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Topic: Ecoterrorism

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  Military Medicine: Ecoterrorism and nontraditional military threats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The menace facing U.S. service personnel from ecoterrorism and other nontraditional threats may increase as military deployments in war and peace increase, the availability of devastating biological, chemical, and radioactive agents increases, and adversaries or terrorist groups become more inclined to use them.
The major ecological threats to the military are from ecoterrorism and nontraditional threats.
Ecoterrorism may be defined as the use of force or threat directed at the environment or ecosystem to terrorize or frighten people.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3912/is_200001/ai_n8886449   (1380 words)

 Eco-terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a pejorative term, "eco-terrorism" has also been used to describe legally-protected forms of nonviolent protest by environmentalists, which is generally seen as an attempt to associate this activity with other more contentious acts that can legitimately be labeled as eco-terrorism.
The term is believed to have been coined by Ron Arnold, an executive at the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and author of Ecoterror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature.
While there is no consensus on the exact definition of "terrorism", the word is typically used to describe politically motivated acts of violence, threatened use of violence or the destruction of property with the intention to intimidate governments or civilians.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ecoterrorism   (612 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Nation -- Ecoterrorism probed as possible motive for lumber yard fire
WEST JORDAN, Utah – Investigators dug Tuesday through the charred remains of a lumber yard fire to determine whether ecoterrorism was to blame for the arson that caused $1.5 million in damage.
The initials are "not an indication it is a form of ecoterrorism, although we do acknowledge that group has used that tagging in the past," said Tom Mangan, a spokesman for the ATF in Phoenix.
The most serious incident to date in Utah was the 1997 bombing of a fur breeders cooperative in nearby Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, that caused $1 million in damage.
signonsandiego.com /news/nation/20040615-1709-wst-lumberyardfire.html   (650 words)

 Ecoterrorism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ecoterrorism, or the eco-terrorist movement, first appeared in England during the 1970s and spread to the United States in the 1980s.
Unfortunately, there are few criminological theories of ecoterrorism developed yet, and it may very well be some time before all the necessary research is completed.
With ecoterrorism, however, and I should note that there is little evidence to prove it, suspicion has it that the rash of forest fires in recent years may have been caused by ANTI-ENVIRONMENTALISTS who are "fed up" with all the pro-environmental, tree-hugging nonsense (as they see it).
faculty.ncwc.edu /toconnor/429/429lect16.htm   (4464 words)

 Learn more about Greenpeace in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Greenpeace's tactics involve all kinds of "stunt" protests to attract attention to particular environmental causes, often spectacular raids of organizations of interest such as whaling vessels, nuclear plants, and the like.
These protests have often been called ecoterrorism by their targets, although Greenpeace normally eschews violence.
Such well-organised and often well-funded protests, with the use of one of Greenpeace's ships, fleet of inflatable boats, and the like, and the arrangement of extensive media coverage for the carefully-designed telegenic images that result), have attracted large amounts of attention to Greenpeace's environmental causes.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /g/gr/greenpeace.html   (1029 words)

Ecoterrorism is a crime committed to save nature.
Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.
By 2002, ecoterrorism crimes were recognized as a specific criminal violation.
www.cdfe.org /ecoterror.htm   (368 words)

 Ecoterrorism: Imposing values through crime 1
Whatever the sick mentality behind it, ecoterrorism is becoming a part of life in the Northwest.
The viciousness is spreading beyond the woods to infect the rural and urban centers of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and much of the West.
Ecoterrorism has branched out from its 1980s roots in tree-spiking to include a variety of crimes, which continue to go unpunished at a distressing rate.
www.dailytidings.com /2001/news0531/opinion/dt_opinion.php   (436 words)

 Fighting 'ecoterrorism' (phillyBurbs.com) | Intelligencer
House Bill 213 would define ecoterrorism as an "offense against property" with the intent to "intimidate or coerce" an individual from an activity involving animals or a natural resource, or prevent the individual from participating or using that activity.
If ecoterrorism is established as criminal intent, low-level summary offenses would be classified as third-degree misdemeanors, and other charges would be similarly notched up by one degree.
She questioned evidence that ecoterrorism is indeed a widespread problem in Pennsylvania, and said the state already has laws on the books to prosecute arson, burglary and other crimes that radical groups commit.
www.phillyburbs.com /pb-dyn/news/113-06072005-499219.html   (891 words)

 [No title]
Influenced to varying degrees by their English predecessors and by segments of the anarchist movement, ecoterrorists operate through autonomous cells, are unconstrained by geographic boundaries and are very difficult to infiltrate and stop.
Although he was not charged in the investigation, the increased scrutiny may have led Rosebraugh and Pickering to resign their ELF positions in September 2001.
Ecoterror cells remain extremely difficult to identify and infiltrate, and it is unlikely that this rapidly growing movement will disappear soon.
www.adl.org /Learn/Ext_US/Ecoterrorism.asp   (7247 words)

 New laws target increase in acts of ecoterrorism | csmonitor.com
A rise in ecoterrorism is prompting federal and state lawmakers to craft laws aimed specifically at radical environmental and animal-rights activists.
In Congress last month, a bill was introduced specifying ecoterrorism as a federal crime and providing stiff penalties for anyone who "intentionally damages the property of another with the intent to influence the public with regard to conduct the offender considers harmful to the environment."
Because some proposed state laws aimed at ecoterrorism could be interpreted as outlawing financial support for those engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience, Mr.
www.csmonitor.com /2003/1126/p02s01-usju.html   (838 words)

 FBI Considers Ecoterrorism A Growing National Threat: Top News Stories at Officer.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
BALTIMORE (AP) -- Ecoterrorism, suspected in the torching of a tony housing development near a sensitive wetland this week, is a growing national threat, the FBI says.
Ellie Cline, a leader of a local citizens' group that has been fighting the housing development, said she wasn't even aware of ecoterrorism as an organized movement.
The FBI dates ecoterrorism back to 1977, when former members of Greenpeace attacked commercial fishing ships by cutting drift nets.
www.officer.com /article/article.jsp?id=19050&siteSection=1   (686 words)

 Calif. firebombs probed as ecoterrorism - Above Top Secret Conspiracy Community
Use this board to engage in collaborative discussion and debate on a broad range of conspiracy, extraterrestrial, secret project, government agency, and other alternative topics.
The firebombs, which caused no damage or injuries, startled residents in communities that are among the state's fastest growing and introduced them to an underground environmental movement that in recent years has become more active and dangerous.
''Ecoterrorism has grown more violent as their frustration has grown," said Kelly Stoner, executive director of Stop Eco-Violence!, an Oregon-based group.
www.abovetopsecret.com /forum/thread116397/pg1   (465 words)

 James Swan and Rick Story on Ecoterrorism on National Review Online
The targets have included automobile companies and dealerships, forestry-company offices, corporate and university-based medical research laboratories, agribusinesses, restaurants, medical-supply firms, furriers, farmers, commercial fishermen, condo owners, major universities and their medical schools, hunters and anglers, suburban homeowners, and even an SUV dealership.
The federal government's Patriot Act, intended to make prosecution of terrorists more certain, fails to address ecoterrorism, which according to the FBI is the number-one type of domestic terrorism.
As a result, the burden for policing ecoterrorism falls on the states.
www.nationalreview.com /swan/swan-story200310170957.asp   (1393 words)

 United Press International - Science & Technology (no pub) - Blue Planet: Ecoterrorism redefined
Howie and Steve had organized a group that went around spreading ecoterror into the hearts of the corporate interests they saw as threatening the mountains ringing the Cowboy Bar.
In a recent "urgent news advisory," ELF claimed credit -- if that's the appropriate word -- for breaking two plate glass windows at a Detroit-area McDonald's, setting fire to eight Ford Expeditions at a Detroit dealership and starting a fire at a Weyerhaeuser office in Washington state someplace -- the details were a little vague.
Ecoterrorism has come a long way since Howie pulled up Chevron's survey stakes.
www.upi.com /view.cfm?StoryID=20020911-115335-8099r   (1476 words)

 Dennis Roler -- Feds' Record Poor Against Ecoterrorism
However, the fire of ecoterrorism is burning out of the woods and into cities and to the East Coast, so the FBI and other federal investigators might finally feel the heat.
Timber companies, developers, homeowners and others go through the long, prescribed processes to legally conduct their business, create jobs and make dreams come true, only to have terrorists who refuse to accept the results destroy their work.
Well, the long fuse of ecoterrorism has burned to within 25 miles of the nation’s capital now.
www.newswithviews.com /guest_opinion/guest36.htm   (554 words)

 Agriculture and Ecoterrorism Legislation
The bill provides that a person has not right to alter, adulterate or otherwise contaminate an agricultural product with the intent to cause physical harm, injury or instill fear in another person.
The bill would provide that prosecution for the crime of ecoterrorism may be commenced at any time after the commission of the offense, eliminating the statute of limitations.
Persons committing ecoterrorism can be charged under the state Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organization (RICO) Act.
www.ncsl.org /programs/agri/agterrorismlaws.htm   (323 words)

 Craig Rosebraugh on Ecoterrorism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In November 1997, an anonymous communiqué was issued by a group called the Earth Liberation Front claiming responsibility for their first-ever action in North America.
Immediately, the label of ecoterrorism appeared in news stories describing the actions of the Earth Liberation Front.
Where exactly this label originated is open for debate, but all indications point to the federal government of the United States in coordination with industry and sympathetic mass media.
greennature.com /article860.html   (978 words)

 THE TERRORISTS NEXT DOOR (EcoTerrorism) [Free Republic]
Ecoterrorism (or "economic sabotage," as its advocates prefer) once primarily targeted industries--timber, mining, nuclear power--seen as particularly egregious despoilers of the environment.
(Though all parties involved with the case agreed not to ask about motive, the arson was widely considered an act of ecoterrorism.) Similarly, a man recently arrested in Phoenix for torching homes around a nature preserve lived on the edge of that preserve himself.
This is a big problem, because, despite its cute acronym, the ELF has pioneered a form of ecoterrorism dramatically more dangerous than mere monkeywrenching.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3b617b352203.htm   (3262 words)

 science file: darkness falls//[scixf 2.0]
Ecoterrorism, on the other hand, seeks a more immediate response to environmental issues.
Ecology is the study of the environment and the organisms that inhabit it; it's the science of environmental studies.
To find out more about ecoterrorism, read an editorial on the subject at http://sharetrails.org/mag/mar98/story3.htm.
www.huah.net /scixf/xdfalls.html   (911 words)

 ABC News: Ecoterrorism Suspected in Md. House Fires   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The FBI said it would look into ecoterrorism as a possible motive.
Some $10 million in damage was done as 41 homes burned Monday at the Hunters Brooke subdivision, about 25 miles south of Washington.
FBI spokesman Barry Maddox said ecoterrorism was one of the motives that would be investigated.
abcnews.go.com /US/wireStory?id=308219   (657 words)

 Ecoterrorism May Be Lumber Fire Motive (phillyBurbs.com) | National
Ecoterrorism May Be Lumber Fire Motive (phillyBurbs.com)
Monday's early-morning fire followed a national warning last week from the FBI that the Earth Liberation Front was planning possible acts of ecoterrorism in several cities.
The FBI warned 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country that the ELF was planning a "day of action and solidarity" over the weekend, involving protests and possible acts of ecoterrorism, in support of a jailed arsonist.
www.phillyburbs.com /pb-dyn/news/1-06152004-316990.html   (463 words)

 Ecoterrorism attacks, 1 year later - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
Ecoterrorism attacks, 1 year later - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
Valley police departments including those in Arcadia, Duarte and West Covina are working with the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Task Force to find others, called "one or more' by Eimiller, believed to have taken part in the ecoterrorism and thought to have fled the country.
Videotape from Advantage Ford shows at least one other suspect, but images are grainy at best.
www.pirate4x4.com /forum/showthread.php?t=278544   (1168 words)

 Got | Apex? Forums - ecoterrorism
McInnis have renewed their long-standing campaign to crack down on domestic terrorism, notably ecoterrorism.
Prodded by a hearing last month on domestic terrorism, Congress is considering legislation that would, among other things, place ecoterrorists under the racketeering act.
The trend has led to some ominous speculation.
www.gotapex.com /forums/printthread.php?t=42225   (800 words)

 Top Stories
The Center congratulates the FBI for its second ELF arrest in one week.
Ecoterror suspect Michael Scarpitti, aka "Tre Arrow" captured
Ecoterrorism Hearing in House Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health
www.cdfe.org /top_stories.htm   (436 words)

 Ecoterrorism and Ecoterrorists - Ecoterrorism and Eugene, Oregon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
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Ecoterrorism and Ecoterrorists - Ecoterrorism and Eugene, Oregon
From Ecoterrorism, EarthFirst Riot and the Unabomber by Barry Claussen, June 18, 1999
www.envirotruth.org /Ecoterrorism3.cfm   (264 words)

 Frontline: National Day of Protests Called Against Ecoterrorism Hearing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Frontline: National Day of Protests Called Against Ecoterrorism Hearing
Craig Rosebraugh, a spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) from 1997-2001, received a subpoena on October 31, 2001 to testify before Congress at a subcommittee hearing on Ecoterrorism to be held on February 12, 2002.
Rosebraugh is commanded to appear before the Congressional Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health at 3:00pm in the 1337 Longworth House Office Building in Washington, D.C. This latest subpoena is part of a long history of harassment that Rosebraugh has endured simply for passing on anonymous information and for expressing his opinion.
www.skeptictank.org /ecowar/gen01392.htm   (570 words)

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