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Topic: Edinburgh Fringe

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  Self Catering Edinburgh - Edinburgh Fringe
Managers at the Fringe believe the increase in on-line sales will see a reduction in the long queues that have been a feature of the event in recent years.
A spokesman for the Fringe said: "These figures show that people are making use of the internet for bookings and cutting down on the familiar box office queues and leaving more time for people to enjoy Edinburgh at festival time.
The number of visitors to the Edinburgh Fringe website, www.edfringe.com, rose 72 per cent to over 135,000 this year.
www.ekeout.com /Self-Catering-edinburgh-fringe.htm   (442 words)

 Edinburgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edinburgh is well-known for the annual Festival, the associated Festival Fringe the largest performing arts festival in the world, and for the Hogmanay street party.
Edinburgh is a major transport hub in east central Scotland, and is the focus for many arterial road and rail routes, that connect the city to the rest of Scotland and with England.
Edinburgh Waverley is the main railway station for the city, it is on the East Coast Main Line and is a through station as well as a terminus for many services to and from London Kings Cross operated by GNER and Virgin Trains as well as services from within Scotland operated by First Scotrail.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edinburgh   (5423 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Edinburgh Fringe
It takes place in the city of Edinburgh during August, and is the largest arts festival in the world.
Fringe theatre festivals are distinguished by their un-juried selection process, allowing artists to produce a wide variety of interesting works.
One of the highlights of the 2004 Festival was Christian Slater appearing as Randall P Murphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which subsequently transferred to the Gielgud Theatre in the West End.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Edinburgh_Fringe   (342 words)

 Official Tourist Board - accommodation, attractions and events around Edinburgh.
Welcome to Edinburgh and the Lothians, where the buzz of Scotland's capital city sits in perfect contrast to the peaceful tranquility of the surrounding Lothians region.
Edinburgh has one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world, making it the ideal city break destination.
Coming soon, the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe is set to be bigger & better than ever.
www.edinburgh.org   (220 words)

 edfringe.com : official site of the edinburgh festival fringe
Edinburgh makes a spectacular backdrop to the world's largest arts festival, probably contributing to its phenomenal success.
The Fringe Programme is released on 5 June 2008.
Edinburgh is one of the UK's most remarkable cities, which is what makes it such a unique backdrop for the world's largest arts festival.
www.edfringe.com /area.html?r_menu=global&id=33   (350 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Here is your Fringe lowdown!
Armed with a Fringe programme and the daily papers' rave/rant reviews, the cheerful culture-vulture rushes from venue to venue, morning to midnight, eight shows per day, imbibing Brecht and bombast, virgin works and rehashed classics, the funny, the stupid, the silly and the sad.
Hygiene is not a byword with Fringe aficionados.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs during August september (dates vary year to year).
www.aboutscotland.com /edin/articles/alicesfringe.html   (767 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe
The Fringe mostly attracts events from the performing arts, particularly drama and (the big growth area in recent years) comedy, although dance and music also figure significantly.
The organisers are the Festival Fringe Society: they publish the programme, sell tickets and offer advice to performers from the Fringe office on the Royal Mile.
The best opportunity is afforded by "Fringe Sunday", which is held on the first Sunday of the festival when many companies, 200 estimated for 2006, perform all or part of their show for free on The Meadows.
www.edinburghpearlapartments.co.uk /about-edinburgh/edinburgh-fringe   (396 words)

 Fringe Benefits - Edinburgh - Epinions.com
The fringe was born that same year when some performers turned up uninvited and had to find their own venues, promoting their shows to the existing festival crowd.
The fringe society, and a joint box-office, was established in 1959.
The fringe experience is a democratic one; the greatest comedians of today and tomorrow are vying for attention with the truly awful.
www.epinions.com /content_152627351172   (636 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, International Events, Edinburgh Cultural Show, Scotland Festivals
Set close to the heart of Edinburgh city centre, the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) is an award-winning, inspiring venue to hold large meetings and conferences in Edinburgh.
At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival theatre made up 31% of the programme followed closely by comedy with 30.5%, music was next with 17%, children’s 5.5%, musicals and opera totals 5%.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a definite compliment to the inspiration of the Edinburgh International Festival and in 2008 the Fringe Festival hopes to grow bigger, attract more performers and build on the 1.6 million tickets sold in 2007.
www.hiexpressedinburgh.co.uk /visit-edinburgh/edinburgh-fringe-festival.htm   (584 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008
The Edinburgh Fringe is not only tailored for student and amateur productions, this colourful event plays host to a plethora of professional fringe companies, stand up comedians, small-scale productions and leading productions bound for the West End and Broadway, all vying for space at Edinburgh's most eclectic and dynamic arts festival.
Among the highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe are of course, the bizarre, the eccentric, the less good and the sheer pretentious performances adding a unique flavour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The main programme for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is usually issued in June each year and Fringe festival goers are informed with updates and changes from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's website.
www.gnws.co.uk /edinburgh/festival/fringe.htm   (618 words)

 FringeGuru - The Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Brash and unruly, organized yet uncontrolled, the Fringe is as old as the International Festival itself; it began in 1947 when eight acts turned up uninvited to the first ever Festival, and has grown unstoppably ever since.
In fact, the Fringe itself is a pretty formless idea: while the central Fringe Society does publish a combined programme, there's no single person in charge of the Fringe as a whole.
The joy of the Fringe lies in this diversity, which is served with a healthy dash of egalitarian spirit.
www.fringeguru.com /plan-your-visit/about-the-festivals/fringe.html   (581 words)

 Edinburgh Peoples Festival Home Page
Edinburgh May Day organiser Colin Fox believes there will be great interest in what Mr Milne has to say.
Edinburgh People’s Festival Chairman Colin Fox today sent his warmest congratulations to Scots author AL Kennedy on winning the 2008 Costa’s Book of the Year Award.
The vast majority of the population of Edinburgh don't engage with the present Edinburgh Festival.
www.edinburghpeoplesfestival.org.uk   (1382 words)

 Edinburgh Festivals - Why Poland is preparing to invade the Edinburgh Fringe
Poland's capital and largest city, with a population of 1.7 million, is the first stop on a trip to see four shows which will be at the Fringe this year.
If they've worked out how to transport their precious table from Wroclaw to Edinburgh (it's too big to be transported by plane) this will be a show to look out for.
In Lodz, Poland's second largest city and the hub of its television and film industry, writer and actor Gabriela Muskala is preparing to perform her award-winning one-woman show, Trip to Buenos Aires, at the city's Teatr Jaracza.
www.edinburgh-festivals.com /reviews.cfm?id=1194732007   (1331 words)

 getintotheatre.org | Edinburgh Fringe
The Fringe story began in 1947, when the Edinburgh International Festival was launched.
The Fringe is a very important time of year (it’s in August in case you’ve never been) for freelance theatre professionals and many relocate to Scotland’s capital for the summer (if you can call it a summer–it always rains).
The financial risks of taking your own show to the Fringe are big, so do go first and see how others do it, and make sure you know what you’re taking on–many shows lose money.
www.getintotheatre.org /overview/pages/edinburgh-fringe   (216 words)

 Fringe Festival Edinburgh
The Fringe started life when eight theatre companies turned up uninvited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival in 1947.
There was no organisation initially until students of the University of Edinburgh set up a drop-in centre in 1951 where cheap food and a bed for the night were made available to participating groups.
A constitution was drawn up in which the policy of not vetting or censoring shows was set out and the Society produced the first guide to all Fringe shows.
www.euro-hostels.co.uk /Edinburgh_hostel/whats_on/fringe.html   (209 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival News - The New York Times
The Fringe is actually one of several festivals going on simultaneously - including film, book and jazz festivals - which all add up to what its called the Edinburgh Festival.
The Fringe began in 1947 when eight theater companies showed up uninvited to the first annual Edinburgh International Festival, a performing arts festival that was started as a platform for European culture.
This year at the Edinburgh Fringe there are over 2,000 shows, with an estimated 18,000 people performing in theater, comedy, music, children's shows and dance.
topics.nytimes.com /top/reference/timestopics/subjects/e/edinburgh_fringe_festival/index.html   (993 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival | August 5-27 2007
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is probably the UK’s best known festival, recognised worldwide for both its comedy and its leftfield approaches to music and theatre.
There are just too many comedians to name taking part in the Fringe so, as ever, it really is pot luck what and who you see and it isn’t fair for us to make recommendations as we haven’t seen all the acts.
Wander in off of the streets of Edinburgh in to a theatre, comedy club or music venue any time over the season and prepare to be amazed.
www.myvillage.com /edinburgh/fe-arts_edinburgh-fringe-festival.htm   (338 words)

 Surviving the Edinburgh Fringe
This can be either ordered from the Edinburgh Fringe Box Office (published and sent out at the beginning of the June preceding the festival) for a nominal charge which covers the postage of £3.50 (UK), £5 (Europe) and £8.50 (outside of Europe).
It is when you are actually moving about the festival that the whispers, the rumour mills and the flyers get to you and you discover what you can’t miss and what at all costs you should miss.
Edinburgh’s oldest department store, Jenners is on the corner of Princes Street and St David Street opposite the glorious Royal Botanical Gardens.
www.takemetoedinburgh.co.uk /articles/17.html   (2192 words)

 edinburgh fringe
Edinburgh has a number of Festivals all year but none more famous than the Edinburgh Intenational Festival which runs during August 2008
Whatever else Edinburgh knows hows to do, it knows how to party and in August and September Edinburgh lets it hair down.
Is it worth the effort should I make the trip www.edinburghfestivalfringe.com would suggest that whatever else you do this year try to come to Edinburgh.
www.edinburghfestivalfringe.com /index.htm   (147 words)

 Fringe Theatre Links
Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia Entry on fringe theatre explaining the accepted guidelines of most fringe fesitvals.
Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia Entry on fringe theatre discussing Canada's Edmonton Fringe Festival, fringe artists and a typical fringe circuit.
Fringe Theatre Network Website devoted to fringe theatre venues throughout London.
www.theatrelinks.com /fringe.htm   (96 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe
Whereas the Festival concentrated on well-known, respected artists the independent Fringe exists to give newcomers a chance to be seen.
The popularity of the Fringe also means that finding accomodation in the city during festival season can be tricky.
Fortunately there are still enough unknowns performing in basements for the Edinburgh Fringe to remain a very affordable experience.
www.wyrdology.com /edinburgh/tourism/fringe.html   (524 words)

 Three cheers for the street performers!
This year, the festival is set to run for three weeks from the 9th to the 25th August and promises to be even bigger than last year.
Europe’s longest running film festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is due to set the silver screen alight in the month of June instead of taking its usual slot in August.
This year a record level of shows are (as we speak) rehearsing and preparing to take the stages of Edinburgh by storm.
www.takemetoedinburgh.co.uk /articles/19.html   (524 words)

 Edinburgh Festival.Visit the world famous Fringe, book, film & other festivals
Edinburgh is without question the world’s leading festival city.
The Castle itself tops the bill at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and during the firework finale for the Edinburgh International Festival.
View the Edinburgh City Region brochure for an overview of this award winning location.
www.edinburgh-inspiringcapital.com /live/festivals.aspx   (176 words)

 Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Sponsorship
The number of shows at the venues, and in the Free Festival have grown from four in 2004, to 69 in 2006, and iver 130 in 2007 - with 2,175 performances.
All of these venues are run as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and benefits for all of the publicity and press that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival brings, while giving artists the opportunity to perform, and audiences to see good quality performances with one unique difference.
Audiences across the Fringe, and at our venues tend to be young and affluent, interested in stand-up comedy, entertainment and value products, with 30% originating from Edinburgh, 30% from Scotland, 35% from around the UK and 5% from other countries.
www.laughinghorse.co.uk /fringe2007/sponsorship.htm   (484 words)

 Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2002 -- venues
The Fringe brochure lists a total of 183 Fringe venues, from the oldest Concert Hall in Scotland dating from 1763, St Cecila's Hall (Venue 31), to the one of the newest (one of three Rocket Venues) from Festival Impresario Ricky Demarco and his Rocket buddies at the Apex Hotel, Grassmarket (venue 16).
The streaming map allows you to see the whole of Edinburgh both in map and in aerial photograph form, or both side-by-side and you can quickly go to the Assembly Rooms, Pleasance or other venue using the drop-down menu.
Situated down in the Cowgate, the underbelly of the city, this is particularly popular with Fringe nocturnes.
www.edinburghguide.com /festival/fringe/fringevenues.shtml   (1019 words)

 The Stage / Edinburgh / Full Edinburgh Fringe coverage / The website for the entertainment industry
Our reviewers will be putting up their reviews throughout the festival (look out for our must see recommendations).
And as with last year, there’s our daily podcast to download for the ultimate Edinburgh experience.
Edinburgh survey to help plan future cultural investment
www.thestage.co.uk /edinburgh   (180 words)

 Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008 - venues at Gilded Balloon Edinburgh visitors & performers info
The Gilded Balloon returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for its 22nd year with a diverse and exciting programme to suit children and adults alike.
The 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme will include International and UK performers ranging from comedy to drama, physical theatre, music, dance and children’s shows.
Gilded Balloon, based in the Neo-Gothic confines of the Teviot, is not only known for its great shows, but also for its numerous bars where you can entertain or be entertained until the wee small hours.
www.gildedballoon.co.uk /Edinburgh_Festival_Fringe.html   (193 words)

 Edinburgh Fringe - Theater - New York Times
EDINBURGH — If farce is tragedy speeded up, as has been said, Enda Walsh’s ferociously entertaining new play might be called a drama in three gears.
The Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, is open to any production.
And while that’s rare at the Edinburgh Fringe too, such work is sometimes produced at the Traverse Theater, the festival’s most prestigious home of serious drama.
www.nytimes.com /2007/08/16/theater/16frin.html?ex=1344916800&en=2d0c652d11204cc1&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (1176 words)

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