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Topic: Ecumenism

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  Ecumenism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In ecumenical dialogue, Catholic theologians standing fast by the teaching of the Church and investigating the divine mysteries with the separated brethren must proceed with love for the truth, with charity, and with humility.
In fact, opposition to ecumenism is closely associated with antagonism, in the case of Traditionalist Catholics, to abandonment of Latin in the celebration of Mass, and, in the case of Greek Old Calendarists (who speak of "the arch-heresy of ecumenism"), to abandonment of the Julian calendar.
Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue in the Sixteenth Century The courteous and friendly correspondence, from 1573 to 1581, between the Lutheran Theologians of Tübingen and the Patriarch Jeremias II of Constantinople.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ecumenism   (2501 words)

We saw the beginning of institutional ecumenism in the 1960's, with The World Council of Churches, mostly liberal mainline Protestant denominations who denied such essential doctrines as the inerrancy of Scripture and a literal, bodily resurrection of Christ.
The Baha'i cry for one world religion appeals to the ecumenical spirit of the age, especially in light of the continuing insistence that Baha'is are in perfect harmony with the Christian Faith.
Ecumenism's promise of "unity" is tempting, but it denies Christ and paves the way for the Antichrist and his new world religion.
www.jeremiahproject.com /prophecy/ecumen01.html   (5097 words)

 US Jesuit Conference - Who are the Jesuits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Ecumenism is not only a specific work for which some Jesuits must be trained and missioned; it is a new way of being a Christian.
In a word, ecumenism seeks what unites rather than what divides; seeks understanding rather than confrontation; seeks to know, understand, and love others as they wish to be known and understood, with full respect for their distinctiveness, through the dialogue of truth, justice, and love.
In choosing the path of ecumenism, the Society is responding not only to its discernment of the signs of the times but to the repeated calls of the Church3 and preceding general congregations.
www.jesuit.org /sections/sub.asp?SECTION_ID=192&SUBSECTION_ID=370&PARENT_ID=253   (580 words)

 Against Ecumenism
It is the heresy of ecumenism, a terrible and false teaching as deceitful and destructive as a wolf in sheep's clothing.
In accepting all beliefs, ecumenism divides the church, as we cannot be perfectly of one mind with those who believe false heresies ad have false ways of life.
Ecumenism attempts to join everyone together into one body, while their minds, their beliefs, and their practices remain dissimilar and contradictory.
www.orthodox.net /articles/against-ecumenism.html   (1723 words)

 Ecumenism - OrthodoxWiki
Ecumenism is, principally, dialogue between Christian denominations aimed at promoting the restoration of unity among all Christians through understanding, through mutual respect and toleration, and through practical cooperation in areas of common concern, such as care for the poor, sick, and needy.
Ecumenism is often opposed by Traditionalists, particularly those in Old Calendarist jurisdictions, who regard the New Calendar as a symptom of ecumenism.
The Consequences of Orthodox Participation in the Ecumenical Movement on the Orthodox Witness to the Heterodox West, by Fr.
www.orthodoxwiki.org /Ecumenism   (520 words)

 Decree on Ecumenism-Vatican II Unitatis Redintegratio -Welcome to The Crossroads Initiative
Moreover, in ecumenical dialogue, Catholic theologians standing fast by the teaching of the Church and investigating the divine mysteries with the separated brethren must proceed with love for the truth, with charity, and with humility.
Nor must we undervalue the fact that it was the ecumenical councils held in the East that defined the basic dogmas of the Christian faith, on the Trinity, on the Word of God Who took flesh of the Virgin Mary.
Although the ecumenical movement and the desire for peace with the Catholic Church have not yet taken hold everywhere, it is our hope that ecumenical feeling and mutual esteem may gradually increase among all men.
www.crossroadsinitiative.com /library_article/547/Decree_on_Ecumenism_Vatican_II_Unitatis_Redintegratio.html   (5698 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Background To Ecumenism
However, like everything else set in motion by the Council, including reform of all kinds, ecumenism has to be carried out against the background of the great doctrinal revolution and apostasy from the Faith which is the other major fact of life in the Catholic body today.
It is obviously very important therefore for us to understand the difference between true and false ecumenism, and the way the second is used to influence the first, and the present article is written in the hope of contributing to such an understanding.
In the context of ecumenism, most Catholics, and the Church, itself, mean by dialogue a discussion entered into with the object of removing misunderstandings and arriving at truth, religious or philosophical.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=3744   (12080 words)

 Ecumenism / Oecuménisme   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The symposium was organized by the Spirituality Institute of the Pontifical University of the Antonianum of Rome and the Theological Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, Greece.
Oikocredit was founded as an ecumenical cooperative society for development in 1975 by the World Council of Churches (WCC) with a view to offering churches a means of investment that is socially fair and responsible.
Everyone was invited to attend as cherished colleagues as the CCC officially began its ministry of further and future ecumenical and inter-faith possibilities in its new location.
www.ecumenism.net /archive/revue/2005_12_en_bref_en.htm   (6144 words)

 The Price of Ecumenism
The role of ecumenism, and in particular that of the WCC was to be the vehicle of reconstituting a lost unity.
The ecumenical movement was born out the atmosphere of European frustration with the tribalism of the continent which saw country invade country in the name of nationalism and all too often in the name of God.
The response of the ecumenical movement is that it is not.
www.orthodoxinfo.com /ecumenism/tca_priceofecumenism.aspx   (15563 words)

 Category List --- Religion-Online.org
The traditional ecumenical goal of ‘organic Unity’ has fallen on bad days -- largely because it is thought to call for a needless suppression of diversity, achieved through a generation or more of ecclesiastical self-preoccupation.
Ellingsen notes that numerous ecumenical breakthroughs resulted from the Second Vatican Council, but mutual respect does not always bridge the gap between the mainline churches with their primary commitment to contextual theology, and fundamentalists as well as evangelicals with their prevailing commitment to biblical authority.
Ecumenical Hermeneutics for a Plural Christianity: Reflections on Contextuality and Catholicity by Rudolf von Sinner
www.religion-online.org /listbycategory.asp?Cat=42   (637 words)

 The Catholic Church in England and Wales: Ecumenism
Ecumenism is the search for unity between Christians.
Within the Department of Dialogue and Unity, the Committee for Christian Unity advises the Conference on ecumenical issues, and supports ecumenical activity in the dioceses.
The commitment to ecumenism is worked through 'ecumenical instruments', of which the Catholic Church is a full member.
www.catholic-ew.org.uk /nav/ecumenism.htm   (183 words)

Studies, conferences and seminars are planned with the object of fostering ecumenical vision and consciousness and evolving new forms of christian obedience in India today; sentising the people on socio-economical issues with a view to enabling creative participation in the struggle of the nation for a just society.
The aim of the Foundation is to task further and promote ecumenical relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox, the Pre-Calcedonian and the Ephesian Churches, to enhance the ecumenical spirit and to support ecumenical activities between Christians.
Its objectives are the preparation of formators in ecumenism, of directors of diocesan or regional/national ecumenical programs and/or offices, and the ongoing ecumenical education of clergy, religious and laity.
eapi.admu.edu.ph /bodega/ecumene.htm   (6828 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Revised Directory on Ecumenism
As the Directory for the Application of the Principles and Norms on Ecumenism expresses it: 'In general the Catholic Church permits access to its Eucharistic communion and to the sacraments of penance and anointing of the sick, only to those who share its oneness in faith, worship and ecclesial life.
Moreover, in judging whether or not such unity is present, one could consult those ecumenical agreements that display the existence of a substantial agreement in faith, while recognising that such statements are not binding on the Catholic Church until they have been approved by appropriate ecclesiastical authorities (cf.
All subsequent ecumenical documents of Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity have stressed the urgency of promoting unity among Christians.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=2746   (5288 words)

 Bibliography of Ecumenism & the Ecumenical Movement
Bauna Peter Tanko, The Christian Association of Nigeria and the challenge of the ecumenical imperative xiv, 236 p vols (S.l: s.n., 1993).
David Gervaise Thomas, Ecumenism and indigenisation in the churches of South Africa, 1904-1975, 1984).
Thomas and Mathai Zachariah, Ecumenism in India: essays in honour of the Rev. M.A. Thomas viii, 138 p vols (Delhi: I.S.P.C.K, 1980).
www.ecumenism.net /docu/bibliography_t-v.htm   (4168 words)

 Ecumenism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Ecumenism, the movement for greater unity between the Christian churches, has gradually become a Church of Norway concern since the Second World War.
It is a founding member of the Nordic Ecumenical Institute (1940), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) (1947) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) (1948), and has joined the Conference of European Churches (founded in 1959).
The main ecumenical links of the Church of Norway are with fellow members of the WCC and the LWF, i.e.
www.kirken.no /engelsk/engelsk_ecumenism.html   (350 words)

 Roman Catholic Ecumenism, TCRNews2.com, Traditional Catholic Reflections & Reports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The ecumenical mission of the Church is at the heart of John Paul’s pontificate because it is at the heart of the Lord.
In that same ecumenical service on January 18, 2000 to open the holy doors, he challenged all Christians when he proclaimed: "We know we are brothers, and we are still divided, but we have directed ourselves with decisive conviction on the path that leads to full unity of the Body of Christ….
The genuine ecumenism of Vatican II is certainly not being fostered by such a distortion of Catholic ecclesiology.
www.tcrnews2.com /ecumod.html   (4861 words)

 Ecumenism Awareness: Introduction
Briefly, modern ecumenism is both a movement and an ecclesiological heresy.
Ecumenism is not a question we can avoid.
Their activities are an affront to our Faith and to our ministry, and are a stumbling block that hinders those who we seek to bring into the Faith.
orthodoxinfo.com /ecumenism   (700 words)

 TBC Topic: Ecumenism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
March '96 - I've heard and read statements by evangelical leaders justifying their involvement in the obvious ecumenism of the a.d.
August '96 - I've heard and read statements by evangelical leaders justifying their involvement in the obvious ecumenism of the a.d.
I was disappointed, however, that you never said a word about the huge ecumenical gathering of Roman Catholic and Protestant charismatics last June in St. Louis.
www.thebereancall.org /topics/ecumenism.php   (732 words)

 Is ecumenism Biblical? Should a Christian be involved in the ecumenical movement?
Biblical Christians are usually marked by a strong pro-life belief, a strong traditional view of the family, a strong emphasis on compassion for the homeless and sick, and a strong desire to see justice in the world.
Regarding ecumenical ventures, we need to ask ourselves whether or not these goals are being pursued.
As we contemplate ecumenical ventures within our society, we need to make sure that the venture is one in which God’s kingdom is expanded through pursuing the lost with the gospel, be they practicing immorality, abortion-rights activists, homeless, drug-abusers, criminals, etc.
www.gotquestions.org /ecumenism-ecumenical.html   (1025 words)

 Pope Pius XI and Ecumenism (This Rock: February 2006)
Another indication of Pope Pius XI’s true attitude toward ecumenism is the Malines Conversations, a series of meetings held over a period of six years between Anglicans and Catholics for the purpose of ecumenical dialogue.
Doctrinal discussion, understanding, and charity are still the keys to effective ecumenism; a denial of need for unity of belief as the basis for the unity of the Church is still condemned.
Nothing is so foreign to the spirit of ecumenism as a false irenicism, in which the purity of Catholic doctrine suffers loss and its genuine and certain meaning is clouded (UR 11).
www.catholic.com /thisrock/2006/0602uan.asp   (1698 words)

 Promise Keepers and Ecumenism by Gil Rugh
That effort is commonly referred to as "ecumenism," which is defined as "the organized attempt to bring about the cooperation and unity of all believers in Christ."[6] With ecumenism is an emphasis on setting aside theological differences between denominations while focusing on areas of agreement.
Another ecumenical influence has been the Charismatic movement which has been effective in uniting those who supposedly have had a common experience in the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues.
Those involved in ecumenism often quote Jesus' prayer in John 17:21, where He prayed, "that they (Christians) may all be one" to show that believers should be unified.
www.intotruth.org /pk/pkecu.html   (4732 words)

 Ecumenism & Salvation Outside the Catholic Church Index Page
Dialogue on Whether Ecumenism is Worthwhile and Necessary and Contrary to Apologetics and Evangelization
The Sham Ecumenism and "Reformed Catholicism" of Tim Enloe
A Defense of the Ecumenical Gathering at Assisi (Ecumenism in St. Thomas Aquinas)
ic.net /~erasmus/RAZ419.HTM   (710 words)

Ecumenical Concerns From the United Church of Christ, including such items as the full text of the proposed "Formula of Agreement," an historic plan for full communion between Lutheran and Reformed churches in the U.S. The on-line ecumenical documents library, a service of the schools of the Boston Theological Institute.
Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky An ecumenical interfaith group whose members are empowered to pursue their respective spiritual journeys without regard to background, race, gender, age, nationality, religion, or financial status.
Ecumenism From the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.
www.katolik.nu /now/html/ecum.htm   (821 words)

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