine, and infrastructure spare parts.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Economy_of_Iraq.html   (930 words)

 Iraq: Economy
Iraq is the world's largest producer of dates.
Iraq's industry, putting out petrochemicals, textiles, steel, sugar and cement, has been dramatically effected by both the bombing, and the by the embargo.
Iraq's economy did not plumb directly after the start of the first UN sanctions on August 6, 1990, it's decline continued deep into the 1990's.
i-cias.com /e.o/iraq_2.htm   (627 words)

 Economy Hurting Iraq More Than Violence - UN Security Council - Global Policy Forum
Bush had also praised "a growing private economy" in Iraq after the former governing council approved a new law "that opens the country to foreign investment for the first time in decades."
But Antonia Juhasz, project director at the International Forum on Globalisation based in San Francisco in the United States says that orders to this effect by the disbanded Coalition Provisional Authority have allowed the economy of Iraq to be sold from under Iraqis.
Another critical factor leading to the dismal economic situation in occupied Iraq is that little has come by way of the promised reconstruction funds.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/iraq/attack/consequences/2004/1109economy.htm   (753 words)

 Iraq: Economy
Impact of the war on the Chinese economy.
Iraq: a frontier for brave bankers: even a shattered economy such as that of post-war Iraq needs a viable banking sector, but restructuring......
Iraq crisis may boost aerospace but sink the rest of the economy; defense programs might be reconsidered for funding.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0858895.html   (416 words)

 Renewal in Iraq
Yet those of us who believe success in Iraq is essential to our security, and those who believe we should bring our troops home, have been at odds.
Iraq, an ally that has placed its trust in the United States, could face a humanitarian nightmare, and democracy movements throughout the region would be violently reversed.
Yet they concluded that conditions in Iraq are improving, that we are seizing the initiative from the enemy, and that the troop surge is working.
www.whitehouse.gov /infocus/iraq   (1643 words)

 Middle East Report 243: The War Economy of Iraq, by Christopher Parker and Pete W. Moore
For example, while over 75 percent of Iraq’s labor force remained employed in the public sector on the eve of the March 2003 invasion, the average salary of a civil servant was only $5 per month.
CPA officials came primed to supply Iraq with “the most liberal investment regime in the entire region.”[25] What they provided instead was a regulatory vacuum in which local networks of trade found themselves arrayed against politically favored, well-armed agents of corporate America, backed by the US military.
Throughout the 1990s, most of Iraq’s oil was transported in relatively small tanker trucks—to Jordan and Turkey with dispensation from Washington and undercover to Syria and the Gulf.
www.merip.org /mer/mer243/parker_moore.html   (7558 words)

 Economy overshadows Iraq for US voters | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Taken together, Iraq and the war on terror were seen as the issue of most importance after the economy.
In large measure, Iraq has failed to move the electorate because there are so few visible distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, analysts say.
Steven Hess, a fellow of the Brookings Institution, said that on both the economy and the war, "the party that might have been disadvantaged is hugging the other.
www.guardian.co.uk /usa/story/0,12271,822883,00.html   (772 words)

 Iraq's Economy is Booming - Newsweek: International Editions - MSNBC.com
In what might be called the mother of all surprises, Iraq's economy is growing strong, even booming in places.
But, given all the attention paid to deteriorating security, the startling fact is that Iraq is growing at all.
Iraq is a crippled nation growing on the financial equivalent of steroids, with money pouring in from abroad.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/16241340/site/newsweek   (583 words)

 The world economy after Iraq
He's been telling all that will listen (and there are still many of those) that once Iraq was out of the way, the underlying strengths of the US economy would come through.
The WTO goes onto to say that: "the risks to our predictions are large, bearing in mind the continued sluggishness of the world economy, the conflict in Iraq and the possibility of the continuing spread of SARS".
Before the peace is 'won' in Iraq, the US may have to launch a new attack on Korea's weaponry, possibly provoking a new Korean war similar to the 1950s.
www.marxist.com /Economy/world_econ_afteriraq.html   (1137 words)

 The Economy of Iraq — www.greenwood.com
Abbas Alnasrawi traces the growth of the Iraqi economy since 1950, assesses its present state of crisis and underdevelopment, and explores its prospects for recovery.
Alnasrawi contends that the economic development of Iraq was shaped by the rise in oil revenue, the war between Iran and Iraq, and the invasion of Kuwait and its aftermath.
Subsequent chapters highlight development planning during the first ten years of the republic, the development plans of the ruling Baath party, the distructive consequences of the Iran-Iraq war and the recent invasion of Kuwait, and the future of the Iraqi economy to the year 2010.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/GM9186.aspx   (424 words)

 MPR: Bush's agenda for second term: Iraq, economy
Bush intends to keep a U.S. presence in Iraq until the country is stable and run by a democratically elected government.
He has offered no timeline for withdrawing U.S. forces but does plan to seek additional help from other countries in securing Iraq while it is rebuilt.
But with Iraq still a big uncertainty, it is not clear whether Bush will devote a greater share of his second-term attention to the worldwide dragnet for Osama bin Laden.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/2004/11/03_ap_bushagenda   (2353 words)

 Review of The Economy of Iraq: Oil, Wars, Destruction of Development and Prospects, 1950-2010
Alnasrawi does not so much survey the Iraqi economy as concentrate on two key aspects, the oil industry and the Ba'th Party's policies.
Thanks mainly to oil exports, the economy grew to the point that in 1979 it reached $54 billion.
But things are actually worse than they appear, for Iraq's population tripled in the intervening years, meaning that the per capita income in 1993 was about a third of what it was in 1960.
www.danielpipes.org /article/645   (351 words)

Iraq will take over security from British troops in Basra province within two months, Prime Minister Nouri...
BAGHDAD - Iraq's divided political leadership, in a rare show of unity, skewered a non-binding U.S. Senate resolution approved in Washington last week that endorses the d...
Iraq deaths fall to lowest mark in a year The News Tribune
www.baghdad.com   (1393 words)

 The Economy Of Iraq
In 2006, the U.S.-led coalition is committed to helping Iraq's new government implement reforms necessary for a modern economy.
Iraqis face challenges because of sabotage by terrorists and remnants of the ousted regime of Saddam Hussein.
Until recently, government subsidies put the price of fuel in Iraq at artificially low prices, creating incentives for fl market corruption and crime.
www.voanews.com /uspolicy/2006-01-12-voa10.cfm   (364 words)

 Iraq Daily
Iraq will take over security from British troops in Basra province within two months, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told reporters Tuesday after meeting with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown,...
The FBI is to investigate the role of the private security firm, Blackwater USA, in the fatal shooting of 11 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad last month.
Alaa al-Marjani Iraqi volunteers carry an unidentified body wrapped in a white sheet in the holy city of Najaf, 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of Baghdad, Iraq, on...
www.iraqdaily.com   (1576 words)

 GOP.com | Republican National Committee :: Issues - Jobs & Economy
As a member of the GOP Team, we'll work together to bring new faces and voices to the Republican Party and maintain our majority for years to come.
America's growing economy requires a flexible, highly skilled workforce, and the President is committed to providing American workers with the training that they need to succeed.
President Bush has put forth an ambitious agenda to ensure that America's economy remains the most prosperous in the world and believes we must ensure every adult can access the training necessary to close the skills gap in America.
www.gop.com /Issues/JobsAndEconomy   (330 words)

 ZNet |Iraq | Iraq's Economy
Iraq on My Mind Reconstruction in Lebanon Iraq Refugees U.S. Media Assault
Violence is taking a heavy toll in Iraq, but everyday economic difficulties could be hurting people more.
Juhasz says this led to "an immediate and dramatic inflow of cheap foreign consumer products -- devastating local producers and sellers who were thoroughly unprepared to meet the challenge of their mammoth global competitors."
www.zmag.org /content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=15&ItemID=6619   (669 words)

Iraq Papers Mon: Opposing the Division of Iraq
Iraq foreign minister urges patience (AP via Yahoo!
Iraq buys half a million tons of wheat from North America
www.iraqslogger.com   (823 words)

 Iraq Map, Iraq Profile, Map of Iraq, Iraq Economy
Iraq Map, Iraq Profile, Map of Iraq, Iraq Economy
France Location Map, France Outline Map and France Political Map, France Location Map, France River Map, and Paris City Map are the maps that can be accessed through this section.
Economy of Iraq, Its People, Culture & Flag
www.mapsofworld.com /iraq   (92 words)

 Pew Research Center Survey Reports
Iraq Support Steady in Face of Higher Casualties
Iraq Prison Scandal Hits Home, But Most Reject Troop Pullout
Economy, Education, Social Security Dominate Public's Policy Agenda
people-press.org /reports   (2475 words)

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