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Topic: Eddie Irvine

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  Eddie Irvine
Eddie's arrival at Ferrari was something none of the tifosi could have predicted.
Since joining Ferrari, Eddie has shown the skill and courage that is lacking in many of the sports top drivers and even when hampered by a difficult car, he has wrung more out of it than any other driver could.
Eddie was able to dice with the best and he often left some of the top drivers looking like amateurs.
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~Colesj/irvine.htm   (572 words)

 Eddie Irvine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eddie Irvine is a former Formula One racing driver from Northern Ireland.
Irvine won the season's opening grand prix in Australia in a race with significant attrition and, with consistent points finishes and subsequent good form, was relatively well placed to take up the fight as the team's lead driver alongside Schumacher's replacement, Mika Salo.
Irvine is seen by many as a playboy in the mould of James Hunt, in contrast to the sport's modern stars, who are seen as staid and less flamboyant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eddie_Irvine   (1498 words)

 Eddie Irvine, Goodyear going away, Ganassi going to Toyota; it's a crazy world out there
Irvine took his fourth win of the year, the second in which one of his teammates handed him the win.
Irvine has been having a tough weekend and his problems continued with a bad crash, near the end of the session, which brought a halt to the action, for a few minutes.
Irvine seems like an improbable champion, but I think his success would be a good thing for Formula One, like a breath of fresh air, adding another dimension to the personality of the competition.
www.bjwor.com /991025.html   (3876 words)

 Focus: Eddie Irvine at Sepang
Irvine finished the morning in fifth, which wasn't too disappointing considering the McLarens were in ninth and tenth.
Irvine, usually the faster qualifier of the two, was able to keep the pace in the qualifying session.
Eddie Irvine took the win in one of the best cars and with help of the best teammate, and in contrast scored a single point in one of the worst cars that season.
www.atlasf1.com /2001/mal/preview/schot.html   (1497 words)

 Archive: Article, Ready, Eddie, Go!
Eddie Jordan says in the Times that Irvine would be better off not coming back to Jordan, and that it would be better for Jordan if he didn't return, probably correctly figuring that Irvine would upset the delicate Frentzen, a la Barrichello, if he came back.
Eddie claims a points finish in Hockenheim would do nicely, and is totally evasive on his future, claiming he's leaving it up to his manager to sort out.
Eddie Irvine may not be the pepper in the F1 soup, but he makes a great fly in the ointment, and possibly a worthy World Champion.
www.f1rumors.net /articles/pmooney/1.html   (3676 words)

 Eddie Irvine Photos - Eddie Irvine News - Eddie Irvine Information
Captained by David and Eddie, the ten celebrity racers are split into male and female groups and go head to head.
Eddie, who retired as a four time Grand Prix winner in 2002, thinks Button was either 'badly advised or made a mistake' in fighting to keep his seat.
Eddie (on a third place at the Italian GP, which turned out to be his final podium finish): It's comforting to know that old farts like myself can still blow the pants off Formula One's young guns.
www.tv.com /eddie-irvine/person/156613/summary.html   (791 words)

 RTÉ.ie Sport - Jaguar face test to keep Eddie Irvine
Eddie Irvine has admitted that Jaguar racing face a major test in Barcelona this week that could affect his future with the team.
Irvine will test the car on Thursday in Barcelona after a two-day straight-line test in Belgium, which starts tomorrow.
Irvine is nearing the end of his three-year contract with the team and he has warned he will only carry on if there is a certainty of a competitive car.
www.rte.ie /sport/2002/0624/irvine.html   (195 words)

 Eddie_Irvine03 got their homepage at Neopets.com
Eddie Irvine was born on the 10th November 1965 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.
Irvine had won the opening race of 1999 and after Michael Schumacher had broken his leg he was Ferrari's number one.
Irvine's efforts at Jaguar were handicapped by poor machinery and he never really had a chance with this car.
www.neopets.com /~Eddie_Irvine03   (804 words)

 Eddie Irvine-at-Ferrari stories? - FerrariChat.com
Eddie re-emerged, fists pumping, and eventually breaking into a celebratory jig for the entertainment of the fans.
Eddie debuted in 1993, I think, and Piquet was done by end of 91..after MS arrived.
No, Eddie had the honor of being punched by Ayrton Senna because Ayrton was about to lap Eddie and Eddie got in to the McLaren, taking them both out.
www.ferrarichat.com /forum/showthread.php?t=52364   (1017 words)

 Has it come to this? After three chaotic years with Jaguar, Eddie Irvine is wondering if his love for racing is ...
With an annual salary of roughly $10 million, Irvine is one of the highest-paid employees of the Ford Motor Company (which owns Jaguar), as well as one of the richest drivers in F1.
Irvine acknowledged that Schumacher was the best in the world and virtually unbeatable, so he didn't bother trying to do so.
Irvine is never shy about expressing his opinions, and from the start of the season he said the car wasn't very good, identified what was wrong with it, and what it needed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCH/is_1_31/ai_92938495   (1011 words)

 GrandPrix.com > Features > Interview > The luck of the Irish: Eddie Irvine
Eddie Irvine always thought he could win a Grand Prix - but in the Formula 1 paddock he was in the minority.
Irvine was from the island of Ireland - although being from Northern Ireland he is always listed as being a British driver - and he had specific knowledge of the Suzuka circuit.
Irvine's contract stipulated that if Michael Schumacher is behind him, Eddie has to let him through and he has stuck to that, hoping that one day when Michael was out of the running he would be in a position to win.
www.grandprix.com /ft/ft00321.html   (1278 words)

 BuyF1.com - Eddie Irvine F1 Merchandise   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Eddie Irvine in the 1999 Ferrari Please allow up to 14 days for delivery on this item.
The historic moment when Eddie Irvine achieved his first GP victory at Melbourne in the opening race of the 1999 season.
Eddie Irvine leads team-mate Mika Salo to a Ferrari 1-2 in the 1999 German Grand Prix, and moves ahead in the World Championship.
www.buyf1.com /eddieirvine   (431 words)

 The Cockpit : Eddie Irvine
Eddie raced Formula Fords in the mid eighties, becoming British Formula Ford champion, and Formula Ford Festival winner in 1987.
In the opening round of the 94 season at Interlagos, Eddie, then partnered with Rubens Barrichello at Jordan, was involved in a huge accident, seeing him banned from what was originally one race, but extended to three.
For the 1999 season, Eddie finally enjoyed the taste of sweet victory, winning for the first time at the opening race in Melbourne, Australia.
www.euronet.nl /users/guidof/d_irvine.html   (416 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Eddie Irvine - Formula One Driver
Eddie Irvine, born in Northern Ireland Edmund Irvine Jr, is a world-class racing driver.
Eddie made his Formula 1 debut for Jordan at the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide on 7 November, 1993.
He was under contract to help Michael as much as possible which lead to controversy when Eddie lifted off to let Michael pass, however at the start of the 1999 season Eddie was the surprise leader of the Formula 1 championship.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A307405   (402 words)

 Eddie Irvine
Irvine was handed the No1 spot at Ferrari when Schumacher broke his leg at the British race: "Ferrari didn't hire me to win the world championship, but this is what they've asked for now and I'm going to try my best to deliver.
Irvine proclaims he is No2 in F1: "You know there is no-one in the pit lane that is better than me, except for Michael.
The scene: Eddie Irvine is sitting alone on a table in the Jordan cabin.
agrisoft-systems.de /kawasaki/image_gallery/newspics/eddie_irvine   (2601 words)

 rpm.espn.com: Eddie Irvine
Irvine was the only driver other than the six guys on the top three teams to make it onto the podium all season.
The Jaguar R3 was born badly (it was slower than the 2001 R2) and it took most of the season, during which virtually every part on the car was changed or modified, to get the car back to where it should have been at the start of the year.
There seemed to be a revolving door at Jaguar as several of the senior technical staff left early in the season, and by the end of the year, Irvine, teammate Pedro de la Rosa and team boss Niki Lauda had all been given their walking papers.
espn.go.com /rpm/f1/spot02/eirvine.html   (351 words)

 Eddie Irvine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Eddie Irvine started with Formula Ford, then quickly climbed racing levels (F3, F3000) to reach Japanese F3000 (vice-champion in 1993).
Irvine sould have stayed with Jordan in 1996 (the contracts were signed), but Ferrari was interested in the Irish driver to assist Schumacher.
Eddie Irvine continues to assist Schumacher in 1999.
egnatia.ee.auth.gr /~cpan/Drivers/Irvine.htm   (269 words)

 GrandPrix.com > GP Encyclopedia > Drivers > Eddie Irvine
Given Marlboro's faith in him, it was fitting when Irvine was the surprise announcement as partner to Michael Schumacher when Ferrari revised its driver lineup for 1996.
Irvine had won the opening race of 1999; now he found himself leading the team.
IrvineÍs efforts at Jaguar were handicapped by poor machinery but at the end of 2002 the team decided that it no longer the garrulous Ulsterman.
www.grandprix.com /gpe/drv-irvedd.html   (584 words)

 8W - Who? - Eddie Irvine
By that time Eddie's F3 rival and Pacific F3000 team mate Lehto had replaced Bertrand Gachot as the number-two driver at Onyx and things started to rumble at Onyx' top management level, Earle and Chamberlain falling out with their prime backer, the eccentric Belgian millionaire, Jean-Pierre van Rossem.
In a season that belonged to the all-conquering DAMS Lola team Eddie claimed third position in the final standings, taking the Hockenheim round in the process, and everyone was expecting him to move up.
Still, Eddie had made a lasting impression on F1 team bosses, who thought Irvine was a suitable candidate for solving some of the end-of-term cash-flow problems that the lesser F1 teams were suffering from at the end of 1993 and '94.
8w.forix.com /irvine.html   (1371 words)

 4 - Eddie Irvine
So successful in the Formula, Irvine had to take a substantial pay cut to join the Jordan Hart team for the final two rounds of the 1993 Formula One series.
Irvine was unfazed at the prospect…"it still has wheels, wings and a steering wheel" was his reaction to press inquiries.
The car could very possibly be on or near the pace this year - and the Swervin' Irvine of earlier years seems to be pretty together as well.
www.fortunecity.com /tinpan/morrison/27/ei.html   (236 words)

 Irvine Eddie - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Irvine Eddie - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Irvine, Eddie (1965-), Irish Formula One motor-racing driver, who finished as runner-up in the World Drivers’ Championship of 1999.
A promising career in Formula One began in 1991 at the grand prix in Phoenix, Arizona.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Irvine_Eddie.html   (103 words)

 Amazon.com: Life in the Fast Lane: Books: Eddie Irvine,Jane Nottage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Maverick, playboy and international star, Eddie Irvine, is probably the boldest driver in the world.
Eddie, and some of his friends and family, tell little stories about his life and particularly the '99 season.
Eddie Irvine was very close to the championship title.
www.amazon.com /Life-Fast-Lane-Eddie-Irvine/dp/0091877881   (835 words)

 Eddie Irvine Returns || Ferrari 1 - Unofficial Ferrari F1 News and Views   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Eddie Irvine returns to once again make comments about his former team and this time it's about Button and Barrichello.
No offence Dale, but Irvine was one of those team players that really gave it their all to drive for and help Ferrari....
Eddie just is too much of a big mouth, and quite frankly he doesn't deserve to be.
www.sportnetwork.net /main/s85/st77136.htm?fromrss=1   (550 words)

 Eddie Irvine's Classic Quotes (from PlanetF1.com) - TJR's Skip Barber Racing School and Race Series Forums
Irvine was asked to comment on Schumacher's Jerez crash and said: "Honestly, I think we all would have done the same.
Irvine denied that his ambition was to be Britain's No1 driver: "It's not significant at all.
Irvine announced that the 2002 Japanese Grand Prix was his final F1 race.
www.teamjuicyracing.com /forums/showthread.php?t=16   (1435 words)

 Talking the Talk - Eddie Irvine of Jaguar Racing - Interview Auto Racing Digest - Find Articles
Then Rahal parted company with his other Formula One driver, Irvine, although this time it was the owner who left rather than the driver.
Irvine joined "the company" in 2000 after four years as Michael Schumacher's teammate at Ferrari.
After four years with a major team such as Ferrari, Irvine was able to bring an incredible amount of technical and practical knowledge with him to Jaguar.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCH/is_1_30/ai_79370586   (960 words)

 StarBios Report for Eddie Irvine
Eddie Irvine, Mars also represents things that are urgent, things that trigger your temper, and things that you furiously pursue.
In times past, Mars was known as the "god of fire and war." It is a symbol for armed forces and the issues and values for which you fight.
Eddie Irvine, you may have a somewhat boisterous, sporting, athletic approach to sex.
www.adze.com /Celebrities/EddieIrvine.htm?page=6   (631 words)

 Irvine, Eddie - Discussion Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Eddie Irvine started his F1 career with Jordan and I think Eddie Jordan still has a soft spot for Eddie and would like to see him back in his team.
At Ferrari Eddie started to produce some great results but he was always in the shadow of Michael Schumacher and Eddie is not the type of person who likes to be in anybody’s shadow.
The move to Jaguar was a brave move as it was obvious that the car would not be fully ready for the 2000 season.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /discussion/irvine-eddie   (225 words)

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