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Topic: Eden Seminary

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Eden Seminary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eden Seminary is a seminary supported by the United Church of Christ.
The seminary was established in 1850 by German pastors in what was then the American frontier.
It was conversations at Eden Seminary that eventually led to the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Church.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eden_Seminary   (108 words)

 Eden Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Archives functions under the direction of the Archives Committee of the Eden Theological Seminary Board of Directors and in relationship to the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society, United Church of Christ.
Eden are open to persons researching the history of denominational agencies and local congregations, as well as those who are researching family genealogy.
The Archives of the Evangelical Synod at Eden Theological Seminary, also known as The Archives at Eden, are a collection of manuscripts, books and official materials that belonged to the former Evangelical Synod of North America and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
www.eden.edu /Archives/edenarch.html   (473 words)

 UCC Related Schools: UCC related Seminaries and Divinity Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eden Theological Seminary is a graduate school preparing women and men for ordained Christian ministry.A seminary of the United Church of Christ with ecumenical commitments, Eden has approximately two hundred students enrolled in both degree and non-degree programs.
Eden Theological Seminary welcomes graduatestudents from a wide range of settings and denominations and is home to internationally-known scholars who serve on the faculty.
Established in 1960 through the merger of Mission House Seminary in Wisconsin, and Yankton School of Theology in South Dakota, the Seminary was chartered by the United Church of Christ to be an ecumenical multi-denominational center of theological studies in the Twin Cities.
www.ucc.org /education/school/seminary.htm   (1682 words)

 Eden Theological Seminary FACT press release
Eden seeks leading role in further study and evaluation of leadership preparation for congregations.
Eden is currently seeking a grant to further interpret and find ways to apply the information gathered by FACT researchers.
Eden Theological Seminary, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2000, is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.
fact.hartsem.edu /Press/edenrelease.htm   (633 words)

 wfn.org | Eugene Wehrli dies, was Eden Seminary president and revered Bible
Wehrli was the 11th president of Eden Theological Seminary from 198= 6 to 1993 and professor of New Testament from 1960 to 1986.
The son of Dr. Allen and Cornelia Wehrli, Wehrli was born and raised on= the Eden campus where his father was a member of the Eden faculty.
During his tenure at Eden,= he held the distinguished position of Evangelical professor of biblical interpretation, served as acting academic dean and dean of student affa= irs, and ultimately became president.
www.wfn.org /2000/03/msg00017.html   (543 words)

 Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology: Reinhold Niebuhr
His father, Gustav was an immigrant from Germany and became a ordained minister of the German Evangelical Synod after graduating from Eden Seminary at St. Louis, the training school for ministers of the Deutsche Evangelical Synod of North America.
At Eden he was influenced by Samuel D. Press, who introduced him to the theology of Adolf von Harnack.
After graduating from Eden Seminary, he encountered a serious money problem because of his father’s sudden death in the spring of 1913.
people.bu.edu /wwildman/WeirdWildWeb/courses/mwt/dictionary/mwt_themes_770_niebuhrreinhold.htm   (5025 words)

 Cvent - Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Manual on Ministry of the United Church of Christ indicates that candidates for licensure, commissioned ministry, ordination and privilege of call must demonstrate an adequate understanding of the history, theology, polity and practices of the United Church of Christ.
Generally such familiarity is gained through participation in the life of a local UCC congregation and by a 40 contact hour (semester length) seminary class.
Eden Theological Seminary will offer a course prior to, during and following General Synod 25 which meets that requirement.
guest.cvent.com /i.aspx?4W,M3,796b389c-d6b5-4efd-b5b1-426a6a2d44ae   (407 words)

 The University News -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
She was a second-year student at Eden Theological Seminary, where she was studying for her masters in theological studies.
Holly Nelson, Ph.D, dean of students at Eden Theological Seminary, said that Bryant had plans to continue her education, perhaps to get a Ph.D. and teach.
The seminary is small, so many of the masters-program students knew Bryant, and she was elected co-president of the student body for this year, she added.
www.unewsonline.com /vnews/display.v?TARGET=printable&article_id=3f6a7a8d4869c   (365 words)

 Chuck Currie: Telling The Truth About Eden Theological Seminary
E den Theological Seminary (a seminary of the United Church of Christ and the place I make my home) is going through some rough financial times.
Investments for the seminary have declined with fluctuations in the stock market and are not providing the kind of revenue needed for the operating budget.
A headline on their site blares out “Eden Theological Seminary hemorrhaging money.” The real truth behind this story is that the board at Eden has made responsible and prudent decisions in the face of a hostile economy that will ultimately provide for the health of the seminary.
chuckcurrie.blogs.com /chuck_currie/2005/06/telling_the_tru.html   (3165 words)

 Michael Kinnamon of Eden Theological Seminary Receives NCC/CWS Unity Award
Michael Kinnamon, a St. Louis resident and Allen and Dottie Miller Professor of Mission, Peace and Ecumenical Studies at Eden Theological Seminary here, was presented with the Excellence in Unity Award during an awards banquet at the National Council of Churches USA’s General Assembly today.
Called “one of the most active ecumenist in the world” by NCC President Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr., Dr. Kinnamon was given the award for his outstanding leadership in fostering relationships among denominations in which differences can be better understood and healing from brokenness can take place.
Kinnamon, who previously taught at Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky and Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, has said of his work, “The most gratifying result of my teaching is the fact that so many former students have made ecumenical witness a key dimension of their ministry.
www.ncccusa.org /generalassembly/ga2004/kinnamonstory.html   (467 words)

 United Church News: Eden Seminary capital campaign beats expectations despite terrorist attack   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eden Seminary capital campaign beats expectations despite terrorist attack
On Sept. 10, 2001, UCC-related Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis publicly launched its "Called to Lead" capital campaign, the largest in the more than 150-year history of the seminary.
Now, with four more months to go in the campaign, despite terrorism, recession, falling markets and national unease, Eden's supporters have contributed or pledged more than $23 million.
www.ucc.org /ucnews/oct02/eden.htm   (380 words)

 Thursday Theology #266 - Missouri Synod / Seminex / Bethel Church In Crisis (Part II - Conclusion)
On February 4 the final agreements were made with St. Louis University and Eden Seminary for completing the education of the students, subject to approval of their respective presidents.
Across the street John Damm was waiting with a representative of Eden Seminary and the St. Louis University School of Divinity.
Public, church and secular outrage made Concordia Seminary relent on evicting the professors [from seminary-owned housing] and the deadline was extended from February 28th to March 28th.
www.crossings.org /thursday/Thur071703.htm   (2790 words)

 Staff & Lay Leadership - St. John United Church of Christ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Following seminary Hale was the organizing pastor of a new church start in Warren, Ohio (Church of the Good Shepherd UCC).
In 1974 Hale was called to join the faculty at Eden Seminary in Webster Groves, Missouri.
She also serves as administrator of L.I.F.E., a program of lay education sponsored by Eden Seminary, Illinois South Conference and the Missouri Mid-South Conference.
stjohnucc.net /leadership.html   (315 words)

 Bethel UCC History
David Hohmann, a student at Eden Seminary, served as part-time pastor, from September 1971 to May 1972.
In 1994, Linda Smalec, a licensed pastor and student at Eden Seminary, began a part-time pastorate at Bethel Church, until her graduation from seminary and ordination in 1997.
Check the Eden Archives for information about the official materials of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and congregational records on microfilm, which are kept at the Eden Seminary/Webster University campus in Webster Groves, Missouri.
www.htc.net /~shanks/bethel/history.htm   (980 words)

 Religion News Service: Press Releases
Current FTE-funded college and seminary students will convene in St. Louis June 15-19 at Eden Theological Seminary to discuss issues ranging from the decision to go to seminary to the role of Christianity in serving the common good.
Factor this with the growth of churches that historically have not required or encouraged graduate theological education for their leaders, and the scope of need for theologically trained pastors increases.
While seminary enrollments are rising overall, fewer students (about 60 percent) seek ordination and fewer still (about one-third) see congregational leadership as their goal.
www.religionnews.com /press02/PR061405.html   (842 words)

 Eden Theological Seminary Information
Theological seminaries and other specialized faith-related institutions: These institutions primarily offer religious instruction or train members of the clergy.
For Eden Theological Seminary adults on the move, additional on the internet university courses are turing into a flexible respect to earn a major or see a new trade skill.
You dont need to have a firm knowledge here - many first year students are "undeclared" -- however if you do have an idea, then you'll be able to look for colleges that incorporate a program that matches your pursuit.
www.uscollegesearch.org /eden-theological-seminary.html   (507 words)

 [No title]
The Northwest Ohio Association (of the Ohio Conference of the UCC) of 95 churches relates to these three midwest seminaries to train men and women for the ordained ministry.
On the third Sunday in October, the UCC remembers its seminaries in worship throughout the land.
Your prayers for CUE Seminaries, your support and nurture of young persons considering ministry, and your congregations contribution to CUE are all gifts for leadership.
www.nwoa.org /cue.htm   (710 words)

 Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
As a result, a developing ecumenical spirit, the use of historical criticism and the liturgical revival inspired by Vatican II emerged within the LC-MS context.
After morning worship the majority of students and faculty process off the Concordia campus and are welcomed by Dean Walter Brueggemann from Eden Seminary.
February 20, 1974 - Classes of Concordia Seminary in Exile (Seminex) begin at St. Louis University and Eden Seminary.
www.lstc.edu /news/on_homepage/30_seminex/historical_sketch.htm   (801 words)

 ACRL | Professional Tools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
She has worked in the Eden-Webster Library System (serving Eden Theological Seminary and Webster University) since 1986 and has been the Head of Public Services and Reference since 1988.
She has been a director in the Eden-Webster Library System (serving Eden Theological Seminary and Webster University) since 1995.
She received her MLS from the University of Michigan and her MA in English from the University of Kentucky.
www.ala.org /ACRLPrinterTemplate.cfm?Section=acrlproftools&Template=/ContentManagement/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=85985   (378 words)

Eden, Garden of - Eden, Garden of, in the Bible, first home to humankind.
Eden, rivers, England and Scotland - Eden, name of several rivers in England and Scotland.
Eden, Anthony, 1st earl of Avon - Eden, Anthony, 1st earl of Avon, 1897–1977, British statesman.
www.infoplease.com /ipea/A0758457.html   (348 words)

 barbara eden: I Dream of Jeannie Classic TV Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Barbara Eden National Cable TV Schedule for Jan. 1 thru Jan. 31 (Eastern Time Zone) a TVNow.
Contrary to tabloid rumors both Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden are alive and well.
Barbara Eden Official Fan Club Barbara Eden, from the classic 1960s sitcom I DREAM OF JEANNIE, has remained one of televisions most beloved stars.
www.aliope.com /barbara-eden.html   (304 words)

 Niebuhr, H. Richard.  Papers, 1919-1962.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Helmut Richard Niebuhr (1894-1962), a leading twentieth century American Protestant theologian and churchman, is known for his contributions to Christian ethics, for his social analysis of American denominationalism, his interpretation of American religious history, study of American theological education, and authorship of books and essays advancing 'theocentric' theology.
The younger brother of theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Helmut was born in Missouri, and was educated at Elmhurst (Ill.) College, Eden Theological Seminary, Washington University, Yale Divinity School, and Yale University, (where he received a Ph.D. in religion in 1924).
He taught at Eden Theological Seminary (1919-1922;1927-1931) and was President of Elmhurst college from 1924 to 1927.
www.hds.harvard.edu /library/bms/bms00630.html   (2258 words)

 ACPE Seminary Reps
Eden Theological Seminary, Martha Due, Professor of Field Education, 475 E Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119-3124.
Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, 1801 Evergreen Ave, Austin, TX 78704-2921.
Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal), The Rev. Jacques Hadler, Director of Field Education, 3737 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304-5202.
www.acpe.edu /directory-mem/sem_dir.htm   (2037 words)

 May 2001 UC News
Eden professor Clint McCann used music videos produced by today’s performers—Everlast, Alanis Morrissette, Garth Brooks—as a springboard to study Biblical themes.
The young people, volunteer leaders and the Eden staff members all seem to agree that the weekends were worth the time and effort invested in them.
Two very popular vendors from past Annual Gatherings will be back this year: Eden Seminary Bookstore and SERRV International, a nonprofit organization selling quality products handcrafted by people in developing regions of the world.
ocucc.org /UCNews/May01Articles.htm   (3281 words)

 Bethel UCC Spiritual Growth
Try the Eden Seminary bookstore in Webster Groves or the Cokesbury bookstore at 11781 Manchester Road in Des Peres.
The Eden Seminary bookstore will also be going on-line soon.
Eden has an outstanding theological library, and the seminary offers seminars and workshops for laypersons, church leaders, and pastors.
www.htc.net /~shanks/bethel/spirit.htm   (640 words)

 Ohio YouthFest FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eden Theological Seminary does not want financial constraints to hinder any youth from participating in the Start Something YouthFest.
The Start Something office at Eden would be happy to help put you in contact with others who are attending the YouthFest.
It is important that we agree to the covenant so that we might create a space for all people to grow at YouthFest.
www.startsomething.org /Ohio/OhioFAQs.htm   (613 words)

 [No title]
I would be interested in surveying women students in the various seminaries to see if there are patterns of attitudes of entitlement to a theological education and ministerial service.
As we began the fall semester at Erskine Theological Seminary, I was reminded of all the predicaments that arise as a semester begins.
As a seminary, we run all our students through the MMPI or some other psychological test, but we haven't been in the habit of running background checks on them.
listserv.fyi.net /pipermail/atswomen.mbox/atswomen.mbox   (8732 words)

 The Middle Years   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The church council conducted an intensive search for a new pastor and on September 17, 1905 hired the man with the best credentials, the Rev. Otto F. Pessel.
He had received his college education at the Evangelical St. John's Seminary in Berlin and his theological training at Eden Seminary.
In 1954 Eden Seminary awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree.
www.stpaulucc.org /History/middleyears.htm   (367 words)

 Karl Friedrich Ferdinand Schnake
I am an adjunct professor (fancy word for part-time instructor) at Webster University, which is adjacent to Eden Seminary and shares a library and other facilities.
Carl did study at Eden Seminary, and was the second minister at the Evangelical Church in Femme Osage.
In another coincidence, my father also studied at Eden Seminary and is now a retired minister from the United Church of Christ.
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~schnake/ferdnand.htm   (2354 words)

 The Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The seminary was associated with the German Evangelical Synod of North America.
Niebuhr studied at Eden for a year and then entered Yale Divinity School, receiving B.D. and M.A. degrees within two years.
Before arriving at the seminary, Niebuhr captured the meaning of his personal experience at his Detroit Church through his book Leaves From the Notebook of a Tamed Cynic.
www.leaderu.com /isot/docs/niehbr3.html   (2359 words)

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